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Spanking Awards – A Personal Note

Okay, this is a bit of a rant and I am getting frustrated by a few, probably some who just troll for the hell of it… but whatever, I think this needs to be said – and I will post this on Fetlife and link it to Twitter too!

rantThe next round is nearly ready but before I continue with that in my next post… I want to say how much time and effort this takes and to be honest, I actually LOSE out financially running these awards spending a lot of time on them instead of working on other far more lucrative projects outside of these awards. In case you all think I have interests that I promote myself. I don’t include sites closest to me currently like AAA (even though I don’t own it anymore it is still closest to me, naturally) and I can’t stop someone like Sarah Gregory who is her own separate entity and can’t help being in the public eye – as such… I put her in if she gets nominated. Of course I want her to do well, she is my real life partner – but I am not going to exclude her because of associating with me, am I? Yes I was asked to do that by someone, seriously? She was nominated by a hell of a lot of people, she has an established fanbase, like many others (way before me) … also those with a larger social media presence will often do better, I can’t help that either. All I ask is that those nominated get a fair crack… please do give those nominated the respect and check them out… some of you will just blindly vote for your favorites regardless… the times I see “nominate such and such in all categories” … really? That is lazy but I bite my lip and count them along with the others when the nominations are counted.

This year I am also asking PRODUCERS to nominate their own film for the film awards, it can be a part of a series they are proud of, and I will be contacting as many as I can think of that are in the public eye.

Here is the list of producers I intend to contact (if I can) – I will be mailing them over the next few days as I will put this up for vote just after Xmas.

If I have missed any. Let me know! These are in alphabetical order (I had to arrange these in the interests of not appearing to favor anyone – sigh.)

  • Bars and Stripes
  • Clare Fonda Pass Network (up to 5 sites to choose from)
  • English Spankers
  • Firmhand Spanking
  • Good Spanking
  • Momma Spankings
  • Northern spanking
  • Punished Brats
  • RealSpankings Network (Realsp & RSI)
  • Sarah Gregory Spanking
  • Shadowlane
  • Spanked in Uniform
  • Spanking Sarah

Have I missed any? Remember I have to contact them too and they have to send me a brief description (and why it is nominated) as to what film and 4 images that they want you to view as part of the description to help you decide why you should get their award. & please don’t moan to me about not including Pandora Blake’s excellent Dreams of Spanking – I have already said why until I am blue in the face… if it isn’t active at the time of voting, then it can’t be voted on. We all know why, and we all hope her site comes back once her appeal decision is made. I’m sure she doesn’t give a damn if this isn’t in the Awards this year. having won a prestigious Short Film award in Berlin recently. She’ll get a special award at the end of this for her services but I can’t ask you to vote on something that isn’t techically there… there is no membership site currently!

Okay… so back to the awards.
I actually want to say that I actually do it for the love of it (believe it or not… but I just need to offload this so you all understand) and because it felt like a void after Brushstrokes stopped it in 2013 on his now defunct Spankingspot blog and anyone who has run this knows what a f*cking pain in the ass it is to run. It’s an adrenaline rush to see people voting, though. I think it’s a nice thing to recognize those in The Scene (full or part time) that contribute something in the online world of our favorite subject and this is what these awards try to convey… it’s also meant to be a bit of fun, so stop bitching at me and just take this in the spirit it is intended. I also can’t get you nominations for people who don’t really show their faces in the party scene or don’t want public exposure – seriously, are some of you insane? They don’t want to be outed!!!
So once again, I also have people complaining to me in yet more anonymous emails (nice one!) about why there are no male bottom awards – well, I asked last year, asked again this year if we should run it and did you nominate any or say what a marvellous idea? – NO! Also some producers who don’t share their traffic (which I personally find incredibly selfish) when they expect us bloggers to just promote them in our own spare time for nothing? LOL! I’d rather promote my own stuff or Sarah… as that is my personal preference, just as you have chosen to exclude affiliates from helping you and rewarding them for their considerable time and effort. Well, you’ll get a helping hand as I have decided to run a Clips Store vote as the last one this year. So guess what… why don’t you actually all think about who you want? I don’t f*cking care who it is, as long as the store is primarily based in the SPANKING categories of any clip store. So there you go… this is YOUR big chance to promote yourselves GRATIS… as long as you get the required nominations. Go knock yourselves out… get people to help nominate you. I will only put through the Top 10 (and please don’t use multiple IPs and emails, I can actually see that, you know? It’s embarrassing) So, I can’t say fairer than that… right?

