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Quick Spanking Action Round Up!

I’m still so mad and pissed off at what is happening in the archaic puritanical UK right now that the thought of going back there fills me with unease and disgust… looking over here in the USA, I heard Obama was looking to pass a Bill to take 50% tax from porn producers. I haven’t looked it up, it was what Sarah told me earlier (I will probably look at this later when I have calmed down and helped her put up the Xmas decorations – great therapy) … I just got mad and will no doubt check this online later. Yet more discrimination and another way to push various porn productions, edgy or otherwise, underground, if this is the case. Do these fucking politicians ever learn??? Ah forget it, maybe I will just make movies of people getting their heads blown away in a special action packed shooting spree film that glorifies violence (which I would have to say would be pretty much NON consensual too, lol) but would horrifyingly pass all censors and be taxed less. Go figure!

OK, so here are some (gulp) spanking updates, if you’re viewing this in the UK, please watch with tin foil wrapped around your head so the “Thought Police” can’t know that you’re getting off to this!

Starting off with the continuation of this series between Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound

Further Regression – out now at

further1-11 further1-9 further1-24 further1-32 further1-41 further1-51 further1-61 further1-71further1-81

Adriana wanted to have a chat with her mother in hopes of ending the humiliating punishment of wearing “little girl” clothes prior to the end of the week. She noted that she learned that her behavior needed to change. While appreciative of the sentiment, her mother declined to rescind the punishment. Suddenly, Adriana threw a major tantrum, lying on the floor screaming. Soon her mother returned carrying a change of clothes that horrified her. “You can’t even behave like an eight year old,” Her mother proclaimed. Suddenly the brat was stripped of her sailor suit and frilly red panties and was placed in a baby shirt. Then, she was forced to a lie on the bed. Adriana panicked when she became aware that her mother intended to diaper her. “I’m not wearing a diaper!” she cried. Her mother was prepared for the resistance, lifting Adriana’s legs and spanking her in this vulnerable position with a leather paddle. Adriana’s tears soon flowed from the humiliation and pain.

& coming soon… a fantastic new collaboration!
with Mandie Rae & Audrey Sugarsmacks – this looks HOT!


Check out all the very latest films now available HERE



A few updates from the Clare Fonda Pass network of sites and these are hot… incl. the 1st Xmas Film I’ve seen this year! But first, from Spanking Sorority Girls comes this fantastic hot and sexy nude spanking film starring Cheyenne & Star.

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Star will not tolerate Cheyenne Jewel’s desire to be a nudist, nor be late for her classes. Star spanks Cheyenne for both offenses. But Cheyenne has had enough of the constant spankings and decides it’s time for some revenge, so she spanks Star, too.


See MORE very hot girl on girl spanking punishments from the Sorority HERE



From comes the 1st Xmas film I have seen this year!

Lana Miller has two lovely daughters, played by Ivy Sherwood and Cupcake. But when they break the angel on the Christmas tree, and then lie about who did it, Lana must get to the bottom of this by spanking each girl hard with hand and hairbrush until one confesses. Then that one gets spanked by her sister. Hard spankings at a festive time!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

Beautiful colors, lovely warmed spanked bottoms & a festive treat make this unmissable!


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Well… here’s hoping ATVOD will approve of this lovely cartoon someday…


  1. There’s no news evidence on what you talked about regarding taxing porn producers. In 2009, NYC proposed an additional 4% tax on buying porn. That’s the only thing that I could find. No need to panic!

  2. Alex, I asked her where she got this info and she told me “Ken”. He’s out at the mo but I’ll ask him more about that later ^_^

  3. Tim Tim

    They can all whistle for votes the blanket y blank charlatans ,best from ,Tim.

  4. I wouldn’t be too worried if that was the source. 😛

  5. There’s no talk of any such confiscatory tax in the adult webmaster asylum (GFY), so I’m thinking it’s a pretty safe bet that any such rumors are based merely on some random Republican’s wet dream 🙂

  6. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    This story has been around for a while, and it comes from the book “Inside National Health Reform” by former Ted Kennedy staffer John McDonough.

    When the Senate Finance Committee were looking around for money to pay for the Affordable Care Act – later known as Obamacare – they considered all sorts of taxes. A tax on online pornography was one of them, and it was discarded along the way. It was one of a number of “sin” taxes considered, including a soft drink tax and a cosmetic surgery tax.

    The Affordable Care Act was written in the Senate (although they had to piggy back onto an unrelated House bill due to constitutional requirements). One would expect all manner of ridiculous stuff to be floated around during initial discussions about how to proceed. The porn tax never got anywhere near the actual legislation, let alone a vote. Some bright young staffer probably dreamt it up late one night, then told the author about it long after after his clever idea was laughed out of contention the next day.

  7. Tim Tim

    Alex congrats on your new book ,Festive spanks,Tim.

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