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Latest Updates from Triple A Spanking

The concluding parts to the long play “Spanking Daddy’s Little Princess” will be out later this week, which involves the new wife, Anna, getting punished for spanking her step daughter, by her angry husband! There are some great scenes in this… plenty of strappings and canings too. It’s a fitting end to this domestic discipline movie. Also released yesterday was the latest film with a new girl to AAAspanking.comKajira Bound. She is awesome and both Sarah and I had a great time meeting her with her cool husband Ulf at a recent party in Las Vegas. Kajira can normally be seen at either or their collegiate discipline site as she is based out of Denver. because of that she said she gets to work with them about once a month, which is really cool. However, in all our films we made with her across the 4 sites that Sarah owns, we thought we would do something different for her and I think we did a pretty good job. This one was a simple introduction, it was our first film with her (we only did a few as they got much harder by the end). That’s not to say this isn’t… it’s a classic warm up getting harder as it progresses… you’ll see her flawless tight cheeks turning red as she takes a spanking and leather strapping in 3 positions of her choice.

But first – the concluding parts to Daddy’s Little Princess – starring Miss Anna


This is the 2nd part of the “Spanking Daddy’s Princess” long play movie. This entire scene is devoted to how Stevie’s daddy finds out that his precious little princess got an unfair spanking punishment from her step mother, his new wife! He is far from pleased and really upset. He decided to carry out some severe discipline of his own on her, spanking her hard and mean before using a Compliance Discipline Strap and a heavy 12mm cane. This punishment leaves visible welts and markings as well as real tears from Anna. His new wife quickly learned that spanking daddy’s princess was NOT an option.

spankings princess028 paddling princess032 princess033 AAA leather strap princess036 princess037 caning princess040 princess044

Click below for a Special Free Preview

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& so to this week’s new film which stars Kajira Bound in a new style series where the girls are asked to name their 3 fave positions and we film them getting spanked. Most go for OTK spanking, which is understandable, it’s one of my favorite positions too! It’s kind of more intimate between spanker and spankee and is such a versatile position too! Anyway, here areth eimages and a Free Clip of all 3 positions! I hope you like this as much as we did making it!

Kajira: Spanking Positions


This is a stunning debut from Kajira Bound in a new series of films where all the girls were asked what 3 positions they’d most want to be spanked in. Kajira also wanted to be spanked naked but for a pair of argyle patterned socks which made the whole viewing experience that little bit naughtier and kinky! She looked amazing and before filming told us that she wanted to be spanked in the traditional OTK position. This was the first film of the day so you will see her bottom redden after only a few minutes. This film is all about the subject, in this case the beautiful Kajira… and she had wanted to try something AAA was known for: The Wheelbarrow Spanking Position. You’ll see how she got on in that revealing ass up face down spanking as well as a little taster of what was to come, taking a leather strap in a very submissive “On all fours” position on the spanking bench! A fitting finale and a fantastic montage of spankings to introduce our latest spanking star.

k003 k004 OTK spanking Kajira Bound k007 wheelbarrow spanking k011 k012 spanking k014 k015 k016 k017 k020 k019

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lonestar spanking

Kajira will be attending the Lone Star Spanking Party 

Direct link is below on how to register & book your stay at the fab hotel in Houston, TX.


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