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Love our Lurkers Day 10th Anniversary

Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Once again it’s time for all lurkers to declare themselves.


What is a lurker?  Well, basically a lurker is anyone who stops by and reads, but doesn’t comment.  So, if you’ve read here before, but have never said hello, or if this is your first time visiting, this post is for you!

Love Our Lurkers is just a time for those of us who blog to let all our readers know that we so appreciate you and it’s an invitation for you to say hi, comment on something, ask a question, etc.  If you’ve never done so before it may seem scary, but I promise you, it’s really not.  If you do it once, you may find yourself doing it again and again.  And maybe you’ll even start blogging yourself!  No, really, that’s how many of us got started.

Some options if you’re feeling uncomfortable … you can comment anonymously if you like or you can pick a name for yourself and create an email specifically for commenting on blogs or you can send me an email instead (the address is on the left hand side of the page).

I definitely appreciate all those who stop by and read here, whether you comment or not.  But for those of you who haven’t said hello yet, I wish you would, at least in response to this post.  I would love to “meet” you!!!

For more information about LOL Day 10 and a list of all participating blogs, I invite you to visit our good friend Hermione who now sponsors this awesome tradition! Thank you!



  1. Ive stopped by more than a few times, but haven’t left a comment yet – so happy lol day!! 🙂

  2. WrllWell hello John I come to your site most days as you bring us all great updates ,best from , Tim .

  3. Ron Ron

    I’ve posted twice here so I guess it would be right to say Hi. I came across this site a few months ago. Online I have posted stories by the name Bluestar. Don’t know if anyone here have read them but I have liked what I have seen here.

  4. Stan Stan


  5. Hi, de-lurking and saying HI!

  6. Lindy Thomas Lindy Thomas

    dropping by to say Hi have a fun LOL day.
    cheers Lindy from DOWNUNDER DREAMING

  7. rich rich

    Hi, i drop by two or three times a week. just wanted to say hi and say I enjoy your blog.

  8. Chrs Chrs

    I read and enjoy this blog regularly, though I rarely comment.

  9. Thank you everyone… I’m feeling sad after seeing the latest atrocities in Paris, one of my favorite cities and a place where I lived for 3 years as a local.

  10. Rick Rick

    I knew you would say something regarding the attacks, and so I’ll say this again, as I’ve said it before…Europe has gun control, and the reason it doesn’t work is because when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns. If the good guys are packing, a lot of the terrorists couls have been neutralized. That, and the fact that Europe and the UK are, in my opinion, much too tolerant when it comes to immigration…they feel sorry for the wrong people. Close the borders, and “Ethnically cleanse” Europe, that’s what I say, and the sooner the better, before “they” are the majority…

  11. Hi Chief,

    I came to wish you a belated Happy LOL Day. But after reading the previous comment, I have to observe that a time of loss provides an opportunity to unify people regardless of country, politics, religion, or race. Let’s embrace our commonalities and respect our differences. Let’s all support those who are hurting or frightened and seek redress from those responsible for harming them.

  12. Sorry Rick, I disagree… on average 12,000 Americans are killed every years by their fellow citizens by guns alone… that is (to be honest) shameful 🙁
    I remember one year (2009, I think) – just 9 Americans were killed by Terrorists worldwide.

    As they say in America…. “you do the math”.

    A terrorist act likle this was carefully orchestrated, I don’t see how this would have been any better, they were prepared to die and blow themselves up.

    Yes, immigration needs looking at, I have never been a fan of the freedom of movement without restrictions in Europe… there are far too many “nasties” on Europe’s doorstep compared to America and once in can settle anywhere. Thank god for the little stretch of water between Britain and mainland Europe… it has saved the country in the past and will continue to do so, I think.

    Anyway, happy LOL day everyone.

  13. Rick Rick

    I cetainly hope that the English Channel protects the UK to some degree. But it won’t help if they keep importing the “nasties” will it? Anyway, cheers! -Rick

  14. Rick Rick

    Noble words Bonnie, but those who wish harm to us don’t respect our commonalities or our differences. To be meek in the face of evil might sound good in a Bible story or a semon, but to actually protect our society we need to be more proactive.

  15. Ian L Ian L

    I don’t think they are just noble words, Rick, and don’t preclude sound defence. But I think another side of what Bonnie is saying is that we should stand firm and not give in to hate. I do not think so called ‘ethnic cleansing’ is either fair or feasible. And attempts to do so are likely to be counterproductive. This stuff is about criminal psychopaths not race and creed IMO.

  16. Rick Rick

    It’s interesting though, Ian….it seems that Europe has rejected the Jews in favour of the Muslims. 75 years ago, Hitler “cleansed” the Jews from Europe, now Europe welcomes the Muslims not just with open arms, but with welfare benefits and subsidized housing.It will probably be a Jew that finds the cure for Cancer. Muslims though, will take us back to the dark ages.

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