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Recent Film Shoots at AAA

Sarah & I have been in the UK (duh… that’s no secret!) and whilst over here, amongst our travels… we did some filming. She has done a blog post HERE on some of the films that 2 ladies (one a returnee to AAA) had made with us both. I’ve probably got a few more images but here are a few featuring the lovely Katie Brown (hopefully her first film back at AAA will be out NEXT week!) and a fantastic and very memorable debut as a cheerleader, mommy’s little girl and of course daddy’s little girl for Belle Calder (she has been seen in the recent past at or at a year or two ago as I recall) including a wicked caning scene as a naughty schoolgirl (her hardest ever, she told us) with guest star Elsa Svenson (of Girl Next Door productions fame) which will also be coming soon to AAA Spanking

Katie Brown – coming soon to AAA Spanking

katie001 katie002 katie003 katie004 katie005 katie006

& Belle Calder will make her debut as well as a special guest appearance from Elsa Svensson

Coming Soon to AAA Spanking

belle001belle002 belle003 belle004 belle005 belle006 belle007 belle008 belle009

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  1. Paull Down Paull Down

    Wonderful some pyjama spankings. Can’t wait. I know you did eve nmore as i have seem both yours and Sarahs twitter entries so feeling very blessed. i also note that Ms Sevnson has one outon her site with her tanning Sarahs bum in her jamas. Keep them coming Chief

  2. We will… as long as our stuff isn’t constantly requested and pirated by the same freetards ruining it for us all… they like to think this hard work and effort should be given away for free. If that continues… we won’t!

  3. Tim Tim

    Cute young spankee girls are well spanked in the stills looks very good , best from Tim .Katie and Belle.

  4. Paull Down Paull Down

    I understand John on a personal basis and speaking for others here I hope it does not come to that

    regards Paul

  5. Tim Tim

    So do i chums .

  6. Ian London Ian London

    Great stuff working with Miss Svenson and Belle. Some fine productions here by the look of the samples.

  7. Ian London Ian London

    By the way, hope you enjoyed the UK visit in these turbulent times.

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