To boldly Spank where no man has spanked before

OK, as some of you might know, I am a massive geek and love all things Sci-Fi – and especially the Star Trek franchise so I was really excited to see one of Mike’s latest uniform additions at which is loosely based Starfleet’s finest of the Federation… However, this is NOT Starfleet in the future… but Earth Fleet (after all, the Dutch are now in Outer Space… in another alternative timeline, or something equally impossible and contradictory, lol!) Anyway… who can resist seeing girls getting spanked in those skimpy Earth Fleet uniforms? Let’s beam up to the Disciplinary Ship Genesis… a place where no Earth Fleet cadets want to end up for long! Unless they are quadrupeds that don’t need to sit down (OK, I’ll shut up, I’m geeking you all out!!!)

This is what the website says about the new series!
It is the year 2364 and Earth Fleet Command has decided that all females serving in Earth Fleet that have discipline problems, serve some time on the Disciplinary Ship Genesis. Commanding Genesis is the very strict Captain Rogers who runs his ship with an iron hand. Join us on her missions and see ensigns, Earth Fleet cadets and officers get rid of their discipline issues by means of well spanked red sore bottoms! To boldly spank where no man has spanked before!







In part one from the pilot episode we see Captain Rogers arrive on the Genesis while she is in spacedock. Lieutenant Betty & ensign Monique greet him at the airlock but almost  immediately the Captain notices Monique’s hair is not tied up according to Earth Fleet regulations. He informs Lieutenant Betty to take Monique to her quarters as soon as the ship enters warp and to spank her soundly for this dishonour. & then she will get spanked too for not noticing an ensign with her hair loose. As soon as the Genesis was heading for the Uhura system at Warp 6, both Betty & Monique were having their bottoms soundly spanked and they were then introduced to the Captain’s dreaded “Punisher”.

See more of the Captain’s Spank Logs of this new series HERE

Also featuring at this week… the stunning Leandra!






Back to something more down to Earth at Mike’s 50’s Diner…

In part two of Leandra’s painful evaluation she first gets a sound birching for serving the wrong flavour milkshakes a few times. After the birching she got a sound OTK slippering for not knowing how to make a proper banana split and lastly she had to bend over for a sound bare bottom strapping for being rude to a customer. She left with a very sore bottom!

Take a taster for yourself of the delicious Leandra’s punishment – Full movie is Here


12 thoughts on “To boldly Spank where no man has spanked before

  1. Mike

    Greetings Chief!

    Thanks for adding my new series on your great blog

    All pics and animations I use are made by private sci fi fans and are not from the Star Trek series or movies. But not using animations in which they show NCC-1701 is probably best in next episodes.

    Mike aka Captain Rogers 🙂

  2. iwasrobert

    Paramount’s policy is not to pursue fans who make amateur not for profit content. When ‘Of Gods And Men’ came out the producers stuck to the letter of this policy – albeit not the spirit, perhaps – by “giving” the DVD away “for free” with suitably overpriced memorabilia. In addition to Paramount’s own restrictions, the question of whether any exception applies to content whose genesis is the television series is also up in the air, as CBS is now a separately owned entity with its own corporate policies.

    There is another exception which applies more generally, that of parody, which was established in a 1994 Supreme Court ruling. There is, in fact, an XXX parody of Star Trek The Next Generation – but it hews very closely to the source material. There is a Picard lookalike, everyone wears the same costumes and hairstyles (80s! yum!) and so forth. Even if this content is indeed slightly comedic, it seems to me to be more likely to be characterised as satire, in that the TNG setting is not necessarily intrinsic to the material. (Satire is not a covered in the exception.)

    All of the above means that this work, while very cute, probably doesn’t qualify for an exception. Even though the content is hosted in the Netherlands, CC-Bill is an American company so that’s likely to be enough for US courts to claim jurisdiction if it comes to that. If Mike gets a nasty letter from the Paramount and/or CBS lawyers, I guess we’ll know for sure 🙂

  3. Spank Chief Post author

    It’s a cracking idea though – I say sign up and download the films now, just in case…

    as Mike has said, it’s loosely based on ST and the backdrops are from fans (or mostly) but I’d definitely steer clear of registries like NCC-1701 and the ongoing variants and others, geeks like me could tell you all the registries of the Starfleet ships and classes. I doubt Paramount would sue over the uniforms though, as they look so damned hot, how could they? LOL 🙂

  4. Mike

    Hi Guys,

    I am changing a few things just to be sure. Removing all NCC-1701 CGI animations and using a different background for the bridge. I am also thinking of calling it Spanking In Space instead of Starship Genesis.

    Pity though as it took many many many hours of hard work and the members love it!

    Better be safe then sorry I guess


  5. Spank Chief Post author

    Well, I “LOVE” it too… but Paramount are especially protective of the Star Trek franchise as they make so much cash off it. Believe you me! I’d hate for you to have had, say, 10 scenes up then they tell you to change it, this way you are doing the best thing to ensure your films stay hassle free:)

    Seriously, great job… looking forward to the next episodes of this series! 🙂

  6. Mike

    Thanks Chief! 🙂

    I changed the title, text, the bridge, removed the NCC-1701 Enterprise animations and all reference to Star Fleet. We are now called Earth Fleet )

    If it is not too much trouble, would you mind changing the pics on your blog? There are just 3 and also the text (Earth fleet etc)

    Thanks my friend

    Cheers for now


  7. iwasrobert

    The Star Fleet logo on the uniforms is also copyright. I wouldn’t worry too much about them in the already filmed scenes, but for added safety you’ll need to adjust these as well.

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