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Saturday Spanking Review

grabbyBefore I start with today’s brief spanking updates, I would like to mention that the server move to all of Sarah Gregory’s sites is now complete and all members should have access. Here’s a nice ass grabby rub a dub dub pic (left) to celebrate!!! I have answered a few support queries on her behalf and they are not related to the server move, rather the fact that some people do not enter the codes assigned to them by CCBill correctly or that they don’t fill in the Turing “captcha” word (at SGS) or the selection of the female faces shown – (at Momma). Anyway, I thought it important to announce the server move went reasonably well, considering the hell we both went through behind the scenes! Her old hosting account refused to allow the new company to quickly transfer data, and with nearly 1Tb of data on her old server to move (to start with) we even removed a few hundred Gigs of .mov data (where there were also WMV & MP4 options since MP4 works equally well in all browsers and operating systems) to assist with the overall transfer time. Sarah will start to bring back .mov files at a later date but maybe as an aid for tablet devices like iPads etc in a lower spec than the HD720 and HD1080 offered by the usual WMV & MP4 formats for all new updates – she hasn’t decided yet… and this would take some time to arrange.

Anyway, the important thing is the sites are now hosted on a far more stable platform, able to take more data and she will be following some behind the scenes security measures based on the wonderful Strongbox Security that I’m glad more and more sites are using. There will also be a special news announcement coming soon now that this move has taken place which I am sure most of you will be very happy about too! Stay tuned! (I’m such a tease!)


And so to today… check out this all girl affair at Northern Spanking featuring a British pairing of poor Amber West, the unfortunate Au Pair/Maid being punished by an exasperated Jessica Wood in this kitchen scene I helped film with Paul (in the early summer of 2014?) – how time flies!

Swept Away – featuring Amber West & Mistress Jessica Wood

Swept Away at Northern Spanking

Amber is an Au Pair seemingly in a world of her own. Until that is, her busy disciplinarian mistress re-introduces her to reality, courtesy of a very sore smacked bottom.

VIDNSI1181-008 VIDNSI1181-009 VIDNSI1181-014 VIDNSI1181-018 VIDNSI1181-019 VIDNSI1181-021 holding her sore bare ass VIDNSI1181-026 spanking


Jessica Wood and Amber West


I thought it would be worth mentioning this film with a good friend of mine in the scene, Dana Specht – If you don’t know, she has her own website HERE which covers her many roles of Discipline (to both naughty girls and boys) which makes it an interesting website to check out! Dana is surely one of the best “scoldrixes” anywhere online and you don’t want her pointing that finger at you… or do you???

dana spanking naughty girls


Dana spanks naughty girls

Sunny and her friend Alicia were caught fooling around in the bedroom and got spanked by Sunny’s Daddy. When Momma Dana comes home and finds out, she spanks Sunny again and takes the strap, hairbrush and paddle to her. Alicia knocks on the door to retrieve her school book and Momma Dana spanks her too. And that’s how you punish naughty girls!

dana01 bbw spanking otk spanking big ass spanking d_03 d_05 d_06 hard spanking dana05 dana04 dana07 d_09


dana straps her naughty girls


At Spanked in Uniform one of my fave UK ladies, Lola Marie, tries to learn the safety speech for the Dutch run “Europe Airlines” – I guess it’s not long before we all know what will happen here!!!

The Welcome Speech – with new flight attendant, Lola Marie

europe_ep41_4 strapping punishments

New flight attendant, Lola Marie, was summoned to the Europe Airlines training office to see if she knew her onboard welcome and safety speeches.  She had obviously not learned the welcome speech as her knickers were strapped and her bare bottom felt the sting of the Tawse and the dreaded Shoehorn. She was sent home to return in 3 days for a second attempt and the cane awaits her bottom if she doesn’t know the speeches off by heart.

episode41_DSC00646 episode41_DSC00649 europe_ep41_3 europe_ep41_5 strapping her bare bottom episode41_DSC00655 Lola Marie is spanked episode41_DSC00662 europe_ep41_7 europe_ep41_8




Lonestar Spanking party

Fantastic news at Lone Star Spanking Party
I will be announcing one of the Guests of Honor in my next post 🙂

Epic New Maternal Discipline Film at Momma Spankings

1950s Maternal Discipline

The NEW spanking feature length film from MommaSpankings.com
Starring Adriana Evans, Sarah Gregory & Dana Specht

1950s1 1950s2 1950s3 1950s4

There is a new feature length film which in total is approx 90 minutes or so in length. This was the first time that Sarah Gregory had ever done something so adventurous, and on top of that … to make a very traditional style 1950’s film. This included flashback scenes in Black & White, narration of the events as the flashbacks were told and many more special effects to give it a genuine 1950’s retro feel. She even got Adriana Evans (playing the character, Anthea…. Sarah’s cousin in the film) to remove her lifestyle submissive collar and use cover make up on her visible tattoos! To add to the authenticity she brought in momma Dana Specht for the maternal scenes and even had Dana tone down the upskirt OTK scenes she normally loves doing, so she was dressed as a stern disciplinarian… and of course, Dana knew EXACTLY how to scold effectively. There were also some genuine scenes of distress as both girls had their mouths washed out with soap in some epic moments, and there were plenty of real tearful moments and Sarah got a hard caning (rare, I know!).

1950s5 1950s6

There is so much going on, it is a real film… something that Sarah can be rightly proud of… as was I!
I helped her make this awesome epic… being the co director, lighting and camera guy to make sure this was perfectly filmed in the style that she wanted! Together, we have made something unique and would love to hear feedback, we might do another one in the springtime with MORE girls! Of course others will show you images too, but none can let you know EXACTLY how it went behind the scenes so I have included some behind the scenes images showing you how this film was made and the comraderie on set in addition to the film.

Check out some behind the scenes images taken with my cameraphone…

film1 film2 film4 film6

All in all, I think Sarah has surpassed herself this time, this really does bring MommaSpankings.com as one of the best spanking site production companies out there… I know it is just my opinion, and I’d be biased, but I truly know how much effort went into this and the many other longer play films that Sarah makes at this site! (Note: of course it saddens me to see that this beautiful film is already being pirated even though the film has only just been released but that is a fact of life we accept, unfortunately). To help us make future epics like this, Sarah would need your support… by that, I mean without membership or clip store download support, amazing long play films like this would never be viable and won’t be made again. the whole editing process alone took weeks in between her other commitments… this was a real labor of love! Sarah has 2 options via membership sites, the direct Momma Spankings membership or the better value 2 site Sarah Gregory Pass which includes the vastly improved Sarah Gregory Spanking website too!

Anyway, that was the only minor negative thing I wanted to say as I never talk about crap like that anymore, we do have better things to worry about, naturally, it just annoyed me when I was told by Sarah’s DMCA people that it must have been a member who had already upped it to a sharing website… it’s something I will never understand. Do they get a hard on out of being “the first” to share it or something? Or they will argue that they are advertising the film or some such bullshit, yeah right.  *sigh – how incredibly sad* I tell you what, try MAKING a film like this instead…  spend a lot of money and time on it and then watch others demand it for free… I’d be impressed with that!

So… Below is the story of this 1950s Maternal Discipline – as told by Sarah and what happened to her cousin, Anthea, in the past, and what happened to her when she was sent to her strict aunt for a very long week.

Sarah recalls the time her cousin was punished by Aunt Dana…

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008

In this epic film, we flash back to the 1950s when discipline in the family home was very common. Times were different back then for sure and you will see some examples of this here. Sarah is sent to stay with her strict Aunt Dana since breaking multiple rules. She spends a week with her aunt and cousin and really sees how things are dealt with when rules are broken and girls are naughty. Being there also brings back memories of hearing and seeing her cousin being disciplined and we see flashbacks of her memories played out. Through Sarah’s narrations, we can hear exactly what is going through her head as she tells us this story; the story of her stay with strict Aunt Dana and cousin Anthea and the many spankings and punishments. This video also includes hairbrush spanking, caning, and mouth soaping.

Then it was Sarah’s turn for some of her punishments at the hands of Aunt Dana

011 012 013 015 016 018 020 025 026 029 030 032

Then of course there was the time Anthea had to apologize to the vicar’s wife before getting an embarrassing spanking in front of her!

001 003 004 005 006 007

Embarrassing indeed… but of course both girls HATED their next punishments that Sarah had described in great detail… it was bad enough that they were spanked during the day (which also meant a spanking at night in Dana’s house)… but the dreaded mouthsoapings they both got were memorable for us to watch as to how real (it was). *A behind the scenes note: My jaw was dropping watching both girls get their mouthsoapings, this (for me at least) was an awesome sight to see and perfect as part of the whole punishment process they endured.

009 010 011 (1) 012 (1)

Both girls were caned together… and in one case this was where Anthea then got her mouthsoaping afterwards, being marched upstairs with her horrible school regulation panties around her knees!

015 (1) 017 018 (1) 019 020 (1) 025 (1) 026 (1) 027 028

You can check out this full length film and of course the extensive full size images (these are all vastly reduced in size and taken directly from the film) as a member of Momma Spankings


032 (1)

Momma Spankings

Or via the better valued 2 site SG Pass if you have the time and hard disk space!

Sarah Gregory Pass

No doubt this will also be available on DVD soon too!
I will let you know when that happens.

Okay, I’m off out to watch the new Star Wars film (excited) along with the rest of the country at some point today so enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Film Shoot News & Coming Soon

I may have mentioned recently that I had helped Sarah Gregory out with a few filmshoots, one was a detailed custom and the other was exclusively for all the SG Sites (Incl. AAA) which not only featured Dana Specht & Adriana Evans (who were used in the custom shoot) but a few days previous to that we had the pleasure of Joelle Barros & Amelia Jane Rutherford come stay – so we made some great footage with these 2 awesome ladies we also love dearly! The following images are taken from my camera phone or a few screen grabs that Sarah had taken already. I will follow that with an exclusive sneak preview of a film going up at AAA Spanking this week, & it was from a few member requests… you’ll see & understand!

This week at AAA Spanking – A Requested Spanking of Amelia by Joelle!


Okay, first off, I have to apologize for the screen grabs, from the custom shoot(below) – it would appear that Sarah’s Mac and VLC program aren’t as good at taking raw screen images (which is why I use a PC and get far better results, LOL!) – but there you go… it’s to give you an idea… the actual image quality of the film is in superb HD1080 and perfectly lit and  filmed by yours truly (ahem!)… I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this… it’s gonna be an epic video when finished, there were also 2 rather awesome mouthsoaping scenes but I don’t have footage of that, you’ll just have to trust me on how good that was with Sarah & Adriana!

