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Daddy’s Home – Punishedbrats Spanking Movie

As I get older I find myself more and more drawn to these spanking scenarios, I’ve done a few of them with sarah and now I find myself looking out for these storylines. (I just filmed one with Joelle Barros most recently). But today, please do check this out… it also stars 3 of my fave peeps you could see together as their on screen dynamic is perfectly suited for this roleplay. has the perfect movie release, now out in full… take a look below.

Daddy’s Home – starring Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae & Dominic King

Adriana Evans & Mandie Rae bare bottom spanking 3 daddy1 spanking 6 leather strapping at home 10 11 daddy straps hard

Adriana and her sister Mandie had gone to a concert on a night they were forbidden to do so as their father was away on business. Unfortunately for the girls, they would have gotten away with this but for the fact that their car was towed for illegal parking. When their father came home he was furious. At first, as girls of their age typically do, Adriana and Mandie made fun of their father’s anger. They misread the nature of these circumstances and found themselves bent over the bed board for a spanking upon their bare bottoms. Their father was so angry that he finally decided to give his bratty daughters a taste of the strap. They were already crying from the hand spanking when the strap was intoroduced. Both Adriana and Mandie were strapped until their tears flowed freely and their Daddy was sure they had learned this lesson. Then, both tearful girls were sent to bed with their bottoms uncovered.

spanked by daddy daddy2spanking and strapping strapping by daddy d7 daddy3 spanking aftermath d12 d13


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Punished brats

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  1. Tim Tim

    Lovely girls young Mandie and Adrianna receive sound spanks indeed at Punished Brats a great site as your 3 are ,best from Tim .

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