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Wonder Booty Spanking

Christina CarterThere is a hot new spanking film available to download at AAAspanking.com and it’s a special OTK spanking feature with popular and renowned fetish/cosplay and glamour model/producer, Christina Carter. She is a very busy lady and of course you may have seen her in her trademark cosplay superheroine parody costume of Wonder Woman. I met Christina again tearlier this year at Fetishcon and we found some time to film a few things with her when our schedules were clear… I’m so glad we did, she is a blast to work with, naturally… and we had a lot of fun making some films. You may remember that Sarah did a great F/F video with Christina… you can see a FREE gallery of that sexy spanking fun film HERE

Anyhoo… Christina also happened to be good friends with our roomie, Johnny Lake so we naturally asked them if they’d film an equally sexy M/F film… and this sure was… you’ll see Christina genuinely get off to her spanking and ask, no BEG Johnny to spank her some more! Christina is known as a Fetish and Bondage model but she still loves to be spanked by the right people!

Just so you are aware of who Christina is… her website is ChristinaBound.com – I do suggest you go check it out and see they types of naughtiness she gets up to, it’s a popular site and she is one of the best at very naughty, rude parody cosplay scenes! Before I show you some images from the film and a link to a cool free clip… I found these images below of myself, Sarah & Johnny on what looked to me like one of our warm up sessions before getting delightfully drunk (by the looks of it). Ah…. Fetcon, that was a fun few days! 🙂

DSC_5077 DSC_5079

As we were in a hotel, we easily made the plot believable as you’ll see below… and Christina was naked too… win/win all round! 🙂

Wonder Booty Spanking – starring Christina Carter & Johnny Lake

wonderbooty001 wonderbooty002 wonderbooty003 wonderbooty004 wonderbooty005 wonderbooty006 wonderbooty007

otk spanking wonderbooty009 wonderbooty010 wonderbooty011 spanked for being late Wonder woman spanking wonderbooty014 wonderbooty015 sore red ass



Or if you prefer to watch this as a one time download/keep option then this will become available later today at the AAA Clips Stores (below)

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

& that’s not all… earlier this week at the POV Clips Store there was another awesome teasing & scolding film with some great interaction with YOU (this is your perspective as the sub) as the desperate guy who turns up for his session. You really need a good hard spanking over her lap…. you’ll do anything and even show a little disrespect by trying to grab at Christina before she puts you in your place! “Naughty Boy!” Check out some screen grabs and a link of where you can find this!

POV – Are you a naughty Boy? Starring Christina Carter


Christina Carter is the stunning fetish model who you meet for a special session. However, you didn’t request her to be in her trademark “Wonder Woman” costume… you are a naughty little boy that wanted to see what she was like underneath all that clothing. My my… you are naughty, aren’t you? She scolds and teases you at first, you asked for her to use and abuse you… you want to be punished by this strong woman…. but she won’t make it easy for you, oh no… she is going to tell you exactly what will happen before you deserve to go over her naked lap! You only make things worse for yourself by trying to paw at Christina carter’s ample breasts… such a disrespectful young man…. aren’t you? This film doesn’t contain any actual POV spanking or scenes of spanking, but it does contain some fantastic scenes of scolding, humiliation and femdom POV material from your submissive point of view… and of course, it stars the fantastic Christina Carter in this one time exclusive film here at POV Spanking

ccarterpov002 ccarterpov003 ccarterpov004 Christina Carter hairbrush spanking ccarterpov006 ccarterpov007 Christina Carter POV Spanking ccarterpov009 ccarterpov010 ccarterpov011 ccarterpov012


Check out a FREE Preview clip of this video (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”44796″]


Have a good one… oh, & don’t forget to put in your nominations for the #SpankingAwards

Girl Guide Spankings

Sarah was asking me when I’d dress her up as a British style Girl Guide and have her spanked… I hadn’t realized that she had not been spanked in this iconic uniform, so I’m sure over the coming months, she and many more girls will be too. It’s one of the things the girls ask about when there are any prospective new models to AAAspanking.com … they look over the site tour pages (as required to see if they are OK with what is required etc) and always say, “What are those cute uniforms? Can I get spanked in those too?” Cosplay is a big part of my core kink as I know it is for many (schoolgirl uniform is the most obvious, I guess) and so AAA,  over the years, has provided something original with these uniform spankings… so to celebrate this, as I was thinking what to write… I went over the promotional galleries that have been provided over the years (remember images and resolution are not the same as for members, but you’ll get a pretty good idea after checking these out!). No other site in the spanking genre even comes close to providing this amount of girl scout/guide spanking uniform fetishes… check it out, there are many more films which will be coming out over the coming months too, so with any membership you will always find these cropping up in between the regular new film updates. I trust you are all having a great weekend… I know I am here in the snowy wastes of North Eastern America! It’s milder today so we may make some “spanking snowmen” -and why not? he he

Click on any image below which will lead to the gallery of these films

01 02 03 04 05 06 07  09 10 08 11 12 13 14 16 15  17 18 20 19  21

Click HERE for access to more FREE Clips & latest updates

The site has various special options such as a Trial/5 day membership for under $15!

