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Forget Jessica Alba – I’d love to spank Rosario Dawson instead!!!

What prompted this? I was watching the DVD “Alexander” (you know, the one starring Colin Farrell) yesterday.
Alexander the Great married a stunning arabesque princess called Roxanne from the land of Bactria (part of what is now Afghanistan)
Anyway, it is none other than Rosario Dawson (Biography here)  
I remember her lithe toned body and fabulous breasts in this film on their wedding night and wasn’t let down the 2nd time I saw her.

It got me thinking where else I’d seen her and then it dawned on me she was in the movie Sin City (Filmography here)

The mere thought of her dressed up as “Gail”, hardened leader of the street girls gang, over my knee has given me severe “wood” LOL
Enjoy the pics I’ve found and hopefully you’ll understand what I mean, she’s sure to become an even bigger movie star.
Good luck Rosario, and oh how I wish I could feel your wonderful ass warming to my hand!  😀

From Sin City (click to enlarge to FULL Size)


Check out her scene which got me hot below from the film ALEXANDER! 

Rosario Dawson first nude sceneThe best video clips are here
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enalrge  


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