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Blizzard Spankings

There are blizzard warnings in effect this weekend … I am returning from the “Fetish Flea” event in Rhode Island (I’ll write about that next time)… and I’m still catching up on lots of updates so in the meantime, please do check out these below!!! I am woefully behind so have to find something for you a little more interesting that you may not yet have seen elsewhere 🙂

The 1st this weekend is from new site and a cracking redhead student called Asya… (you know how I like redheads!) as I said previously the spankings at this Russian language site are far from brutal (thankfully) there’s no paramilitary uniforms and the girls are new and unseen, although I suspect some of them have featured at their humiliation and examination sites I have already mentioned previously. This punishment of Asya follows the same routine where she is stripped, flogged, spanked, strapped and groped by the lecherous tutor who knows how to keep his girls from failing their exams! I liked the ending where Asya enjoyed her “forced” toy play… she seemed all too grateful to get some enjoyment out of this… even if it was a little humiliating overall… that’s the equation of pain v pleasure… nothing is ever free in life! Images of Asya c/o


asya002 asya003

asya004 asya005


asya007 asya008

asya009 asya010


asya012 asya013


See more of Asya’s punishment and the other naughty girls featured at



At there has been yet more naughty shenannigans at my fave part of the site, the airline stewardesses (or is it flight attendants?) section: I love those pink uniforms and the clever effects that Mike adds withthe help of green screens… also seeing Fae and Tiina thrashed together… with a horrible 3 tailed strap should also not be missed!

Tipsy on the Plane


europe_ep30_7 europe_ep30_8

europe_ep30_10 europe_ep30_11

europe_ep30_12 europe_ep30_14

europe_ep30_16 europe_ep30_17

europe_ep30_18 europe_ep30_19


On a recent flight to Boston stewardesses Fae Corbin and Tiina K. decided to get a bit tipsy after the passengers had their evening meals and drinks. This of course didn’t go unnoticed and soon they were in the Europe Airlines office facing an angry Mr. Johnson with his paddle. He paddled their bottoms soundly and finished off with a dose of his new heavy three tailed tawse.nothing sobers up a girl quicker then a hot, sore stinging bottom!


2 retirees from the scene are next in the final part to the lazy Sunday Afternoon series (well… someone had to do this!!!) Check out (lucky) Stephen Lewis spanking Irelynn Logeen & Lottie Kinsade… tough job!!!


NSI086-XLIV199 NSI086-XLIV200

NSI086-XLIV201 NSI086-XLIV209

NSI086-XLIV213 NSI086-XLIV214

NSI086-XLIV228 NSI086-XLIV227

Quite why Stephen agreed to supervise two teenage brats on a Sunday afternoon is now quite beyond him. Completely gone is any hope of watching the game on TV, instead his task will be spanking these two repeatedly! Every cloud and silver linings… eh? Click HERE to see this HD movie in full.



Back soon… I have a 1001 things to do so I better get on with my chores *sigh*


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    A nice update with all the cute girls ,best Tim.

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