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Post Election Spankings

Results of the UK General Election 2015Well, that was interesting and unforeseen, though analysts are now working out the “Scottish factor” in how it all went so horribly wrong for a couple of major player parties and better for others… but at the midst of it all, Scotland in the UK elections was pivotal to it all. I don’t expect non Brits to fully grasp this or be interested, so again, go to SPANKING STARTS HERE a little below. For the rest of you… here goes: The party I voted for got annihilated in the elections, losing heavily to the Scots in the north and the Conservatives (Tories) throughout England in the south and their heartlands in the south west. the Lib Dems knew it wouldn’t be good (smaller parties that help form coalitions know they will lose badly sometimes) so they were prepared for losses… but I appreciate they did it for the good of the country way back in 2010 when the world seemed a scary uncertain place as a Brit then. It hasn’t been easy, living with Austerity, but I do believe the country got better (considering the alternatives) and didn’t end up like Greece or Spain within Europe which would have been disastrous.

Results in pictures HERE

Final standingsIt has been an emotional election, something I doubt Americans or Europeans are even aware or care about! The Scots will be a noisy but largely ineffectual presence in Westminster but they will get more concessions as promised so it will be interesting but as for more instability? – Game over: I can rest a little easier, I suppose. It’s the lesser of 2 evils. I just deleted swathes of paragraphs, this is a spanking blog after all, so just click on the links I have left or the button above if you want to see what happened.

My opinion on the matter no longer counts, the real awful threat I and many had feared has not come to fruition and it would appear this is one reason why the reds of Labour fared so badly in the south and the crucial marginal seats as people chose to stick with the Blue side of the political spectrum whilst punishing the Lib Dems for siding with the Tories in the first place (we all got to have scapegoats, right?) Like it or not, those on the left usually bleat far more, this is democracy in action. Swords have come out and leaders of many opposition parties have fallen on them… we move on. So, enough of this, let’s get on with what we’re really here for!


A delightfully named “Slut Monday” film is just out from NorthernSpanking.com with the gorgeous Ginger Sparks and her very spankable rounded bubble butt inviting all sorts of trouble from Paul Kennedy!

spanked in daisy dukes spanking short shorts bouncing spanked cheeks paddled butt ass spanking rounded breasts and ass Ginger Sparks bubble butt

Ginger is a junior data analyst. On Casual Friday her boss, Paul, gets complaints about her choice of wardrobe. Having summoned Ginger to his office the problem was immediately apparent. His stress level rising, Paul’s attempts to get through to her about why this is not appropriate for work leave Ginger unfazed. As most of her round bottom is on display already, he knows exactly what to do. Bending Ginger over his desk, he begins to give her a sound spanking.  Ginger is less than contrite but offers to change into something else from her car, explaining that she has several outfits for her other job. At his wits end, Paul responds by applying a heavy, leather paddle to her exposed cheeks.
Offended by her inappropriate shorts, he orders her to take them off, only to discover that her undergarments are not exactly work appropriate, either: she is wearing the skimpiest G-string possible! Ginger is paddled hard on her bare cheeks, making her curvy bottom glow with redness. She finally promises to find something appropriate to change into.
Maybe Ginger has learned her lesson but her parting shot on leaving tends to suggest otherwise!

Ginger gets her bubble butt paddled

See this new video HERE of Ginger’s rounded cheeks getting as red as her hair!


Here’s a very British scene with Pandora Blake and some birching action… and it’s outside (brrr!) Go check this out, I like the idea and the story behind this, you can tell Pandora liked this too!

Beautiful Pandora sticks out her tempting bottom for this birching!
Bound, naked and vulnerable… What a sight!

Dreams-of-Spanking Pandora Blake Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden019 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden022 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden029 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden030 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden037 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden042 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden048 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden050 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden052 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden057 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden071

Thomas positions Pandora so that she is leaning forward, with her bottom thrust out and her nipples hardening in the breeze. He watches in amusement as Michael touches and caressing Pandora’s naked body, playing with her breasts and bottom. The two men silently co-ordinate with glances – Pandora has no idea there is more than one of them there as Michael steps back to let Thomas take aim with the birch. Tied naked and helpless, Pandora writhes under the stinging strokes, completely unaware that Michael is watching everything.
As the birching progresses, the men take turns to stroke and squeeze Pandora’s exposed breasts and bottom, licking her nipples and rubbing the welts left by the birch until she eventually realizes that she’s being dominated by not one man, but two. But whose are the second pair of hands – and who has been doing what to her? It’s not until the blindfold comes off that Pandora learns who has been playing with her all this time…



