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Meet New Spanking Model Aysel Zeeling

letsgetonwithspankingJust released at today is an introduction to a new spanking model called Aysel Zeeling (Aysel as rhymes with Hazel). Despite her exotic name, she is an all American girl next door, a stunning natural beauty, no tattoos and kinky enough to pre-emptively contact Sarah for her first real day’s shoot! This will be the first of two appearances for Aysel, you’ll see her here today at Sarah’s site followed by Aysel getting a “wheelbarrow spanking” (naked over Sarah’s lap) in a few days at which she absolutely LOVED and admitted it was her favorite film of the day – Trust me, these 2 intro movies are awesome and is the reason Sarah wanted to showcase new girl, Aysel, as soon as she could to both sites. She was a lovely girl and tried out some cool scenarios which she excelled at – as you will discover over the next few months!

So back to today… this is Aysel’s very first real experience in front of the cameras, with a very different experience to the love pat spankings she received at home from her boyfriend!

Introducing Aysel Zeeling – at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Aysel Zeeling introduced to Sarah Gregory

Meet new spanking model, Aysel Zeeling! This is Aysel’s FIRST on camera spanking. The only experience she has with spanking are a few light swats from her boyfriend. We had her over to shoot some videos as she was very interested and used this first video of the day as a sort of audition. I ask her what her favorite role plays are and what her experience with spanking is. I take cute Aysel over my knee and warm her up before giving her some stingy hand swats. See her real reaction to getting her very first filmed spankings.

spanking OTK spanking Sarah smacks pretty Aysel on her bottom pulling down her panties for a bare bottom spanking bare bottom spank handprint leather paddling panties down spanking girl on girl otk spankings bare bottom otk impact spank audition spanking Aysel Zeeling spanked by Sarah Gregory


fast and furious spanking

rear view spanking

See more of Sarah spanking the adorable girl next door, Aysel, in her first online video HERE

Aysel OTK spanking GIF

Aysel can be seen right now at or as part of the SG Pass Network giving you access to more of her sites for less than the combined cost of them with the same set of codes for your convenience.

Sarah Gregory Pass


& also coming out later this week… Aysel’s membership to the Wheelbarrow Club is accepted!

Coming soon - Aysel gets a wheelbarrow spanking


  1. Hello Aysel a nice new spankee girl with young Sarah look forward to watching you both ,best spanks to you 3 from Tim .

  2. Lovely young girl .

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