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shadowlaneNot so long ago, Sarah Gregory & I had the “pleasure” of filming for alongside the beautiful and talented Violet October. This was a spanking film with a twist as Sarah played a nurse who harshly treated slacker, Violet… including spanking and enema punishments with a fantastic 24 stroke caning scene that beautifully welted Violet’s bum (as well as show just what an accomplished caner Sarah has become!) I played a small role as the visiting Doctor, checking up on reports of unusual practices at this clinic and I had the good fortune to buttplug Sarah as a punishment (it was in the script… honest!) as well as spanking both ladies, of course! Thank you Shadowlane for allowing us to be involved with this special film, it is out now for members to download, I have a few scenes and images from the film for your perusal (below) as well as a few more intricate storylines to help you understand it all in more detail.



A spanking, enema, butt plug, and caning tour de force! Starring Sarah Gregory, Violet October and John Osborne. Sarah spanks, canes and gives Violet an enema, John witnesses the punishment, then spanks and straps both girls and butt plugs Sarah for good measure! See a few scenes and video clips followed by more imagery from this production.


Miss Gregory explains to her supervisor, Mr. Osborne, that Miss Violet is the subject of the session he is about to observe. Miss Violet has bad eating habits and Miss Gregory plans to correct them. Mr. Osborne takes a seat and promises to stay out of her way. Violet arrives late, sullen and disappointed that her favorite therapist is on vacation. Miss Gregory scolds her for being late. Violet tries to reschedule for when Miss Rouge is back, but Miss Gregory won’t permit it. She warns Violet that she has already cancelled two scheduled appointments without proper notice and informs Violet that under her contract, she can be charged up to two hundred dollars for every missed appointment. Miss Gregory promises to waive these penalties if Violet promises to behave and accept her discipline therapy. Violet agrees, but seems inclined to fight Miss Gregory every step of the way. Miss Gregory decides to immediately correct Violet’s bratty attitude with an over the knee spanking. Mr. Osborne makes notes. Miss Gregory gets Violet to admit that she is completely ignoring the healthy eating recommendations she has been given at the clinic.

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Miss Gregory tells Violet to take her clothes off while she prepares her therapeutic enema. Violet complains that Miss Rouge always lets her change into cute pajamas for her treatment. Miss Gregory brings her some pajamas to change into but tells her she won’t be allowed to keep them on for long. Miss Gregory places Violet face down on exam table, lubricates her and takes her temperature rectally. Presently she uses a lube shooter to better lubricate Violet for her enema. Miss Gregory gives Violet the bag enema, with a clever dildo nozzle inserted to deliver the warm water. At Miss Gregory’s request, Mr. Osborne assists by holding the bag quite high. When Violet claims she can’t hold it any longer, Miss Gregory is very strict and tells her she must, spanking her and squeezing her tummy while Violet is on all fours. By now Violet’s pajama bottoms are off and her beautiful little bosom is exposed. When Violet can’t hold the water anymore, Miss Gregory escorts her out of the room, holding the bag. Violet is still plugged with the wiggly dildo nozzle.

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Eve Howard had this to say about their film: “I can barely contain my joy in presenting one of the most thrill packed videos we have ever shot. Top to BOTTOM is the ultimate bottom lover’s delight. It has girl spanks girl, boy spanks girl, double discipline, paddling, witness to punishment, temperature taking, enema, butt plug, hard caning, nipple tweak, marks, real tears. This video rivals “Spanking Girl’s Back Door Man” for hard spanking plus anal action, and it has a beautiful cast.”

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Violet has been to the clinic before but her favorite therapist, Ms. Rouge, is on vacation, therefore, grumpy Violet submits to the new nurse, with a very bad attitude. Nurse Gregory escorts Violet out after administering the embarrassing and intimate water enema to clean her out. After her embarrassing treatment, Violet is still a brat! Her impertinence earns her a very severe 24 stroke caning!

enema walk of shame caning and spanking Violet October

Mr. Osborne is displeased with Ms. Gregory’s zeal for administering inappropriately harsh punishments at the clinic and accuses her of unprofessional behavior. Then he turns her over his knee and spanks her. The nurse has a luscious, perfect bottom that turns the most delicious shade of red almost instantly under Mr. Osborne’s hand. Unbeknownst to Mr. Osborne and Nurse Gregory, the naughty, voyeuristic Violet has crept back into the room to witness and relish Nurse Gregory’s punishment spanking over her supervisor’s lap.

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As soon as Violet is discovered, she has her bottom bared afresh and is placed on her knees, alongside Nurse Gregory, for a stern paddling from Mr. Osborne.  Excited and turned on by how the afternoon is going, Violet demands that Mr. Osborne submit Nurse Gregory to the same sort of humiliation she herself was forced to endure. Mr. Osborne cannot but agree that this suggestion is only fair, and produces a small buttplug, which he then inserts into Nurse Gregory’s tight bottom, for the duration of her punishment, which ends in real tears for the embarrassed nurse. Violet gladly accepts more corporal punishment, in exchange for the thrill of seeing Nurse Gregory brought down off her high horse, to Violet’s level.  Both girls end up with hot, well spanked bottoms and of course, something to write about in their diaries that night.



Shadow Lane


Just before I close this post, I would like to say what a pleasure it was to finally meet Violet, she belies her petite look and can take a decent punishment (her caning by Sarah was testmount to that). She processed it like a true spanko lifestyler. I also love the fact she is not a morning person, it reminds me of Sarah (LOL) – We WILL be working with her later this year – no doubt in the afternoon – so any CUSTOM requests and of course our usual filming will be made soon before we intend to meet up with Violet again! Anyway, enjoy this film, it is rather good if i don’t say so myself!

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