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Top Booty Spankings

The last Monday of May is always a holiday, it’s Memorial Day in the USA, a perfect way to celebrate those who help protect and serve their country in the military. In Britain, it is a Bank Holiday (which makes Sarah laugh when I tell her that as she is far too literal and thinks that the Brits are celebrating banks (ha!) or honoring them in some way!)

However, my best way to celebrate today is to provide you with some top booty spanking material, all mainly new releases this week, for you all to check out! For those in warmer climes… please enjoy your day and celebrate wherever you are with an outdoor grill, picnic… or celebratory meal and get-together with friends and family. I know I intend to later 🙂

No Daughter of Mine (Pt 1) from MommaSpankings.com

momma spanking preview

Features humiliating scolding, face slapping & real hard spanking discipline by Momma…

momma-164-035 otk spanking brat spanking panties spanking spanked over her panties momma scolds daughter sarah gregory otk momma otk spanking babygirl bare sore bum momma-164-142

In Part 1 of this lone play film, Sarah was sent shopping for school clothes but comes back with an outfit that is not suitable for her Momma’s taste. “No daughter of mine will be seen wearing clothes like that!” Momma says, and turns Sarah over her knee for a hard hand spanking. Momma isn’t convinced that Sarah has learned her lesson from a hand spanking and takes the slipper to her already sore spanked bottom for more punishment.

momma spanking her babygirl

momma spankings


Next – from Sarah’s main site is a different film starring myself with the wonderful and super bratty Erica Scott. She is a real handful and spurs people on to punish her with her deliberately poor behavior… oh my!

The naughty Wife – starring Erica Scott at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Erica Scott 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-026 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-034 OTK spanking bare bottom strapping 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-072 naughty wife strapped 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-084 hairbrush spanking 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-097

Erica is late coming back to meet her hubby for their night out. She has been out “shopping,” yet comes back with nothing. He suspects she has actually been gambling. Regardless he is pissed that she is late and he has an array of implements laid out for her to choose from. She chooses a short strap, a riding crop, and the nasty hairbrush. John spanks is naughty and sassy wife with all three of these implements in this domestic spanking film.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

You can also join Sarah’s 2 sites for less with one set of codes - Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


One of the finest booty spankings I have seen recently comes in the shape and form of Karen Hughes from FirmHandSpanking.com – she is slightly older than the typical model you’d find at this site (which is why I probably like her more as she is different) but perfect in a spanking role alongside Jonny Stockton… so without further ado, in yet another shameless plug for Karen (who has one of the jiggliest spankable bottoms of any newcomer I have seen in a while!) – check out her bare bottom spanking!

Bootylicious bare bottom strapped for partying: Karen Hughes feels leather

[jwplayer mediaid=”40995″]

It’s party time for House-sitter Karen Hughes – until boss Jonny Stockton finds out and decides to give his new leather strap a taste of Karen’s juicy rear. First on denim shorts, then panties, finally bare, her cheeks take a licking to remember…no more parties!

sitter_k001 sitter_k004 sitter_k008 sitter_k010 sitter_k017 sitter_k020 sitter_k023 sitter_k024

See the full series of Karen’s films HERE

Firm hand spanking


I couldn’t ignore Veronica Ricci in a booty spanking special, so here she is in the latest film from Sorority Girls Spanking in which she is the major star appearing in approx half of the videos… which also has Snow Mercy (another major star of this site) carrying out the spanking and hard paddling punishments, this is a HOT spanking update!

01naughty-schoolgirl 02panties-down-spanking 03otk-schoolgirl 04ruler-spanking 05bare-ass-spanking 06schoolgirl-paddling 07paddling 08spanking-veronica 09paddled-schoolgirl 10spanking-results

Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days. Veronica must bend over and stick out her already sore and hot red bottom for Miss Snow for swats with the solid paddle, watch her beautiful bubble butt jiggling and glowing cherry red!

See this excellent sorority paddling video with Veronica Ricci – in full – HERE

spanking sorority girls

This site can be viewed as part of the Clare Fonda Pass giving you access to 5 premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost – see more info on this amazing long standing offer HERE

clare fonda pass


I have always been a huge fan of Leandra’s which was why she appeared at AAA (there are still MORE films to come from her that I haven’t seen her portray in such a way… but you’ll have to wait for those) in the meantime, the largest collection of films with Leandra in can be seen at Spanked in Uniform – here she is a sexy maid getting punished for wearing “granny knickers”

leandra the maid spanking otk spanking Leandra James bare bottom OTK episode12_20150504_162015 French maid OTK spanking leandra getting spanked otk spanking episode12_20150504_161743

Sexy maid Leandra was sent out to give a strip tease but the next day the agency got a phonecall from the client saying that she wore unsexy Granny Knickers and that spoiled the whole strip tease. Leandra was called and she got a good scolding followed by a sound OTK spanking. She was then told to go back to the client and this time, with no knickers on, she was to play the naughty spanked maid!


Finally, one of my favorite bubble butt ladies, Audrey Sugarsmacks – who appears almost exclusively at Punishedbrats.com stars in 2 recent spanking roles… you might want to check this out… a fitting end to today’s “Booty Spanking Special!”


The Contest – Audrey’s handspanking

Audrey thought that her ample bottom gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca. She had underestimated the power of the tall red head. After being spanked by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win!

handspanking1-42 handspanking1-63 handspanking1-92 handspanking2-11 handspanking2-51 handspanking2-61 handspankingvg2-41 handspankingvg2-51 handspankingvg2-71 handspankingvg2-81

See the full film of the contest HERE


This is the 2nd part to “Pin-ups” – featuring Audrey exclusively in this scene!

