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Spanking Crystal Clark’s Buns

Hello everyone… here is a quick spanking image update to brighten up your holiday Sunday featuring a new girl by the name of Crystal Clark coming out any day now from those no nonsense bimbo spankers extraordinaire at Bunbeatingfun.com – I was given a quick sneak preview of this butt jiggling spanking and this tearful girl gets what’s coming to her in their finest tradition of hard no nonsense OTK hand spankings mixed in with some added humiliation, snivelling and timely ass grabbing… Crystal was made for this part… and this perky girl with a very spankable butt is very addictive and must see viewing!

Crystal Clark – the new model spanked at Bunbeatingfun.com

Crystal Clark is a very rude girl

This is what the good folk at Bunbeatingfun had to say about their latest model: She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was, as in very, very naughty. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer’s dog! But that’s okay… problems are opportunities. And this was one opportunity that was far, far too sweet up pass up!

c01 c02 c03 tight bubble butt naughty girl ear pulled c06 c07 hard hand spanking c09 c10 bare bottom spanking c12 OTK spanking c14 c15 c16 c17 tearful spankings c19 spanking painful spanking wooden paddle spanking c23 c24 c25 c26 c27


sore bare butt

These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the “F” word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

You are invited to peruse these samples of their work HERE knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun

Vicky Vixxx gets a Spanking

Vicky VixxHere is the very latest update from BunBeatingFun.com – the folks that ensure the rudest models and (even better) some of their disgraceful agents that send these girls to Red Hot Video (BBF) getting the sound punishment spankings they so richly deserve! Welcome Vicky Vixxx to the (Agent’s) Hall of Shame. She was responsible for the last girl (Mya) who you can see here on my last write up – needless to say Rick & Greg were far from impressed with this foul potty mouthed individual who had some of the treatment that her crappy models with attitude had dished out previously! Sit back and watch a very satisfying spanking punishment which was pretty brutal and relentless at times… this uppity madame “got what she was due” alright!


Vicky Vixxx: Now starring at BunBeatingFun.com

02 Vicky gets a spanking 05 otk spanking 10 bare bottom spanking

Models say the “darndest things”. Take Vicky here for example. No sooner did the wench find herself sprawled across their man’s lap, then she started going on and on about how she was a grown woman, that this was “silly”, that this was outrageous, that this was humiliating, that it hurt like the dickens and so on…

spanked OTK 16 17 getting a deserved spanking 24 25 very sore spanked bum 29 33 34 35 36

Vicky Vixxx: Cute as a button she was. And oh so precocious. Her transgressions weren’t so cute however. Vicky doubled as an agent and, in that capacity, she had sent Mya and a few of her other more disagreeable “model” friends their way.

38 spanking 41 43 Vicky gets what she deserves

This is a great spanking video, see the full film HERE (but do watch the trailer below 1st!)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41746″]

Bun Beating Fun

End of Weekend Spankings

A couple of spanking updates for you today and they are very different to show you the variety that is available out there! From MommaSpankings.com to start with comes the latest film which is an ageplay special with Sarah Gregory and her mommy Dana Specht.

Little Sarah’s Spanking


This is another of Sarah’s famous age play videos. Momma has told her little Sarah often to clean her room. Sarah ignores it and gets ready to go to her friend’s Birthday party instead. When Sarah says she is ready to go, Momma asks her if her room is clean and Sarah says no. She says she will not do it and has a tantrum. Momma is not happy by her little brats behavior and gives her the spanking she deserves.

momma-136-006 momma-136-034 momma-135-003 momma-137-012 momma-137-018 momma-135-011 momma-137-023 momma-137-024 momma-135-013 momma-137-027 momma-137-045

To see more of this fantastic ageplay film – CLICK HERE





bbfI have an exclusive early sneak preview from my friend Greg’s site BunBeatingFun.com – it stars a very cute young model called Madyson Knight… and I just finished watching this latest release… and wow, is she cute! With flawless skin, and appearing a little naive too, she should have known better than to act the Diva at one of the run down Red Hot Video production studios. Sometimes I like seeing trampy girls get a hard spanking, other times, I foolishly feel that the more innocent girl next door types shouldn’t get spanked so hard, that they’ll be good girls and didn’t mean it. Madyson easily falls into this category… with an air of innocent charm and beauty… she gets the same treatment as any other uppity madam that dared to question the company’s video direction from Rick… the Mystery Spanker #2 (who stars in pretty much most of the latest films). So you’ll see something a little different, she doesn’t bitch as much as the other girls, she is different… but the OTK spanking and wooden paddling is of the same intensity and her bottom turns a ravishing red by the end!


