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One benefit of being a part of the SG Group (now owned & operated from the USA!)

This is a take on an older announcement from last year so it has been slightly amended to reflect the more competitive pricing which we know will attract more members. Quality and pricing is always an emotive issue, currently, so a review of what can be taken as a minimum with operating costs/shoots planned and travel etc. means there is a new pricing structure. This will particularly interest those who have taken out longer term and loyalty memberships in the past… ALL pricing is lowered: whether it is the standard 30 day non recurring membership or the monthly rebilling membership, these are all priced in excess of 10-15% less than this time last year… the longer term memberships work out to as little as $12.50/month – (New Annual Subscription) *now available at both *CCBill AND *Epoch billing agents – that isn’t bad at all, is it? If you’ve never joined than there are currently 290+ HD films, lots of fantastic image stills and every film has an extensive video gallery which captures the action –  this site has one of the easiest membership areas to navigate around and find what you want! The films are also shown in HTML5 formats for instant viewing without downloading too! Rebills are dead easy to cancel, just contact me here or via the CCBill/Epoch support links or via the webmaster at email address and it will be easily dealt with…


Just CLICK HERE for the full 9 page tour which still includes over 20 quality free video clips and well over 290 detailed film reviews for you to check over on the tour pages… or if you know all that, Click HERE to access the join page and sign up to the cheaper top value membership of your choice!

This is not a special offer, just a review of the pricing so take advantage of it while it remains… but it could stay as a permanent option for the website too… as well as that, some of you may now notice that non American currency sign ups were always a little pricier in the past (Euros and Pound Sterling especially for prospective members from those country blocks). Not any more! The exchange rates now worked out are far more equitable: This has been changed after consultation with CCBill so this is in fact another incentive to join up too as we noticed that prices in the past could be bumped up by as much as 5% – see that at another website, then ask them to change it – as this is a default setting which favors the billing agents to make more money after producers set their prices… that’s all changed! Just because you had to choose Euros or Australian Dollars! We recommend that you look up currency exchange site who will show you what the interbank rates are for a fair guide of what the conversions should come close to – New Rebilled memberships will remain at their new lowered pricing regardless if there are changes to cost of joining in the near future … This notice is oputdated as i used to own this website but naturally have feelings for it and help promote it as an affiliate, but of course this policy was brought about by the fact it joined the fab sites of Sarah Gregory – which also has the same policy!


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