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Rosie Robinson Appreciation Post

I just took a little break before my next update post to let you know about a UK lingerie and fitness model called Rosie Robinson who is gaining popularity on social media… she is ever so gorgeous and I have no idea if she is a spanko in her personal life, but I sure would like to find out! With a perfect tight body and buns like hers… oh my. I digress. Feel free to check out her Twitter Profile HERE for more images and what she gets up to!

See Below: A collection of some of my fave pics of her, they are all full size so feel free to use them as a wallpaper #smoking #hot #pleasebeaspanko

Say "hello" to Rosie Robinson

Rosie Robinson – click any image for the largest full screen resolution that I could find for you from all the many and various social media outlets! She is a very popular lady! #schwiiing

rosierobinson1 rosierobinson2 rosierobinson3 rosierobinson4 rosierobinson5 rosierobinson6 Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson

Ass Intermission

Thank you Tumblr and various Google searches resulting from that for bringing me this quick “Ass Appreciation” post for you today. I sometimes like to look for some extremely spankable asses online in my downtime (ahem) … I hope you like these as I did! There is nothing more to say… feast your eyes on these 20 images of booty, whooty & lovely spankables! These are done in no order of preference 🙂

redhead ass black and white ass panties down for a spanking spank dat redhead ass cute lycra shortts ass ass in tight leggings tight buns for a spanking blonde butt ready for a spanking spankable teen ass knickers down pantyhose ass wet soapy suds ass athletic spankable ass exposed ass and pussy cute girl next door ass big spankable ass ebony ass booty leggings ass ass

More coming soon from various fine spanking sites plus my update on the fab Lone Star Spanking Party

Asses of Tumblr

As a break between updates and a new film of mine coming out later today… check out what I had been liking or reblogging over at Tumblr. Lots of pretty spankable bottoms. Credits on images are left if they are still there, otherwise go check my Tumblr page, one of many ass, spankable and spanking pages that has a lot of people hooked liking and reblogging images (that they see of each other in their networks of sites that they follow.)

tumblr_n6x8nojxbL1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7lyudJ7fv1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7smsx6zN21tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_natso5BLMr1s03awmo1_1280 tumblr_nford9pxmd1qf3yvvo1_1280 tumblr_ng5htcMlbS1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nghn5xgXOn1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nhpur3ifIN1rdgf8do1_1280 tumblr_ni6humnJtt1r43ttjo1_1280 tumblr_niryib40Dp1qa157wo1_1280

Ass Grabbing Collection – part 2

Some of you will love this, some will probably want me hanged, drawn and quartered, as I bring you some more images from the interwebs (most notably Tumblr and Google name tag searches) – copyrights are kept where there are some and I’m afraid the tumblr blogs have reblogged and shared the images it’s impossible to credit anyone originally… so if you haven’t seen any of these, enjoy! I will be back later with a hot girl on girl and domestic spanking update that you shouldn’t miss!






grabbing her ass

ass grab and grabbing fun

More Shameless Volleyball Ass Sightings


You know my fetish for girls in Volleyball uniforms and the way that those shorts can sometimes ride up or perfectly reveal the girls spankable bottoms… well, here are some more finds for you… I have even taken the time to find the largest res images available anywhere on t’internet too! Enjoy my pervy diversion for you all this afternoon!

volley volley01 volley1


volley03 volley04 volley06


volley07 volley08 volley21


volley10 volley11 volley12


volley13 volley15 volley16


volley17 volley18 volley19


volley23 volley24 volley25


Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Ok, I suppose I could post lots of pics of grown men and women crying after last night’s defeat to the victorious Germans… hmmm, maybe I will, but one thing is for sure… what is trending right now is #2girlsnocup “2 Girls No Cup” (a play on the infamous and rather yukky “2 Girls One Cup” which the less I say about that, the better, lol. The latest trend is due to this crowd fan image in Rio’s famous Maracana Stadium last night – see below:


These 2 accompanied the Argentine team and provided their fans with much eye candy!

Now, I have done some (ahem) investigating seeing as they just looked almost too perfect and of course, I was right, they are famous in Argentina, the Xipolikatis Sisters… who not only sing and model… and of course looks gorgeous…. but they also get naked and love being naughty and showing off their most amazing bodies and toned bottoms… as you will see below.



xipolitakis-3 xipolitakis-4 xipolitakis-5



xipolitakis-f2 xipolitakis-f3 xipolitakis-f4


So with that in mind… I don’t feel remotely sorry for Argentina since they have these 2 beauties to console themselves over! Their grandparents from the beautiful Greek island of Samos would be proud! (See? I did research and stalk them a little, lol!) – oh, and I won’t even go into seeing all the wonderful girls in bizarre 10 pin bowling shows they have in this country… televised, you can look that up for yourselves!!! I promise it’s worth it.


Oh… and a couple of images of distraught fans… hehe! 😉



I’ll be back later with more spanking updates to start your week 🙂

April Ass Grabbers

Don’t worry, I won’t pull some lame April Fool’s joke on you all… I find the prospect of looking through newspapers and online news agencies later today with some shitty made up story unbearably tedious… then again, I can be a right moody bastard at times. I had been intending to do a nice big blog post but instead got waylaid with other work, so I am sorry, but as a quick reminder to make it a worthwhile but brief visit, why not enjoy these ass grabbing images I found on my hard drive? What’s there not to like… I call this spanking foreplay! I love grabbing me some piece of ass *wink*

Images are taken from non spanking sites and copyrights are kept where possible.







I’ll be back later (I hope) with news of what’s out later this week!!!

Cheerleader Butts & Upskirts

Whilst I am updating my site and this blog, please find some images to keep you occupied… some are of my fave subject: CHEERLEADERS! Enjoy! I have some links to another blog with a couple of posts you shouldn’t miss that I updated earlier today too!!! All images are as large as I could find them for your enhanced viewing pleasure!

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com















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