Or check out the amazing long term Membership Rewards giving you access from $12.50/month




All these films are available as one time downloads, so pick and choose, just enter “Girl Guide” in the search box of the the CLIPS STORE page and you will see the full list of films currently available to download in full of this genre…



Have a good weekend, y’all!


More spanking blog updates can be found at another place I write HERE

This cheeky monkey gets a spanking

Spanking Halloween Week Pt3

Cheeky Monkey – out now to download as part of Halloween week at Triple A Spanking


My turn today with the beautiful and talented Sarah Gregory for AAASpanking.com – We had a lot of fun filming this despite my grumpy attitude at the start… I genuinely don’t like Halloween, and her real enthusiasm for it and other made up nonsense holidays, parties or organized events like this got me thinking that we could make a film about my moodiness and her cheerful chirpy disposition. What better than to really annoy me by making me dress up in a cuddly animal onesie… I ask you, a grown man like myself, dressed up as a zebra and her as a monkey? *sigh* You’ll see her jumping about playing with her tail, giggling… with me looking increasingly uncomfortable until I snap and decide to put an end to this. Of course I can’t stay mad at Sarah for long… who could? I have to admit she looked very cute and I couldn’t resist “spanking my monkey” – heh heh – look at her, she is so cute, and also I started to have fun when I began to remove her cute costume so I could spank her bare bum!


 “I’m a monkey… it says so on my badge, see?” Sarah said… as I looked away despairingly.

c002 Spanking his cheeky monkey

John had always hated Halloween, to him it meant the coming of winter and the shorter days. Sarah loved this time of year, but then she loved any excuse to dress up and so she persuaded him to go to the party later that evening in animal “onesies”. What that had to do with Halloween, he had no idea! John was clearly grumpy and was trying to stay upbeat but in the end he snapped and took her over his lap to start spanking her while they were both dressed up as a zebra and a monkey! He started to find this amusing, spanking his cheeky monkey… and he couldn’t stay mad at Sarah for long as she pleaded and pouted seductively but he still decided to follow through with a good spanking as he had bared her bottom and he couldn’t resist playing with her some more! This punishment spanking turned into something more intimate as he discovered looking at Sarah’s obvious excitement!

c006 c007

c010 c011

c012 c013

c014 c015

aftercare by John for Sarah's spanking

There’s a free clip of the Halloween costume shenannigans…

If you can’t see the clip, play if back HERE


This film is, as usual, already available to view via the CLIPS STORE if you only want to download the odd film – whichever version you choose, it is at maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080HD – You can see more of how to view that HERE – or click on the animation below




I’ll be featuring Sarah’s wonderful Halloween film from HER SITE tomorrow. In the meantime, below is the latest film showing from the POV Clips Store… another is going up tomorrow which is totally different and one of the new style more interactive ones which traditionalists will probably like more… but in the meantime, see what the haters have been hating (LOL) which I have been finding most amusing from one little man jumping up and down who has such a “hard” on for me it’s in his name. I’d like to tell him, since he will no doubt stalk me here at some point, that it is selling rather well, thank you very much… Of course, he and some of his brethren (not all, since they are not all ignorant, most are just about sharing a few films they maybe can’t get etc. and I get that but don’t approve, naturally, as a membership to any of our sites isn’t Earth shatteringly expensive… but I digress) seem to think he/they know it all, especially when it comes to what models are thinking  (guffaw)  – Jesus H Christ, how ignorant they are!  Like the conspiracy theorists who have nothing better to do than make up lies or twist half truths… it really is astounding. I’d have ignored it but I think in this one case the record needs to be set straight. So allow me to enlighten some of you. This stars Casey Calvert, over her “Daddy’s knee” (in this case, for the ignoramuses out there… daddy refers to a scene term of which there is often a sexual theme and relationship reference and nothing to do with a real life daddy/daughter relationship… in essence, a strong close relationship) … Casey should know above all others, since she was in a scene daddy/daughter style relationship of this type for years!  – *sighs*

We decided to re enact a short scene of a punishment she remembered well, as it was deliberately humiliating and she was totally game to feel that again in this new style which she thought was a cool idea… check out some submission, ass grabbing and spanking of pretty Casey as YOU are in control as she is over YOUR lap in this latest film!


c001 c003

c004 c005

c006 c008


c009 c010

c011 c012


Check out the free clip (below) of an earlier scene, where she loses her PJ bottoms – YOU are in control!





They Never Learn

A tongue in cheek film title this week, the first of TWO NEW FILMS being shown in full this week at AAA Spanking is the title of today’s Blog Post title – “They Never Learn” with an awesome final pairing of Jasmine Lau and Sophie Keagan – both ladies have now retired from the scene, which is a pity 🙁

I filmed this and had it edited over 3 years ago… and I thought I’d better get this out, finally, rather than have it sit in the cyber vaults collecting “cyber dust”… it’s a great way to see these girls off… it was very nearly called “2 Sore Red Bottoms” as both young ladies had taken a long painful day’s filming (as you’ll see) and as it is the month of Halloween… I thought I’d get a cosplay style film out… this is the first of 2 cosplay scenarios: the 2nd is worth waiting for and I won’t say anything yet about that but it will be out in time for Halloween at the end of the month!

