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I got asked about one of the earliest Amelia Jane Rutherford images I remembered seeing and it was the striking image below of the spanking aftermath which was from

Do you remember the moment Amelia Jane arrived at this website?


This was the image I remember back then which piqued my interest at the time…

Well, I decided to check out more of this update and realized that it was from her first ever shoot with them sometime, I think, in either 2007 or 2008. And what a great intro it was as you’ll see below. This wasn’t her first site that she had worked at, of course, I do remember her Strictly English DVDs and I did have some of those but this was my first website image of her that I remember well.

Introducing Amelia Jane Rutherford – classic archives from Northern Spanking


This was what the good folk of had to say about this introduction!

This was shot on the evening she arrived as a kind of a warm-up for the following day and Amelia said she would like to be woken up, dragged out of bed and spanked! How could we say no? Having been so rudely awoken to be punished, as the shock wears off, Amelia Jane realizes she is over Paul’s lap having her bottom soundly spanked and she can’t quite recall why. Her indignation recedes slightly when the disaster in the Dining Hall has been explained to her.  Also explained to her is the fact that those tight white knickers will not be adorning her bottom for very much longer and a spanking is just the beginning of what she can expect…

NSI072-AP025 NSI072-AP039 otk spanking NSI072-AP048 NSI072-AP055 hand spanking NSI072-AP082 NSI072-AP100

As promised, Amelia Jane feel her knickers beng pulled down and herself being bent over her bed. That little strap is hard and stingy and always turns her pale bottom a glowing fiery red. Paul is still not finished with Amelia Jane and returns with a cane! Her only consolation is that she’s not to be caned in front of her entire House, as he has threatened – perhaps she’ll be a little more compliant now? There will be no repetition of the days antics for a very sore Amelia Jane as she nurses her caned bottom back to bed.

NSI072-AP164 spanking NSI072-AP136 caning bent over for her caning NSI072-AP191 NSI072-AP199 NSI072-AP210 NSI072-AP213


amelia jane rutherford spanking aftermath

Northern Spanking


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lone star spanking

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  1. Tim

    John yes Amelia has been a great favourite of ours and still is .I bought the Amelia Jane ones from Strictly English ,there were quite a few also Amelia appeared on a disc from Janus in number 166 for computer play she is on Firm Hand Spanking as well as others ,best from Tim .

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