Madyson turns up for her lingerie shoot and isn’t pleased with the amateurish “home” location…

 madyson032 madyson033 madyson034 madyson035 madyson036 madyson037 madyson038

This is what Greg had to say about new girl Madyson: Quintessential eye candy she is. Sweeter even than a bowl of cherries she was… and then. Miss Knight’s mouth popped open and a highly acidic tongue wagged most abrasively indeed. Tsk! Tsk! But not nearly so animated was Madyson’s tongue as her bouncing bare bottom would soon become. Nor even so red.

madyson039 madyson040 madyson041 madyson042 madyson043 madyson044 madyson045 madyson046 madyson047 madyson048 madyson049 madyson050 madyson051 madyson052 madyson053 madyson054

CLICK HERE to see more of Madyson’s spanking punishment




Don’t forget to vote for your favorite blogs, facial expression and newcomer as nominated by yourselves. More categories will follow later this coming week! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


A Week of Hot Spanking Updates – Part 3

I have a couple of  great updates for you today from 2 very different sites but both spankings are amazingly hot to watch. I won’t waffle on, you’re here to see something interesting so let’s start with Greg’s site BunBeatingFun.com – the at times joyously un-PC spanking site of bimbos and uber bratty models that “Get what’s coming to them” every single time they play up or act like real divas, making life difficult for Greg & co… so please welcome Holly, the latest brat who dared to call time early on her shoot and remind Greg how crap his little operation was – BIG MISTAKE!


holly-01 holly-03 holly-02




Holly had a fantastic reactive body… and it was nice to see a return to Bun Beating values… and featuring Greg as TMS (the Mystery Spanker) … from the moment she got fed up and wanted “what was coming to her” that was all Greg needed as his trademark ear pull signalled the end of her modelling job and the start of her spanking punishment. Images below of her punishment show you all you need to see from this sleazy New Jersey motel.


holly-05 holly-06

holly-08 holly-11

holly-15 holly-17


This is a return to BBF values, I like some dark humour injected with good hard punishments, tears and humiliation… so with some enhanced sound effects and a humiliating sexual act, the poor girl performs, hoping to get out of more spankings… this hussy soon learns that taking her daily protein allowance doesn’t mean her buns get off lightly as she has one hell of a potty mouth – lots of swearing and wriggling action makes this a classic BBF spanking film!

holly-24 holly-30

holly-28 holly-33 holly-34

Willful young vixens should really know better than to wiggle their uncovered hind cheeks in front of no nonsense photographers. This applies especially to those who, like Holly here, insist on simultaneously wagging their silly tongues disrespectfully.  Tsk-tsk. This wench was clearly cruising for a bare bottom bruising of the first magnitude when she came sashaying through our doorway.  And she sure as hell came to the right place for just that … and then some.


CLICK HERE to see more of what is available at Bunbeatingfun.com



I promised a hot spanking update and this next film delivers just that as Sarah Gregory and Galas Loonar show what happens in a sub/dom relationship! This is a hot tale about Sarah dishing out some “Red Bottomed Revenge”

0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal1-005 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal1-029


0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-001 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-006

0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal1-035 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-010

0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-012 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-014 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-019

0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-028 0154_red_bottomed_revenge_gal2-036


Sarah gets revenge on her girlfriend for giving her a hard undeserved spanking the night before. Galas already has a sore spanked bottom from other spankings she had gotten as they are in a switch D/s relationship. See Galas scream in pain as her already sore, marked, spanked bottom is spanked again.


What’s new and what’s coming soon!

Questions we all like answered from time to time, like the kids in the back of the car shouting “are we there yet?” – well, today, I bring you news of what is new and coming soon to a few select sites and it is my privilege to bring you news first of the brand new BunBeatingFun.com extravaganza that is the very naughty return of Summer! (the girl, not our damp squid weather here in the UK). But as I’m in a good mood, check out this great party anthem from last year, to get you in the mood for some tunes, dancing… even some shuffling “Party Spock is in da house!”