Remember – Sarah & I do customs and we’re pretty darned good at them but we know there are those out there that time waste and we know who you are, please don’t Nickel and Dime anyone, least of all us or other producers we know making QUALITY customs. We all know who you are, LOL! Anyway… we try to follow your scripts and will ask questions, it’s a professional thing and we have a large number of people we can call on, so do please give us your requests via myself or Sarah (click on our links to the left for the direct email addresses) if you’re serious and title your request CUSTOM SHOOT… we start from just $10/minute for fully edited HD films and you should expect to pay extra for extra girls etc but that can all be arranged in advance!)

dana_sarah_adriana_00002 dana_sarah_adriana_00004 dana_sarah_adriana_00005 dana_sarah_adriana_00007 dana_sarah_adriana_00009 dana_sarah_adriana_00011 dana_sarah_adriana_00016 dana_sarah_adriana_00019 dana_sarah_adriana_00020 dana_sarah_adriana_00022 dana_sarah_adriana_00024 dana_sarah_adriana_00025


Here are a few more behind the scenes and fun pics I took with my phone & from Sarah’s Camera from the same filmshoot! Check out the camel toes on those HUGE navy gym knickers/panties and look how sweet Adriana looked… oh my!

20151028_123427 20151028_135547 20151029_140602 20151029_144502 20151029_144631 20151029_121842

“Hide your shame, Adriana!”


We also got in a few other films with Adriana Evans… I don’t have many images right now but she made some wicked POV style movies as well as a hugely enjoyable cheergirl film – getting diapered and spanked (trust me the story IS just about believable… heh heh!)


I also filmed a long cathartic spanking film which we were gonna just do privately but in the end Adriana and I did it in front of 2 cams, set it up and did what was necessary for her… I hope it helped!!! There were tears  and a pretty sore, strapped, caned and well spanked bottom by the end of it!


As I mentioned, a few days previous to this, Amelia and Joelle were here too and Sarah and I filmed some amazing scenes with them both… again, some images I have are from my phone and others are from Sarah’s camera card which I had just “appropriated” 🙂 – As of yet, most films and scenes you see here below have not been assigned but you’ll see these soon enough across the SG Network! We also had our good friend Robert Shore come over and help out (he loved working with Joelle and Amelia… lol, who wouldn’t?)

20151026_143635 DSC_6741 DSC_6748 DSC_6776 DSC_6849 DSC_6795 DSC_6808 DSC_6825 DSC_6841


sarah Gregory Spanking

Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass

POV Spanking

Spanking in the Family

I trust you all had a good weekend? I have a far less political update today, in fact – no politics … just “family” for today’s updates and these are terrific. In films that I’ve been involved with… I know I sometimes shy away from playing actual father figures, playing the step uncle or something like that for me is usually better (I poke fun at myself) so like to think the girls would be thinking…
“ewwwww, that’s Uncle John, watch out or he’ll wheelbarrow you”
or some such nonsense. In fact, I would also like to think that I *can* change that character and in some unseen films (for AAA at least) I have been mean as hell and it’s just punishment… punishment and more traditional style punishments… dished out cold and heartless. Anyway, enough of me, even if it is my blog… let’s start with a really cool new film just opened at SarahGregorySpanking.com simply called:

“Punished by Brother”

Lexi is bent over her brother’s lap for a spanking punishment she won’t forget quickly!

Punished by Brother

I missed these guys as I didn’t attend the BBW Party earlier this year in Atlantic City which I was upset about… and seeing this you can see why! First of all, Lexi Ellis has been in some outstanding films at Sarah’s site already… then this little family epic, and the brother is played by Dom King – I love this guy, he is the other half of Adriana Evans… a tall imposing guy I haven’t seen in a while but hope to catch up with at the end of the month (excited!!!)

scolding sister taking sis over his lap for a spanking

Apart from the official blurb I will write up on, all I will say is that he used that stinging hairbrush as hard as he could, I often find those hairbrush handles are difficult , but when the grip is good and the swat is good, OMG, that stings like a MotherF*****!
Lexi took this and more, her pain tolerance is incredible… and I have to say, she looks STUNNING in this film as you’ll see. Sarah easily got the best out of her from anywhere I’ve seen Lexi online (well done Sarah, you did an awesome job and this is a really good spanking film, your members will be LOVE this one!)

panties OTK spanking 0222_punished_by_brother_gal-005 0222_punished_by_brother_grabs-035 0222_punished_by_brother_grabs-040 bare bottom spanking sister getting spanked hard sore red bottom spanked shamed and humiliated hairbrush spanking pussy view spanking 0222_punished_by_brother_gal-014 spanking sister with a hairbrush

Lexi’s Big brother is furious with her after getting a call that she is in jail. Lexi was at a college party that got raided. She is not 21 and caught drinking. She calls her brother to come and get her after she is arrested. She is hoping it will be better than calling her parents. But to her surprise, he is very upset and feels that she needs some old fashioned discipline. He takes her over his knee for a HARD spanking with his hand and hairbrush.

Check out this free hard OTK hairbrush spanking clip…

[jwplayer mediaid=”43683″]

For the FULL film – CLICK HERE for details & MORE preview clips

sarah Gregory Spanking

This site is also part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – access 2 sites for less than the combined cost and with the same set of codes for your convenience. CLICK HERE

Sarah Gregory Pass


As we are all about “family” it would not be fair of me to ignore possibly THE most family-centric spanking site out there… MommaSpankings.com – I think the clue is in the title of the website, don’t you? Here is a treat, a look back at a movie I watched earlier today, seeing Sarah bratting and being near uncontrollable until Momma Dana took charge… and how! From the archives – this is called:

“Mommy’s Rebellious Brat”

momma-56-005 momma-56-007 momma-56-010 momma-56-016 momma-56-021 momma-57-004 momma-57-015 momma-57-020 momma-57-022 momma-57-027 momma-59-005 momma-59-013 momma-59-018 momma-59-024

Raising a rebellious brat can be quite a chore and the only way to control her and change her snotty attitude is with a bare bottom spanking. Sarah pushes Mommy’s limits with her choice of sexy clothes, slutty make-up all over her face, and a smart mouth. She gets her face slapped then over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. Mommy strips her clothes off her then send her to her room for a hairbrush spanking. Her rebellious brat spends the rest of her day in bed crying her eyes out.

See the full length film only from MommaSpankings.com

Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass

You can check out Dana Specht at her own site HERE


celeste starNext up from Spanked Sweeties comes a beautiful newcomer, the stunning Celeste Star. She took several introductory spankings but via the re-enactment of getting spanked by her mom growing up. Clare Fonda played her mother in these scenes and looks totally HOT as the Cougar Mom we’d all love to see spank or get spanked by! Celeste recalls how she was swatted by her mom growing up with what those lengthy and painful spanking sessions from her would’ve been like. Celeste also talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank (Clare plays this at a later date and I have seen a couple of early images which MEMBERS will be able to see shortly!) Go get your wishes granted by seeing this beautiful young lady remember how her Mom spanked her growing up! This is Epic-ly HOT!

01 02 04 06 07 08 09 11 12 14 15 17 18 19

Don’t miss this latest new girl spanking only from SpankedSweeties.com



This is part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass – giving your up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost making this one of the continual best deals in spanking – check it out and see for yourself!



Also don’t go too far, I am hoping to get you an early preview of the next multi girl film to appear at AAA Spanking this week… it is just TOO CUTE, with Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert spanked together side by side – Oh my!


This film will also be available to download as a one time option HERE


Spanked Soaped and StrappedThe full HD long play film of Spanked Soaped & Strapped is already available at the AAA Clip Store… but did you know that over the next couple of days the clips of this (the OTK SpankingMouth Soaping & Severe Leather Strapping scenes) will also be made available for those on a budget! You’d only need to pick and choose, as far as I am aware, the spanking scenes are already available (at time of writing) and the mouth soaping goes up tomorrow followed quickly by the strapping scenes. Of course, if you want the FULL HD versions, uncut and with extra footage, that is also available (you only need click the GIF image to the left to see this NOW!) – Sarah gave me these images to show you what is uploading & what you can expect to see, shortly!

sss1 sss2 sss3


MontyPythonCleeseWarning: We make no apology for announcing that today’s spanking update is not Kosher or Halal approved in any way. May cause offence/offense (depending where you are) with references to the (UK) Conservative Party political swine and other pig related japery. In case you haven’t heard, it would appear David Cameron, the current British Prime Minister, may or may not have put his blue Tory penis in a dead pig’s mouth as part of some Toff’s “posh boy initiation” at Oxford University when he was a young man. Of course if this was filmed today, I think the non elected Quango that is ATVOD, in that upside down country of politics and perceived sin… would disapprove. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children? Children have been sharing social media taunts about Mr Cameron’s pig blowjob tomfoolery for chrissakes!

It is affecting all walks of life… even as many spanking sites nowadays like Sarah Gregory Spanking & Momma Spankings have become much more mobile device friendly; it is a shame that events like putting your rancid right wing cock inside of poor Porky Pig’s dead mouth can grab all the headlines… but there you go! As you may have gathered, I am back (briefly) in the UK and already fed up with the clammy, grey, cold weather here. Not long ’til I return back to the US, thank goodness!


letsgetonwithspankingI am going to start today with the very latest  and utterly SMOKING HOT film with Christina Carter. This is a very rare appearance for Christina, she and Sarah know each other as well as a close mutual friend they share. chriscarterIn the past Christina had attended spanking parties, such as Shadowlane… but even though she enjoys a good spanking from the right people, it is VERY RARE that she will agree to film for anyone in this genre. She runs her own successful website Christinabound.com and is very well known in the Fetish circuit but her best portrayal is that of the best and most awesome Fetish version of “Wonder Woman” . Check out this beautifully filmed spanking between a pair of women who adored spanking and being spanked by the other! How do I know? I filmed this and had to hobble between the cameras with severe #TrouserArousal … just check out the images and the free clip and see for yourself. This is how sexy girl girl spanking films SHOULD be! This nailed it completely – and the fact you won’t really see Miss Carter spanking or getting spanked other than at Sarah’s site (and there is one more film coming out later next month at AAAspanking (which she owns) with Christina Carter & Johnny Lake… which is just as good but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!) but for now… check out their spanky fun! (below)

Sexy Spanking Fun – starring Christina Carter & Sarah Gregory


Christina and Sarah shared some private spanking fun a few years back and hadn’t forgotten how fun it was, so they decided to make a video of their next time playing so they could watch it when alone and share it with you. See sexy Christina and Sarah switch and spank each other in lingerie and nude in this sexy and HOT spanking film.

