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Say “Hello” to Linny Lace

Linny Lace

Just a reminder that this hot redhead submissive is new to the online scene and you can see her in a few updates already at – I make no excuse that I adore seeing redheads spanked, maybe it’s their pale complexions and bottoms turning red during their spanking discipline sessions to match their flame hair? Either way, this girl is a stunning addition to the archives of this great site! Check out these introductory images of Linny’s 1st punishment at the hands of super stern Alex Reynolds (below):

Introducing Linny Lace  – at

Another brand new, gorgeous girl for you to meet! This time, its Linny Lace, whose adorable face and perfect, round bottom caught Alex’s attention, so she asked her if she would like to do her first ever spanking shoot for Northern. Linny is a lifestyle player, and she really enjoyed her first day of shooting. You will definitely be seeing more from her in the future!

spanking bare bottom spanking

Her office work has not been up to standard recently, so it’s time for a smacked bottom to remind her to pay attention to detail. Linny certainly looks adorable in her sweet dress and pigtails, but even the cutest girls have to be punished, and after her panties are pulled down and her bouncing bottom is spanked red, its time for a dose of the strap to round off the punishment. Linny is warned not to be back in the office again any time soon, but we all know she will be back before we know it!

Northern Spanking


  1. Rick Rick

    I also prefer girls with pale complexions, and I’m not a big fan of tanning either. At least if girls insist on tanning, I prefer that they have big “full panty” tanlines. Keep the naughty bits naughty, that’s what I say! All over tans look as if the girl is just nude all the time, it’s not as exciting as looking at something that’s been kept covered up and then revealed…that’s sort of the “key” to Western sexuality.

  2. Cute Cute new girl with another cute girl playing spanks together at Northern Spanking ,best , Tim .

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