I understand if you hate this sort of music, but I’m a sucker for this rubbish from LMFAO!
Party Rock!!! Everybody Shuffling… 431 Million views!!!!

Oh and it’s worth watching for Jesus “”Shuffling” and also for legendary Tony Bennett’s daughter, Lauren – who is uber gorgeous as she is featured as guest vocals and looking lush in gear designed to make grown men go weak at the knees! “Put your hands up!”

*sigh* OK, as I was saying… (if this blog got that number of views I’d die and go to spanko heaven) – Anyway, Summer had appeared once before at Bun Beating Fun after mouthing off and you think she would have learnt her lesson after that screaming across Greg’s lap! Oh no! She is bitching and complaining about lack of money (what else?) to one of Greg’s associates unaware they are affiliated and in this humorous intro below, you will get the idea of what is coming. I love films  with a bit of humour, BBF films always have this, as well as some serious ass whackings. I won’t spoil it all, but from the images you will see below, let me tell you, Summer does indeed get one hell of a thrashing… if you saw the end of the clip and the look of genuine fear on her face when confronted with our mystery man… you will understand!

Images below of Summer’s Punishment! Yikes!







OK, so you get the idea? Lots of tears, regrets, cursing and a very sore red spanked bottom!

This will be available at BunBeatingFun for members today! Enjoy!


Remember I told you about a fantasy spanking I had filmed? Well, the 1st part of that is due out later this week at AAA Spanking and it involves me with slinky Mishka helping me to fulfill one of those little fantasties we all have from time to time… I have always wanted to film a wheelbarrow position spanking, a rather rude one at that… no humiliation, just a very naughty position that I know couples get off on… I’ve done this at home with “Er Indoors”, but I just wanted to go through a few roles such as “The girl next door” type, which is what this film is about… I’ve filmed others too, like PJ spankings, Girl Guide (yes the uniform again, lol), girl with long stripey socks and so on.

Enjoy my fine wine and cigar moment spanking… I certainly did!
(video images need to be rezzed, which is my next job before publication – but you get the idea!)





This is the next film due out later this week at AAA Spanking – this is the 1st sneak preview anywhere!


& Finally, as I am running out of time, I have just seen the latest audition spanking of the delightful Kiki at English Spankers – and she is simply scrummy! Click the image below which will take you to a dedicated spanking gallery!

If you want to see a FREE HD Preview Clip of the lovely Kiki – Click HERE


Back soon with more updates and news from around the world of spanking… there is much to tell! Have a good ‘un… and keep on “Shuffling”. Chief.

Today’s News & Spanking Round Up!

Good day to you all! Before I start, I’d just like to day how marvellous it was for the lucky people of our great nation to view the total lunar eclipse, despite the weather being rainy and of course heavily clouded… everywhere, that didn’t stop the good people of Britain looking up into the skies… oh no… we are made of sterner stuff, the stiff upper lip and all that. Here’s our fantastic view of this event! We know it’s hiding there somewhere, that was all we needed to know! 🙂

Amazing! Who needs actual pictures of the moon turning red or slowly disappearing before your eyes, eh? (That’s for sissies!) OK, so onto my many spankings round up, and the first I’d held off as mean Paul slowly and painfully leaked this great update out, much to my frustration (I told him so!) but now it’s out in full I thought I’d let you see a little bit of it! I think I remember saying how I adored seeing Caroline Grey… and hopefully we can work with her one day soon… but seeing Caroline AND Kali Redmond in their student nurse outfits… well, ’twas too much m’Lud!

The Rental Agreement – Starring Caroline Grey, Kali Redmond & Stephen Lewis.

Caroline and Kali are two struggling student nurses and the price of accommodation in the big city is just so expensive. Luckily they have an understanding (and deeply kinky) landlord who understands their situation perfectly and extracts his rent by regularly making the girls put on their uniforms so he can thoroughly and severely spank them! Yes, this is a perverted spanko’s dream come true and lucky Stephen ensures he gets his full money’s worth ensuring both girls are looking extremely kinky in their uniforms whilst he gets to redden their “student bum” bums!