0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-005 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-010 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-012 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-013 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-016 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_gal-021

Check out the screen grabs (they are reduced in size from the original HD1080 version) which are all equally cool and show what quality playback this film is! It also shows the chemistry between the ladies… this was smouldering… and I was privileged to have been there!

0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-015 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-030 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-034 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-041 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-046 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-050 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-062 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-077 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-099 0221_sexy_spanking_fun_grabs-110

Want to see more? Of course you do! Check out this short preview (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43298″]

SEE THE FULL FILM HERE! – or via the Sarah Gregory Pass

sarah Gregory Spanking


There just so happens to be a new long play film at MommaSpankings.com – Sarah had this film lovingly remastered and I am not even sure if it ever was on any site – so as far as I am concerned it is NEW to me… and it’s a great film. Dana Specht is the Principal, and Sarah Gregory plays a poor teacher with Scarlet Summers her unruly pupil in Detention…

Detention Discipline – out now at Momma Spankings

momma-180-002 momma-180-010 momma-180-019 momma-180-029 momma-180-043 momma-180-057 momma-180-086 momma-180-102 momma-180-103 momma-180-109 momma-180-117 momma-180-121 momma-180-130 momma-180-134 momma-180-137 momma-180-138

Miss Sarah Gregory is a new teacher and not very good at controlling misbehaving students. When principal Ms Dana Specht walks by the detention room and sees the unruly Scarlet misbehaving and the frustrated Miss Gregory, she steps in and takes charge. Students who misbehave in class need discipline and that discipline is a bare bottom spanking and paddling! If Miss Gregory can’t or won’t administer a proper spanking, than Ms Specht surely will. Scarlet gets her first bare bottom spanking and paddling as does Miss Gregory for not administering correct discipline in the school. This video is a classic and has been remastered into beautiful HD!

Do check out the awesome free preview clip on the site tour pages HERE

Momma Spankings

MommaSpankings.com & SarahGregorySpanking.com are part of the better value Sarah Gregory Pass giving you access to 2 sites for less than the combined cost and using the same set of codes for added convenience! If you have lots of spare disk space then check out this option!

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Below are some other quality updates I have found for you… enjoy!

The delightful but mischievous Dorothy Burnett is back at NorthernSpanking.com – fresh from another new film shoot and I know there will be some quality videos with her in them… this oozes so much promise of more spanking films to come as Paul plays a very stern (understandably) father figure when he catches Dorothy sneaking home in the first rays of sunshine of a new morning… where has she been all night? Paul attempts to find out and for Dorothy that’s the painful way!

Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered Dorothy spanked and slippered

Dawn is breaking as Dorothy rolls home from a party she was supposed to be back from by midnight! A good deal of anger is awaiting her and, after excuses have been listened to and dismissed, Dorothy’s bottom finds itself on the receiving end of a sound OTK spanking followed by a good slippering. Dorothy is grounded for, like, a century!

Check out the free clip of Dorothy’s Slippering Punishment! Ouch!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43324″]

See this full OTK & slippering and ALL of Dorothy’s other films HERE

Northern Spanking


I like self spanking films, they make a nice change without the distraction of a top. Ashleigh is the latest to do this for the cameras over at English-Spankers.com and she LOVES to put on a show, as you’ll see!

DSC_5822 DSC_5828 DSC_5833 DSC_5837 DSC_5841 DSC_5846 DSC_5854 DSC_5858 DSC_5865 DSC_5867

When Ashleigh asked if she could do her own thing at our last shoot we reluctantly agreed with it and left her to it with our camera man. Well, when he had finished shooting he rushed out of the studio and told us he had just filmed the naughtiest scene that Ashleigh had ever done. It seemed she wanted to do some very sexy posing for the camera and then whilst she was in the positions she started to whack herself with a selection of paddles, not only on her bottom but her thighs and beautiful breasts as well. For a lady who says she does not like spanking this is pretty amazing.

There are many more videos with Ashleigh getting the spanking she deserves HERE

English Spankers


Ashleigh also stars at SpankingSarah.com – and has felt many implements from Sarah Stern… just as this lazy young madam called Luna discovers when she makes more than an appointment to see Dr Stern about seeing if she can get a sick note so she doesn’t have to work… only nothing passes this good Doctor as Luna soon discovers!

Too lazy to work – now showing at Spankingsarah.com

npp7152003 npp7152007 npp7152010 npp7152016 npp7152025 npp7152028 npp7152032 npp7152033 npp7152036 npp7152038

When Dr Stern called to see Luna she found a fit looking but very lazy girl, one who said she could not go out alone and could not work. Well she had been seen at her local night club dancing and getting it off with boys so it was obvious that some remedial medicine had to be applied to her bottom. She is paddled first off over her daisy dukes, they did give her some protection but the full force of the paddling was driven home when they were removed.

More excellent hard hitting videos of hapless girls can be found exclusive to SpankingSarah.com

Spanking Sarah


That’s all for now…

Special Spanking Updates

privacyToday’s choice updates are all the latest or very recent films and image sets that you can find on the various sites listed here today! I apologize if this post seems somewhat impersonal, but I have been rather busy outside of the blogging-sphere and wanted to get this update out rather than explain what I am doing right now. Suffice to say that Sarah & I are together again and in between our own personal play (of course) we are planning our next shoots and helping each other with various commitments made such as our trip to Fetishcon in a few weeks time as well as catching up with family & friends… there’s a few national spanking parties that we will also attend meeting up with yet more awesome people we consider good friends… seriously, you have no idea (if you’ve never been to one) just how good these parties are. There’s a great sense of escapism, to meet like minded people and let your hair down (what little I have left) and to play, joke and have fun with others who won’t judge you for what you do in private or as part of your mainstream life. I pity those who think they know me or Sarah and judge us. “Haters gonna hate”, as they say.. instead they should attend a national party and see for themselves… I need these parties to escape the ignorance of others and it is so refreshing! Plus one of these events will be an excuse to stay in Vegas… (who wouldn’t turn that down?) OK… on with the updates today and these are some of my preferences I liked viewing this past week!

Sarah wanted to remaster this film as the original never did it justice… it is with Dana Specht and one of her classics that she loved making… see just how good this is in HD1080! From MommaSpankings.com – this film is called “Teacher Learns a Lesson – remastered”

momma-173-001 momma-173-006 momma-173-007 momma-173-008 momma-173-012 momma-173-013 momma-173-018 momma-173-022 momma-173-026 momma-173-029 momma-173-031 momma-173-034 momma-173-039 momma-173-040

See Sarah and Dana in this fantasy role play. Miss Gregory, a high school teacher, shows up at Mrs. Specht’s house to talk to her about her son’s behavior. Miss Gregory is suspending Mrs. Specht’s son for “making a pass” at her and flirting. Mrs. Specht thinks that this is Miss Gregory’s fault and blames it on her saying she dresses too provocatively. Mrs. Specht knows that the only way a proper lesson will be taught to her son’s teacher is through a hard bare bottom spanking.

Momma Spankings


Sarah also has a brand new film out at SarahGregorySpanking.com and I helped film this not too long ago… I can tell you this is probably one of her hardest films this year by far… Lily Swan can take a hell of a spanking punishment (she starred in 2 more severe films for AAA too HERE & HERE!). Poor Lily got a real painful butt wriggling spanking and strapping at the hands and implements of Robert Shore and both Sarah and I working on the cams looked at each other open mouthed knowing we were seeing one hell of a film unfold beyond either of our expectations. This is good… it is beyond good… it is a must see film!

0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-007 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-012 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-016 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-017 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-019 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-022 bare bottom spanking otk spanking 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-034 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-036 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-037 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-042 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-045

Lily isn’t very happy to get a hard bare bottom spanking and strapping when Dad discovers she comes back after curfew. Not only is she late, but she is dressed like a slut and has no panties on. Lily is a fighter and dad has to leg lock her down. After a hard hand spanking, daddy takes his leather strap to his now contrite daughter.

sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sarah Gregory Pass


I haven’t caught up with this site in full again to blog about, but when I had time to – this punishment caught my eye from their recent film updates. I have always liked the way Kiki took her punishments, especially off Michael Masterson and I think this 2 part film (now out to view in full) sees her at her most submissive… it is well worth checking out! I have been viewing this site with their special 3 month deal which works out at just $15/month! Not bad at all!

Kiki’s Exposed Spanking – from Real Spankings Institute

13079_014 Kiki at RSI spanking 13079_036 13079_043 13079_051 spanking 13080_018 13080_023 13080_035 13080_039 spanking bench spanked hard

Kiki was placed straddled over a stool and was hand spanked by The Dean (Michael Masterson). Since she was spanked in class, she was then to receive a spanking from him. She was left in “time out” to contemplate her actions, while he went to find a proper tool to continue the punishment. The Dean returned with a ruler, and applied it to Kiki’s already sore bottom. She was left with a bruised bottom, in tears and then had to complete her “Time out.”



A brand new young thing who looks the perfect girl next door (with an equally “monthy” name I’d cringe at being given) is introduced to the lucky members of this site… sadly for April May, it is at the hands of Sarah Stern who only knows how to spank girls hard (oops! unlucky!)

April May… “Deserving of a Punishment” – from English Spankers

npp7179002 npp7179003 npp7179009 npp7179010 npp7179012 npp7179013 female spanking npp7179021 npp7179025 spanked at home by mom npp7179028 bare bottom spanking npp7179032

This is what the guys from ES had to say about their latest new film! : We have a great new spankee this week. April May really is an amazing young lady as you will see in this story she wanted to make. Never spanked before she jumped in at the deep end and requested that she be punished for keeping some hamsters in her rented room. No trouble she soon found herself over the knee being spanked on her trousers then on the bare bottom. A very good long hard first spanking.