After Audrey and Mandie left the pervy photographer’s studio, Audrey’s agent brought her back to apologize and get paid. When she refused to do so because of the photographer’s questionable behavior, she was taken over the agent’s lap for a lesson in showbiz.

pinups2vg1-1 pinups2vg1-4 pinups2vg1-7 pinups2vg1-8 pinups21-4 pinups21-6 pinups21-7 pinups21-8

see the conclusion to this film HERE

punished brats


Later this week… the BIGGEST Spanking Party to hit Texas finally takes place!


The biggest state in the USA (okay, 2nd biggest behind Alaska!) hosts a typically humungous spanking party in The USA’s 4th largest metropolitan area of Houston, with easy access from either of Houston’s 2 largest intl airports – Hobbie or George W Bush … you’ll be impressed to know that the party has secured 3 full floors and sold ALL suites in the hotel for the Lone star Spanking Party. We look forward to seeing you good folk there from Thursday until after the weekend! This is the 1st of what promises to be many more great parties in this great city!


Bubble Butt Spankings

I had planned to bring you this post yesterday, but for some reason my internet connection here is playing up. I’d reboot the whole system but unfortunately I am now in the middle of uploading content important to my site update tomorrow and don’t want to restart. It is slow  a little unpredictable at times so I’ve turned any other mobile devices off in a bid to help with my connection resources… anyway, enough of my domestic connectivity woes… it’s annoying but won’t last long.
broadbandbirthdayI read somewhere earlier today how in the UK (at least) it is the 15th birthday of Broadband… remember before that we had the Dial Up tones and the modems connecting to the router… WiFi was still not a part of connections at the turn of the Millenium. The news item also mentioned that our fastest speeds for some users are currently nearly 3000 times faster than the 1st broadband access… we take for granted nowadays pages loading immediately, videos and clips playing and streaming seamlessly with multiple devices and options using WiFi for viewing, storing data in “The Cloud” etc. The big bulky monitors that we used to look at too are all replaced (as are our TVs with flat screen monitors and fantastic displays/tablets and laptops). I really only got online in 2003/2004 onwards, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much when my upload speed slows down to what was once still considered science fiction only 15 years ago.
Do you remember those Floppy Disks (remember them?) that only held 1.44Mb of info: that’s not even enough to hold one picture on a raw unedited photo taken from a standard Digi camera or even from my Samsung Note 4 (another piece of equipment which would be totally science fiction 15 years ago). pile_of_floppys Technological advances are so quick now in computing and other similar areas, we cannot imagine what it would be like even 15 years into the future. There is a curve graph ratio that steepens as we look further into the future. Eg) If we look 15 years back, we can not compare that to what is to come in the following 15 years. Why? Technology from 15 years ago was slower/obsolete from now, the starting point which we would use for the next 15 years – so in fact the rate of change from the last 15 years would mean perhaps only 3 or 4 years into the future from this point for a comparable change. So looking 15 years into the future… the changes will be fantastic to us now. More will happen in those 15 years than the past 50-100! Look at how things quickly develop from the early 20th Century onward and how new advances in any field such as medicine, computing, & communications have changed and would be considered Science Fiction, even! I find that scary. This is where calculations for Artificial Intelligence really come into play… and it WILL become a reality in my lifetime, AI is already with us… but the concept of SUPER AI which is stuff or SciFi – the machines thinking for themselves, or becoming sentient and surpassing Human Knowledge, is barely 30 or 40 years away, maybe less. What then for us all?
So what has all this to do with spanking, I hear you ask. Ol’ Chiefy has once again lost it, I hear you grumble… well, I am marveling at the explosion of spanking content we now have and how, for us spankos, the past 15 years has been an eye opener if you look back… I can’t even imagine how exciting the next 15 will be for those of us who embrace technology… one thing that HAS remained constant, is our love for today’s subject – “Bubble Butt Spankings!”

Brittney to the woodshed!

BRITTNEY BUBBLE BUTT bubblebutt strapping spanking a bubble butt strapping tearful strapping bubble butt strapped in the woodshed Audrey spanks Brittney shame of her spanking crying out in pain holding her sore spanked bottom inspecting the sore spanking

Brittney was sent to work on her uncle’s farm for the summer. When she failed to do her assigned chores, she was taken to the woodshed by her cousin Audrey for a taste of country discipline on her bare bottom. After cousin Audrey finished strapping Brittney, the tearful city girl was made to take the walk of shame, shuffling back to the house with her pants down so all could see her bare red bottom!


see more at PunishedBrats.com


Schoolgirl bubble butts are an easy target when these naughty young madams misbehave… as you will see in this Catholic Style discipline from Spanked in Uniform when this girl’s rather large bottom is given a good hard spanking on the bare!

Cleaning Duty – Bellview Catholic School for Girls

punished at school ouchie spanking spanked over panties spanked over his lap OTK spanking ep11_2 OTK big buns spankings schoolgirl OTK cornertime reflection schoolgirl bubble butt

Another naughty schoolgirl was sent to the Headmaster again. This time Miss Du Pree sent Betty because she was on classroom cleaning duty and she didn’t clean the classroom after the history lesson. After a good scolding the Headmaster pulled Betty over his knee and gave her a sound spanking followed by some reflection time in the corner.

Watch all the many schoolgirl punishment movies plus 15 more uniform spanking styles exclusive to Spanked in Uniform



A “Double Bubble” feature now with Jenna Jay & Amber West – I had missed this naughty update when I was away… I’m still catching up and came across it inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com which I thought you’d all like to see. It features one of Paul Kennedy’s core kinks, girls spanked in nursing uniforms (which I highly approve of) … we are lucky that we also have “Matron” on hand in the form of stunning Miss Jessica Wood to teach these 2 girls a lesson when they are caught playing around on the stair lift machine at the nursing home they all work at! Seems these girls will have to find some amusement elsewhere after this as their bottoms were very sore afterwards!

