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Newbie gets a Spanking at Firm Hand

There’s a brand new “celebrity spanking” series which started recently at and I wasn’t sure if this would continue as they had obviously featured a few old classics and auditions recently where they were one time videos… but the good news is that this new girl (a real looker, too) looks set to stay the course in at least one whole series (these are usually 10-12 films or so in a series) on top of all their other usual updates of new clips 3 times/week. So plenty of variety is assured. Please welcome new girl, Lilian White (Lily)… the images and descriptions (below) are from her 1st 2 films. The second appeared today for members!

Celebrity Brat (A) – featuring Lilian White & Patrick Bateman
Rich brat Lilian White discovers what a soundly spanked bottom feels like.


“Spanking is a programme?” laughs Lilian White at new tutor Patrick Bateman, as he tells her to lie over his knee to be spanked in his discipline program. This Celebrity Brat comes from privilege but is about to experience her first-ever spanking – and it’s a doozy! Those bouncing bare globes quickly redden as Patrick gets to work on them.

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[jwplayer mediaid=”48122″]

Disobedience earns Lily a fast strapping on her bare bottom from a new tutor


Lying flat on a table, pert bottom bared, Lilian White flinches as a leather tawse turns her skin deep red. Protests fall on deaf ears as Patrick Bateman teaches this Celebrity Brat the meaning of obedience and respect. Her bare cheeks bounce as the leather is applied fast and hard. “Darn that strap stings so bad!” complains Lily.

celebrity_b003 celebrity_b005 celebrity_b007 celebrity_b008 celebrity_b009 celebrity_b013 celebrity_b014 celebrity_b016 celebrity_b022 celebrity_b023 celebrity_b012

[jwplayer mediaid=”48135″]


Firm Hand Spanking


Don’t forget!!! COMING SOON!

Lonestar Spanking party



  1. Lily is a very nice girl! I worked with her when we were both in Exclusive Education 9. Glad to see more from her, she was on a few Clare Fonda sites but then I hadn’t seen her filming any more. She’s a cutie!

  2. Tim Tim

    John yes cute young Alex .Yes I thought I d seen cute little before being spanked .Firm Hand is a great site I belong to it too ,best from Tim .

  3. Rick Rick

    Wow, what a nice little bubble-butt! Cute face as well!

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