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Diaper Spankings & Humiliation

I know I sometimes go off at a rather bizarre tangent to the point of derailment – Once again ressurecting bizarre cat memes as “Diaper cat” (left) takes an interest in today’s post … why? well, if you ever wondered what Clare Fonda has been up to away from her spanking films that she used to make, you’ll know she has been concentrating on her own love of the Adult Baby Girl (ABG) fetish with includes diapering grown cute girls, dressing them up as cute babies and generally getting off on the age play scenarios with the humiliation, punishment and love that one can give with such girls as they act cute, brat, become sassy or just need some love and attention… there is also (thankfully) still some scenes of spankings before and after intimate diaper changes that I so love seeing… so it’s a little bit different and I don’t expect everyone to understand or get this ABG fetish… so the first part of this update features Naughty Diaper Girls – scroll down to see what Clare’s former business partner, The Cameraman…. and now Owner of Clare’s sites he helped her grow into the fantastic network it is today and still growing… go explore some hot updates from that network this week and news of a new movie (at last it’s out!) that I had messed up last week at my own site and put out the Amelia film in advance instead – oops! 🙂

I love revenge scenarios, and this one I may have featured before as it’s not new, but I love it so much, I watched both films again, and of course it stars Kay Richards who is a fantastic switch and one of my fave ABG models on Clare’s site! The twist is she turns the tables on step mother Clare… but first see what nasty perv, Clare got up to!

 Images below taken from the film “Diaper Punishment for Kay Richards”





Poor Kay- she is home form college trying to live a normal life but her new stepmother insists things be super clean. She waits until after Kay’s date, forces her to strip,checks her panties, wipes her down and diapers her then let’s her boyfriend take a look at her!

The 2nd film (below) see Kay getting her revenge on her wicked pervy “step mom” Clare!





The tables are turned and now Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment.

Click any image below to access some kick ass galleries that also help showcase the best of Clare’s twisted imagination as she gets beautiful girls to do “crib time” and also play with themselves, be treated like babies and of course get the odd spanking and always a naughty humiliating diapering!

Ashley Rose – cribtime!

Ashley shows us what a naughty Adult baby girl she is!

In a 1st… here is Lana Miller diapering her real niece Rihanna!

& Rihanna shows us just how cute she looks in her grown up cute diaper…

More cute girls at the images below… enjoy!



Click here for the very latest updates at Clare’s Naughty Diaper Girl site

Clare corrupts her friend Bliss…


Welcome to part 2 of this update as we see some of the very latest galleries that show you just what is being shown inside the member areas of the expansive Clare Fonda Pass network

Stoners at Girl Spanks Girl get what’s coming to them
Stars Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards (mmm)


New Girl “Dixie Comet” shares her experiences and fantasies at SpankedSweeties.com


At Spankedcallgirls.com – meet “The Millers” a hard working set of girls that know all about punishments!

& finally from this network, this is a VERY HOT film starring Veronica Ricci (who else?) at Spanking Sorority girls and this is by far my fave film of the site… check out this awesome gallery below and you’ll see what I mean… the film is far better, the images are fantastic but they just don’t do it justice! Well done to “The Camerman”… Veronica is again a winner as a sexy switch!!!

watch Veronica turn the tables on 2 girls (click image below for the gallery)

All of the above sites in this 2nd part of the post can be viewed independently or for a few dollars more, the best value monthly fee of the Clare Fonda Pass!


& as I had promised earlier this week… the Girl Guide film of Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers at AAAspanking.com is now up and available for members. I hadn’t time to upload the photo gallery too, that will come later, but I did add over 110 video images on this update as well as the film which will be in both wmv and Mp4 at a higher resolution and screen size… I’ll also be editing more films like this from now on,

Go check out the free clip and see what is in store for these naughty girls!
I was playing around with the image, hope you like it!!!