English Spankers


OK, not strictly recent (it was added to the site on June 26th… but I thought I had already shown this and hadn’t!) It’s a fantastic set and deserves to be shown here! – What could go wrong when a schoolgirl decides to take very naughty “Selfies” ?? Let Pandora Blake show you in one of her superb fantasy shoots that defines DreamsOfspanking.com

01 02 03 04 07 0908 10 14 15 13 18

In a secluded stairwell, schoolgirl Pandora Blake whips out her phone to take a few sexy selfies. At first glance she looks prim and well-behaved: neat school uniform, knee-high socks and patent heels – every inch the good young lady. But when no one’s looking, she spreads her legs and lifts her skirt to take some intimate upskirt photos. Her sheer panties don’t leave much to the imagination, and she’s so busy admiring the pictures that she doesn’t notice her teacher, D, sneaking up behind her.

Outraged to catch her so flagrantly exposing herself, he punishes Pandora right there and then. But is D relishing the opportunity a little too much? He makes the naughty girl stand in the corner with her hands on her head, before he lifts her skirt and administers a humiliating punishment. It begins with a brisk hand spanking over her knickers, and after her bottom has begun to blush red, her hot teacher produces a long, thin cane to drive the lesson home. Pandora grimaces through crack after crack, and the cane leaves a series of red stripes so bright that you can see them through her knickers. But D can’t help noticing that she pushes her bottom out further for each stroke, and keeps glancing back at him over her shoulder…

When the caning is over, a chastised Pandora is ordered to slip off her panties, completing her embarrassment. She removes them slowly, making sure her teacher gets a good look at her sore bare bottom. He then confiscates her underwear, leaving her to spend the rest of the school day with no knickers on – and taking home his own personal reminder of this temptingly naughty student.

Cutie Spankee


Finally, from Spanking Server this week there is yet another wonderful clip from the new 10 they feature every week (on top of the archives) that shows stunning Caprice receiving a leather belting outdoors in nothing more than her bikini (and her bottoms are pulled down). I love filming outdoors so really love seeing others doing it too! Images below are taken directly from the film and is a no nonsense short sharp shock belting film of a beautiful but naughty girl next door type!

caprice001 caprice002 caprice003 caprice004 caprice005 caprice006 caprice007 caprice008 caprice009 caprice010 caprice011 caprice012 caprice013

<< See all the films starring Caprice HERE >>



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Spanking Your Daughter Isn’t Easy

An amazing new long play film is now available to download at MommaSpankings.com starring Mandie Rae alongside Sarah Gregory & Dana Specht. It’s a generational theme as Mandie is playing Sarah’s daughter and Dana will be the spanking grandmother… but don’t let that stop us also seeing Dana getting a chance as “Momma” to spank some sense into Sarah too! This has lots of spankings, scoldings and twists including a face slapping scene of Mandie by Momma Dana too! Poor Mandie is reduced to tears by the end of this long ordeal as you’ll find out… today’s update is focused on featuring this new epic.

You must spank your daughter

momma-170-006 momma-170-020 momma-170-032 momma-170-044 momma-170-046 momma-170-060 OTK spanking by Momma momma-170-069 momma-170-081 more Sarah Gregory spanking momma-170-099 momma-170-106 momma-170-121 momma-170-127 momma-170-133 OTK spanking momma-170-145 momma-170-150 close up bare bottom spanking momma-170-160 momma-170-170 momma-170-173 momma-170-181 momma-170-193 spanking momma-170-199 momma-170-208

Young mother Sarah is at her wits end trying to control her errant daughter Mandie and calls Momma Dana for advice. Momma arrives and Sarah fills her in on Mandie’s bad behavior. Momma advises Sarah that she must spank her daughter in order to change her bad attitude and earn the respect she deserves. Sarah is hesitant but Momma insists, and calls Mandie downstairs for a talk that soon ends with Mandie over her knee with her panties down and her bare bottom getting spanked just like she did with Sarah. Mandie is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. After this they both spank Mandie (otk again) and strap her to tears.


Momma Spankings

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Sarah Gregory Pass

Top Booty Spankings

The last Monday of May is always a holiday, it’s Memorial Day in the USA, a perfect way to celebrate those who help protect and serve their country in the military. In Britain, it is a Bank Holiday (which makes Sarah laugh when I tell her that as she is far too literal and thinks that the Brits are celebrating banks (ha!) or honoring them in some way!)

However, my best way to celebrate today is to provide you with some top booty spanking material, all mainly new releases this week, for you all to check out! For those in warmer climes… please enjoy your day and celebrate wherever you are with an outdoor grill, picnic… or celebratory meal and get-together with friends and family. I know I intend to later 🙂

No Daughter of Mine (Pt 1) from MommaSpankings.com

momma spanking preview

Features humiliating scolding, face slapping & real hard spanking discipline by Momma…

momma-164-035 otk spanking brat spanking panties spanking spanked over her panties momma scolds daughter sarah gregory otk momma otk spanking babygirl bare sore bum momma-164-142

In Part 1 of this lone play film, Sarah was sent shopping for school clothes but comes back with an outfit that is not suitable for her Momma’s taste. “No daughter of mine will be seen wearing clothes like that!” Momma says, and turns Sarah over her knee for a hard hand spanking. Momma isn’t convinced that Sarah has learned her lesson from a hand spanking and takes the slipper to her already sore spanked bottom for more punishment.

momma spanking her babygirl

momma spankings


Next – from Sarah’s main site is a different film starring myself with the wonderful and super bratty Erica Scott. She is a real handful and spurs people on to punish her with her deliberately poor behavior… oh my!

The naughty Wife – starring Erica Scott at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Erica Scott 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-026 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-034 OTK spanking bare bottom strapping 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-072 naughty wife strapped 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-084 hairbrush spanking 0204_the_naughty_wife_grabs-097

Erica is late coming back to meet her hubby for their night out. She has been out “shopping,” yet comes back with nothing. He suspects she has actually been gambling. Regardless he is pissed that she is late and he has an array of implements laid out for her to choose from. She chooses a short strap, a riding crop, and the nasty hairbrush. John spanks is naughty and sassy wife with all three of these implements in this domestic spanking film.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sarah Gregory Pass


One of the finest booty spankings I have seen recently comes in the shape and form of Karen Hughes from FirmHandSpanking.com – she is slightly older than the typical model you’d find at this site (which is why I probably like her more as she is different) but perfect in a spanking role alongside Jonny Stockton… so without further ado, in yet another shameless plug for Karen (who has one of the jiggliest spankable bottoms of any newcomer I have seen in a while!) – check out her bare bottom spanking!

Bootylicious bare bottom strapped for partying: Karen Hughes feels leather

[jwplayer mediaid=”40995″]

It’s party time for House-sitter Karen Hughes – until boss Jonny Stockton finds out and decides to give his new leather strap a taste of Karen’s juicy rear. First on denim shorts, then panties, finally bare, her cheeks take a licking to remember…no more parties!

sitter_k001 sitter_k004 sitter_k008 sitter_k010 sitter_k017 sitter_k020 sitter_k023 sitter_k024

See the full series of Karen’s films HERE

Firm hand spanking


I couldn’t ignore Veronica Ricci in a booty spanking special, so here she is in the latest film from Sorority Girls Spanking in which she is the major star appearing in approx half of the videos… which also has Snow Mercy (another major star of this site) carrying out the spanking and hard paddling punishments, this is a HOT spanking update!

01naughty-schoolgirl 02panties-down-spanking 03otk-schoolgirl 04ruler-spanking 05bare-ass-spanking 06schoolgirl-paddling 07paddling 08spanking-veronica 09paddled-schoolgirl 10spanking-results

Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days. Veronica must bend over and stick out her already sore and hot red bottom for Miss Snow for swats with the solid paddle, watch her beautiful bubble butt jiggling and glowing cherry red!

See this excellent sorority paddling video with Veronica Ricci – in full – HERE

spanking sorority girls

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clare fonda pass


I have always been a huge fan of Leandra’s which was why she appeared at AAA (there are still MORE films to come from her that I haven’t seen her portray in such a way… but you’ll have to wait for those) in the meantime, the largest collection of films with Leandra in can be seen at Spanked in Uniform – here she is a sexy maid getting punished for wearing “granny knickers”

leandra the maid spanking otk spanking Leandra James bare bottom OTK episode12_20150504_162015 French maid OTK spanking leandra getting spanked otk spanking episode12_20150504_161743

Sexy maid Leandra was sent out to give a strip tease but the next day the agency got a phonecall from the client saying that she wore unsexy Granny Knickers and that spoiled the whole strip tease. Leandra was called and she got a good scolding followed by a sound OTK spanking. She was then told to go back to the client and this time, with no knickers on, she was to play the naughty spanked maid!


Finally, one of my favorite bubble butt ladies, Audrey Sugarsmacks – who appears almost exclusively at Punishedbrats.com stars in 2 recent spanking roles… you might want to check this out… a fitting end to today’s “Booty Spanking Special!”


The Contest – Audrey’s handspanking

Audrey thought that her ample bottom gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca. She had underestimated the power of the tall red head. After being spanked by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win!

handspanking1-42 handspanking1-63 handspanking1-92 handspanking2-11 handspanking2-51 handspanking2-61 handspankingvg2-41 handspankingvg2-51 handspankingvg2-71 handspankingvg2-81

See the full film of the contest HERE


This is the 2nd part to “Pin-ups” – featuring Audrey exclusively in this scene!

After Audrey and Mandie left the pervy photographer’s studio, Audrey’s agent brought her back to apologize and get paid. When she refused to do so because of the photographer’s questionable behavior, she was taken over the agent’s lap for a lesson in showbiz.

pinups2vg1-1 pinups2vg1-4 pinups2vg1-7 pinups2vg1-8 pinups21-4 pinups21-6 pinups21-7 pinups21-8

see the conclusion to this film HERE

punished brats


Later this week… the BIGGEST Spanking Party to hit Texas finally takes place!


The biggest state in the USA (okay, 2nd biggest behind Alaska!) hosts a typically humungous spanking party in The USA’s 4th largest metropolitan area of Houston, with easy access from either of Houston’s 2 largest intl airports – Hobbie or George W Bush … you’ll be impressed to know that the party has secured 3 full floors and sold ALL suites in the hotel for the Lone star Spanking Party. We look forward to seeing you good folk there from Thursday until after the weekend! This is the 1st of what promises to be many more great parties in this great city!


