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St George’s Day Spankings – Part 1

To all my fellow Englishmen and women – Happy St George’s Day wherever you are in the world. It’s not something we English really celebrate overtly, sadly the overly PC yoghurt knitters had instilled in us not to fly the flag or upset others who aren’t “English” or born in England which I find odd (most immigrants are hard working and I would argue WANT to stay in England so surely they’d celebrate with the indigenous population too?) Just more nonsense from the Nanny State, of course! Anyway, I won’t be derailed, it’s just a spanking blog, after all (LOL). So to those in England, ex pats and Anglophiles – we celebrate today with 2 posts, it’s late here so this first one shows the most recent addition now out at AAA Spanking – and later today I will update the blog with some gloriously English updates from other sites!


St George’s Day – April 23rd
St George is the patron saint of England – represented by the Red Cross of St George


Meanwhile… Mandie Rae makes a welcome return to as a very naughty schoolgirl – her behavior is totally out of control – so much so she is punished on almost a daily basis and that isn’t working! The latest outrage, was discovered by Mr Osborne, concerned that an animal had been stuck in the yard and marking its territory by peeing… however, he discovers it’s NOT a stray animal making the continual mess, but Mandie – it was her who had been peeing behind the sheds! She has gone too far this time… so this short sharp shock film deals with how her punishment was carried out swiftly but she had to learn to avoid this type of behavior and to associate it with humiliation and shame! It was time for her to be properly humiliated and given the cane this time after a good hard leather strapping and spanking! As you’ll see from the images, her poor bottom got quite red and she was rather tearful… would she learn her lesson this time? For the sake of her precious bottom, One would hope so!


Mandie Rae stars in “Schoolgirl Etiquette” – from


Finally… the staff have found out who the “Phantom Pee Artist” is… those sheds are not a rest room (or toilet as they would say in England – and it is their national day, after all!)

etiquettestills006 etiquettestills013 etiquette029 etiquette037 etiquettestills016

Mandie feels the full force of a leather strap before her red bottom is caned!

etiquette038 etiquette039 etiquette060 etiquette064 spanking etiquette071 etiquette075 etiquette077 etiquette086 caning etiquettestills027

Mandie Rae was always getting into trouble with her teachers and being punished for her poor behavior and multiple infractions. It seemed like she didn’t care. The latest incident was the final straw when she was caught peeing behind the sheds of the school grounds. This just showed a lack of respect and no decency from this young lady so a thoroughly humiliating punishment was decided by Mr Osborne. He was furious that she could do such a filthy act outdoors like that so he strapped then caned her on her bare bottom as she snivelled and whimpered. Mandie was extremely tearful and barely able to stand up afterward. She was ordered to get out of his sight and back to her Dorm. To add further humiliation, she was told to show the other girls the results of this punishment and just why she was caned! That didn’t go down well with Mandie, but it was all her own fault for the lack of etiquette she had showed earlier.

sore red spanked bottom

CLICK HERE to see a free clip of Mandie’s punishment

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  1. Rick Rick

    Ah, yes, the immigrants…one day, they’ll ban booze, and that will be what it takes to send them packing!

  2. Tim Tim

    Yes we do not show off like some races do. The BBC did not celebrate it today, they did not play the National Anthem for H.M. The Queen on her Birthday this week which I was annoyed with, best, Tim.

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