Jasmine & Sophie regret deciding to go the posh Fancy Dress ball in such slutty cheap costumes!


Sophie & Jasmine are routinely punished in John’s house as they never seem to learn their lessons. Consequently their bottoms need only the lightest warming up and the cheeks return to a full blown shameful fire engine red! The girls attempted to go to a Fancy Dress Ball in some cheap slutty costumes that just plain annoyed John so much that they knew what was coming next! Their short skirts revealed 2 naughty red bottoms which soon became dark and swollen at the1st signs of their spanking… Sophie felt it especially as she had been punished the most recently and she gasped out loud in this short sharp shock punishment as both girls were spanked so they couldn’t sit down or dare go out in such revealing costumes as they’d show off the shame of their most recent discipline session. What a way this was to ground his girls! Witness the last ever pairing of naughty Jasmine & Sophie in their exclusive spanking finale!

Below are some screen images taken from the film…

tnl006 tnl021

tnl037 tnl043

tnl045 tnl053

tnl058 tnl086

tnl091 tnl102

tnl107 tnl119

I may have mentioned this before, but when we filmed this, it was early October and was in 2011 when record temperatures here in the UK at that time of the year made it warmer than most summer days that year. Unfortunately for us, the place I had hired to film in had the owners living right next door and we had no AC (Air Con) and opening the windows to the place would have alerted the owners to what was going on with the sounds of spanking and the girls crying out… not that I don’t think they didn’t know something kinky was going on… I decided to film where possible in the least sunny rooms… with the lights and confined space, the girls, myself and 2 guys on camera… it got warmer quite easily. Both girls were real troopers and made it an unforgettable day, we made some amazing content, some of the best stuff filmed that year, in fact, and I was very pleased with this shoot. So it is always sad when you show your last film from a particular shoot like this. Even more so when both girls have naturally moved on to do other things in their lives so I or other producers won’t be able to film them again – which is a pity as they were great sports… as you will have no doubt seen. Thank you to both Jasmine and Sophie! A short film clip from this latest movie is below:

If you are unable to view this film clip in your browser – CLICK HERE to view & download



This film is also available to download in full at the Clips Store in various formats of your choice
CLICK THE BANNER below for immediate download access – thank you.


A Special POV & a BBF Tribute

I just released the 1st of 2 films I am showing this week with super Mandie Rae. This film shown here  is her POV debut which just happened to be a debut of another kind for viewers as I have made this film far more interactive. Such is my love for the POV genre, I am hoping that this will take off and change some things about how you’d like to become more active and involved rather than just being part of the POV gaze… just imagining you are chastising or punishing/spanking Mandie is not enough. You can tell her what is going to happen with unobtrusive text and she replies and does what she is told in this Cosplay Spanking film…


This is a new style of POV film we are pioneering and we loved this so much that at our next few film shoots we will be filming many more of this new far more interactive style. We want YOU to interact with what is going on so we have put some helpful dialog which you can say yourself… and in this case, Mandie responds to what is being said every time so you can see her reactions as you tell her what’s coming or that it’s “going to hurt” etc. We haven’t seen this anywhere else so are hopeful that you will appreciate this genuine attempt at upping the POV genre as we love making these films and they are always harder when it involves spanking the young ladies. We will also experiment with YOU as the spankee and what YOU might say to your tormentor for all you switches and subs out there… but in this film, it is all about YOU – as the spanker – and it’s a delightful film which includes you telling Mandie how great she looks in her blue British Girl Guide cosplay costume, including masturbation instruction, and of course the spankings, first over your knee and then you introduce a carpet beater to her which she has never had on her bare bottom before! We know you will LOVE this new format and hope it helps you experience punishing the petite and very naughty Mandie as if you were actually there!

cosplay003 cosplay004

cosplay005 cosplay006

cosplay007 cosplay009

cosplay011 cosplay012

cosplay013 cosplay014 cosplay016

Below is a special free preview so you can understand how this new style POV works!
I’m very excited about this 🙂

[jwplayer mediaid=”44801″]




This has been long overdue, so better late than never… at BunbeatingFun.com they feature their latest bratty model getting the ear pull and hard spanking treatment – Taylor Nix is that latest victim who should have known better!



The featured entrée on today’s menu is a mouthwatering, piping hot  Southern Fried Backside !    Yum! Yum!

Freshly snagged from the wilds of Florida’s exotic South Beach region, this is a fine, fine specimen indeed.  A feisty long-legged, blue-eyed blonde who answers to the name Taylor Nix; her exquisite backside was vigorously prepared by our ever exuberant chef. Bon Appétit.

04 05

06 07

08 09 10

11 13

14 15

18 19 20

21 22

CLICK HERE to view a special free preview clip of Taylor’s spanking



Don’t forget that Mandie Rae will also be featuring at her first film at AAA Spanking later this week, and it’s worth waiting for!!!