Representative images below are taken from inside the members area:

… there is also a brand new update which I just spied inside the members area with Leia and hot new girl Aleesha Foxx… seems Leia just can’t keep her hands off the new talent again! Where is Mr Lewis or Mr Kennedy when you need them to break up these naughty trysts, eh? These sample teaser pics should show you what Leia gets up to, members, of course, will be able to see far more (ahem!)

You can see all the latest goings on at NorthernSpanking HERE


This next update is stunning – taken from FirmHandSpanking.com – I reckon this might be one of the last films to feature Goldie Rosemont in the long running “Reform School” series she has starred in alongside her tutor and mentor, Eric Strickman… Rosie gets an absolutely bare butt blasting wooden paddle punishment followed by a rare caning – this is a reminder of what she can expect if she misbehaves again. You can see the stunning exclusive free intro and paddle swats on this blog… just in case you don’t believe me how hard this girl’s punishment is going to be! (the full 13 minute movie does NOT disappoint, I promise you!). The film also comes complete with a full set of HQ images, some of which you may have seen elsewhere so I hope the ones I have picked, in some cases, at least… are different 🙂

It’s an eye-watering, cheek-jiggling, hip-swinging treat as exotic beauty Goldie bends over for Principal Strickman’s final punishment of six and ten swats. Hot Reaction Cam replays of the paddling & caning scenes in the full film are included too making this a fitting end to Goldie’s long suffering red bottom education!

Seriously – Do NOT miss this epic finale of Goldie – See it all HERE


I have just uploaded a new comparison page for a couple of movies at AAAspanking.com – click on the image below & it’ll take you to a special page highlighting the 2 formats used Wmv & MP4 (the MP4 version is in larger and a clearer resolution, playable on ipads and such). MP4 is available for everyone using Windows Operating Systems (like about 90+% of us) to view with the free VLAN Player HERE

So check it out, even if it’s just a chance to see some long play clips courtesy of me to you 😉

If you like what you see then remember that we upload movies like this regularly and reward those staying with lower rebills or lower 3 and 6 month memberships (which can also be non recurring) pricing and other essential info HERE

Full tour pages with over 30 movie previews starts HERE


Finally for today I have a great exclusive and update news of one of my favorite sites out there that people would be foolish to ignore, and that is BunBeatingFun.com – Greg informed me earlier today that his newest full movie update is the very arrogant and bitchy model called Stefanie who you can see below in this 1st show and tell exclusive to this site…

At the time of writing, this update is so new that it’s just reached the members area literally moments ago so if you’re not a member than you can peruse this foolish woman’s punishment snippets here… spare a thought (or perhaps not) for all the other nasty foul mouthed 80 or so totally uncouth brats that should have got this sort of treatment a long… long time ago finally given what we all want to see, a good hard spanking to tears!


(Check out the Trial & Longer term pricing structures)


Hi Everyone, there’s some delicious spanko stuff about at the moment and I don’t want you to miss out on the goodies! So today I’m starting with Clare Fonda’s group of sites and what better than the final outcome of the first major film of Exclusive Education 5? I have cut you a very special EXCLUSIVE FREE 1 minute clip from the film which has both rachel and April over the knees for the final hairbrushing scene in front of class, I gotta say, the sight of April flaying wildy and then collapsing in a heap is something special, especially as the camera follows her back to the desk, my God, she is just goddamned cute!!!!

April is just 1 of the 10 girls spanked in tandem with the others in front of class by Miss Lana Turner and Miss Alicia Panetierre, as you probably already know… & there is also some amazing images showing all the girls together showing off their red sore bottoms as you can see below!


& if you click on the image below you can see part of the very latest movie from this series right now!
!! WARNING: Watching April get spanked could cause heart palpitations !!

You can see this entire series in the Discipline Section only from GIRLSPANKSGIRL.com


OK, next up from the continuing spanking soap opera that is MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.com I almost ruined my pair of trousers watching these 2, after getting off seeing them elsewhere on Clare’s sites, here they are guest appearing at thsi site, Hollie Stevens and Brit redhead Sophie Nova, as we say here in the UK, these 2 girls are “the dogs bollocks” together and I think Clare has spotted this too as they really do work well together, and of course I shall be forwarding my trouser dry cleaning bill to MySpankingRoomMate.com

Cheerleader v Girl Scout (let battle commence!)




