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Hot Spanking Updates

I love this time of year… I lose all sense of timing with the crazy programming on TV and I just realized it is the weekend when it has been feeling like that all week long! I also really love the fact as it’s the holiday season, lots of films I might not have chosen to view are being screened, for example, as I am writing this post… Godfather II is showing on a TV channel. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, the first ever sequel film to be better than the original. I want to share with you some great new updates including a movie that has realized its true potential with an important re edit and remaster to show it as it should have been. All films shown here are from the Sarah Gregory group of sites – and that includes the 1st I’m showing from AAA Spanking which I really liked.


Some of you might like this too as it features Amber West looking hot in her PJ’s getting a hand and hairbrush punishment in a semi POV style (I’ll explain that later).  It’s different as there is not one word uttered by her spanker… the focus is on Amber, at first she pleads to the camera, to us watching that she doesn’t want her spanking, tries to get out of it but realizes she is going to get punished anyway and it gets worse for her as TWO hairbrushes are used on her bare bottom. This short sharp shock also has some great close up action… check out the images that accompany the film update (100 screen images and a bonus stills set too).

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Amber pleaded one final time not to be punished before bedtime but it was too late for negotiating now. She knew the score but tried anyway and for that she then had two brushes to contend with instead of one for her impertinence. These were the wooden hairbrush AND the hated bathbrush (which she knew would mean an uncomfortable night’s sleep) which got used on her bare exposed bottom after a quick hand spanking over his knee! This film is almost POV in style, Amber pleaded to the camera to start with… there was no dialog or voice interaction from her spanker at all, just gestures and there were some extremely close up shots of poor Amber’s bottom whacked with the wooden implements in a traditional OTK position. A very good, short sharp shock film.



This film is also available as a one time download for those that like to watch the odd film like this at the Clips store HERE – there are other clips with Amber  as well as many other various OTK hand and hair brush punishment films…



At Sarah Gregory Spanking a new film with a fave of both mine and her is Lily Swan… we will be doing a whole load more films with her very soon, and she is excited to work with us as well… but in the meantime, catch her latest film as a schoolgirl (in a real cute uniform) who is “late for detention” – Lily can take it and has requested lots of pain and marks the next time we meet… I remember this film well, you’ll see her bottom gets very red and she took some good hard strokes of the cane for being late too!!!


Mr. Osborne is not very happy when his student, Lily Swan, is late for detention. She was already going to get a spanking, but now she will get a caning as well. Lily is made to bend over her desk for a bare bottom spanking before a good old hard caning. Lily will soon remember to behave in school and show up to detention on time.

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You can see more of fabulous Lily’s punishment HERE


From is a special remaster. I had seen this film before and Sarah decided to fully re edit it from scratch and put it out in the full HD1080 format that it deserves… I fully approve and the result is a great film between Momma Dana and Sarah getting a real hard painful spanking… all for answering back to Momma and giving her attitude when caught out sunbathing in a skimpy bikini when she had told her workplace that she was ill (hmmm)… check it out and see for yourself, this is a hot momma/daughter spanking film!

Bikini to the bare…


This video was shot a few years ago and has been remastered in stunning 1920×1080 HD. Images are grabbed from this gorgeous new remaster as well in full resolution. Momma Dana plays Sarah’s Aunt. Sarah is staying with her strict Aunt Dana and working a summer job. She decides that it is too nice of a day to go to work, so she calls in sick. Her Aunt Dana was very unhappy to come home to Sarah sun-bathing out back instead of out at work. She spanks her naughty niece with hand and strap on the bikini and then bare bottom.

momma-147-006 momma-147-008 momma-147-013 momma-147-014 momma-147-019 momma-147-020 momma-147-027 momma-147-031

See this film in full exclusive to Momma Spankings

This site and Sarah’s other site can be viewed together  for less with the same access codes via the Sarah Gregory Pass – if you like her work then this pass makes sense! Check it out HERE




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    Very nice ,best,Tim.

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    Nice to see a pyjama spanking without underwear John.Well done.

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