A gorgeous new F/F film update from English-Spankers.com is next with Sarah Stern getting brunette, Bonnie May, over her lap and those white panties down for a good hard paddling as you’ll see why… (below)

THE SEXUAL PREDATOR – starring Bonnie May

english spankers

There is trouble at the office and Bonnie May is at the root of it. She has been harassing a new young male employee, she has flaunted her body at the poor young chap and he does not know how to respond. He has now reported her to the company boss who has called her in for an interview. Bonnie does not think what she is doing is wrong so there has to be a lesson applied and it will be to her bare bottom. A good hard spanking followed by a session with the leather paddle and a warning that her behavior needs to change.

spanking spanking over panties OTK spanking Sarah Stern spanks Bonnie May bare butt spanking npp7135019 leather strapping ouchy spanking punishment npp7135029 npp7135032

If you want to see the full HD film of Bonnie… and her other films – CLICK HERE


Getting drunk at a music festival isn’t a wise course of action when returning to Mike’s place… as beautiful Dutch girl, Leandra finds out! I liked this role for her as it was something she would easily do (LOL). Her hair is a little darker too. It’s nice to get a fix of her, she will be appearing at AAA Spanking in around a month or so (looking absolutely stunning in a role I have NEVER seen her play) Anyway, you lovers of “Beautiful L” can easily settle your fix of her at Real Life Spankings as she appears here a lot too! Check out this film below!

leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141450 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141507 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141531 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141615 spanking and strapping leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141650 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141707 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141714 leandra_smf5 leandra_smf6

Of course with all the music festivals starting again it didn’t take long for Leandra to misbehave herself once more! This time she got drunk on beer. Mike took 2 empty beer cans, turned his massage table into a punishment bench then made her lay on it holding the cans whilst he spanked, strapped and tawsed her bottom good and hard!

 Leandra James strapping

Very ouchy! You can see the full results of this excellent punishment HERE


I say this everytime I write a post – don’t turn up at the Last Chance Saloon if you’re in Houston, Texas and want to get the best possible places and access to the biggest spanking party this state has ever known (& it’s known for BIGGER and BIGGEST things, of course). It  gets under way on May 28-31st! Yee harrrr!

the Lone Star Spanking Party 2015



To boldly Spank where no man has spanked before

OK, as some of you might know, I am a massive geek and love all things Sci-Fi – and especially the Star Trek franchise so I was really excited to see one of Mike’s latest uniform additions at Spanked-in-Uniform.com which is loosely based Starfleet’s finest of the Federation… However, this is NOT Starfleet in the future… but Earth Fleet (after all, the Dutch are now in Outer Space… in another alternative timeline, or something equally impossible and contradictory, lol!) Anyway… who can resist seeing girls getting spanked in those skimpy Earth Fleet uniforms? Let’s beam up to the Disciplinary Ship Genesis… a place where no Earth Fleet cadets want to end up for long! Unless they are quadrupeds that don’t need to sit down (OK, I’ll shut up, I’m geeking you all out!!!)

This is what the website says about the new series!
It is the year 2364 and Earth Fleet Command has decided that all females serving in Earth Fleet that have discipline problems, serve some time on the Disciplinary Ship Genesis. Commanding Genesis is the very strict Captain Rogers who runs his ship with an iron hand. Join us on her missions and see ensigns, Earth Fleet cadets and officers get rid of their discipline issues by means of well spanked red sore bottoms! To boldly spank where no man has spanked before!







In part one from the pilot episode we see Captain Rogers arrive on the Genesis while she is in spacedock. Lieutenant Betty & ensign Monique greet him at the airlock but almost  immediately the Captain notices Monique’s hair is not tied up according to Earth Fleet regulations. He informs Lieutenant Betty to take Monique to her quarters as soon as the ship enters warp and to spank her soundly for this dishonour. & then she will get spanked too for not noticing an ensign with her hair loose. As soon as the Genesis was heading for the Uhura system at Warp 6, both Betty & Monique were having their bottoms soundly spanked and they were then introduced to the Captain’s dreaded “Punisher”.