I’ll bring you some behind the scenes images and the full story of this with some more unseen images… however, if you’re a member at AAAspanking.com then you can view this film now 🙂

This film is also available at the CLIPS STORE, click on the image below for the direct link to this as a special one off payment to view the film in HD-MP4

Good night… I’ll be back soon! Chief

Friday Spanking Features

Well, I have literally just had a massive row with “Er Indoors”, seriously, I’m wondering whether we have a future together, it was that bad… it’s been brewing for a while so this came as no surprise. I don’t blame her at all, I have been working my ass off in my lowly paid job (in no part thanks to the fuckers that I used to work for who I was way too overexposed to their crappy network when they sold it off nearly a year back). So I’m now training elsewhere and wondering what the hell I’m doing there as I got notice of the pittance I earned last month whilst also trying to run a paysite, pay for a mortgage I’m in negative equity in…. oh and also write on this blog – and it is wearing me and her down as we just don’t spend any time together. Yup, I have the wankers who ripped me off from many years of working on a “pay if I’m lucky salary” with tons of promises and fuck all else –  at the sites I never will promote anymore for that…. saddled with crippling credit card debts helping those fuckers out over the years… so guys, if you’re reading this and still wondering what I will ever say (like you seriously give a shit) “Do me a favour and don’t ever bother calling me with some hair brained money making scheme”, I’m sure the loons who bought your lame empire you ran into the ground are still sorting out your monthly stipends or whatever the fuck it is they are paying you for the shared to shit stuff  you sold them…. so here I am, really pissed off tonight and wondering what the fuck I am doing with my life… it’s a real crossroads moment as far as I am concerned. & the best part? I have to drive “her” to her brother’s where we are spending Xmas… this should be a fun drive if we ever get that far as she asked me to leave.

Oh well… & to top that, I got a bollocking from a member who got angry (understandably) at me for not updating a film I had genuinely forgotten… I thought it had been updated but there was a part I had missed. I’m sure he will be reading this, it just added to the people I had to deal with earlier today, smile grin and bear it… well, I all I can do is help him view what he had signed up for so I hope what I offered at least helps… we’re all human, and I would like to remind people that it is only me updating the site, so go easy on me. I don’t pretend to be a part of some glorious spanking network or empire, it’s just a spanking enthusiast doing the best he can…

Oh for fucks sake… she’s coming to have another go at me (having had too much to drink , I might add) for writing on here… “live… as it happens” I’m so fed up with this shit!


Well, I had better get something out, so the movie I had forgotten was “Who wet the bed” and members at AAAspanking can see the conclusion of this and the full MP4 HD and Wmv files I will promise go up after Xmas. Here is a reminder gallery of Jasmine and Sophie… suitably chastised and humiliated in a bonkers storyline that at least makes me smile as I remember the laughter and disbelief of the girls as I diapered them after their spankings!

There are 2 free galleries from this film below, just click images for the gallery of your choice

To see more including a free clip reminder – CLICK HERE


I’d have written more but I hope, under the circumstances right now, you understand why I don’t enthuse about anything else right now! I seriously hope you are all having a better time than me! I wouldn’t wish what I’m going through on anyone right now at this time of year!


Girls Diapered, Playing baby & Spanked!

I’m absolutely shattered, I can hardly type and will get this update out today as soon as I can… I was going to rant about something or other, oh yes… British (in)justice as my scumbag neighbor – (who had been put away in prison end of March this year for a serious assault crime)well… he was given 20 months and also additional time for deception, insurance fraud, drink driving and other nastiness in a different case. Those seperate sentences were to run concurrently and only amounted to 4 months even though he got 4 plus 4 plus 2 for the various offenses making at least a total of 2 years together so we all thought he’d stay behind bars for at least a year (which was too short for what he’s done)… but no! – oh, he really is a complete TWAT… well, he’s out, after serving just seven f*cking months and has already upset one neighbor and made her cry! I am absolutely disgusted, I know our overcrowded prisons here are full to capacity, but this is just a joke, it doesn’t teach scum like him a lesson at all. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t rant on, so I won’t… suffice to say, I and all our decent neighbors are totally appalled and really upset this piece of bullying lowlife is free again so soon! I expect he’ll be building bonfires as he used to do right next to our property, just for the hell of it to wind me up, cos he’s a total ignorant c*nt!

So, moving swiftly on… *sigh*

I decided only to showcase one site today and in my angered state, choose some well meaning galleries that best highlight this interesting and unique site run by Clare Fonda, she admitted to me that her interest in this genre grew and grew over the years until she had enough content to start up a spanking and diapering site for adult baby girls and of course Clare has done this so well, just like her other sites. I give you Clare’s delightfully barmy Naughty Diaper Girls

What you get is diapering girls, adult baby stuff, girls in real cribs, temperature takings, girls wetting their pants and spankings inside and out of the diapers as well as the humiliation and submissive aspect of the whole ABG thing…it’s a nice distraction and all of Clare’s models love working on this… I talked to Sarah Gregory about it when she worked with us and she loved doing it, so much so that she told me she was filming with Clare again and you can see the results of that below: Just click on the images and they lead to seperate galleries which best showcase this site rather than me waffling on.