Images below taken from: Stairlift to a Hiding

nurses are going to get spanked OTK panties spanking nurse spanked OTK by Matron Amber West ass 2 nurses spanked OTK paddled bubble butt OTK strapping naughty Jenna Jay spanked bottoms

To see more stunning images and updates like this
– check out NorthernSpanking.com for more –

click here to see more at NorthernSpanking.com


This site I am showing next normally has quite thin looking girls, possibly as all they are Russian and (perhaps) could do with a good meal sometimes… I don’t know if it is the state of the Russian economy or not and if the girls eat or whether there is just less shitty highly processed foods like we get in Europe & America which never helps, does it? (he said going for a microwave meal) …. anyway, it’s hard to find girls with real fleshy behinds, especially those who have very trim waists, but I found one: In fact – there are a fair few (thankfully) at this site but this example from SpankingThem.com should suffice in yet another wonderful and delightfully humiliating punishment for this young lady called Anna – she is a bit older than the early twenty-somethings as she is one of the teachers at this austere and frightening institute!

strip for punishment preparing for her spanking self spanking showing off her bubble butt OTK Russian girl OTK bent over for a spanking self strapping 010 gagged and playing with herself open up for inspection red bubble butt

Lots more pervy, humiliating punishments & hot spankings HERE

spanking them - click here


Finally, the Queen of beautiful bubble butts has to be Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com – This is a typical example of how we get to see nice and close up, in a great POV style, her brief spanking and sexual act that she performs on her lover, Daddy (as he films it) … spanking her when he can in a very sexy, real life couple intimate spanking film – it also features Amber self spanking and slapping her wet pussy! WARNING: Watching this film will cause Trouser Arousal!

Amber Dawn's bare bottom spank me daddy ass cheeks ass grabbing Bubble Butt Amber's spanked bubble butt blowjob and spanking sucking cock slapping her pussy open legs masturbating bubble butt

There’s nothing to be said, except “Damn!” See her revamped site HERE


Finally, Chuck Norris would like to make an announcement!

The 1st Annual Lone Star Spanking Party is on for may 28-31
Check out the website for more details and how to attend! Or else!


Quick Spanking Action Round Up!

I’m still so mad and pissed off at what is happening in the archaic puritanical UK right now that the thought of going back there fills me with unease and disgust… looking over here in the USA, I heard Obama was looking to pass a Bill to take 50% tax from porn producers. I haven’t looked it up, it was what Sarah told me earlier (I will probably look at this later when I have calmed down and helped her put up the Xmas decorations – great therapy) … I just got mad and will no doubt check this online later. Yet more discrimination and another way to push various porn productions, edgy or otherwise, underground, if this is the case. Do these fucking politicians ever learn??? Ah forget it, maybe I will just make movies of people getting their heads blown away in a special action packed shooting spree film that glorifies violence (which I would have to say would be pretty much NON consensual too, lol) but would horrifyingly pass all censors and be taxed less. Go figure!

OK, so here are some (gulp) spanking updates, if you’re viewing this in the UK, please watch with tin foil wrapped around your head so the “Thought Police” can’t know that you’re getting off to this!

Starting off with the continuation of this series between Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound

Further Regression – out now at Punishedbrats.com

further1-11 further1-9 further1-24 further1-32 further1-41 further1-51 further1-61 further1-71further1-81

Adriana wanted to have a chat with her mother in hopes of ending the humiliating punishment of wearing “little girl” clothes prior to the end of the week. She noted that she learned that her behavior needed to change. While appreciative of the sentiment, her mother declined to rescind the punishment. Suddenly, Adriana threw a major tantrum, lying on the floor screaming. Soon her mother returned carrying a change of clothes that horrified her. “You can’t even behave like an eight year old,” Her mother proclaimed. Suddenly the brat was stripped of her sailor suit and frilly red panties and was placed in a baby shirt. Then, she was forced to a lie on the bed. Adriana panicked when she became aware that her mother intended to diaper her. “I’m not wearing a diaper!” she cried. Her mother was prepared for the resistance, lifting Adriana’s legs and spanking her in this vulnerable position with a leather paddle. Adriana’s tears soon flowed from the humiliation and pain.

& coming soon… a fantastic new collaboration!
with Mandie Rae & Audrey Sugarsmacks – this looks HOT!


Check out all the very latest films now available HERE



A few updates from the Clare Fonda Pass network of sites and these are hot… incl. the 1st Xmas Film I’ve seen this year! But first, from Spanking Sorority Girls comes this fantastic hot and sexy nude spanking film starring Cheyenne & Star.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Star will not tolerate Cheyenne Jewel’s desire to be a nudist, nor be late for her classes. Star spanks Cheyenne for both offenses. But Cheyenne has had enough of the constant spankings and decides it’s time for some revenge, so she spanks Star, too.


See MORE very hot girl on girl spanking punishments from the Sorority HERE



From GirlSpanksGirl.com comes the 1st Xmas film I have seen this year!

Lana Miller has two lovely daughters, played by Ivy Sherwood and Cupcake. But when they break the angel on the Christmas tree, and then lie about who did it, Lana must get to the bottom of this by spanking each girl hard with hand and hairbrush until one confesses. Then that one gets spanked by her sister. Hard spankings at a festive time!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

Beautiful colors, lovely warmed spanked bottoms & a festive treat make this unmissable!


These 2 sites are part of the CLARE FONDA PASS
Up to 5 sites at a fraction of the combined cost



Well… here’s hoping ATVOD will approve of this lovely cartoon someday…

More HOT Monday Spankings

Another new week, I won’t mention anything about St Patrick’s Day other than this bit… to be honest, I find it odd that everyone wants to drink warm green beer or dress up and look a total idiot (I could’ve said much worse) with those ridiculous oversized hats and spout on about the motherland or the Emerald Isle when they are 1/8 Irish or some such bullshit… no, today, I shall just get straight into some fantastic spanking updates and hidden delights you miss at your peril… let’s get it on, Monday People, and embrace another new week… let’s see what is out there!


