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Spanking Halloween Week Pt2

As promised here is the next installment of what is essentially a cosplay spanking fest this week… I like it and it;s a good excuse. Where better to start today’s post than a site which is aptly named for the lazy of us that can’t find girls being spanked in various uniforms – of course, go check out where they currently have 17 uniform niches though some seem to have stopped or been archived while the others continue at great pace with at least one whole film uploaded every week… one uniform niche that has been updated on a regular basis (and one of my favourites) is the Air Europe section where the naughty flight attendants are always getting into trouble and spanked by the small airline’s owner, Mr Johnson. This latest episode sees a return of Dutch flight attendant Julie… but she is wearing blue hair which clashes with the pink uniform. Of course Mr Johnson hears about this… as you will find out below!

“No Blue Hair!”


Stewardess Julie decided to change her hair colour to blue before her last flight and Mr. Johnson heard about it. When Julie was back in Holland, she was summoned to his office and after a good scolding, her bottom was soundly spanked and an appointment was made at one of the hair salons at her expense in the airport to get rid of that clashing blue colour.


europe_ep34_3 europe_ep34_5

europe_ep34_6 europe_ep34_7

europe_ep34_9 europe_ep34_8


Thsi is just 1 of 17 uniform niches that you can view… see them all HERE


It wouldn’t be a cosplay fest without some form of school uniform play, now would it? One such site that does the authentic school punishments so well over the many years is – I was going to find a nursing uniform film from this site, but it would mean digging across their archives and I am running out of time as it is late here in the UK… so schoolgirls it is… and I thought I’d delve deep into the archives via one particular model I knew had done a lot of schoolgirl films at Northern over the years (she had done quite a few for me too!) – check out this early film with Leia Ann Woods (& the lovely Amy Hunter with Michael Stamp as the stern Headmaster) – this film is called “On Report”… it’s something like 7-8 years old but still holds up well! A great no nonsense strapping & caning film!

 NSI047G-ALLM112 NSI047G-ALLM117





The girls have been put On Report and sent straight from the locker rooms to the Headmaster’s Office. Perfunctory, calm and firm, The Headmaster wastes no time in ensuring these miscreants are punished thoroughly.




A Halloween Special finally for today from Girl Spanks Girl – and these sites within the CLARE FONDA PASS network always have some costume or party drama when it comes to Halloween… as I had featured earlier this week with Sorority Girls – well, they don’t disappoint with new girl next door, Elektra (who I am really liking btw!) in a domestic discipline scene with her mom who refuses to let her go out and party as she is wearing a slutty outfit… I will let you be the judge of that (below)

Mom/daughter Halloween Spanking – from the “sensual spanking” section of


Elektra loves her outfit, you know what these kids say nowadays before going out!
“First…. let me take a selfie!”

02 03

04 05

06 07


Elektra went from a never been spanked model, to jumping into doing a special Halloween spanking shoot for us just in time for that scary day. Ms Fiona X plays her mom, who spanks her young daughter for wearing a slutty outfit and posting photos on social media just before going to her Halloween party. It’s a very realistic scene and beautiful teen Elektra truly passes for that innocent looking girl next door!

09 10

11 12

See the full Halloween Spanking film HERE


Or view it as part of the multi site Clare Fonda Pass – up to 5 sites for the fraction of the combined cost!



Don’t forget my contribution this week to Halloween cosplay is out later today… a teaser image is below 🙂

“Cheeky Monkey”



  1. Tim Tim

    John I believe Mike is trying other uniform spanking themes on his site.Northern Spanking is a great site with all the cute girls as is yours ,best,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    John yes thanks it is now working with lovely Leandra in her natural beauty ,best,Tim.

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