Ok, you’ll also see in the final galleries that there were some features from new models Missy and Tegan who are now showing at Clare’s spanking sites, they were first shown here and these fetish models look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? You’ll also recognize all of Clare’s main stars she’s used recently such as Kat St James, Kay Richards, Ten Amorette and hot porn and fetish stars like Addie Juniper and Isobel Wren (Isobel looked awesome in diapers and got a good OTK spanking too!)

If you want to see any more, please do check out the update pages HERE

Up late & a little drunk!

Hi everyone! I’m just off to bed, had a great shoot today despite my worries about the owners next door… seemed we got away with it, so as I use their internet connection I have got you a few images of our shoot today with popular returnee, Jasmine, and a brand new girl to spanking, Sophie (not filmed anywhere else!) … who had the look of Michelle Pfeiffer about her… and for a new spankee, I seriously put her through her paces and she came up trumps! I can’t wait to start getting these films up, below are some images from just a few of the films we made today as I got some sets on my camera so can get this to you now! Hope you like what will be coming soon!

Drunkingly, Chief.


New girl Sophie makes her debut in spanking and Jasmine shows us what we’ve missed!

It was incredibly hot here in England, the hottest October day on record… so of course we were all woefully unprepared stuck inside and had to keep the windows shut as both Jasmine and Sophie yelled out loud when I whacked them just a little too hard! So we all endured it inside without air con… the things we do to make films, eh?


I haven’t adjusted any of these images at all, they are just reduced in size and nothing more (I’m far too tipsy for anything like that right now) and I just loved the way Jasmine investigated Sophie’s delightfully speckled bottom! In fact, both girls asses really turned red almost straight away… my hand has become quite stingy… as Jasmine remarked… bitterly! heh heh!


Jasmine did a good job of getting her own back on Sophie…. I have to say Sophie had the most amazing eyes…. you could get lost looking into them, oh and her bottom speckled beautifully as you’ll have seen already!


Oh, and Sophie got her chance too in a schoolgirl set, damn they look good together, eh?

I couldn’t help myself, Jasmine played the naughty Girl Guide oh so well….
OMG! Just look at her for goodness sake!

& finally below, in what was one of my fave films of the day, I already know the title of this film, it’ll be called “Who wet the bed?” as I ask this question repeatedly of the girls and make them spank each other when they really don’t want to be doing this and they just don’t tell me who did the dirty deed so I end up diapering them before they leave the house to add to their shame! We had some fun making this one…. I’m sure you’ll love the humor and the wicked spankings that took place in this and many of the films!


Yes! They’re diapers… and Jasmine inspects the damage on Sophie’s magnificent behind! I’m so glad we didn’t get caught today otherwise I couldn’t bring you this post and let you in on a small part of what will be coming soon to AAAspanking! Remember you can view all these updates and a shed load more stuff starting from just $8.50 a month if you take the special option…. and I guarantee everything you see here will be available to you on that extended special deal…

OK, I’m waffling, have a good ‘un… here’s to another sweltering day and maybe tomorrow I can enjoy some of the last hot sunshine we’re gonna get here in England this year! Yay!

Naughty Diaper girls – Site Review

cute diapered girl shows us her tushy covered with a diaper

Well, here it is (finally) I had promised Clare I’d get this out sooner but got real busy with other shit (as you do) but it’s worth waiting for as this is one of those hidden sites that not many folk know a lot about and I think that’s so unfair (so this is being upped simultaneously on 2 of my top ranking blogs)

If you’re familiar with Clare Fonda’s many sites, and all around spanking, then you might be wondering “what the f*ck is he writing about girls in diapers for? Is he some malicious pervo scat mongerer?”

No, I am not, the thought of shitty “nappies” as we call them over here in England make me barf, but place a beautiful grown girl in one, and get her to play “baby” or become even more submissive, maybe enact out some wild fantasies and of course involve many humiliating inspections, rectal temp takings and of course some spankings (in, over and out of the diapers) then it is in fact an incredibly erotic spectacle! As Clare once told me, “I ask my girls if they will pose in the diapers and most have no problem with it”. So prospective spankees at Miss Fonda’s – beware, LOL! Actually, the girls love to play and you can see from that, perhaps the only girl who thought at first it was strange (filmed a while back, I must add) was the delicious Kailee Robinson…and for that I shall show this first though I’m sure this was what was played out….it’s an excuse to spank Kailee’s already thrashed and red speckled bottom further, as you’ll see!!!