Beautiful redhead Amber Dawn from spankamber.com shows us how she spanks her fantastic girls she finds, like this submissive blonde called Anna… as you’ll get to see many parts of Amber’s site network with one set of codes, you can see Anna teasing and showing us what she is made of in the more “vanilla” solo girl section… and of course then there’s the hot spanking… I’m featuring this one today where Anna get’s spanked for continually eating phallic shaped candy… a perfect excuse for Amber to spank her… and of course get to grab and feel this natural girl’s body, perfect little titties and admire just how red her bottom gets… I loved the hair pulling and Amber’s lecherous demeanour throughout this film, she really got off on spanking this girl… it shows and it’s HOT!

Anna teases us and strips for the camera…


anna002 anna003 anna004

…then she is punished for eating too much naughty shaped candy!


anna006 anna007

anna009 anna010 anna011

anna012 anna008

See MORE HOT images & films of Amber showing us her spanktastic charms (like these below)

01 08

Only from SpankAmber.com


A couple of really hot girl on girl updates coming to you from Punishedbrats.com now with some real fave spanking stars of mine, what is there not to like seeing Audrey, Joelle and new girls Adrianna & Cadence? I have filmed and been fortunate enough to work with Joelle and Adrianna a few times already and am hoping that I get to work with Audrey and Cadence too at some point soon… I am definitely filming with Adrianna next month away from any parties anyway and am really looking forward to that as she is infectiously funny and is one of those girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll soon discover on my site (coming soon) but today, let’s start with Audrey & Adrianna here in a film called “Overheard”


Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her over the knee on the spot.

overheard1-41 overheard1-91 overheard1-81

overheard1-101 overheard1-51


& a great schoolgirl film with a rare chance to see Joelle take on the role of being more dominant… I know she was nervous about this role on film, but seeing it, she is superb and should switch more in my opinion… I will try to get her to switch at some point for my site, though of course I love seeing her long legs kicking and wriggling when she is getting a good hard OTK spanking!!! With her most hated implement… the hairbrush!!! 🙂

This film is called: “As the hairbrush falls”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

 21 3 3-1


131 71

82 151 13-1

As the hairbrush falls , time and again, upon Cadence’s bare bottom the tears begin to flow. She promises to be respectful of her instructors from now on. After giving her little sister the spanking she needed, Joelle makes her sit on a hard chair that was painful to her freshly spanked bottom.



Next up, a great new film from my wonderful baby’s site… Sarah Gregory Spanking and it stars 2 other people I have a lot of time for… Amelia Jane Rutherford (I will be filming with her soon too, I can’t wait for that!!!) and Johnny… a good friend of Sarah’s and Fetlife stalwart FLApaddler … he’s a great guy and I will be meeting him at the BBW event in around a month… good times! I loved this inventive storyline and of course as it has Amelia, there’s plenty of drama and some (naturally) amazing spanking scenes!


The Mischievous Maid – this title was thought up by Justin… or J_ Doggg as some of you might know him on Fetlife – & I am mentoring him and so feel  naturally protective towards him too… “I Dom because I care!”

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-001 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-002


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-024 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-030


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-034 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-037


Johnny and Sarah are not happy at all to return to their hotel room after a nice evening out to the maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Johnny threatens to call security and Amelia doesn’t want that and says she will do anything. Well, I don’t think she knew that taking a hard spanking and strapping was what she was in for.

Click here to see the next updates from this new film HERE


Finally today, I had to include this old line up with Dani Daniels… she really is stunning and her recent appearances as a top at Firmhandspanking.com (for which she is doing a great job) hide the fact that she has been a sub a few times for Chelsea Pfeiffer… this punishment was a little harder but she gritted her teeth and accepted everything that Chelsea gave her… and she  didn’t hold back with the paddles… Dani is gorgeous and I hope that she decides to bottom again… she’s a lovely top but after you see these screen grabs… you will want to see MORE of her like this, I know I would!

danid001 danid002

danid003 danid004

danid005 danid006

danid007 danid008

danid009 danid010

danid011 danid012

danid013 danid014

danid015 danid016

Click here to see this EXCLUSIVE film only from Goodspanking.com


I shall have more Brit style updates here for you tomorrow including news of my latest film… don’t go too far now y’all! In the meantime, enjoy this fun gif I found… it’s an oldie, but still makes me smile and forget that it’s still only Monday this week 🙂


Oh, and I can’t believe I have been so rude as NOT to mention that an AWESOME interview with myself and Sarah Gregory is up at THIS WEEK IN SPANKING – it’s a podcast, and we discuss all manner of fun and frivolity, I won’t spoil it, but it’s definitely worth listening to, Joe gave us an awesome interview… thanks, man!



A NO BULLSHIT POST THIS EVENING…the wind is starting to pick up again tonight, another storm of immense proportions is fast approaching the south west of Britain as I furiously type this before I bore you with yet more moaning about the wettest weather in the history of mankind as our tiny part of our island disappears into the sea…

*gasp* – and so to some awesome spankings updates and news of my other blogs posts today! Starting with Punishedbrats.com – it’s been some time coming but the return of Pixie to the studio, as spanker, was indeed most welcome. Any return was welcome  as it has been some time… however, Audrey should have been careful what she wished for… getting her amazing bubble butt spanked and punished hard over Pixie’s lap. Check out these images below taken from the film: House Cleaning.


housecleaning1-1 housecleaning1-4


housecleaning1-5 housecleaning1-6


Audrey and Pixie are having a party. With the guest set to arrive shortly, Pixie can not get Audrey off of the phone and do some work in preparation for that night’s festivities. After several warnings, Pixie knows just what her lazy roommate needs , a very hard spanking! After being thoroughly spanked, Audrey is left to complete her chores. With that sore bottom, she won’t want to sit around on the couch anyway!