Sorry, I didn’t want to sound negative, it’s just sometimes, these things had to be said to clear the air! Anyway, look forward to BEST MALE & FEMALE SPANKER later to vote on… there’s some good entrants in these categories!

This post was brought to you by “Wake the fuck up” Productions 🙂



  1. Dear John — I’m so sorry some people are bringing you down and being fucktards over this. It’s like that old expression goes — “No good deed goes unpunished.” And I do understand the “why do I bother?” emotion. But please know — there are plenty of us who appreciate you and what you’re doing. We know the spirit in which it is intended and that it’s a lot of work to coordinate. I, for one of many, thank you for doing this. ♥

    I think there is an overall feeling of unrest this year, and it’s coming out in the silliest of ways, for the pettiest of things (coffee cups, really???). It’s sad, but if we cave to this, the butthurts and the douchebags of the world win. You keep up your good work and your friends will keep supporting. xo

  2. John John you are doing an excellent thing doing the awards much appreciated by all decent spankoes here and I am voting each category as you have given a lot of time doing this for us so you deserve our attention ,Who owns AAA Spanking now ? ,best from Tim .

  3. Thanks Erica. Sometimes it’s hard when I am actually spending so much time on the awards for the few fucktards to bitch at me!

    Tim. Sarah owns it (thanks to ATVOD) but I still promote it (as that is still legal as an affiliate in the Uk where I spend half my time) but ultimately I will be spending far more time in the USA in the long run. AAA will still keep its identity as it is for now but you will probably see a few cosmetic changes over the next few months… all good, I promise!

  4. Ted Ted

    Speaking as a consumer of product I, for one, am grateful for the chance to vote again. To all those bitching, come on! This isn’t that big a deal, vote or not as you see fit but please don’t rain grief on someone simply trying to do a good deed. But, as Erica says “no good deed goes unpunished”.

  5. Rick Rick

    It’s silly in my opinion to do anything if the stress created by it is more than any benefit that can be attained. But this is our world now. Captalism. Personally, I would prefer a “Socialism” that enables foks to do what they like when they like, as in “Star Trek”, where money is no longer an issue. Because the world as it is now is not cutting it! Whether it’s Communism, or Capitalism, it’s not working for most folks. Because there are those who want much more than they need, and have way too much power.

  6. Harley Havik Harley Havik

    You do great work, John! We love you for hosting these awards and for everything else you do! <3

  7. Love your work!!! I know that it is a very big time consuming job to put all of this together. I look forward to the awards every year.
    Sarah and all her sites are amzing!!! of course she should be up and I wish her good luck and all the other nomines this year too:-)

  8. Thanks everyone… just setting up male and female spanker took about 4 to 5 hours prep and putting it up. But it looks very detailed and I am genuinely trying to ensure all the nominees get the best coverage. It’s also cool to know far more people are voting this year… I think all the nominees so far have been amazing!

  9. Thank you for all your hard work, John. You’re very appreciated!

  10. Good rant! The only producer you missed contaqcting is,. which is an actual site and not clips4sale store 🙂 I produce for it and would love to participate! is my email if you remember!!

  11. Thanks for all your hard work!! We appreciate you!! I know this is totally time consuming. You are AWESOME!
    Haters gonna HATE!
    I wish everyone nominated the best of luck!
    This is supposed to be fun folks! =)

  12. Kyle, get yourself an affiliate program, takes 2 minutes to set it up with CCbill and DA would get considered.
    Please stop droning on and on and on about it when I have already said my piece.
    You’ll get your chance this one time with C4S – let’s see how that goes first and if there’s any interest when I ask, ok?

  13. I remember this when I did awards at spreview. This is a true service to the industry and it is appreciated.

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