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Spanking Awards – More Results


Voting is finished, here are the next results. Well done to those nominated getting this far and of course a fantastic “well done” to the winners and runners up in each of the categories below!

Best Long play Film 2014

Winner – “All her fault”

1st 1stallherfault

Runner Up – “Exclusive Education 9 Cheerleader camp”

 2nd 2ndee9

Male Spanker of 2014

Winner – Paul “Tubaman” Rogers

1st 1stpaulrogers
You can see more of Paul at his own clip store website – Spanking 101

Runner Up – David Pierson

2nd 2nddavidpierson
You can find David at his own website –

Female Spanker 2014

(This was a heavily subscribed category so it is to 3 places)

Winner – Sarah Gregory

1st 1stsarahtop
Sarah has topped at many sites but check out her own at

Runner Up – Dana Kane

2nd 2nddanakane
Dana has topped at many sites but check out her own at

& 2nd (very close) Runner Up – Pandora Blake

3rd 3rdpandoratop
Pandora features at many sites but check out her own


At the time of writing, voting is still open for the following categories



& Still to come in the next day or so – BEST Spanking Site 2014!


  1. Tim Tim

    Congrats Sarah on your awards and Paul and all the runners up ,best,Tim.

  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Given that Sarah Gregory and yourself now have a business relationship, in the future shouldn’t she be disqualified due to the perceived conflict of interest?

  3. Was waiting for someone to mention this. I actually groaned when I could see Sarah was going to win best spanker as I knew someone would cry “foul” … same with Paul Rogers winning best male… that I honestly did NOT expect. If anyone wanted Dallas or Kyle or anyone else to be there, why were they not nominated?

    Anyway, Sarah won this category rather convincingly… I have just found a way to show the full results in % so you can see for yourselves. It won’t be very nice for those that finished last – will it? I can’t change that… but I want full transparency since people may think i am bullshitting this. The Poll software meant I couldn’t fiddle with it, which is why I chose polldaddy as it is third party.

    Anyway, She bloody deserves that award hands down… she is by far the best female spanker I have worked with and I am lucky enough to also be her BF. I am really pleased for her, she deserves it 100%

    I won’t be doing this next year at this rate. I and am more than happy to pass this to someone else as it has been a royal pain in the arse and taken up so much of my time.

    The nominations process had already been decided on in November before actual voting took place and any merging or ownership issues came due to the UK’s change in law earlier this month with me. I’d have rather been in the process too.

    I have had to deal with that crap (reluctantly) whilst doing this… I’d have loved to have been nominated and pitted my wits especially in the male spanker category or most improved site etc. Some of these nominations and results are baffling to me too… perhaps people just can’t be arsed anymore. Be prepared for more no doubt!!!

    It is what it is. I am so excited to let everyone know what the female spankee is as I can tell you all really voted for this in your hundreds and it is probably the BIGGEST award.

    Results for this one in time for New Year!!!

  4. Hello Iwasrobert,

    So those of us who actually promote ourselves and tweet and fetlife daily should be punished? I am sure if the others who were nominated did as much promoting they would have been way up there and possibly won more. have you nothing better to do than to make false accusations and bring others down? Now thanks to you there prob won’t be awards next year. Instead of complaining why not appreciate all the hard work that went into this. Go rag on someone else and leave us alone!

  5. Hey Mr. Osborne tis a thankless job. Sarah is , I think, the top star of the day and has become a power in the industry. I’m thrilled with my Silver Medal.

    I’ve known Mr. Osborne for many years and he is as honest as the day is long. Sarah is a brat emeritus.

    Both are wonderful people. This was a poll and the people have spoken.

  6. Thank you David… and no more nonsense of quitting, the people like your stuff, you had best newcomer, silver spanker, Veronica doing well as well as girls you’ve showcased like the wonderful Adriana, Mandie & Joelle featured in the polls and more nominations for best and improved site (oops, I let the cat out of the bag for that one coming up, didn’t I?) LOL

  7. Thanks so much David. That means a lot.

    Thanks everyone for your love and support on the polls as well.

  8. Sweetie, you’ve earned everything

  9. Tim Tim

    Sarah congrats on your reward and David for the silver ,best ,Tim.

  10. @iwasrobert,

    Seriously? It always amazes me that the people who won’t take the time and effort to serve the community with efforts like John’s are always the first to complain when their buddy doesn’t win. If you’d taken the trouble to inform yourself, you’d know how much both Sarah and John do for the Scene.
    It’s just another case of no good deed goes unpunished.
    Congratulations to every person who was nominated and thanks to John for all his hard work. I hope you’ll change your mind about not repeating. This was very well done, open and above board. Don’t let it get you down.
    Thank you for all you do.

  11. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Truth be told, I think we all realise that everything is more than above board. Plus, it’s not like there’s anything much at stake beyond a bit of fun!

    Having said that, when Brushstrokes ran the awards, potential conflicts of interest were dealt with by eliminating the relevant nominees from contention. That’s very much his legal background showing up (lawyers are big on eliminating COIs), but it is not uncommon in competitions and awards to have a policy about such matters.

    At the end of the day you can do whatever you see fit (so long as it is legal anyway – the nanny state might come calling otherwise), and so long as you consider the issue in a reasonable manner I think everyone will be more than happy with your decision.

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