See the full movie & all the very latest updates HERE


Stepping up onto the spanking stage next are 2 very naughty waifs that fall foul of Sarah Bright in a tale called “Granny’s Dead” out now at English-Spankers.com

npp6065008 npp6065010

npp6065011 npp6065024

npp6065025 npp6065026

npp6065030 npp6065031

The home help is not too happy, she learns that the lady she is supposed to be cleaning for is dead and that her granddaughter Charlie is still drawing her benefits and enjoying the privilege of living in her house. Not only that she has moved a rather cheeky friend Lexie in with her. Lessons need to be taught and no time will be wasted. After making the girls remove their skimpy panties she starts by paddling Lexie on her bare bottom. She then puts the girls side by side and gives them a real swatting with the leather paddle. Despite their cry’s of pain she continues till their bottoms are both bright red.

Watch the free HD Spanking Clip HERE


The stage is set and continues with this fight scene from last week having consequences at the House of Correction in this week’s film update, which includes a full image set as usual with the HD film options at SpankingSarah.com when the girls are punished for fighting in the kitchen

npp5083005 npp5083012

npp5083027 npp5083029

npp5083035 npp5083039

npp5083042 npp5083044

It’s a time of reckoning at the house of correction. Aunty Katie is not around but Sarah takes on the task of punishing Bow & Darcy for fighting in the kitchen and for making a mess of the baking. A nasty plastic spatula comes in very handy for whacking the bare bottoms of these naughty girls, despite their evident contrition Sarah knows that the only thing that will work is the administration of a lot of pain and humiliation. That’s what she is an expert at dishing out

You can see the free movie preview trailer from this new film HERE


Brand new from FirmhandSpanking.com is a new girl, she is a stunning new addition to their site and you will LOVE her reactions and the spanking she gets in this F/F punishment by Dani Daniels (surely one of the sexiest young teachers around!) This new girl has quite the potty mouth on her, calling other girls “bitches” but she is soon regretting being so disrespectful! Welcome new girl Stephanie Murray in a great debut!

First hot spanking for senior Stephanie in school uniform

private_ca001 private_ca003

private_ca005 private_ca011

private_ca013 private_ca014

private_ca019 private_ca023

Beautiful athlete Stephanie Murray has a peach-shaped, creamy bottom due 400 smacks from Dani Daniels’ hand in Private School! School uniform skirt up, panties down, cheeks bouncing furiously red, she says, “I think you missed a spot!” Attitude!

CLICK HERE to view the new preview video of schoolgirl Stephanie


Finally today, something a little different released at Spanking Server as gorgeous Ines, a long time model at this site gets a rather sexy and addictively watchable OTK spanking, the images below are taken from the movie clip you can view as part of the weekly updates!

ines001 ines002

ines003 ines004

ines005 ines006

ines007 ines008

ines009 ines010

Check out these hot girls and all the other naughty and severe spanking updates HERE


As I mentioned earlier, I have also updated 2 other blogs with some great content not shown here today… got a few seconds then check out these 2 blogs as well… and do check them out on a regular basis as I intend to update them far more often and when I have time will be updating the designs to keep them fresh. Updates will be far more frequent… as you will see if you check out the previous recent posts too 🙁



ARUBA! I want icecream & bath tub spankings!



Still here? Spot the photobomb! LOL!

Bloggiversary Spankings!

7OK, it was actually the 13th December, and I thought it was the 16th… (I just went waaaay back and discovered the exact date) but still, it’s better to say something, even if a few days late than not at all… has it really been 7 years since I started this blog? OMG! I wonder what the next 7 years will bring… to all my loyal readers, thank you for sticking by me and checking out what I like in the world of spanking (and I guess what you do too…) so today, in catch up mode, I have a mega post for you… enjoy! I have no idea what I’m about to blog about so this should be fun and random,  let’s just enjoy the ride 🙂

You know I love seeing air hostesses (or flight attendants… that sounds so much more boring) in their uniforms spanked… so let’s start with a double feature from Spanked-in-Uniform.com which has another couple of naughty girls punished at Europe Air… the spankiest airline on the continent! (If only the staff at shitty RyanAir could get punished like this – sigh)

The English Lesson – parts 1 & 2


europe_ep31_3 europe_ep31_4

europe_ep31_6 europe_ep31_8



After a flight to Budapest it had become obvious that stewardesses, Adrienn and Timi, lied on their CV when they said they both spoke perfect English. Before Mr Johnson punished them properly for lying, he decided to give them an English lesson with the help of his hard hand and little paddle… then in the 2nd part (below)


europe_ep32_10 europe_ep32_3 europe_ep32_5

europe_ep32_6 europe_ep32_7

After the lesson, it was time to give the lying little madams their proper punishment. They were bent over the desk and Mr Johnson’s big leather strap turned their bottoms a fiery red. They were given each an “English for beginners” book and told to learn the first three chapters then sent on their way.

You can view the entire series of Air Stewardess spankings, along with all the other unique uniform punishment niches, at the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com website!


From Japan, there are 2 sites you know I love very much… both are F/F spanking sites only and feature some of the most beautiful cute girls in some of the best schoolgirl costumes I have ever seen… mainly feeding my cosplay and schoolgirl spanking fetish, I guess (ahem) – so let’s take a peek at some recent updates from both sites for your (and my) visual gratification!

