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Spanking in the Family

I trust you all had a good weekend? I have a far less political update today, in fact – no politics … just “family” for today’s updates and these are terrific. In films that I’ve been involved with… I know I sometimes shy away from playing actual father figures, playing the step uncle or something like that for me is usually better (I poke fun at myself) so like to think the girls would be thinking…
“ewwwww, that’s Uncle John, watch out or he’ll wheelbarrow you”
or some such nonsense. In fact, I would also like to think that I *can* change that character and in some unseen films (for AAA at least) I have been mean as hell and it’s just punishment… punishment and more traditional style punishments… dished out cold and heartless. Anyway, enough of me, even if it is my blog… let’s start with a really cool new film just opened at simply called:

“Punished by Brother”

Lexi is bent over her brother’s lap for a spanking punishment she won’t forget quickly!

Punished by Brother

I missed these guys as I didn’t attend the BBW Party earlier this year in Atlantic City which I was upset about… and seeing this you can see why! First of all, Lexi Ellis has been in some outstanding films at Sarah’s site already… then this little family epic, and the brother is played by Dom King – I love this guy, he is the other half of Adriana Evans… a tall imposing guy I haven’t seen in a while but hope to catch up with at the end of the month (excited!!!)

scolding sister taking sis over his lap for a spanking

Apart from the official blurb I will write up on, all I will say is that he used that stinging hairbrush as hard as he could, I often find those hairbrush handles are difficult , but when the grip is good and the swat is good, OMG, that stings like a MotherF*****!
Lexi took this and more, her pain tolerance is incredible… and I have to say, she looks STUNNING in this film as you’ll see. Sarah easily got the best out of her from anywhere I’ve seen Lexi online (well done Sarah, you did an awesome job and this is a really good spanking film, your members will be LOVE this one!)

panties OTK spanking 0222_punished_by_brother_gal-005 0222_punished_by_brother_grabs-035 0222_punished_by_brother_grabs-040 bare bottom spanking sister getting spanked hard sore red bottom spanked shamed and humiliated hairbrush spanking pussy view spanking 0222_punished_by_brother_gal-014 spanking sister with a hairbrush

Lexi’s Big brother is furious with her after getting a call that she is in jail. Lexi was at a college party that got raided. She is not 21 and caught drinking. She calls her brother to come and get her after she is arrested. She is hoping it will be better than calling her parents. But to her surprise, he is very upset and feels that she needs some old fashioned discipline. He takes her over his knee for a HARD spanking with his hand and hairbrush.

Check out this free hard OTK hairbrush spanking clip…

[jwplayer mediaid=”43683″]

For the FULL film – CLICK HERE for details & MORE preview clips

sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sarah Gregory Pass


As we are all about “family” it would not be fair of me to ignore possibly THE most family-centric spanking site out there… – I think the clue is in the title of the website, don’t you? Here is a treat, a look back at a movie I watched earlier today, seeing Sarah bratting and being near uncontrollable until Momma Dana took charge… and how! From the archives – this is called:

“Mommy’s Rebellious Brat”

momma-56-005 momma-56-007 momma-56-010 momma-56-016 momma-56-021 momma-57-004 momma-57-015 momma-57-020 momma-57-022 momma-57-027 momma-59-005 momma-59-013 momma-59-018 momma-59-024

Raising a rebellious brat can be quite a chore and the only way to control her and change her snotty attitude is with a bare bottom spanking. Sarah pushes Mommy’s limits with her choice of sexy clothes, slutty make-up all over her face, and a smart mouth. She gets her face slapped then over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. Mommy strips her clothes off her then send her to her room for a hairbrush spanking. Her rebellious brat spends the rest of her day in bed crying her eyes out.

See the full length film only from

Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass

You can check out Dana Specht at her own site HERE


celeste starNext up from Spanked Sweeties comes a beautiful newcomer, the stunning Celeste Star. She took several introductory spankings but via the re-enactment of getting spanked by her mom growing up. Clare Fonda played her mother in these scenes and looks totally HOT as the Cougar Mom we’d all love to see spank or get spanked by! Celeste recalls how she was swatted by her mom growing up with what those lengthy and painful spanking sessions from her would’ve been like. Celeste also talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank (Clare plays this at a later date and I have seen a couple of early images which MEMBERS will be able to see shortly!) Go get your wishes granted by seeing this beautiful young lady remember how her Mom spanked her growing up! This is Epic-ly HOT!

01 02 04 06 07 08 09 11 12 14 15 17 18 19

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Also don’t go too far, I am hoping to get you an early preview of the next multi girl film to appear at AAA Spanking this week… it is just TOO CUTE, with Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert spanked together side by side – Oh my!


