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Reckless & Feckless!

Here we are again… another weekend, they all seem to blur into one. I have just returned from a custom (and my own) film shoot which was both fun and stressful. I have been filming so much these past few months that I really need a break. I’ll get some pics from my last shoot soon enough, but today I just wanted to let you know about the latest film release at my own site, which has a fantastic debut for Mandie Rae alongside Robert Shore… and they have a chemistry as a couple, as you’ll see from the images – and the free clip you can view of the double leg and arm lock OTK spanking she gets as part of her punishment for wriggling and complaining too much during her discipline spanking.

Reckless & Feckless


This is a stunning domestic discipline debut for Mandie Rae as the financially inept wife of husband Robert. She had been hiding risky trades in stocks and shares with their home finances until they weren’t enough to cover her mounting losses. She had started to make more obvious transfers from personal bank accounts to cover the shortfalls. At this point, it wasn’t long before Robert noticed the discrepancies and after he investigated them he decided to talk it through with Mandie to hear her side of the story. She told him she was afraid of what Robert would think and couldn’t let him know but she was right to worry as this was what disappointed him most that she felt a need to hide this from him rather than seek his help. He decided that an old fashioned hard bare bottom spanking might just remind Mandie that from this moment on she would have to earn his trust again. This is a loving yet very firm and hard traditional OTK spanking punishment between a husband and his young, attractive wife. Look out for the double arm and leg lock as he spanked his struggling wife on her bare bottom until he was satisfied that her very sore red bottom would be a good down payment on building that trust again!

reckfeck001 reckfeck002

reckfeck003 reckfeck004

reckfeck005 reckfeck006

reckfeck008 reckfeck009

reckfeck010 reckfeck012

reckfeck013 reckfeck014

reckfeck017 reckfeck018

reckfeck019 reckfeck020

Click below to view the free spanking clip from the new HD1080 Film


This debut film with tearful Mandie is also available in various HD1080 formats of your choice at the AAA Clips Store – CLICK HERE or the banner below for the exact location of the film.


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  1. Tim Tim

    Young Mandie Mae receives her big spanks,best from ,Tim.

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