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Auditions, Fun & Hard Play Spankings

Part 2 of this weekend’s spanking updates is a look back at some interesting playtime and hard play films from – these are usually made at spanking parties or events as there are models there who are into the various play fetishes (Fetishcon) and of course various national spanking parties where we are guaranteed to meet those into our kink! Johnny (FLAPaddler on Fetlife) has appeared in a few films of this nature as you’ll see below and with some fantastic girls we love a lot! I have got a selection of pics and clips of a scene from each of these long play films I’m showcasing below. Enjoy… I hope you are having a great weekend y’all!

Party Playtime – featuring Ten Amorette & Johnny Lake

spanking Ten Amorette

Spanking parties are about a gathering of like minded people and the national parties in the USA are very special. Spankos from all over meet at these events and form real bonds of friendship, comraderie and of course doing what they love the most – being kinky spankos! Two good friends hung out in our room for a while and caught up on news then we asked if they could show a behind the scenes look at some consensual playtime between friends. Please welcome Ten Amorette and Johnny Lake, once again, who took time out to play on film for you all. To start, Ten waited naked on the bed and Johnny wasted no time warming her up thoroughly with a firm but sensual hand spanking, ensuring she would be ready for the next stages of play. She was given the Reformatory Strap and some attention seeking strokes of his sturdy cane which woke Ten up out of her dreamy state. In between this Johhny had expertly used his favorite Floggers on her back, bottom and thighs with his florentine motion just lightly caressing the skin enough to make her feel warm and tingly. The finale was a pre arranged hand spanking which brought Ten to orgasm. Not even the housekeeping maid (which you might just hear in the background) at her point of climax could stop this! Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of a national party held in a large hotel… if you feel unable to attend one soon then check out this film and think again on what fun you could be missing out on!

001 intimate spanking 003 spanked in the diaper position flogging 006 007 008 009 reformatory strap 011 hard caning 013

[jwplayer mediaid=”48395″]

Player or Poser – featuring Isobel Wren & Johnny Lake

playtime with Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren is a beautiful and well known fetish actress, so when she answered a call for a spank casting, she met Johnny Lake, one of the many producers at the hotel event they were attending. Johnny was well known in the biz as a “Pleasure Dom” – taking time to ensure that his ladies and ultimately his membership got the most from filmed content that was being made! Isobel was not a complete stranger to spankings and some similar core kinks. However he wanted to see if she was a Player or a Poser! So she was given a warm up OTK hand spanking followed by a harder cropping to test her reactions. Isobel admitted that she wanted to experience more pain & pleasure derived from a session and so Johhny used his trademark deer skin Floggers, expertly caressing her with just the tips of the flails before she experienced his preferred Reformatory Strap and canes… used not to punish but to continually give Isobel a buzz whilst ensuring her bottom turned a dark speckled red without her even knowing! This is the 1st film featuring the alluring Isobel Wren, who had great scene chemistry with Johnny Lake.

003 otk spanking 007 008 spanked with a riding crop 010 013 caning her ass 017 018 strapping Isobel 021 024

[jwplayer mediaid=”48394″]

Zooey Zara’s Audition – featuring Zooey with Johnny Lake & John Osborne

spanking Zooey Zara

Filmed at Fetishcon 2015 – we came across this amazing young lady almost by accident. Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & ushers in a new era for 2016. This was a very special audition to see just how much pain she said she could process. Being a painslut, Zooey welcomed the challenge & had a fantastic warm up spanking by Johhny Lake (who was testing her out) after he saw her playing in the Fetishcon Dungeon the night before. Her marks soon re-appeared & she welcomed the chance to take the new Ouch(UK) AAA Compliance Discipline strap. Johnny didn’t miss a spot & called for help. John Osborne used a stinging stiff leather tawse on her hands & a thick wooden ruler that would make most girls recoil in horror. Zooey? She just smiled beautifully & took more treatment on her feet too! After a wooden paddling on her now sore red bottom, which she took without a murmer, it was decided that she was the one to take a double caning including extended play & hard relentless strokes on the back of her thighs. This showed the guys that this fantastic young lady could take anything! Remember, this was strictly an audition & not a real life punishment so that is why you see Zooey smile. This was indeed a hard, severe test that most girls would be unable to take during this 18 minute video. It’s a bit special & we hope that you think so too. Witness an incredible young lady showing us her amazing tolerance & appreciation of the pain that she gratefully received!

002 005 OTK 007 008 010 STRAPPING 015 016 017 019 CANING 023

[jwplayer mediaid=”48393″]

All images and clips are taken directly from the movies at

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  1. These are great, really capturing the fun and playfulness that can be a part of spanking. I love seeing spankings that are happening just because the people involved love spanking as much as I do. Thanks for posting these!

  2. Tim Tim

    Very cute girls who receive very sound spankings ,best from Tim .

  3. Tim Tim

    Hello Abbey good to hear a young lady talk spanks ,best from Tim .Abby.

  4. Thank you Abby. I will take any spankings… lol!

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