Hollie and Sophie dress as a cheerleader and girlscout for a Halloween party. Sophie explains how things at the apartment complex are often resolved with spankings. When Sophie keeps complaining, Hollie gives spanking a try by tossing Sophie over her knee for a long one. But when Sophie discovers Hollie can’t pay her rent, it is revenge time! Ding! Ding! Let the mayhem begin!!!!

You can see the 66th episode featuring a full image set and long play movie now!


We are all going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of Clare’s latest find who she has tied into a 6 month exclusive contract, Clare must have seen something in this very cute girl she found working in one of LA’s Dungeons (I shan’t ask why Clare was hanging out in such establishments – heh heh) but what a find! Mary Jane is so cute, you can see why this beauty was snapped up by Clare and she’ll be appearing at all the sites (I notice there is a brand new movie with MJ at SpankedCallgirls for example which I have already featured – just go back a few posts) but today I shall focus on SpankedSweeties which covers the introduction of Mary Jane, her life, the interviews and some fantasties and real life events acted out by Clare and co for MJ. Click on the images below and they lead to a different gallery with a full explanation! This girl is simply awesome!

Mary Jane guarantees to ruin the Chief’s 2nd pair of trousers!
consequently I am writing this “sans pantalons”


and of course don’t get me started on these images (below) taken from a superb update with Kay Richards – “OMG! I haz xtreme woodz!”



Want MORE of Mary Jane? Well, I can’t blame you!
Most of her latest stuff is being shown HERE at SpankedSweeties.com


All the above sites are massive in their own right, but if you have the time and hard disk space then there is an even bigger money saving option by signing up to the CLARE FONDA PASS and you can choose which sites to choose to have access together for a fraction of their normal pricing and all with the convenience of the same user/pass combo etc… definitely the way to watch Clare’s sites and remember that external disk drives are now VERY CHEAP so a great place to store your added spanking library content, as I seem to be doing (I have about a dozen external hard drives now, LOL!)

The Clare Fonda pass – You do the math!


Finally today on the East side of the USA, namely The Garden State of New Jersey, watch out for Greg, AKA “The Mystery Spanker” at BunBeatingFun.com, who has been busy updating his site recently. I talked to him a few days back and told him that I was going to do a feature on one of the horniest, brattiest models that he had ever spanked (in my opinion), namely one Miss Anna Sundquist. Well, he explained to me she was as bratty as she appeared: To give you an idea what she was like, she used to have a greeting message on her answering machine that went something like, “Leave me a message and if you’re really lucky I’ll call you back.” Nice! 😀 Oh, Greg also told me he took very great delight in spanking her bottom red raw, which you can see below in these special images I have for you! & of course, it all takes place in another classic seedy motel, lol! Classy!

These are Greg’s words to descibe Anna’s time with him!
“Paybacks are a bitch and this is one bitch who sure had one coming! Three years ago we flew Miss Sundquist clear across the country to do some modeling for us. No sooner did the diva get off the plane then she announced that she had changed her mind. “Our body of work”, she sniffed, was not “on par” with the image she wished to project to her fans, or some such nonsense. No apology, no offer to reimburse us for her airfare and hotel, no nothing.
In due course the larcenous little tart faded from our memories altogether, until just recently that is. It seems that Anna, having contracted to do some modeling for an associate of ours, was back in town – and on our dime once again – and now, she was giving our associate a hard time, a very hard time.
That’s when we elected to send our man over to, shall we say, communicate our displeasure in language Ms. Sundquist was sure to understand!”

Check out more screen images from this movie below:



Indeed a satisfying sight and if you check out the TOUR PAGES of BunBeatingFun then you’ll find a promo clip of her getting what she best deserves!

I have also seen that there are 3 new updates of some classic thrashings as some of the older content is being remastered and the wait for some of the older stuff has been worth it, finally giving us a clearer picture of what Greg got up to years back (these were only previously viewable in clear playback via DVD so now you can view it as part of the BunBeating regular membership option, which is of course, far, far cheaper than a DVD! Yay!