More Spankings for Friday

To those of you who adore the weekends because it actually means you have 2 whole days off, I’m very pleased for you! To the rest of the working population, I hope you get to chill out and not get jealous at your friends (tell yourself their 9-5 weekday jobs suck and pay less) – I suggest to prove this that you go out and buy a huge pointless car now that gas/petrol prices are much lower and will remain low for the next few years with any luck!

I had been toying with the idea of getting a larger engined car knowing the prices are likely to remain low… anyone living in Europe will know just how expensive it can be to run a car that greedily guzzles fuel. Mine is a Turbocharged 2 litre engine which I guess is about mid range and gets about 35-38 miles to a gallon (a UK not US gallon). Newer cars are being advertised as more fuel efficient with measly 1.1 to 1.6 engines maxed out to get better performance out of them and are taxed way less – it’s all about the “emissions” (said the bishop to the actress!). Now… my car, being rather elderly, is pretty poor on that score so I get penalized severely when it comes to tax and insurance. Fuel is mid range and will make some difference but I will probably stick it out as if I do have things go to plan I will be spending far more time in the US than in my native country… so getting a newer car would be an expense I could do without and if I did it would be some cheap runabout until I would be counting down the days ’til I left! Anyway, I have waffled on long enough, you’re here for girls bottoms getting spanked, not about engine sizes and other male machismo BS.

My fave spanking couple from FirmHandSpanking.com are featured first today from their “Truly madly Deeply” series – welcome Jonny & Stacy Stockton:

Going to a Bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy

tmd_e001 tmd_e002 tmd_e005 tmd_e003 tmd_e009 tmd_e011 tmd_e016 tmd_e018 tmd_e019 tmd_e020

Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?

Stacy Stockton – OMG! No wonder she came joint 1st as the Hottest NEW Spankee last year. See why in ALL of her exclusive films to this site HERE




Here’s something that is about to be released, I got a full film sneak preview off Greg at BunBeatingFun.com with his new troublesome model kicking up hell at Red Hot Video, Miss Charlette Webb. She’s not protecting a piglet though… (sorry, couldn’t resist) but she is one of those models that at first, my own prejudices would get in the way. I couldn’t hire overly tattooed girls as a rule, though Sarah pointed out to me recently that a girl who I had first dismissed for having HUGE angel wings on her back (much like Charlette does here) looked incredibly cute when she was dressed up as a cheerleader and her tattoos were practically gone and only then did I realize just how strikingly pretty she looked. Well, the same applies here with Charlette. However, I soon warmed to this girl once she wore her second outfit, stuck out her bottom and I thought “there is more to this girl!”. She had a very perky body and an ass that screamed out to be spanked… judging by what happened next, I am guessing she gets a spanking at home and is used to it! (I hope!) oh my – and she got a good OTK hand spanking as you will see!

charlette-49 charlette-50 charlette-51 charlette-4

The film typically starts with the model showing off lingerie (after arriving late!) but it didn’t last long as TMS2 (Rick the mystery spanker) soon tired of her antics and ear pulled her over his lap and started to spank her in one of the cutest outfits I think I have seen a model start to get spanked in at this site!

charlette-9 charlette-18 charlette-21 charlette-23 charlette-26 charlette-36 charlette-39 charlette-40 charlette-42 charlette-46 charlette-48

The spanking is good and I was surprised at how submissive Charlette became, I think she was letting onto us more than the other girls in fact she could take the spanking, or so it seemed and, even… dare I say, suffered in reasonable silence (I think she was getting used to it once the endorphins were kicking in). By the end, her bottom was a proud shade of crimson and Rick had her go face the wall and stick out her bottom so he could admire his handiwork and take some pictures – while she contemplated her new found contrition after this hot spanking.


That’s when there was a nice surprise at the end, which I hope they do more often… as Charlette’s agent knocks on the door and freaks out when she sees what they have done to her bratty girl. I can guess where this is going for the next episode. I love these little story arcs. Well done guys, I can’t wait to see Nikki getting what is coming to her! A brief end of film clip with the teaser for Nikki – with permission of Bunbeatingfun.com


If this viewer plug-in “needs permission” then right click where the video clip would be and choose the option to allow it to run… It should be available on most browsers, I know it works well on Chrome, IE and most mobile devices that I am aware of too.


Sarah told me about this film… and how good it was and I can’t remember seeing it as she said she had fully remastered it (so I’m not sure it was ever up before) but it was perfect for MommaSpankings.com – one thing I have asked her to do, after seeing how much unedited content she had was to get it together and get it out there edited to the best quality possible. I know for certain that she is now reaping the dividends of that as the Momma site has become wildly popular these past few months with some great spanking scenes with legendary Dana Specht… this film, for example, is an early one (in my opinion the spankings are waaaaaaay harsher too!) but after this editing job, looks like it was done last week! These were on tape, luckily HD1080 VT, so well done to sarah who i think edited this herself… this is another triumph and this site deserves to do well! (proud of you, baby!)

Spring Break Spankings (in Atlantic City)

momma-151-001 momma-151-009 momma-151-019 momma-151-025 momma-151-041 momma-151-042 momma-151-044 momma-151-051

Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

momma-153-120 momma-153-141 momma-153-151 momma-153-155 momma-153-168 momma-153-170 momma-153-172 momma-153-179

See why MommaSpankings.com has become so popular!!!

Or view it as part of the great value Sarah Gregory Pass (pay less for the combined sites and get to use the same codes) check it out and see what you get!


Since I was showcasing Dana Specht it would be churlish of me not to remind you that her 4th and final installment of her scolding & punishment series is out for download at POV Spanking – this time, it’s the dreaded cane. Dana is fearsome with this implement and will swing it wildly and severely at your bare bottom. She is mad at you alright… she is really pissed at you this time and is showing you EXACTLY what is going to happen and when she has you trembling and with your pants and underwear pulled down, she then cruelly swishes the cane a few times as you bite your lip bracing for impact! But nothing… she enjoyed tormenting you… some more legendary scolding before the dreaded “six of the best” are unleashed as you grip the side of the sofa and take what you had coming. This is totally filmed from your POV (point of view) perspective and you’ll get up far too close (and uncomfortable) in this exclusive clip now showing. Images and a scolding scene are below.

danapovcane001 danapovcane002 danapovcane003 danapovcane004 danapovcane005 danapovcane006 danapovcane007 danapovcane008 danapovcane009 danapovcane010

Free clip of Dana’s legendary scolding before she canes you!


Part 4 of 4 available HERE



& news just in… the 2 parter of Rosie Ann’s punishment at Bars-and-Stripes.com is now available for members to download in full HD along with 2 image stills sets. Check out what happened to her when the Guv had her doing mundane lines as part of her punishment…

Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 01 lines2 lines4 Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 19 lines9  lines10 Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 68 lines11 lines12

Inmate Rosie Ann was called in by the Governor to write a report but instead of writing, she doodled. The Governor soon noticed and told her to write 50 punishment lines while he strapped her insolent 18 year old pantied covered bottom. Then after that… Rosie has to lower her own knickers and the strap and small leather paddle continue to sting her bottom while she has to write the remainder of the 50 punishment lines.

Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 75

Check out the all new Bars-and-Stripes.com website for yourself


If you STILL want to see more blogging content, then check out my other post earlier today featuring lots of sexy girl/girl spankings HERE

Hot Spanking Updates

I love this time of year… I lose all sense of timing with the crazy programming on TV and I just realized it is the weekend when it has been feeling like that all week long! I also really love the fact as it’s the holiday season, lots of films I might not have chosen to view are being screened, for example, as I am writing this post… Godfather II is showing on a TV channel. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, the first ever sequel film to be better than the original. I want to share with you some great new updates including a movie that has realized its true potential with an important re edit and remaster to show it as it should have been. All films shown here are from the Sarah Gregory group of sites – and that includes the 1st I’m showing from AAA Spanking which I really liked.


Some of you might like this too as it features Amber West looking hot in her PJ’s getting a hand and hairbrush punishment in a semi POV style (I’ll explain that later).  It’s different as there is not one word uttered by her spanker… the focus is on Amber, at first she pleads to the camera, to us watching that she doesn’t want her spanking, tries to get out of it but realizes she is going to get punished anyway and it gets worse for her as TWO hairbrushes are used on her bare bottom. This short sharp shock also has some great close up action… check out the images that accompany the film update (100 screen images and a bonus stills set too).

a001 a002 a003 a004 a005 a006 a009 a010 a012 a013 a015 a016 a017

Amber pleaded one final time not to be punished before bedtime but it was too late for negotiating now. She knew the score but tried anyway and for that she then had two brushes to contend with instead of one for her impertinence. These were the wooden hairbrush AND the hated bathbrush (which she knew would mean an uncomfortable night’s sleep) which got used on her bare exposed bottom after a quick hand spanking over his knee! This film is almost POV in style, Amber pleaded to the camera to start with… there was no dialog or voice interaction from her spanker at all, just gestures and there were some extremely close up shots of poor Amber’s bottom whacked with the wooden implements in a traditional OTK position. A very good, short sharp shock film.



This film is also available as a one time download for those that like to watch the odd film like this at the Clips store HERE – there are other clips with Amber  as well as many other various OTK hand and hair brush punishment films…



At Sarah Gregory Spanking a new film with a fave of both mine and her is Lily Swan… we will be doing a whole load more films with her very soon, and she is excited to work with us as well… but in the meantime, catch her latest film as a schoolgirl (in a real cute uniform) who is “late for detention” – Lily can take it and has requested lots of pain and marks the next time we meet… I remember this film well, you’ll see her bottom gets very red and she took some good hard strokes of the cane for being late too!!!


Mr. Osborne is not very happy when his student, Lily Swan, is late for detention. She was already going to get a spanking, but now she will get a caning as well. Lily is made to bend over her desk for a bare bottom spanking before a good old hard caning. Lily will soon remember to behave in school and show up to detention on time.

0189_late_for_detention_grabs-020 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-023 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-030 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-039 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-040 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-051 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-052 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-053 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-054 0189_late_for_detention_grabs-060

You can see more of fabulous Lily’s punishment HERE


From MommaSpankings.com is a special remaster. I had seen this film before and Sarah decided to fully re edit it from scratch and put it out in the full HD1080 format that it deserves… I fully approve and the result is a great film between Momma Dana and Sarah getting a real hard painful spanking… all for answering back to Momma and giving her attitude when caught out sunbathing in a skimpy bikini when she had told her workplace that she was ill (hmmm)… check it out and see for yourself, this is a hot momma/daughter spanking film!