See more of the Captain’s Spank Logs of this new series HERE

Also featuring at Spanked-in-Uniform.com this week… the stunning Leandra!






Back to something more down to Earth at Mike’s 50’s Diner…

In part two of Leandra’s painful evaluation she first gets a sound birching for serving the wrong flavour milkshakes a few times. After the birching she got a sound OTK slippering for not knowing how to make a proper banana split and lastly she had to bend over for a sound bare bottom strapping for being rude to a customer. She left with a very sore bottom!

Take a taster for yourself of the delicious Leandra’s punishment – Full movie is Here


Tempting Tuesday at the Blogg!

I shall not dwell on the fact this is a significant date, we all know what happened just over 11 years ago today… and I have to say it was great to see the “Freedom Tower” being built in NYC on my recent visit… however, this is a spanking blog and spankings are what you all crave so to satisfy that need I have a great start to today’s updates with news of what members will be able to view (from tomorrow) at my own site, the much awaited birching film of Kami Robertson in the submissive maid series.

Kami is stripped naked and given a hard birching by the Master of the House

I have a few early exclusive images to show you, as there will be a photo set that will accompany the long play film as well as the usual HD video screen shots that are always shown with any movie at the site. As you should know by now, it comes in 2 versions, WMV (960×540) – and MP4 which plays at (1280×720) size resolution. Both versions look great and wmv also comes in smaller sizes for those with slower connections but as the world wide web gets faster I reckon this option will become more obsolete, but for now, believe it or not, I know that there are still many members who join who do not have a very fast connection and have thanked me in emails for providing the smaller file sizes so they can take time to download the films. OK, as I said, here are some exclusive images from the future photoset which best showcase what happens to hapless maid, Kami Robertson.

This is the 2nd of the “Submissive Maid” series of films and Kami took a birching from her Master of the House. She had to go pick the birch twigs herself and tie them together before presenting Harold with The Birch and he made her assume the position he wanted to punish her in over the chair. It wasn’t long before the criss-cross tell tale welts from the birch could be seen and Harold ordered Kami to remove her clothing so he could see her reactions more clearly in this eery light as she fought for breath and tried to hold back her tears until her body convulsed in pain and the endorphins took over allowing Kami to take the full punishment. This is one of the most intimate and severe films we have ever made and should be a “must have” for all collectors of spanking erotica.


You can see an exclusive early preview of this film below!

Check out MORE of this film HERE


I couldn’t resist showing you this more sexually themed spanking out now at Pandora’s Dreams Of Spanking as she and one of her poly partners D show us what happens in private with this feature called “Mirror Mirror”. It shows the love, lust and a leather belt as he skilfully claims both Pandora’s body and her willing submission. Two large mirrors reflect every moment of intense eroticism, from spanking to “other intimacies” as you will discover. Images below are reduced in size and members get to see 131 images in this new update out now!






See MORE of what Pandora has been up to on the extensive tour pages HERE


& finally in this all English line up today, here is a gorgeous new girl called Lucy who looks oh so spankable in that naughty uniform, luckily she is just that as she is one of the naughtiest girls in school and the new teacher wastes no time in reminding her that he takes no nonsense from misbehaving girls in class!

The new master at St. Justs school for young ladies is taking his first detention class and has the misfortune to get involved with Lucy, the naughtiest pupil in the school. When she refuses to carry out her detention punishment he decides to give her a spanking. Over his knee he spanks her on top of her knickers and then removes them for a really sound beating on her tender bottom. The first video by this exciting new girl on the spanking scene – images below (reduced in size) are courtesy of English-Spankers.com




Check out a FREE HD-WMV Clip at this link HERE of new schoolgirl Lucy


To those that say we English sites don’t know how to produce good spanking scenes, the above should be proof enough we know what we’re doing and we like what we do! Have a think again as we have some of the hottest spanking scenes and exclusive girls around!

2 Posts Today – Post 1 “Schpaaankings”

You are lucky today, you are getting 2 posts, I shall be letting you know about a site I love but rarely get any feedback off compared to their other site which I covered yesterday (Spanked-in-Uniform) – so I am referring to Mike (from Rotterdam) and his long serving site that many will best know him for, the awesome Real-Life-Spankings.com which has been going for years… and, as Mike had once told me, has built up quite a following… I can see why as he regularly features girls not seen anywhere else and of course most of his girls are Dutch, like he is… who all speak impeccable English and some of these girls have the sexiest accents as they plead with him not to “schpaaank” them anymore!

