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Sexy Cheerleader Spanking Updates

Here is a quick update of a new cheerleader spanking film released earlier today which has an all star cast at new site Cheerleader Spankings – it features Sarah Gregory fulfilling a wicked fantasy to spank two other really hot girls in cheer uniform alongside her. This was filmed over a year ago and it was around this time that she started collecting cheergleader style spanking films to show exclusively at this site and this is a really hot and sexy update. I have noticed that Sarah has a pattern as some of the films at this site are rather severe and if there is a hot sexy film one week, or an all girl spanking-fest… then the following week there will be a harder, meaner film which keeps the dynamic of the site flowing with varied intensities and storylines. It’s a winning formula as new members have written in to her to say how much they LOVE the new films. I am sure you will LOVE this film shown here today as well! Take a look at some stills and video screen grabs as well as there being helpful link to a free HD movie clip later!


Cheerleader Fantasyfeaturing Sarah Gregory, Casey Calvert & Christy Cutie

cheerleader spanking fantasies

Sarah wanted to be in a naughty all girl video alongside Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert. Her personal fantasy was to spank them both side by side and enjoy the erotic sight of them both in their authentic cheergirl uniforms getting their bare bottoms reddened under their white panties. Of course that would never be enough and so Sarah had them both pull down their panties to show off their bare peachy butts getting spanked on the bare, fully exposed! Sarah placed them in various revealing and naughty positions before getting them to spank each other too! This is a voyeur’s dream to watch sexy young ladies in cheergirl uniforms baring their bottoms and spanking each other. Warning: Extremely sexy cheerleader spanking action!

CLS-52-008 CLS-53-002 CLS-53-014 CLS-52-024CLS-53-023 CLS-53-030 bare asses getting a spanking cheergirl spanking previews CLS-52-020 CLS-52-022 CLS-53-033 CLS-53-039 Casey Calvert spanks Christy CutieCLS-53-049 CLS-53-058 CLS-53-060 cheerleader spanking CLS-52-016 CLS-52-014 CLS-53-073 CLS-53-079 cheergirl strapping and spanking videos


more naughty cheerleaders getting spanked HERE

See why this site is one of the fastest growing – it’s only been open a month or so but has become very popular! All movies are in HD formats with streaming options for Tablets/Pads and also in HD-WMV & MP4 versions to download and keep as well as high quality photos, video images, full film description, cast member page and a list of scenarios/implements used for indexing… and a new film guarantee each and every week. Check out the special lower pricing options for those who have joined at the beginning. This site will grow VERY QUICKLY to become a genuine and authentic uniform fetish leader in the spankosphere! Run by a female spanko with an eye for pervy detail… this is a hot site that features exciting girls as well as some genuinely hard and severe films which will keep members on their toes as to what happens next! CHECK IT OUT


In other news, the FULL schedule for the Lone Star Spanking Party is out!


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  1. Tim Tim

    Gorgeous little cuties together ,great new site Sarah with lovely girls ,best to both of you from Tim .

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