From CutieSpankee.com – “The Sunday Nightmare”

This beautiful schoolgirl recalls her worst punishment experience when she stayed out all night without permission. On her return, her mother had been waiting with a fierce look & she was immediately dragged into the living room for her first 100 strokes of the paddle!

smp_mom2_z2 smp_mom2_z3

smp_mom2_z1 smp_mom2_z7

smp_mom2_z4 smp_mom2_z6

smp_mom2_z5 smp_mom2_z8

See more schoolgirl & domestic punishments like this HERE


Those of you who know me will know that I don’t really do Xmas… it’s just not my thing. Too many unhappy memories, I guess. Anyway, my site won’t have a specific Xmas video this year, but it WILL have a special video that week that is fun but also incredibly sexy and pokes fun at me (for being stupid) and showcases 2 of my fave spanking models at the same time so I won’t follow the crowd and do a special theme this year ) even though I could have when you see the 2 girls in question… but you’ll have to wait for that announcement until later this week… nope, here is the 1st of the Xmas videos I have seen – and it is rather similar to what I filmed (bugger) as I had already made a “Stepford Wives” style spanking video (it’s being edited right now for next week) but I like this Japanese take on the season of (good?) will courtesy of Hand-Spanking.com

h13-07 h13-21

h13-23 h13-30

h13-38 h13-42

h13-52 h13-58

h13-61 h13-64

Chiemi and Ruka get the best Christmas present from Santa! Haruka is a pretty, living doll. The ladies take full advantage and give her lovely bottom a sound spanking! You will also note that the latest part , a revenge style spanking is now out when Santa is angry that Chiemi and Ruka have abused sweet, innocent Haruka. He orders her to get her revenge and give the naughty ladies a Christmas thrashing too!


Want to see more and the free previews? CLICK HERE

handspanking - click here


Greg at BunBeatingFun.com had emailed me ages back about this return spanking for the shitty model agent, Vivian, providing him with some real bratty girls with a poor attitude… well, this is one of the best double parters I have seen in a while, I was eagerly waiting for this women to get her comeuppance and I was not in the least bit disappointed! She gets a real hard thrashing across TMS-2’s lap and her reactions… and that jiggling red butt of hers are perfection! I really got off to this film, I know good hard OTK lovers will too! You may have seen some images already, so see them a little larger here – and get off and enjoy then go watch the full movie which is awesome!

01 02 03

04 06

07 14


It was a vivid red bottom for Vivian and this here lady didn’t like it one bit. But hey, she’s the money grubbing agent who sent some of her most troublesome models Greg’s way and for that alone this high highfalutin witch earned herself a truly royal butt blistering.

18 20

21 22 23

Check out the FREE long play clip now showing as well as access on how to view this film!



One site I have loved consistently since their inception over 7 years ago is Punishedbrats.com – having met David a few times (& I hope to again next year) I know that they have suffered from piracy and such… I think they are finally waking up to trying to protect their content a little more, it may have had something to do with their policy of just charging from S17/month which is incredibly cheap considering their members area has not been cropped or reduced in size with older movies removed and placed elsewhere as filler content or “classic” spanking sites like some sites have done in the past. Although this might a good practice to divide up larger sites and make older content available as a “classic” for the first timers… right now, Punishedbrats.com continues to offer everything they have done over the past 7+ years in one place. I hate to think what their hosting bill for such content is… as I have to upgrade my own server soon and it will cost quite a bit, which is a worry… but these things happen as sites develop and grow!

I have quite a spanking crush on Audrey, as I have stated in the past (just look at her amazing bubble butt!) and the new punky and feisty brat next door look from Kayleigh-May is a winner for me too… you just know she is gonna get it good everytime she brats, answers back and gives some sass to her elders and those she is pissing off! So check out both ladies below in 2 contrasting storylines:

“Respect your Elders” : with young brat, Kayleigh May & mom, Beverly Bacci




respect2-3 respect2-5 respect2-6

Kayleigh is not happy to be back in Dr. Bacci’s office and rudely tells her father what she thinks about it all. Dr. Bacci quickly gets the brat under control and ready for her second therapy session. While Dr. Bacci discusses Kayleigh’s behaviour and gives her some encouragement to make better decisions, she straps the naughty brat’s bottom to ensure the message hits home!

Below is one reason why I love Audrey getting spanked so much… a perfect trim waist and a fantastic bubble butt!


There is a new Audrey & Pandora film with lazy Audrey caught out lounging instead of finding work…

“The Job Search”

job1-12 job1-22 job1-32

job1-71 job1-62

job1-52 job1-42 job2-6

Audrey claims she is filling out online job applications but Pandora catches her red handed playing silly computer games instead! She’s clearly not taking things seriously and is in need over another trip over Pandora’s knee. You can see the full film HERE


Here’s a site you’ll see a lot more of getting featured. It covers a niche that Sarah Gregory & Dana Specht have all to themselves – MommaSpankings.com – you can join this site seperately or as part of the special 2 Site Pass to Sarah’s sites (much better value) via the Sarah Gregory Pass – banners and links to that at the end! Sarah’s real need to be punished like the naughty misbehaving girl she is shown perfectly in the many films and image galleries but this one recent film (to start with) shone for me as I really got off watching Sarah getting her punishment from Momma! Wow… it was hot!

I love seeing Sarah get punished for her messy room!!!! She knows the score by now!

momma-53-011 momma-53-025

momma-54-004 momma-54-015

momma-54-031 momma-55-005 momma-55-027

momma-55-036 momma-58-007

momma-58-012 momma-58-014 momma-58-018


When Sarah’s Mommy Dana comes to visit her in CT, she finds a very messy room. Sarah had promised to clean it and didn’t. Sarah gets another REAL punishment from Momma. Sarah is spanked otk with hand, then bent over for the strap and wooden “stick” before taken back otk for the wooden hairbrush. Poor Sarah, I don’t think she was expecting another REAL spanking from Momma. (this was a real hard tearful film, I promise you!)

There is also the new Xmas film available which you can see below with Momma Dana Specht and Uncle Givan…


See more here of  Sarah at the following sites and options…




That’s it for now, I am still waaaaaaaaaaay behind but I have to do some Xmas shopping now!

& remember kids…


No masturbating 🙂

Playing catch up yet again!