Bikini to the bare…


This video was shot a few years ago and has been remastered in stunning 1920×1080 HD. Images are grabbed from this gorgeous new remaster as well in full resolution. Momma Dana plays Sarah’s Aunt. Sarah is staying with her strict Aunt Dana and working a summer job. She decides that it is too nice of a day to go to work, so she calls in sick. Her Aunt Dana was very unhappy to come home to Sarah sun-bathing out back instead of out at work. She spanks her naughty niece with hand and strap on the bikini and then bare bottom.

momma-147-006 momma-147-008 momma-147-013 momma-147-014 momma-147-019 momma-147-020 momma-147-027 momma-147-031

See this film in full exclusive to Momma Spankings

This site and Sarah’s other site can be viewed together  for less with the same access codes via the Sarah Gregory Pass – if you like her work then this pass makes sense! Check it out HERE



End of Weekend Spankings

A couple of spanking updates for you today and they are very different to show you the variety that is available out there! From MommaSpankings.com to start with comes the latest film which is an ageplay special with Sarah Gregory and her mommy Dana Specht.

Little Sarah’s Spanking


This is another of Sarah’s famous age play videos. Momma has told her little Sarah often to clean her room. Sarah ignores it and gets ready to go to her friend’s Birthday party instead. When Sarah says she is ready to go, Momma asks her if her room is clean and Sarah says no. She says she will not do it and has a tantrum. Momma is not happy by her little brats behavior and gives her the spanking she deserves.

momma-136-006 momma-136-034 momma-135-003 momma-137-012 momma-137-018 momma-135-011 momma-137-023 momma-137-024 momma-135-013 momma-137-027 momma-137-045

To see more of this fantastic ageplay film – CLICK HERE





bbfI have an exclusive early sneak preview from my friend Greg’s site BunBeatingFun.com – it stars a very cute young model called Madyson Knight… and I just finished watching this latest release… and wow, is she cute! With flawless skin, and appearing a little naive too, she should have known better than to act the Diva at one of the run down Red Hot Video production studios. Sometimes I like seeing trampy girls get a hard spanking, other times, I foolishly feel that the more innocent girl next door types shouldn’t get spanked so hard, that they’ll be good girls and didn’t mean it. Madyson easily falls into this category… with an air of innocent charm and beauty… she gets the same treatment as any other uppity madam that dared to question the company’s video direction from Rick… the Mystery Spanker #2 (who stars in pretty much most of the latest films). So you’ll see something a little different, she doesn’t bitch as much as the other girls, she is different… but the OTK spanking and wooden paddling is of the same intensity and her bottom turns a ravishing red by the end!


Madyson turns up for her lingerie shoot and isn’t pleased with the amateurish “home” location…

 madyson032 madyson033 madyson034 madyson035 madyson036 madyson037 madyson038

This is what Greg had to say about new girl Madyson: Quintessential eye candy she is. Sweeter even than a bowl of cherries she was… and then. Miss Knight’s mouth popped open and a highly acidic tongue wagged most abrasively indeed. Tsk! Tsk! But not nearly so animated was Madyson’s tongue as her bouncing bare bottom would soon become. Nor even so red.

madyson039 madyson040 madyson041 madyson042 madyson043 madyson044 madyson045 madyson046 madyson047 madyson048 madyson049 madyson050 madyson051 madyson052 madyson053 madyson054

CLICK HERE to see more of Madyson’s spanking punishment




Don’t forget to vote for your favorite blogs, facial expression and newcomer as nominated by yourselves. More categories will follow later this coming week! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Spanking Bomb Round Up

With the familiar and depressing weather battering Britain from the Atlantic and Day 11 of the repressive Porn Laws sweeping the nation, there are those still under the misunderstanding that the UK is a tolerant and free society. If it wasn’t the depressingly boring dull weather that would push me away then the new amendments/regulations that are set to stifle producers still bravely battling on… afraid that they would get the dreaded letter from ATVOD – the unelected Quango that just want to censor everything to a dull boring gray line where those niche producers of fetishes we so love will face the “comply or die” ultimatum – in fact, such is the niche that they don’t get, complying would be the death of the sites – as other producers outside the UK would easily fill the gap of those killed off. Anyway, I effectively have given my own site to Sarah’s US company… I think I ought to be on my best behavior now, LOL! (Well, I have to try and make light of this ridiculous situation, right?).

This “Weather Bomb” isn’t helping to lift spirits either…


So what is a “Weather bomb”?
You may also notice from looking at the map that there are currently no bigger waves anywhere else in the world as big as those crashing into Britain. The colors denote the height of the waves – with black representing swells of over 48ft and yellow at around 20ft. A weather bomb, also known as an “explosive cyclogenesis”, is classified by a 24 millibar drop in pressure within a 24-hour period. This intense drop in pressure sees dry air from the stratosphere flow into an area of low pressure, which in turn causes air in the depression to rise rapidly, spiral, and create strong storm winds.

Right now, I am so ashamed to be associated with anything British, I am sick of my own country once more… I’m even prepared to put up with one of my most HATED aspects of American society (no wait… 2 aspects).

  1. Their rotten healthcare system that favors only the wealthy and the greedy insurance companies – I know Obama isn’t much liked over his attempt at ongoing healthcare reforms, but he had the right idea… in most European countries we have got the balance (kind of) right… we all accept that we will pay a percentage from our salaries which helps fund a national network, this is pretty much standard in many European countries, but not so in America – because that is left to Insurance Companies – who are ultimately there to serve their shareholders, which means making a vast profit. Personally, I think everyone deserves the right to good basic healthcare, no one should ever worry about seeing a doctor and feel like they are worthless. However, the good ol’ Insurance companies , in their continuing greed to maintain profits for their shareholders, didn’t like this one little bit and have bumped premiums of hard pressed contributors to their healthcare plans and are (rightly) angry as the insurance companies, as I can see it, aren’t willing to give some leeway from their vast fat profits to help those in need or provide basic health plans that actually will give you a good basic cover in case you need medical attention.
  2. My second pet hate is guns! Fucking lethal weapons based on an amendment when The United States was still 13 or so unified colonies on the Eastern seaboard it was one’s right to bear arms… well, wake up, I knwo in Britain we don’t go round abitrarily hanging thieves anymore for stealing loaves of bread, as they once did around the signing of the Declaration of independance circa 1776. Anyway, another disgusting lobby, give a man a gun and he feels empowered, it is a weapon that wants to be used. It settles arguments – quickly, and lethally! It’s not the fucking Wild west… if I can get over these prejudices then I know I will feel fine –  This isn’t America bashing time, far from it, I love being there, I love the country it’s just, no wait… 3 things I most hate!
  3. Fox News. Fucking Fox News – and their ignorant anchors who intervene and I wonder why they bring in so called “experts” on a situation when I have seen them so often talk them down… here’s some news… why not just REPORT it, read it and do not comment on it, that is for us, the discerning viewer to make up our own minds on it. Fucking Fox News…

Anyway, as I was saying, it is not bashing time… I love the USA and for some minor faults, they are far outweighed by the benefits as nothing is perfect, I may come to regret that at some point when I have to endure long New England winters, LOL! Me? I only do snow in ski resorts, where snow has a purpose and is not an annoyance. Now as this is a spanking blog, don’t you think I should get on with reporting on what is new and out there? I will report on all things English (but starting with my American owned site first which has more of an American flavor to it in the newest film, but I think it will annoy the ATVOD prudes anyhow) so let’s start by pissing off my country of birth’s censors should they ever read this. I don’t care!

NEW from AAAspanking.com“Momma’s Sound Advice”… this is a 40 minute film and so consequently the full HD1080 MP4 version is a whopping 2.5Gb so I have uploaded a more manageable 1280 x 720 WMV version in parts first (when I say parts, the 1st section is 20 minutes long so no mean 3 or 5 minute clips waiting for the spanking action). That file alone is still over 400Mb!

This guest stars legendary Dana Specht as Sarah Gregory’s real life “scene Mom” where they have their own unique take on all things spanking at MommaSpankings.com they have a unique chemistry so I was honored when Sarah wanted to introduce me into their dynamic as she felt it right as I am, after all, her real life partner, why not on screen in this relationship too? We filmed this way back on one of our trips to Vegas (back in February I think). It was the first time I had met Dana and I enjoyed her company and amazing ability to iron shirts perfectly (she insisted on ironing my shirts, I can iron but not as quickly or as effectively as Dana!) It was good that I felt an instant rapport with her and so we made this long film (Dana insists and you can’t turn her down on that, lol). Dana likes there to be a good storybook introduction, often with her unique scolding ability used to good effect and then the long drawn out punishment and spanking scenes with aftercare/epilog at the end to close the film off. So this film is basically about the 1st time I met Dana… and being Dana, she couldn’t wait to show me how her little girl gets spanked if she is naughty and insisted I try that out too!

Momma’s Sound Advice


Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Momma all about her new beau. Momma is delighted she is so happy and asks to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet his future mother-in-law and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. Momma will give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn’t sit well with her. She tells him she spanks her and shows him exactly how to do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiance, which he does quite well. Momma is happy that her daughter will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary. This 40 minute film guest stars Dana Specht as Sarah’s formidable “Scene Mom” with her legendary scolding and hard hitting hand doing all that is necessary.

mommas_sound_advice_026 mommas_sound_advice_040 mommas_sound_advice_054 mommas_sound_advice_061 mommas_sound_advice_068 mommas_sound_advice_074 mommas_sound_advice_080 mommas_sound_advice_088 mommas_sound_advice_091 mommas_sound_advice_094 mommas_sound_advice_123 mommas_sound_advice_134 mommas_sound_advice_142 mommas_sound_advice_146 mommas_sound_advice_148 mommas_sound_advice_152 mommas_sound_advice_157 mommas_sound_advice_162 mommas_sound_advice_170

Check out a free clip from this film with Momma spanking her girl the only way she knows how!!!


The FULL length versions of this are now available at the CLIP STORE too



In other site news… From NorthernSpanking.com check out why Irelynn Logeen & her man, Stephen Lewis take so long to get ready of an evening… she has a spankable rear and he has hands that need spank and caress her bare buttocks!

gettingready004 gettingready018 gettingready023 gettingready030 gettingready034 gettingready036 gettingready041 gettingready051 gettingready057 gettingready061

Check out all the latest films and updates HERE


I’m preparing the nominees for various categories and I can tell you the next young lady featured here WILL be one of those listed when it comes to voting for the new Spankee of the Year, that would be Miss Ella Hughes. Sarah Bright (aka Mrs Stern) was rather pleased that she has become so popular… and here she is in her 1st caning Film.


