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Girl Guide Spankings

Sarah was asking me when I’d dress her up as a British style Girl Guide and have her spanked… I hadn’t realized that she had not been spanked in this iconic uniform, so I’m sure over the coming months, she and many more girls will be too. It’s one of the things the girls ask about when there are any prospective new models to … they look over the site tour pages (as required to see if they are OK with what is required etc) and always say, “What are those cute uniforms? Can I get spanked in those too?” Cosplay is a big part of my core kink as I know it is for many (schoolgirl uniform is the most obvious, I guess) and so AAA,  over the years, has provided something original with these uniform spankings… so to celebrate this, as I was thinking what to write… I went over the promotional galleries that have been provided over the years (remember images and resolution are not the same as for members, but you’ll get a pretty good idea after checking these out!). No other site in the spanking genre even comes close to providing this amount of girl scout/guide spanking uniform fetishes… check it out, there are many more films which will be coming out over the coming months too, so with any membership you will always find these cropping up in between the regular new film updates. I trust you are all having a great weekend… I know I am here in the snowy wastes of North Eastern America! It’s milder today so we may make some “spanking snowmen” -and why not? he he

Click on any image below which will lead to the gallery of these films

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Have a good weekend, y’all!


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  1. Tim Tim

    Cute girls in their uniforms ,best Tim.

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