I like Mike, we have never met, but I hope to one day soon… perhaps we could even do a double shoot together (Like I did with NorthernSpanking not too long ago) – or we could compare polo shirts (I too have a vast collection but have only featured a few on film, I’m wearing a stripey one right now in Mike’s honor 🙂 – We also keep in contact by mail often and discuss the trials and tribulations of being hard pressed webmasters and such but I had to say to him although I loved his RLS site to bits (I really do), what’s there not to like when it has a vast archive of spanking materials? I did say to him that whenever I promoted the site, nobody seemed to be interested, which is a crying shame, so I’d love some feedback on this site, have you been a member? Considering being one again? Anything you liked or disliked? Let me know in a comment or 2. Perhaps after you view some recent and some hot scenes below, you may also change your mind, or become a little more curious about Mike’s site, especially if you haven’t been there for a while! So sit back and enjoy the ride that is Real Life Spankings as I take you on a quick journey of some incredible scenes…

So where do I begin? Perhaps in this great series of films with red haired Foxxy Angel and one of Mike’s recent additions, Britanny, who gets a birching in the diaper position, there’s a couple of GIF images below (that Mike has become very good at making, don’t you think?) which best illustrate the essence of this series as both girls get the thrashing of their foolish lives for being, well… drunk and topless! 🙂



Next, I decided to show you what’s just released as Mike throws trim Monique and Stacey over his knee whacking their tight naked butts hard! Both girls are punished soundly resulting in 2 very red little bottoms that will be stinging for hours! Naughty little Stacey and Monique’s disciplinarian Mike had the following to share to you about why he gave them such a serious punishment spanking till their cute bare bottoms were unbelievably red!

Monique and Stacey went out together and while they were in traffic, Monique, who was driving, got a text message. Now in Holland it is illegal (like it is here in England to use your cell phone whilst driving) to text and drive and is very dangerous as well! The little madam decided to text back anyway with the result that they hit the car in front of them. Nothing serious though just a few ruined fenders but still reason enough for them both to be soundly punished. Including Stacey because she could have stopped her from texting. I decided on a punishment day. They were told to arrive at 7 AM the next day and they arrived 5 minutes late with the result I gave them both a sound over one knee spanking. They had to clean the entire office, scrub floors with their bottoms bare, write punishment lines while getting strapped. They got a mid morning paddling, a sound afternoon spanking and to end the day they felt the cane across their bare bottoms!




I decided to feature another fairly recent movie starring Brittany (again) alongside one of my fave stars from Mike’s sites… blonde Leandra, they both take their turn over Mike’s lap with their panties yanked right down and their beautiful bottoms bared for a damned hard hand spanking!

He sent them both to the corner with their freshly spanked hot bottoms on full display! Both girls are punished very thoroughly leaving them with plenty of time to think in the corner!

This was what Mike had to say in person about this cracking discipline session:

“It was summer time and over here in Holland that meant there were quite a few open air music festivals. Brittany and Leandra attended one but instead of behaving themselves, the little madams got quite drunk on cheap wine and even went topless! Time for a special punishment. I ordered them to come over and I bought a bottle of wine, which they had to hold with both hands while they were over my knee getting a sound spanking and to end off with a lengthy humiliating corner time for them to reflect on their poor behavior!




Finally another fave of mine is Angel (and she certainly isn’t, unless she is a fallen one). There’s plenty of her stuff featured at this site and the one below I may have shown in the recent past, so forgive me if you’ve seen it before, but I liked this film so wanted to show it again!

Pretty Angel has once again earned her naughty little self a attitude adjustment in the form of a discipline spanking. She waits nervously bent over with her plump bottom on show and ready for her impending punishment with the thick leather strap.



You’ll understand why this naughty brat got such a punishment as Mike explained below:

Mobile phones are annoying, dear members. Everyone uses them everywhere at all times. Angel is one of those that do. I caught the little madam on her bike, using her phone and nearly running down a few pedestrians. I told her to report to our new location, but I was tied up in traffic for around 10 minutes, so I told her to go in to the office, bare her bottom, lay over the desk and put the strap in her mouth. When I arrived I gave her a sound bare bottom strapping and then I put her in the corner with her mobile phone stuck in her mouth to teach her a lesson.