HD1080Hello everyone, it seems we are all very busy at the moment… I hate being away from blogging news  updates or sharing snippets of info you might want to know about my site or another that I have learnt about… so today, here are some “catch up” news and announcements as I bring you first news of my site (a day late as this came out for members yesterday). Firstly, members will notice that for all my new shoots from now on (remember I have a lot of stuff already stored and I gotta be honest and admit re-editing will cost me yet more time and money right now… but I have to start the upgrades somewhere, right?). So I decided that from the last filmshoot I did with naughty new girl, Katie… all films would be uploaded in the full format of near “Blu Ray” quality HD with some amazing compression and editing that I have found is best with MP4 files, so you will now get (where available) FULL 1080HD (and not just a large screen size with a few thousand kbs playback… oh no, that really doesn’t do it for me) I have taken the plunge and upgraded the cams and got you some amazing playback footage… members will see the first of these films starting with the new film “Katie’s Wandering Fingers” – there is still the 720HD WMV version which is still pretty darned good, but the frames per second are just half at a more than respectable 25 whereas the new MP4 HD is at the max allowed – 50! So I will be bringing you 1080/50HD films in MP4 format and 720/25HD in WMV – confused? LOL! Instead, just take a look on the home page of my site right HERE or on the following links and compare the film clips from “Wandering Fingers” – remember to right click and download the links as they’re not designed to be streamed and play them on your preferred media player such as WM Player or VLAN Player (better) and see for yourselves what i am wittering on about! As always, feedback here or via my mail/contact pages is always welcome 🙂

Images below are both full size and promo size for the latest film “Wandering Fingers”


katie001 katie002

katie003 katie006

katie005 katie007

katie008 katie009


katie011 katie012 katie013


In Katie’s 1st film… We re-enacted a true life story with an added pervy twist as Katie recalled how she got caught playing with herself and remembered the shame and embarrassment it had caused. We added Uncle John’s naughty jazz mag that she got off to and the fact that he spanked her on her bare bottom with his hand and various hairbrushes that left a very satisfying and sore marked red bottom for her filthy self defilement afterwards… Please welcome Katie, who will show you just how naughty she can be as that innocent look is fooling no-one, she’s that tempting bratty girl next door you’ve kept your beady eye on… hoping against hope that her ball might just go over the fence and into your yard… well, I did too! So I decided to film what happens to naughty little brats like Katie… as you’ll discover over the coming months in glorious full 1080HD!


Click image below to access a FREE Gallery that shows the full size screen images directly from the film…


& coming out next week… it’s time for a break from my ugly mug in this all female “wheelbarrow spanking affair” with Amber West’s very 1st in this rather revealing and awkward spanking position over a gleeful and sadistic Zoe Page’s lap (Warning… this is HOT!!!)

This comes with a full stills set, screen images and of course… the movie! (om nom nom!)


& lest I forget, the final month of the Loyalty Promotion in its present form is almost upon us as this offer only goes up to Xmas Day: So if you wanna get locked in at a very low rate (and choose when you want to opt out) then take a look at the sign up page below… just click the ladies debating this over their afternoon tea 🙂



& onto some selected updates and such elsewhere… Here’s the concluding part to “Browser History” from NorthernSpanking.com starring naughty Jenna Jay getting off to some of David de Wolfe’s porn on his laptop… perhaps if he had cleared his cache she’d not be so interested in it over a morning cup of coffee… still, that wouldn’t be half as much fun and we’d have to invent another excuse to spank Jenna’s most amazing rear! First in her stockings, bottom stuck right out on the breakfast table… then with them pulled down… as you’ll see below!

NSI110-JD002 NSI110-JD009 NSI110-JD018

NSI110-JD021 NSI110-JD023

NSI110-JD042 NSI110-JD048

NSI110-JD038 NSI110-JD046 NSI110-JD052

See many more films of Jenna exclusive to Northernspanking.com


My weekly look at SpankingThem.com has this stunning lithe young thing called Olga (a good traditional Russian name, eh?) and although I have no real idea why she is being punished, I thoroughly enjoyed it… I am assuming it was her latex stockings, which I found incredibly hot to look at… which caused her to be reprimanded in private… that and the fact she had the most amazing ballet dancer type figure… strong yet very thin with long toned legs and the most amazing perky tits that I found so adorable… but she had enough flesh on her bottom for our resident office spanker to administer his unique brand of humiliation, spankings/floggings and private pervery… no forced dildo masturbation this week… but the near tearful girl is allowed to rub herself off in between his leering glances and having her treated like a pet doing cornertime at the end. This 17 minute films hits the spot for me and is a welcome addition to their growing archive … see images below of stunning 22 year old office junior, Olga!

olga001 olga002 olga003

olga004 olga005

olga006 olga007 olga008

olga009 olga010 olga011

olga012 olga013

olga014 olga015 olga016

See moreof  these girls given a short sharp shocking initiation into the office politics of SpankingThem.com



I haven’t featured the excellent Punishedbrats.com in a while and that is my fault, it’s has some stupendous updates recently, today I shall bring you 2 updates (since I have been incredibly tardy) with 2 very contrasting ladies, one I have filmed with and the other I hope to later next year… so of course I am extremely biased when I show you the following and why I’d drop everything and have these 2 spanked over my lap in a shot!

Joelle Barros… she’s back in this fantastic co-production alongside a scary Headmaster Michael Valentine… Joelle’s reactions and of course her beautiful long thrashing legs and pert bottom are my main focus in this recent full update film of a bully getting her comeuppance!

bully1-11 bully1-21

bully1-31 bully1-81 bully1-91

bully2-8 bully2-11

bully2-21 bully2-31 bully2-41

bully2-61 bully2-71

Joelle is “The Bully” – She has been picking on the junior students and Mr Valentine is going to teach her that bullying hurts… and he punishes her with her most hated of implements… the hairbrush! the hairbrush hurts too!

The 2nd film stars Audrey and Miss Pandora in a film called “The Cost of Living”. Audrey has one of the most amazing bubble butts and this F/F film does it for me, I like Miss P a lot too… but there is just something about Audrey that I am smitten with… an older lady that needs some firm discipline… she should be careful carrying around a “spankable whooty” like that!!! *phew*

cost1-11 cost1-21

cost1-31 cost1-51

cost1-41 cost1-61

Audrey has no idea what it’s like to have to worry about the cost of living since she had always been cared for by her wealthy  husband. Now that she is divorced, her friend and mentor Pandora is going to have to teach her that careless spending leads to painful consequences.


