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Questions we all like answered from time to time, like the kids in the back of the car shouting “are we there yet?” – well, today, I bring you news of what is new and coming soon to a few select sites and it is my privilege to bring you news first of the brand new BunBeatingFun.com extravaganza that is the very naughty return of Summer! (the girl, not our damp squid weather here in the UK). But as I’m in a good mood, check out this great party anthem from last year, to get you in the mood for some tunes, dancing… even some shuffling “Party Spock is in da house!”

I understand if you hate this sort of music, but I’m a sucker for this rubbish from LMFAO!
Party Rock!!! Everybody Shuffling… 431 Million views!!!!

Oh and it’s worth watching for Jesus “”Shuffling” and also for legendary Tony Bennett’s daughter, Lauren – who is uber gorgeous as she is featured as guest vocals and looking lush in gear designed to make grown men go weak at the knees! “Put your hands up!”

*sigh* OK, as I was saying… (if this blog got that number of views I’d die and go to spanko heaven) – Anyway, Summer had appeared once before at Bun Beating Fun after mouthing off and you think she would have learnt her lesson after that screaming across Greg’s lap! Oh no! She is bitching and complaining about lack of money (what else?) to one of Greg’s associates unaware they are affiliated and in this humorous intro below, you will get the idea of what is coming. I love films  with a bit of humour, BBF films always have this, as well as some serious ass whackings. I won’t spoil it all, but from the images you will see below, let me tell you, Summer does indeed get one hell of a thrashing… if you saw the end of the clip and the look of genuine fear on her face when confronted with our mystery man… you will understand!

Images below of Summer’s Punishment! Yikes!







OK, so you get the idea? Lots of tears, regrets, cursing and a very sore red spanked bottom!

This will be available at BunBeatingFun for members today! Enjoy!


Remember I told you about a fantasy spanking I had filmed? Well, the 1st part of that is due out later this week at AAA Spanking and it involves me with slinky Mishka helping me to fulfill one of those little fantasties we all have from time to time… I have always wanted to film a wheelbarrow position spanking, a rather rude one at that… no humiliation, just a very naughty position that I know couples get off on… I’ve done this at home with “Er Indoors”, but I just wanted to go through a few roles such as “The girl next door” type, which is what this film is about… I’ve filmed others too, like PJ spankings, Girl Guide (yes the uniform again, lol), girl with long stripey socks and so on.

Enjoy my fine wine and cigar moment spanking… I certainly did!
(video images need to be rezzed, which is my next job before publication – but you get the idea!)





This is the next film due out later this week at AAA Spanking – this is the 1st sneak preview anywhere!


& Finally, as I am running out of time, I have just seen the latest audition spanking of the delightful Kiki at English Spankers – and she is simply scrummy! Click the image below which will take you to a dedicated spanking gallery!

If you want to see a FREE HD Preview Clip of the lovely Kiki – Click HERE


Back soon with more updates and news from around the world of spanking… there is much to tell! Have a good ‘un… and keep on “Shuffling”. Chief.

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