Let me know what you think of this site – it’s been around for an age and has a vast archive of original content!
(I’ll be back later with a post of the week’s spanking updates from all over…)

Cute girls given much needed spankings!

Hi everyone, I will just go straight for it today, less of my waffle and a quick look around the wonderful world of the spanking internet! You might also want to check my other blog HERE as I updated that earlier with some cool stuff… and the first update here is a continuation of that cool stuff elsewhere so if you like this, definitely check out the other blog as it contains a free clip and the previous spanking that beautiful maid, Corrine Gonzalez, gets at the hands of Allaura Shane who just can’t stop spanking this cute girl… I don’t blame her!

See MORE of Corrine & the hot new girls spanked exclusively at FirmHandSpanking


Next up is from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com and although there isn’t a lot of spanking in this scene I’m about to show, the movie does have this and the overwhelming theme of humiliation – as only Clare Fonda knows how. In this old classic with hot redhead, Vixen, she gives the girl an air enema and this makes her fart, this was when Clare played her evil alter ego “Aunt Gwen” and you can see part of this scene below and the obvious tampon Vixen is wearing too… which Clare playfully tugs at! (OMG!) With the spankings this girl gets, this is why a visit to the archives of this site is a MUST SEE!

If you thought that was hot check the archives again and you’ll come across another old classic from a model we all know so well who gets more similar humiliating treatment with bottom inspections/temperature takings and such – poor Amber Pixie Wells! Oh my!!!

Check out what is in the archives at spankedcallgirls.com HERE

This site is part of Clare’s infamous & top value CLARE FONDA PASS


You can never go wrong with schoolgirl spankings, their cute uniforms, the almost inexhaustible excuse to punish the girls in and out of their panties and all those institutional instruments of correction… it’s a spanko’s dream come true!!! So it is for Mr Johnson at St Catherine’s School for Girls where Stacey, Patricia & Sammie were getting an extra history lesson because they were quite lazy in class. That became quite obvious as their answers to the questions on WW2 were quite ludicrous! They got their bottoms spanked a few times and they earned themselves 18 demerits which got them a sound paddling AND a bare bottom birching before the lesson was over. They left with very sore bottoms under those school skirts – all this wonderment can be found at the most delightful Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Finally today from Russia (without much love) the unfortunate girls who experience severe spankings and harsh punishments for the first time often ends in tears… as it is here and no amount of stunning beauty can deter these guys from going easy on the girls! Some amazing images are below that accompany these movies, one of which I have watched several times recently… for, er… educational reasons on the cultural teachings of old Mother Russia (and such!)

Check out the new look tour pages that shows you all the latest movie updates HERE

Update 2 at the start of December!

Seeing girls spanked in and out of various uniforms is always a fave little fetish of mine along with ensuring that said girls are attractive minxes that deserve said spankings and, as I always hope, much worse for their disgraceful behavior… well, one such site has been catering to this for almost a year and continues to update at a frightening pace making this a must see site from the Dutch “Schpannnking Meister”, Mike, from Holland! Spanked-in-Uniform.com

However first, I am sorry but … WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO DIGRESS BRIEFLY! OK, I’m sure he’s not upset that Holland and Belgium will be out for the count in tomorrow’s World Cup bid for 2018, and now, it looks as if England’s bid is scuppered, we are the home of football (soccer), our country could host it tommorow with state of the art facilities, but I’m sure it will go to Russia (bribes and kickbacks anyone?) but I’m actually past caring as I actually hope deep down it DOES go to Russia or the Spanish/Portugeuse bid (which is ludicrous seeing as Spain hosted it in 1982… and England did so in 1966! and both those countries are virtually bankrupt…but I digress as usual). “So why don’t I care?” I hear you ask impatiently…well, the parasites that infest the boardroom at my football club, Plymouth Argyle, are simply property developing scum wanting to profit from building a stadium and facilities if England get the bid and they don’t care a jot about the playing side and name of our club, they have seriously disinvested on the playing side and in over 30 years of me foolishly following my beloved club, this team are by far the worst, most uninterested bunch of overpaid dross and journeymen to ever have shamed our famous green shirts – and my club is now on the brink of liquidation anyway, our fall from grace has been spectacular, seems they will go into Administration at the very least soon or be wound up on Dec 8th, stiffing those who invested in the “spiel” and schmooze as well as the staff and players not being paid last month, it’s a damned disgrace and of course Administration hurts those foolish enough to be associated with the club at every level and I know damn well how that feels, it sucks BIG time and many will never recover! So come on Russia, force the scumbags out of my club when they see the England bid has failed! Oops, seems to be a soapbox rant again… sorry about that!