Kailee was new to diapers and her embarrassment was genuine. Clare’s response to her obvious reluctance? “Too bad, beautiful, you signed up for the job!!” Actually this made for a great update and includes a lot of spanking too as you’ll see from a few selected images below!



Another hottie, Elise Graves, a very slinky little minx had attended a few spanking shoots and was a girl willing to try out being diapered and treated like a baby, just a pity the girls that day only had a large XXL adult size diaper which they both found amusing, you can see a FREE long play clip of this from my Teen Spanking Tube HERE

A couple of promo images taken from this movie are below: In this film you’ll see Elise get a spanking and bottom powdering as well as crying for the camera! Clare called her a “very pretty little diaper girl” Indeed, who am I to argue?


Ok, so in this review, you will notice that this site actually lives up to its name, the girls really are placed in diapers, often playing baby, becoming totally submissive, even allowing their bottoms to be talc powdered and the odd intrusive rectal thermometer rearing its ugly head too! Of course it’s a great chance for the girls to all play or appear confused…as the beautiful Kadence appeared below!

Some girls just look extra cute in a diaper. Kadence is one of them. She couldn’t stop laughing which is how she dealt with the embarrassment, but she was a new girl to modeling and very willing to please producers like Clare! She knew she would be spanked, but not diapered – although how could you resist? She is the kind of cute girl you want to get butt naked then have her on her back with her legs in the air and ease it onto her slowly. Then it would be so much fun to put her on your lap. Has anyone ever been pleasured through their diaper, with the hand rubbing over it but never going inside? These questions and more…are attempted to be answered by the  NaughtyDiaperGirls website! 😀

OK, it’s maybe not a site you’d automatically be aware of, but it’s a work in progress and Clare admitted to me that she loves exploring this fetish, and to be honest her spanking models, as many as she now has access to, are game too, you only got to check the updates on the tour pages HERE to see that, and the updates are regular! The members area is also very sizeable and has grown considerably since it was started (approx 18 months ago?) All new films are in HQ-WMV playback. Site pricing is very reasonable at $19.95 for a month and for that you will get beautiful women in diapers. Some have a diaper punishment some are diaper lovers and the extras such as spankings, rectal temperature taking, mouthsoaping, cornertimes, and buttplugs all make this well worth taking a look if you’re after something a little different!  I’ve not really seen many specialist diaper/girlie/spanking and humiliation niche sites but there is definitely a demand for this and Clare seems to have got this niche, from a woman’s perspective, just right! Want to see real faves like Kay Richards, Lily Anna, Ariel X and tons more very well known spanking faves? Then see them here diapered with Clare! Even Miss Fonda gets in on the action and turns up diapered! I won’t embarrass Clare here, but how Lily and Clare kept a straight face in their most recent film as Clare exposed her trim bush to a thumb sucking diapered Lily is beyond me…”one day you’ll have a womanly bush like mine!” heh heh!

The fun of diapering as modeled by Holly Stevens!

Finally, a very hot scene from well known Fetish model Sarah Fay (here in brunette mode, you may remember her from Exclusive Education 4 last year) and this is a very naughty old movie that features a diapering, red hot spanking and an amazing finale where Sarah is given a butt plug and learns to hold it whilst she is spanked!



Click image below for the free butt plug scene of Sarah!

In conclusion, then, if you want to explore something a little different from a spanking network you all know and trust that makes great movies then you can do no worse than to check out this site! I’d be here all day explaining more about it but the tour pages HERE will give you a good idea as well as this small review which should give you more than enough to decide if this is something for you all! I would say the only people that might not like it are those who enjoy continual brutal spankings, severe discipline and use of implements such as canes, this would not be for you. I feel I have presented this site in as balanced a way as possible, showing you the spankings, diaper punishments, the fun, the fantasies that are acted out and the “Embarrassment” factor associated with this quirky fetish! Enjoy, it’s good viewing!! 😀