This is what Sarah had to say about  this next film: It’s the last part of the initial interview with Ella, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!

npp7058007 npp7058010 npp7058011 npp7058015 npp7058017 npp7058018 npp7058020

See all the very latest films out now from SpankingSarah.com


A new series and a new girl from England, Portia Marlowe, appears at Firmhandspanking.com in what looks a good story arc. A posh girl falls foul of her boss getting her first ever spanking, watch her cheeks turn a beautiful speckled red.

tbs_a002 tbs_a005 tbs_a007 tbs_a009 tbs_a013 tbs_a016 tbs_a018 tbs_a020 tbs_a023 tbs_a024

Check out the free clip of Portia’s very first spanking

Flame-haired posh totty Portia Marlowe gets her big break as a reporter for a London tabloid in The Big Story. She fails to get a scoop, so editor Richard Anderson gives her creamy, bouncing cheeks a sound spanking, panties down – Portia’s first ever spanking!



Finally, Pandora Blake has a great new film with Molly Malone  called “Curious Pleasures”

Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures007 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures011 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures016 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures019 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures026 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures035 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures040 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures029

John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself. Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, he bends her over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As she reads aloud from the book – Curious Pleasures – he whacks her firmly with a flogger, then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.

CLICK HERE to view all the latest films from DreamsOfSpanking.com


Finally, the first round of voting on 4 categories will be next!

Excited? Next post will contain who or what is up for voting


Spanking Updates You Should See

I don’t feel that great, I have been fighting off an end of Summer Cold and seem to be winning (finally thanks to wonderful Zicam) but I’m going to take an early night to ensure I get enough sleep, as that is one thing I never get enough of nowadays… probably my problem right there! Feeling lousy, even for a bit, I feel crap and whiny so am not great company, we men are useless at such things, aren’t we? OK… where to start today? let’s visit Punishedbrats.com today as there is an amazing Finale and full film available with Joelle Barros spanking Erica Corvina – it IS as good as it looks, I promise!


Artist’s Model: Joelle had picked Erica from the many models at the agency to do a commercial shoot to sell computers, despite her reputation of being difficult, Joelle decided to take a chance on Erica under the assumption that if Erica couldn’t make computers sexy, no one could. To Joelle’s horror, Erica just wouldn’t put out any energy during the shoot. Joelle knew how to get her money’s worth out of this problematic muse. To motivate her, she took Erica over her lap and spanked her. She started the discipline over her dress. After a time the aggravated artist lifted the dress and spanked the exotic beauty on her panties. Erica let out a gasp as Joelle lowered her panties and spanked the model on her bare bottom.

artist1-12 artist1-51 artist1-61

artist1-81 artist1-91 artist1-101


Many of Joelle’s colleagues believed that she was thinking with an organ other than her brain when she selected Erica for this assignment. Joelle was perplexed by this herself. As she spanked the ill-behaved model, in many ways she seemed to be pleased in providing this act of discipline. After the spanking was over Joelle decided to shoot the spanked model in the nude. All would see that she was spanked.


artist2-4 artist2-5 artist2-6

artist2-7 artist2-8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



At NorthernSpanking.com – I decided to find something nice for you today from their extensive archives… I don’t think I have ever shown you this girl, called Alana Rowan, and she is a lovely cute next door type too that did a few films for them a while back… here is the result of Alana being far too sassy when she decided to go that extra step in dusting Paul Kennedy’s piano whilst he was there trying to play it, how annoying…. needless to say this girl got what was coming to her!!! & rather good viewing it was too! Thank you to the vast archives from NorthernSpanking.com for this update.

NSI075-PAX065 NSI075-PAX112

NSI075-PAX154 NSI075-PAX156

NSI075-PAX159 NSI075-PAX161

NSI075-PAX169 NSI075-PAX184

NSI075-PAX190 NSI075-PAX227



There’s not much that you can say is wrong with this next update from Sarah Bright’s site – SpankingSarah.com with the beautiful Ella Hughes – this was her first punishment film and as you will see, Sarah used a variety of implements including one of my faves, a very stinging bathbrush!


The beautiful Ella Hughes has had her first spanking with me and I have to say I did enjoy administering it. I have now given her the freedom of my toy bag and asked her to chose some toys that she may like to be spanked with, or maybe she will not like them. When she had a good selection I had her kneel in the chair her beautiful bottom well presented and then I set about making it as red and painful as I could and I think I did a pretty good job

npp7054010 npp7054018

npp7054024 npp7054027

npp7054032 npp7054036

npp7054037 npp7054039




I just watched the 1st part of this film again… Sarah had the original raw data and she thoughtfully remastered it so it is in full 1920x1080HD – well worth the time and effort as this was one of the hardest spankings I have seen Momma Dana give her, and she knew that too! The story behind this long play film is simple: Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears at the end! Images below are reduced in size from the originals that members can download alongside the film.

001 002

005 008

013 014

016 006

009 011

015 016



Which kindly brings me onto the conclusion of today’s post with both Dana and Sarah again featuring at my own Clips Stores in 2 exclusive previews that you will have only seen here first, and probably only here at this time! First off, I had a special “Momma Boy Deal” with Dana which got me an amazing set of short clips which will go up at POVspanking.com – the first is already up and it is a story arc of a personal punishment that she carries out on YOU! As this is from YOUR perspective as the naughty punishee!!! I know the previews at C4S are crappy, so I have generously hosted a short clip so you get an idea of what is in store as you will identify with the hapless miscreant that Dana is about to spank… but not before she gives you one of her trademark scoldings as only she knows how to!

danapov1_003 danapov1_006

danapov1_007 danapov1_009

danapov1_013 danapov1_015

danapov1_024 danapov1_026

Check out a short scene of what Dana does best! Scold!



Then…. at the AAA Clips store there is a real treat, not only have I been updating this clip site recently with a whole load of new formats and remasters on top of the new updates… here is a special early preview that members will have to wait some time for… one of my best and naughtiest wheelbarrow spanking clips which sees Sarah Gregory getting quite wet and excited at the end… though from the clip you will see (I’m not giving it all away, lol) you will think otherwise… but you get an idea from the image shots as well, ok? Remember, this is NOT available to members at AAA Spanking for at least 6 weeks! So it’s worth it to feel smug if you are one of those guys that likes to only download the odd interesting clip!


sarahwb001 sarahwb006

sarahwb008 sarahwb018

sarahwb024 sarahwb032

See the free clip below – the full film contains more twerking, more intimate spanking and explicit close up ass and pussy shots from this naughty view angle you see in the images above!



I also updated another blog with some great content you may not have seen before, click image below and it will take you to my post…


Girl on Girl Punishment Special

I’m gonna get you few images of who I filmed with and what I got up to at Crimosn Moon & Fetishcon in my next post but since I have a few extra hours to kill this afternoon, I thought I’d bring you a special round up of some hard hitting girl on girl spanking action… some are recent updates, others are from my own archives I may not have shown but I will provide any necessary links for you to locate this material… so without further ado, let’s get on with the action clips and pics I have for you today!

From Shadowlane.com – Step Mommy Severest: Starring Ten Amorette and Miss Chris Grey.

Spoiled brat Katie (Ten Amorette) takes too much for granted, including the cushy job she holds, courtesy of her stepmother, Chris. The pretty brunette seems to think she can act any way she likes, but this isn’t the case at all. Chris has spent the whole morning doing damage control at the conservative consulting firm where they work, pleading with her bosses to let her stepdaughter keep her job. Katie has been a little too casual about her comportment both at work and after hours, getting in late, taking extra time off and worst of all, posting naughty photos of herself on every type of social media. Katie’s lack of respect for both her position and her hard working stepmother is obvious and will not go unpunished a moment longer. Clearly, if Katie wants to hold onto her job security, to say nothing of a rent-free situation at home, she must submit to traditional discipline from her stepmom, starting with an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking, on her skirt, sheer panties and bare bottom. Chris is a vigorous and righteous spanker with a memorable swing and penetrating follow through. But no amount of whining or leg kicking will spare the erring stepdaughter the full measure of hard whacks that she has earned and deserves.

9e0af65735cff58055a9a0bed8d92a0e 576a6f491cf390aa81fbe105e1cd255b

e5ffaf10c4207dbe30a1ab003a6ba271 b2a393a72586ebd44407df8fb0ce74b3

147b3e92604738ee1fb6316a5d0ec0ae 70739d1378ba04c1910f0ede04e41f5f

c0f3c2a13402ea0555f23262f50788b8 ead7246460c52ad8931a0f904c9bad75

Not satisfied that Katie has sufficiently repented her bad behavior both at work at and at home, Chris orders her rosy bottomed step daughter to strip completely nude for a face down continuation of her lesson. Chris grabs a thick and wide leather strap and begins to lambaste Katie’s upturned rear with it, leaving swatches of dark rose color behind. Katie cries out in pain and humiliation as the strap falls relentlessly across her punished seat. Next, Chris takes out her flogger and administers a classic whipping to her stepdaughter, up and down her back, concentrating on Katie’s curvy buttocks, of course. Finally, for a grand finale to the corporal punishment session of her mischievous stepdaughter, Chris inflicts a parting hand spanking that leaves the bad girl with a sore bottom radiating heat. The sound punishment concludes with a warm and affectionate embrace between stern stepmom and her rueful charge as both agree a fresh start is in order.Running time: 36 minutes

You can check out MORE of this film and the latest hot spankings HERE from Shadowlane


Yay! Next up are a great 1st time pairing of Pandora Blake and Madison Martin, one of the originals (alongside one of my all time faves, Kay Richards) in the ongoing spanking soap opera site that is MySpankingRoommate.com – Pandora helped film this on her last West coast Cali trip in April… and the wait is worth it as she plays a rather useless lawyer unable to help Madison in her apartment woes as you will soon see below: What I like about thsi site is that the stories arc and as the title suggests, it is more of a spanking soap opera, so if you like recurring themes and core characters with a growing list of spanking celeb and character appearances… this is the site for you!