& now to the uniform updates – and what updates they are! Do you remember the new girl Chervana who was sent to the Birchrod Inn recently in her gorgeous maid’s outfit? Click the image below for a quick reminder, her update is towards the end of that post! (mmm!)

Wasn’t that simply stunning? Well, I have news for you, she is now in the familiar pink air hostess uniform of Air Europe and stars in the latest episode called “Nuts!” – and I can tell you’ll go “nuts” for her as I have when you check out some of the images below of her punishment at the hands of Mr Johnson!

In this episode Chervana explained what happened to her. It was a painful day for her bottom. She had a party so she decided to take a box of nuts from the airplane’s serving cabin but was caught. Mr Johnson gave her a good hard bare bottom spanking for that but worse was to come! That afternoon on a later flight she was working on, the little madam got hungry so she decided to take MORE nuts and was caught again by Mr Johnson who this time promptly marched her up to his office when the plane returned to base and gave her a sound OTK thrashing with the carpet beater like her dear mother used to give her. To make sure this pouting minx really had learnt her lesson he gave her six of the best with the cane and sent her packing where we could clearly see the damage done to Chervana’s booty-botty!

I am so looking forward to seeing MORE of Chervana very soon – CLICK HERE

As I’m focussing on this site, it would be rude of me not to mention that Ellen May Davis has now also appeared here getting her spankings so far as a police officer and a nurse which I can show you below, some great storylines and of course this girl can take quite a thrashing when required! As you’ll see below!

MIRANDA RIGHTS“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?” (these are the accepted rights that police officers usually read out when arrests are made…fail to read someone their rights and they could get off on technicalities…)

The story of this South West Police station update above: PC Davis caught a young girl Monique drinking beer in public and arrested her. Back at the station she gave Monique the option either go to court and get fined, or get a spanking right there and then. Monique choose the latter and Ellen spanked her soundly. When the Superintendant found out and Ellen May and Monique were in his office, it became apparent that PC Davis forgot the “Miranda Rights” whilst arresting the girl so she was bent over the desk and while she recited the Rights, her bottom got soundly spanked with a long wooden stinging ruler. Monique was also told that her spanking was justified and never to drink in public again … or else!

Nurse fetishists will be happy to see Dr Johnson doing what he does best when not attending to his patients at the spanko hospital St Elizabeth’s! See some choice images from “Sassy Nurse” the latest uniform update at Spanked-In-Uniform.com

A new nurse Ellen May Davis from America joined the staff at St Elizabeth. During her first interview with Dr Johnson it became very clear that she was a very sassy young madam with a big mouth and a serious attitude problem! Dr Jonhson got so fed up with her that he promptly grabbed her and gave her a sound spanking. “This is NOT America!” he said! The next day she was again sassy and dismissive to one of her patients so she was called into the office again when Dr Johnson had heard about it. He decided to give her a nasty birching, over the bed and in the diaper position since she was acting such a brat! Then, to learn humility, she was forced to stand in the hallway for a while, bottom bare, with the dreaded sign pinned on her back that we, and the patients all know and love to see!



From the same network run by Mike & his other fine half, Kelly, I thought I’d mention the latest updates from REAL LIFE SPANKINGS there as it stars one of my favorite Dutch lassies, a real gorgeous brat – the tempting Angel who just never learns and I think this is the third or 4th time she has come back to do a series of films, I really have the hots for this brat and she must be one of the most filmed girls at the site and with reason, as I love her Dutch accent when she speaks English and I love her look, which changes everytime she appears…but her bottom ALWAYS ends up red – which is VERY Reasassuring!!!