Clare Fonda Site Updates

Dang! I get so behind on my updates, there never seems to be enough time…so I thought I’d better put together what I have found of Clare’s sites this week in one convenient post. So without waffling, I’ll take you all to the latest episode from Clare’s spanking soap opera that is MY SPANKING ROOM MATE where this week a lust object of mine appears that I hope will also be making a return to Clare’s summer Exclusive Education series, and that is the very sexy Sarah Faye

In this episode, Sarah visits boyfriend James’s office to nag him and like so many poor blokes I know, he is fed up and deaf in one ear, so suggests breaking up with her might be “best”! OK, Miss Faye is a cracker, just look at her, she might have a few too many tatts which is not always my thing but she is so incredibly sexy and I think her tattoos add to her sexual allure anyway – you just know she’d drain you dry in bed – so to break up with her, especially when she’s a hungry wanton animal in bed and has the MOST spankable ass around is difficult to turn down. So when Sarah suggests a bare bottom spanking can reform her, James jumps at the chance but he spanks her so hard that she is shocked and can’t handle his “retribution” so agrees they should break up! Well, I hope it was worth it, James…I’m queuing up for a nagging myself and wouldn’t care as long as Sarah would get over my lap and allow her scrumptious bare ass to feel my hand do its work! (yes, I have “raging wood” as I type this, LOL)



Sarah Faye’s bouncing ass glows after a proper old fashioned spanking!

This movie and all the epriodes of this spanking soap opera with over 30 of the most popular spanking models can be viewed in full HERE!

I’m not sure if I prefer seeing Sarah Faye (who I have only seen with blonde hair) or her brunette look but she looks f*cking hot in this latest update at Clare’s fun spanking and diaper wearing site – her pet project called NAUGHTY DIAPER GIRLS

Take a look at the stories featured and of course…Sarah who gets a butt plug shoved up her and is forced to wear the diaper (or nappy as we call them in the UK) to keep the naughty plug in place! Most spanking models that work for Clare now feature at this site and love playing baby and being treated like silly girls…adding to the humiliation and submission). If you haven’t seen this site, check it out as it’s well worth a look!


One of my all time fave sites is GIRLSPANKSGIRL and there are some great sub sections including the long play classics and hour long movies like the Exclusive Education series or the latest like Aunt Bella (which I’ve featured in the past) however, there are also some sexy girl/girl sections where the girls get genuinely turned on and spank each other, playing with each other and more! It’s a more sensual and sexual side which STILL involves plenty of bare bottom spankings – this feature here is a little different as it comes from the vast archives which I rooted through so I doubt many will have seen these great pics outside of the members area before! I hope you enjoy! All usual “Trouser Arousal” warnings of course apply when viewing any of Clare’s naughty sites!

Here’s what got me going when I was checking out these gorgeous tarts!!!


& Finally today from Spanked Sweeties is the very latest double update starring Boston babe Sarah Gregory (who now has her own site – more later). Now I have spent many months in my past and know a few people from that area still, I was last there a few years ago, and I still love Boston, the Tea Parties are long gone (damn you colonial fools) but it’s a great city with some semblance of history and I’ve been lucky enough to be there in The Fall, experience a very cold winter and enjoy the sunshine of the summers and the stunning Cape Cod…anyway, I’m waffling, what I’m trying to say is that Miss Gregory is another fine export that Boston can be proud of…check out Sarah enacting out some of her fantasies that Spanked Sweeties does so well in interview and good hard spanking films….these are family orientated when Sarah was growing up…I’d have spanked her for wearing those yellow shoes too!!!



Dirty stop out Sarah gets a red bottom thrashing from Momma Clare

Want to see Miss Gregory in her pyjamas? Yes, I know, “do bears shit in woods?” Fair enough…it’s also good to see Sarah given a good man spanking as her pyjama bottoms are removed to complete this home punishment fantasy!


Now all of the above sites I’ve featured today from Clare’s network can be viewed with her ClareFondaPASS which is the best value and there’s even more sites that I haven’t highlighted today (I’m shagged…sorry) but for a few Bucks more you get the BEST value being able to view all her sites with one set of codes and one entry point that makes your spanking viewing all the more easy! See the banner below for more info and options!

As promised I thought I’d help out Sarah Gregory and wish her all the best of luck as she starts up her own site! Fans of seeing very naughty Sarah Gregory should be happy! I hope to do some sort of review within a few weeks so I’ll let you know more by then!

Sarah is spanked by Tasha Lee in this lap dancing spankathon