01 03

05 06

07 08

Pandora Blake debuts on my spanking roommate this week as a slightly incompetent lawyer. Madison seeks out legal advice about getting kicked of her apartment by Kay. Pandora doesn’t offer much sound advice, so Madison gives her a sound spanking across her ever so spankable big plump bottom, with hand and a wooden ruler. When Pandora has had enough, she spanks Madison’s glorious bouncy ass, who struggles to no avail. Two cute, curvy bottom ladies square off.


10 11

13 14

16 17

Check out more of these 2 bountiful booty whackings HERE


This site is part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS – 5 sites for a fraction of the combined costings!



Staying with Pandora, at her own site recently DreamsOfspanking.com – was a fantastic meeting between her and award winning porn star, Zahra Stardust from Australia (they met whilst attending a Fem Porn Convention in Canada earlier this year) – and this is the result of one of their films they made together… a hot queer girl on girl spanking film made from their own perspective of what hot girl spanking porn should be like.

“Spanking Zahra Stardust”

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra002 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra004

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra016 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra021

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra012 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra032

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra023 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra026

Award-winning porn star Zahra Stardust joins Pandora Blake in this orgasmic spanking film. A warm up over the knee spanking is followed by soft and hard strokes with the strap, all while Zahra moans with arousal. Pandora orders Zahra to pleasure herself, while she continues to smack and squeeze her gorgeous bottom. Zahra begs Pandora to choke her as she brings herself to a sizzling orgasm! #HAWT!


I just wanted to remind you of an old but popular update of mine involving Zoe Page & Alex Reynolds in a fun but hard hitting film about girls who fight over the daftest of things… Alex was not impressed by Zoe’s selfish behaviour over her soft toys and especially Mr Bear, a huge cuddly thing she wouldn’t share with Alex… all hell breaks loose and poor Alex ends up on the losing and humiliating side, even taking a token spanking punishment from Mr Bear after Zoe had finished with her!

nb07 nb11

nb14 nb17


nb18 nb19


nb23 nb24

nb25 nb32


The full HD film can be seen along with extensive stills and video images at AAAspanking.com



Another classic old film I remember is called “See How sally likes it” from SpankingSarah.com


Sally has made some spanking films already but feels she was not pushed to her limits, Sarah is happy to discuss this with her and then see just how far she can take this young blonde beauty. She decides to use a variety of implements on the soft bottom and breasts of Sally, the martinet, a strap, a paddle and the riding crop. Sally takes it all, much harder than and punishment she has ever experienced but what a great film of this teenage lovely.

npp4063031 npp4063038

npp4063084 npp4063086


npp4063103 npp4063106

See MORE of  naughty Sally’s films unique to SpankingSarah.com – #HAWT!



& finally for today, another classic that I have not shown from MommaSpankings.com where fearsome Momma Dana has to intervene between warring sisters played by Sarah Gregory & Kat St James in the long play film “Misbehaving Sisters!”


Mommy notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft. Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms.

momma-60-020 momma-60-032 momma-60-033


momma-61-003 momma-61-026 momma-62-011


momma-62-004 momma-62-030 momma-62-038

momma-64-001 momma-64-004 momma-64-021


momma-64-016 momma-64-039

See more of this film along with an extensive update of the latest severe spankings by Mommy!



How many spanking days left ’til Xmas? The Santa pics from July’s Crimson Moon
More images of what I filmed and got up to in Chicago & Florida next!


Anne of Red Bottoms

American Literature was never my strong point… I suffered/tolerated and did reasonably well at high school with “English Literature” – old classics from Chaucer (14th century for goodness sake!), Shakespeare (16th century, but actually rather good once you understood them) and early novels by Henry Fielding such as “Tom Jones” from the 18th century (in fact he was credited with writing the first ever novel as I vaguely recall) – I also remember suffering Milton’s “Paradise Lost” book of poems whatever they were (11 & 12?) – all I remember from my fantastic English teacher (who was my idol and mentor when I was 17 at school) was that in order for us to understand those books we had to read the 1st two, he apologised to us and mentioned just how sneaky our school’s examination board were to do such a thing… but I digress. As I said, American literature for me was a no no… I’m pretty much clueless and ignorant in that regards, so when Sarah explained to me that her latest film at MommaSpankings.com was a play of words on a novel called “Anne of Green Gables” – I had to look it up in Wikipedia (you can too HERE if you like) – “Anne of Red Bottoms” is just a nice play on words and a good excuse to spank a young madam in period costume – but I heartily approve, and it looks great!


This film also features an early scolding and spanking scene by Dana’s character (Marilla) of Givan (Matthew)

annered002 annered003 annered004

annered005 annered006

annered007 annered008


Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked. Feisty Melody Nore plays “Anne”, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Anne’s best friend. Uncle Givan plays Matthew and Dana plays Marilla. In the first scene, Matthew gets spanked by his sister Marilla for bringing home a girl when he promised to adopt a boy. Next, Anne is spanked for being a girl and having a cheeky attitude. In part two, the girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Marilla comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.


annered011 annered012

annered013 annered014 annered015


See both girls thoroughly scolded and spanked by Momma Dana as only she knows how!

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I shall be back later with a more comprehensive round up to finish the weekend!
With thanks to the novels of L M Montgomery for today’s feature update



Wet Dream Spankings – pt2

As a distraction from the football… yes, I know, England lost (narrowly against one of the best sides in the tournament and I wouldn’t be surprised if we met each other again in the final, we will only get better away from the oppressive heat of the Amazonian jungle which levels things somewhat as it would allow for our young quick team to counter attack far more effectively… anyway, enough of the footie talk, I am again upbeat of our chances to progress realistically!) – This next up is the stuff of spanking legend…. really hot spanking updates from across the world wide interwebs – these are among the most recent releases that I am currently enjoying personally… and I know that you will too! Today they are mainly F/F focused… but not all, and I promise that you will like what you see today!

First today I am featuring a bang on film from my baby, Sarah Gregory at MommaSpankings.com – seriously this is probably her best ever shot film at the site, as you will see from the images below, the lighting was spot on, the spanking actions and scoldings by momma Dana excellent and this also co-starred the awesome Joelle Barros at this site for the 1st time to compliment what was a great bedtime punishment film! Yup, I helped direct this but I am seriously pleased with the results of this one… Images below are actual screen grabs, not bad, eh? & actual size to just show you just how damned good this film was, I also supplied the costumes so you pajama fetishists, like me, will get off to that too! These are some early scenes you can see right now from this long play 40 minute film! Epic!!!

All Her Fault – starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Joelle Barros


momma-95-021 momma-95-027

momma-95-050 momma-96-006


Momma has taken Sarah and her friend Joelle on a weekend getaway and the girls made a stupid mistake. They hired a male stripper to come to the hotel room while Momma was out, and ordered an expensive bottle of Champagne and charged everything to her room. Momma storms into the room with bill in hand and demands an explanation. Her innocent little Sarah wouldn’t do this, would she? Did Joelle put her up to it? “It’s all her fault!” they say as Momma tries to get to the bottom of the added room expenses. And get to the bottom she does by taking each naughty girl over her lap and giving each one a hard hand spanking. Imagine the embarrassment of being spanked in front of your best friend then watching her get the very same thing

momma-96-044 momma-96-045


momma-96-048 momma-96-073



or get access to both Sarah’s sites for less (see how below)



If you have not read a preview post regarding the Strict Aunt Jessica series now showing at GirlSpanksGirl.com – then check out a FREE Gallery HERE or the image below of the punishment that Snow mercy saw of her friend Ashley Rose… and she liked what she saw a lot – it turned her on, she wanted to know and experience more of what she had just seen!


Well, Snow need not fantasize anymore as she gets her darkest wish and nervously involves herself in a double spanking session experiencing what it’s like to be spanked over a woman’s lap and also get a chance to spank an already sore well spanked bottom too! Talk about dreams becoming reality… and of course this is the stuff of a certain narrator’s “Wet Dreams”! Images below are reduced in size from originals and are totally exclusive to GirlsSpanksGirl.com

DSC_0070l-1 DSC_0075l

DSC_0078l DSC_0081l

DSC_0084l DSC_0085l


DSC_0090l DSC_0094l

DSC_0097l DSC_0098l DSC_0101l


GirlsSpanksGirl.com is also part of the awesome 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass Network
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One of the sexiest and naughtiest spanking updates coming out this week is featured at SpankingSarah.com – this really is good, and… unless you didn’t know, Mr Stern, (Sarah’s other half featured here) has not been too well and had a spell in hospital but he is making a fine recovery and will be back to fine form like this below as a near tempted Vicar when Sophie thrusts her ample bosoms in his face! The naughty temptress! #mmm


npp5096014 npp5096022

npp5096028 npp5096029


Sometimes even the best behaved of young ladies can fall down. Sophie had been very nasty to the other girls and it had come to the attention of the gentleman in charge of the spiritual well being of the girls at Katie Didit’s house of correction. As much as it went against all that he knew to be right he felt he had to hand out a severe paddling to young Sophie. And make it hurt. She tried to persuade him that he would be much better taking advantage of her ample charms… Will he be able to resist the allure of those unctuous breasts? Find out below!

npp5096045 npp5096046

npp5096057 npp5096061


Check out MORE of Sarah’s fantastic naughty spanking site HERE


Firm Hand Spanking do it again with another of their new recent additions, gorgeous Jodi Biltmore – she looks absolutely stunning in this latest punsihment release as you will see below… #schwiiing


Right from running track, bratty teen Jodi Biltmore is found smoking at Reform Academy and sent to Mr Strickman to be punished. Shorts and panties down for a bare 60-stroke belting will light her up, viewed by Reaction Cam. Check out the high-res stills set too like some of the images shown here – they are stunning!

 academy_d004 academy_d007


academy_d010 academy_d014

academy_d017 academy_d020 academy_d024


Love this girl? She’s stunning, isn’t she? More of Jodi can be seen right here!


Finally here is some delightful spanking nonsense from Russia as SpankingThem.com has a double OTK and punishment of a naughty girl caught masturbating in the classroom… 2 teachers take it in turn to ensure she is thoroughly humiliated, stripped naked and spanked, then flogged in a variety of positions until she can bear the shame no more! here is the story of 24 year old student, Katerina!


001 001a


004 005


007 008 008a

009 011





That’s it from me right now… another amazing football match awaits, Germany v Portugal… and of course USA (yes, you guys are playing tonight!) take on Ghana (that’s in Africa! LOL) – these games look mouthwatering… as mouthwatering as my “Wet Dream Spanking” Update for today, I hope! Back soon! Chief.