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Whitney Morgan gets spanked by Sarah Gregory

This is the first of two Whitney Morgan updates this week as I’ll be covering another different one tomorrow that sees a more dominant side to her… but today this is an excellent and very colorful update that is available in full at Sarah Gregory Spanking – It was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon and I have to say that the imagery from this video is awesome… as well as having Sarah Gregory looking mean and dominant, even in her panties! Check out the GIFs and images taken from the video (below) which helps describe just what a visual treat Whitney’s punishment spanking turned out!

Whitney the bad room mate!


Whitney and Sarah are sharing a room at Fetishcon and Whitney is being a complete slob. Sarah is pissed as she cannot find the dress she wanted to wear in the mess of a hotel room. Whitney doesn’t seen to be all that concerned so Sarah threatens what she does best. Whitney doesn’t want to be spanked, but Sarah is determined to spank her with her arsenal of implements. Whitney cries out in pain as Sarah uses each and every one of her toys on her sore bottom until it is bright red.

0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-007 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-014 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-016 spanking Whitney Morgan whit1 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-036 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-047 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-051 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-052 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-056 paddled and given a hard spankingspanking with a paddle whit3 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-065 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-066 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-075 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-086 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-090 whit4 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-095 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-098 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-099


This movie can be downloaded in full with 100’s more exclusive videos produced by Sarah Gregory at her signature spanking site HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking

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  1. Tim Tim

    Cute little Whitney has a spanking from young Sarah using different implements on her botty ,best from , Tim .

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