This film will also be available to download as a one time option HERE


Spanked Soaped and StrappedThe full HD long play film of Spanked Soaped & Strapped is already available at the AAA Clip Store… but did you know that over the next couple of days the clips of this (the OTK SpankingMouth Soaping & Severe Leather Strapping scenes) will also be made available for those on a budget! You’d only need to pick and choose, as far as I am aware, the spanking scenes are already available (at time of writing) and the mouth soaping goes up tomorrow followed quickly by the strapping scenes. Of course, if you want the FULL HD versions, uncut and with extra footage, that is also available (you only need click the GIF image to the left to see this NOW!) – Sarah gave me these images to show you what is uploading & what you can expect to see, shortly!

sss1 sss2 sss3


  1. Jadelyn Mathias Jadelyn Mathias

    Hiya Chief, Another great blog but all your blogs are GREAT 🙂 ♡ I would Love for you to play the part of my Uncle etc in a spanking scene that would be so epic. the clip with Miss Chris is so me because when I am naughty I act like the girl in that clip LOL So a good otk spanking and a mouth soaping is what I need. Your website and Sarahs website are 2 of my favorites ♡ Thanks for the Lovely updates 🙂 Take care Chief

  2. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Chief,

    Three girls in their pyjamas . Just goes to show you know a thing or two about the joy of spanking girls in nothing but their cute pyjamas. Nearly as much as me lol.

    Cant wait, and thanks for continuing your great tradition in this genre.

    regards Paul

  3. Rick Rick

    One more thing….I don’t know if you saw the thing I posted about guns in your previous post, but I want to add this: People having guns is a lot like countries having nuclear weapons….a lot of countries have nukes, and some of those countries could be classified as rogue nations…including America! LOL! But it’s the willingness to use those weapons in an offensive manner that is really the deciding factor.
    It has been said that if we had to buy liability insurance for our firearms the way we do with automobiles, that the free market would weed out the high-risk gun owners. If the people who were just massacred were run over by a car instead of shot with guns, the survivors and/or their families would all be getting large claim checks right now instead of nothing. Not even burial expenses.

  4. Rick , I saw your previous comment.
    Gun control is key, there is no pussyfooting around this, it is a fact.

    Take less guns off people and there is less chance of serious gun crimes, especially those certified with a mental illness… no guns AT ALL. Where are the checks? It is simple stuff like this that needs addressing. Mental health issues are another weak excuse… Yes, that needs looking at too (over prescribing medication for starters and the fact everyone needs a goddamned therapist – FFS!)

    Back to gun Control though… that is the key word, give real control to the authorities, not private individuals. It is really that simple.

    Make it harder for the average person to get guns. Having a gun in your home is a terrible idea, making it more difficult to own them, unless it is for a specific reason like hunting or needing one where there are dangerous wildlife (we don’t have that issue in the UK). Gun in the UK like that must be locked in a secure place and are inspected annually or you lose your licence.

    Regulation… Regulation… Regulation.

    However, there are too many selfish parties (incl those who fear giving up a gun at home) will make this argument moot and we will all be gasping in a few months at the next big tragedy, as it will happen. It makes me angry nothing is being done about it.

  5. Rick Rick

    But like I say, Americans are not going to go for that. The UK is more civilized, so are Canada and Australia, and most of Europe in general. A lot of good law enforcement people would be shot and wounded if the American government tried to take guns away. Just look at illegal drugs. Anyone who wants them can get them. Americans are used to living outside the law just because of the “war on drugs”. It would be the same with guns. The bad guys would always have them, and the good guys would have no defense! You can’t always depend on the police, they are spread too thin with budget cuts and the like. You see, Americans are not only less civilized than Brits, but they also don’t want to pay the taxes that are necessary to have a fully functional society. Americans think they pay too much tax! As a Brit, I can tell you that they don’t even know what taxes are over here!
    Unfortunately, I must take issue with you on this one, because the only thing that can defend against a gun is a gun. It’s not selfish, it’s just survival. We live in a barbaric country over here. -Rick

  6. Rick Rick

    And one more thing, as you might know, I’m a musician…we get paid a lot in cash, and everyone knows that. It’s not so bad here in Spokane, but back in Seattle, where I used to live, a lot of musicians are “packing heat” now, because the bad guys know that we get paid cash, so they wait outside the clubs to rob us after the gig. Sad but true. Instead of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, now it’s Sex, GUNS, drugs and Rock and Roll! But at least sex is still there! So its not a total lost cause! Thanks for the chat, I always enjoy talking to you…I’m a strange man in a strange land over here! -Rick

  7. I understand, Rick. The majority of American people DO want something done about Guns, only there are powerful lobbies, as you know, plus those self serving bastards in Congress etc who won’t fulfill the will of the majority… Congress is woefully misrepresented with more rural more conservative areas with a fraction of the population having the same clout as states that are heavily populated with huge cities.

    I also wouldn’t expect everyone to give up guns just like that overnight… there needs to be an accountability sytem in place, checks properly made for who has what and who wants what and if they can have it. Assault weapons should NEVER be made available on sale to the public, they should be banned, they are for the military. Possession of these should lead to a LONG prison sentence, it works over here. However, as you know, here in Europe we know American agencies are shit at keeping records or those records private so I doubt there is much trust in the system there? God knows what Facebook has gleaned off me, sitting on an American server waiting to be hacked by the Chinese, lol!
    The Eu just said “No!” to companies like that trying to take more info from Europeans for marketing and such bullshit, I bet they do it anyway (sigh).

    Right, I better get the latest update out on the blog, I have received news from “Her Majesty” that the update at AAA is about ready. My job to get it out there now… sigh 🙂

  8. Rick Rick

    I know it’s a challenge to be happy these days, the world has changed a lot and not for the better in some ways. What keeps me going is my music, my beer, but most of all my lovely Wife and her lovely smackable bottom! Take care…-Rick

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