If you want to see how these films all end, then CLICK HERE to see much more!


Here is the concluding part to the 50’s Diners series with chef Mike far from happy at his 2 slovenly waitresses, Masie and Satine, who have left the room they chill out in between shifts and breaks, a right old mess!!! This film also contains a rare M/F spanking of Satine!!!

ep15_1 ep15_3


ep15_6 ep15_8

ep15_9 ep15_11


ep15_12 ep15_13

After Masie and Satine spanked each other, Chef scolded them for making a right mess of the new “Rec Room”. He noticed a hairbrush on the table and decided to use that on his two naughty waitresses. They both went over his knee and the hairbrush taught those two little madams a valuable lesson! CLICK HERE to see this full series and all the other latest, unique uniform spanking niche updates!


My last visit to England today takes in a few excellent sites that you will all know… I will start with English Spankers who have updated their “Sexy Cleaning Maid” portfolio with the welcome addition of Molly Malone! I loved working with Molly, there is never a bad word to be said for this girl… apart from she looks sexy as hell dressed up as a French Maid… don’t you think?


This is what Mr Stern had to say about his latest recruit: The Sexy Cleaning Company has without doubt some of the most beautiful spanking ladies in the world working for it now and our latest recruit is right at the very top of our pile of dirt busters. Molly Malone, beautiful and talented just could not resist applying and was even more enthusiastic when she learned that as a part of her interview she would be spanked and paddled prior to being sent out to do her first real sexy cleaning job. So she was spanked hard and paddled and now you can enjoy this great full length film.

npp6005013 npp6005015 npp6005021

npp6005028 npp6005044

npp6005049 npp6005051 npp6005053

You can check out the free movie preview of Molly’s recruitment HERE


Word of warning! Do NOT go and au pair for Sarah Bright unless you can handle the following caning!!! She has a habit of severely disciplining her wayward home helps as you will see… latest au pair, Mia, from Russia, gets a butt blistering caning… check out those welts! (this is a great film, btw!)


Sarah’s new Au pair Mia has been spanked and paddled and now she is for the cane. With her bare bottom already well marked with the signs of Sarah’s anger she has to bend over to take her first ever taste of the cane. The strokes whistle down and slam into her rear end and now she has to endure a long and very painful caning. If she thought that just because Sarah was a girl the cane would not be used with full force she was mistaken as the marks on her bottom show!

npp6033008 npp6033009 npp6033014

npp6033011 npp6033015

npp6033017 npp6033023 npp6033025

Feel free to check out the movie preview and the other great clips that make up Sarah’s site


Finally today… Wearing high fetish heels and wiggling her bottom in a figure-hugging dress, Pandora Blake hopes to entice her lover to spank her. Warm sunlight bathes their bare skin as her lover, D, gives her exactly what she wants. Enjoy these choice selection of images taken from the latest update!

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour022 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour025 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour033

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour045 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour065

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour072 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour082

Wearing high fetish heels that accentuate her long, bare legs, Pandora enjoys the way her favourite figure-hugging purple dress clings to her curves. Wiggling her bottom, she hopes to entice her lover to spank her. Who could resist an invitation like that? Pandora’s dominant bends her over on the balcony and lands firm spanks on her proferred arse. When he leads her inside, he draws up the skirt of that tiny dress to discover Pandora is not wearing anything underneath… just how he likes it.


Holding his submissive’s wrists above her head, D slowly undresses her, exposing her long body and small breasts to the morning air. Warm sunlight bathes their bare skin as he gives her exactly what she wants. CLICK HERE to see more from this dreamy spanking update!



!!! Please don’t forget like poor Robin below !!!


Gorgeous Girls & Spankings

I am trying to sneak in an extra post as I have so much to catch up on… I’m typing this on my laptop in my living room… late at night – while a repeat of the Jonathan Ross chat show is on TV – living the dream, eh?

So… on with the spankings news and updates 🙂 A couple of recent films have caught my attention at Punished Brats – they’re getting the lion’s share of today’s quick sneaky update before ‘Er Indoors complains from the depths of the bedroom! *shudder*

I haven’t brought you news of this great site in a while… so that’s why they’re getting 2 films featured… the 1st is the latest with Joelle “sch-wiiing” Barros as a schoolgirl in trouble with her Headmaster!

The Strict Headmaster series: Past is Prologue

past1-11 past1-21

past1-31 past1-41

past1-51 (1) past1-61

Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again, gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine. More is to come from this series as you can see (below!)


There is also an amazing film with Audrey, caught sunbathing nude on the porch by Miss Pandora… and it’s a fantastic F/F spanking film as you’ll see!!!

sunbathing1-11 sunbathing1-31

sunbathing1-62 sunbathing2-1


Pandora was horrified to find Audrey sunbathing nude on her back deck  in view of the neighbors. She drags her inside and spanks her immediately before she even has a chance to get dressed. To keep Audrey out of any more trouble, Pandora gives her a list  of chores to complete immediately following her spanking.

sunbathing2-3 sunbathing2-4

sunbathing2-5 sunbathing2-6

OMG! I have become a MASSIVE MASSIVE fan of Audrey’s work and make no secret I’d LOVE to film with her if I ever got a chance… see for yourselves this stunning lady  with a figure that demands she get spanked – often and severely! CLICK HERE



Oops… that is all I can do as I have been busted… ‘Er indoors (aka wasp chewer) has thrown a right tantrum at me blogging instead of daring to try and sleep next to her grumpy self – joy! So, sorry about this, at least I got the Punished Brats update in and hopefully I will get you what I intended to update you all with tomorrow, after I update my own site, of course! Goodnight… from the Dog House 🙁



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