Talking of DVDs, the 3 girls featured in “Bitch Slapped” have been given the upgrade treatment

From left to right Katie Jordan, Tangerine Dream & Inka

Just click on the film strips below for a special Free Upgraded Film Clip showing you the quality of these old movies lovingly restored! I think the girls were even MORE mischievous and given a harder punishment, but I’ll let you decide!

the Katie Jordan movie description:- Shortly after her 18th birthday this tantalizing young lass set off for New York City to initiate what would become a quite successful and multifaceted modeling career that continues to this very day. Fortuitously, the road from Atlanta to the Big Apple passes through New Jersey so Katie’s bottom was as red as an apple when she left NJ!

Click filmstrip for the movie preview

the Tangerine Dream movie description:- This one’s a pornstar/stripper from Montreal.  When Tangerine isn’t doing naughty things on camera she makes a nice living shaking her ta-ta’s and doing lap dances in strip clubs throughout North America.  By now, she’s probably done thousands of lap dances but one is inclined to believe that Miss Dream remembers the “lap dancing” she did for BBF the most vividly of all!

Click filmstrip for the movie preview

the Inka movie description:- Inka, an expatriate from the Czech Republic, flew in to NJ from San Francisco.  BBF saw to it that she would make good use of that little pillow she so adored that the stewards hand out, on her flight home as she appeared to have some difficulty sitting down comfortably!

Click filmstrip for the movie preview

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of BunBeatingFun.com – these upgrades are not counted as an update as such, I believe, so a fantastic bonus and 3 films you should check out along with the newer ones including “uber-brat” Ms Sundquist that I featured earlier today! Ok, back soon with more naughty girls getting what they most deserve – and most definitely get!
Regards, Chief.

Models & Wannabes in need of a spanking!

I have 2 excellent movie reviews for you to take a look at from 2 very different websites! First today is from OTKspank and stars Ashleigh McKenzie, a broke very pretty 19 year old who hears there’s money to be made at her local lap dancing club! What she doesn’t know is there’s a hidden agenda with any girl working at this joint…as it’s a Mecca for spankos who enjoy getting more from their lapdances and pay extra to spank the girls…now that’s my sort of club!!!

There are some images of the pretty Ashleigh taken from the movie where she undergoes an audition on the pole then when she is stripped she is ordered over his knee to see if she has what it takes! Remember, there’s big money she can make from this, so Asheligh stoically takes an ever harder spanking! Check out her jiggling bottom as it is turned a gorgeous shade of red over the club owner’s knee! I would, of course, be wearing cast iron underpants to protect me and poor Ashleigh from any further embarrassing “trouser bumpage” that would naturally occur from spanking and groping this fine piece of ass!





There is an awesome exclusive spanking clip you can view below of Ashleigh as she takes the plunge over his knee and she starts to feel the burn of his hands across her bare pert backside! A most satisfying movie for those who prefer to see the more traditional OTK spankings of girls unsure as to how behave! What I particularly liked about this film is it was one of Ashleigh’s earliest, the poor girl really did look as naive as she was, apparently!



I promised you another review and as  was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this bitch, and I got to see her properly punished! Along with Ashleigh’s punishment at OTKspank (featured above) this movie is a MUST SEE and of course it compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!





Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

I hope these 2 movies have whetted your appetites for good old fashioned OTK – when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like it!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of teens and the most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups) and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!!


Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!


Jeez, I got severe “wood” now *sigh* Back soon…Chief


Just a quick update, I had featured NEW bratty model yesterday over at my BareBottom Blog – for some reason, reader counts are low there the last day or 2 and this was kind of an exclusive before everyone gets hold of it so I have got you a link to it here if you have missed it which includes some early 1st show images I got and a great FREE 20Mb clip that has new girl Mandy screaming and blubbling like the spoilt model brat that she is!

Greg aka The Mystery Spanker – has told me he is filming loads more brats this week and is taking a well earned break after that s0 I can’t wait to see his latest additions coming soon!!! If you haven’t already, click image below for the FREE preview!


Girls smoking “on set” infuriate me, but I’ll forgive Mandy as she’s got a nice set of baps and a very spankable arse that is tested to the limits in this quite severe and sustained spanking she gets!!! I’ve downloaded the full movie and it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



PS) I’m looking after Elizabeth Simpson’s blog while she is away on holiday – I updated it today with my 1st post HERE while she is no doubt getting drunk and sunburnt – forshame!