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Spanking Clip Store Nominations

Okay… let’s see if you have any interest in this one, this will be the final category which will be voted on early next year (Don’t worry, there are still a few more to vote on yet!) 


However, as a few producers that only use C4s bleated after I had already asked about this months ago, let’s see if there is any real interest in this category. I am expecting LOTS of replies and mails! Do it! This is your chance to get a store you feel deserves a nomination, I mean it can be anything, I have listed the categories of the stores that they are shown at below – so go ahead, knock yourselves out, producers…. get some free advertising courtesy of my blog. I also want those that have regularly used this service to nominate your favorite stores.

I accept nominations as a comment on this post only or via the usual email addresseubilling (AT) – title it C4s so I will see it easily or can check my spam folders easily. I know this is how most of you do it as y’all wanna remain anonymous, but please do leave a comment if you wish 🙂
This will stay open for one week and one week only from today. Then as the other voting of the remaining categories are completed and the results are being announced this will become the final one for you to vote on. I am hoping there are enough clear stores to nominate on, given that the variety and sheer number of stores out there is vast I will allow up to 15 clear nominees or closest to that. & because I am giving everyone else a plug, effectively, I have decided that if you want to vote for the stores closest to me AAA or POV – including Sarah’s excellent store HERE – then you can, this is a free for all, anything goes… any category M/M – M/F – F/F – POV – Caning etc. etc..

C4S Spanking stores

You are spoilt for choice at Clips4sale

HERE ARE THE MOST RELEVANT CATEGORIES – Please do check them out! How it works at C4S: There is a TOP 50 selling stores currently on the left, below that the Top 50 selling clips (these both change all the time) and then there is a list of the latest clips released. That’s it. Look at each category you like below, although most stores (for your convenience) will feature primarily in the 1st… there are those in F/F or POV for example, that may not necessarily apply!

There is also the Spanking Library store website – Stores here, like the ones I am associated with, will often feature BETTER version free clips – example: this is the AAA Library store… clips here can be chosen or made personally by the store owners, unless some store owners don’t bother (which I personally don’t like and think that is lazy). Please factor in everything from the type of content, quality (this isn’t always a priority as you may just want real amateur couples etc) and the way they take time to present the stores to you. I think all this is important, however, you may not feel it is so. Please feel free to check out the Library site too… You will see many familiar names there as well!

The only stipulation for the C4S stores must be that the stores you are nominating for are primarily about SPANKING – so I won’t accept a famous model that did 2 clips or one of the Top rated stores that does 1 clip and sells a lot because of their fanbase… this is about SPANKING only – about those who wish and want to produce content about our subject and for those that I feel should be nominated by others who like and genuinely appreciate what they do. In any case I would ignore these – but in order for you NOT to waste your precious nominations, I am just letting you know.

You will be able to nominate up to THREE stores. No more. If you place 4 or 5 stores on the list the 4th or 5th would not be counted. In order to get to the final 15 stores more easily, I am going to award your first choice 5 points. second choice 3 points and your third choice 1 point.

Get nominating from the above categories! Prove me wrong and make this a good category for us to vote on soon.


  1. If I do it would be ff spankings .

  2. This is a free for all Tim… nominate, I’ve already said people should nominate what the hell they want. So far I’ve had NO nominations… so much for the “interest” in this *sigh*

  3. I nominate Stevie Rose I heart spankings
    and Naughty Boom Boom and Charle’s store

  4. I nominate:
    Stevie Rose’s I Heart Spankings (
    Disciplinary Arts (

  5. I would like to nominate my own site if thats ok… Stevie Roses I Heart Spankings! Thank you

  6. OK, I am gonna edit these comments so far as this is just a nomination process. As I said, just give me your sites/stores and the link to them, let others decide for themselves, thanks. Let’s keep this simple! We can big up your stores once they have been nominated, thank you.

  7. & since it’s ANYONE I’m including the stores closest to me for consideration.

    1. POV Spanking
    2. Triple A
    3. Sarah Gregory

  8. Can I give two suggestions? I second Lily Starr! 🙂 And also Kitchen Sink Spanking.

  9. Thank you Erica! <3

    I would also like to nominate Kitchen Sink as my second choice and I Heart Spankings as my third. 🙂

  10. Art_Amiss Art_Amiss

    I would like to nominate Lily Starr Spankings

  11. Please nominate Lily Star spanking clip store Clips4 please

  12. Eric-Nyc Eric-Nyc

    Lily Starr clips and videos.

  13. AliasPseudonym AliasPseudonym

    Lily Starr spanking

  14. Universal Spanking and Punishments for the Spanking Category.

  15. Carol Green Carol Green

    Lily Starr Spanking

  16. John I nominate AAA Spankings clip store and clips for sale ff spanking ,best , Tim .

  17. Ron Ron

    I think Spanking Sarah Gregory, as my first choice. Northern Spanking and last but not least, Punished Brats Clips.

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