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Best Female Spankee Nominations 2014

Part 3 –  This is THE most over subscribed category and one of the BIG ones left to vote on (there are still BEST site and MOST IMPROVED site to come too!)

Results from Round 1 will be posted late on Dec 24th so if you still haven’t voted for that – CLICK HERE

I have had to narrow the female spankee nominations down to a Top 10 from the nominations garnered, a few girls missed out on the final cut by a few nominations, that was all… but I really can not post up 13 or 15 girls to choose from, as much as I’d like to. These are the ladies you will be choosing to take the coveted crown of Spankee of 2014

It’s no surprise these 10 (below) are up for the vote, every single lady has been working very hard as a model or in many cases working on many other projects/niches or websites, these are the choices (in alphabetical order). To the ladies nominated – I assume you will read this, feel free to vote for yourselves, of course and promote it on your sites or social media – often! From my experience, those that promote themselves will attract a wider audience than just my own readership here – Good luck!

Please feel free to Google their names with spanking included, eg) “Adriana Evans Spanking” – and so on – then choose images from the various sites these fantastic nominees appear on (too numerous to mention here) that way you can decide for yourselves!

Adriana Evans
adriana2 adriana3
Alex Reynolds
Amelia Jane Rutherford
amelia1 amelia2
Casey Calvert
casey caseycalvert
Christy Cutie
christycheer christycutie
Joelle Barros
joelle1 joelle2
Mandie Rae
Pandora Blake
pandora2 Pandora dreams of spanking
Sarah Gregory
sarahg sarahg2
Veronica Ricci
veronica veronica2

Please don’t forget the other polls (that are still open) located at the top of the main page HERE


  1. Tim Tim

    The girls are all nice spankees I am fond of them all ,best,Tim.

  2. Erik Hoeger Erik Hoeger

    Where is Stevie Rose? For my opinion she is the best spankee at all.

  3. How many more times do I have to say this????? I said MULTIPLE times you all had a whole month to nominate and Stevie (to my surprise too) didn’t make the final 10 to vote on.

    It’s you guys not me. I have met her and really like her so I was shocked as she can take a spanking even though I let her off rather lightly she did some great stuff with me as you will see soon!

    Nominations were massively important… what you see to vote on is who got the nominations. I shall be doing a blog post on this soon highlighting who I thought deserved a mention from my perspective and Stevie is in that… OK?

  4. Tim Tim

    Congrats Alex , and the runners up ,Festive spanks from ,Tim.

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