In the continuing return of Angel… here is what Mike described from this movie update (available to view in FULL) called “Hamburger Place Twice!”
“As you know Angel is working on her condition after her illness and she has to visit the gym twice a week and eat healthily. This went well for a while until she confessed that last week she had visited a well known hamburger place twice! Time for another sore red bottom so I laid the little madam over my left knee and strapped her over her panties. Then I told her to take down her panties and lay over the chair. Then I strapped her bare bottom soundly and I made her sit on her sore bare bottom for a few hours while we had a drink.”


STOP PRESS, ANOTHER Angel movie has just been released today! However, MEMBERS can view this now – I shall be catching up with this later (descritpion below)

By her own request Mike is now keeping a close eye on Angel when it comes to her gym visits, what food she eats etc. because she wants to get back in shape. (You’ll have seen what happened last time!) Then Mike found out that the little madam forgot to pay her gym fee so…. over his knee she went for a sound spanking! What a way to start December!!! 😀


English & Dutch Role Reversals

Well, Holland may be playing Spain in the World Cup Final on Sunday and the English failed miserably in their worst World Cup placing for an age … but we English DO have something to celebrate…the Referee will be an Englishman, so watch your manners you lot!  (wowee! What a consolation, lol … actually Howard Webb is a very good referee and is no doubt the best guy to boss these players since he knows half of them that play in the English Premier League).

So, good luck to both sides on Sunday, I have no real preference to be honest, I just want it to be a great showpiece of European football, I’m sure it will be a tight cagey affair, and in this role reversal Mike’s last few updates at Spanked-in-Uniform have featured some of England’s finest spankees in the shape of Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake and Lottie Kinsade to name a few.

As I’m pressed for time and I have given more than enough coverage to the gorgeous young Lottie at loads of sites, you’ll see the 2 very latest updates from AJR and Pandora in 2 “uniform” updates at St Catherines School (schoolgirl uniform) and The Birchrod Inn (French maid uniforms). Enjoy!!! I most certainly did and these girls got some serious red bottoms!

Amelia Jane is back & looking scrummy in her dark blue navy uniform of St Catherine’s

Amelia is having a bad week at school. The first day she overslept and was late for school so she was immediately spanked on arrival by Mr Smith who was on duty spanking any latecomers without excuses. Later that day she was sent to the Headmaster for forgetting her homework and she got a sound bare bottom birching! The next day she overslept again and the Headmaster caned her bottom! Poor girl, check out some vid grabs from this excellent long play movie OUT NOW HERE to view in full!

Who doesn’t have a thing for seeing girls as lovely as Amelia spanked in school uniform, eh? Well, Pandora Blake’s latest update is a great twist as it’s a continuation of her time at the Birchrod Inn before…and it’s a great storyline and one of Pandora’s most severe spankings I’ve seen in a while!

Pandora finally has a use for Mr Johson as part of the furniture

The Transformation, with Pandora Blake:
The last spanking and leather paddling didn’t have much effect on Pandora because the next day Mr Johnson caught her wanting to post a letter to her lawyer in which she accused him of sexual harrassment, human rights violations etc… (thanks to our wishy washy much abused European Human Rights legislation).  Mr Johnson was furious, so he pulled her across his knee and gave her a HARD proper red bottom spanking! Later she got her thighs smacked for not curtseying properly and she got the “special” Birchrod Inn training. Serving drinks properly, ashtray positioning, kissing feet etc.. She was transformed from a hoity-toity little madam into a submissive, compliant, proper little maid. This is one movie NOT to be missed (vid grabs are below and only tell part of the story):

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Lovers of Mike’s work will of course be well aware of his long running and very successful Domestic Discipline site that features MANY exclusive girls from Holland (as well as importing our hapless English hussies) and this site still gets the Chief’s Top Trouser arousal ratings for “Schpannnkings”…here is naughty Miranda getting the Real Life Spanking treatment with a spanking and a birching, which I really love to see!

This is what Mike had to say about this plump bottomed tart:
Miranda gets a sound birching and spanking for failing a subject.
“Miranda reluctantly handed over a test result and she had failed it. Normally when a girl did her very best I would not punish her for it but she admitted that she could have done much better so over the table she went for a sound birching. Halfway through the birching she surprised me by asking if I would please put her across my knee and spank her instead of the birch and I obliged. I knew that being put across the knee for a spanking makes her feel truly punished and that is due to her upbringing. I pulled down her panties and turned her bottom a fiery red and she got up with a tear stained face after her spanking.”

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