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Girls Diapered, Playing baby & Spanked!

I’m absolutely shattered, I can hardly type and will get this update out today as soon as I can… I was going to rant about something or other, oh yes… British (in)justice as my scumbag neighbor – (who had been put away in prison end of March this year for a serious assault crime)well… he was given 20 months and also additional time for deception, insurance fraud, drink driving and other nastiness in a different case. Those seperate sentences were to run concurrently and only amounted to 4 months even though he got 4 plus 4 plus 2 for the various offenses making at least a total of 2 years together so we all thought he’d stay behind bars for at least a year (which was too short for what he’s done)… but no! – oh, he really is a complete TWAT… well, he’s out, after serving just seven f*cking months and has already upset one neighbor and made her cry! I am absolutely disgusted, I know our overcrowded prisons here are full to capacity, but this is just a joke, it doesn’t teach scum like him a lesson at all. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t rant on, so I won’t… suffice to say, I and all our decent neighbors are totally appalled and really upset this piece of bullying lowlife is free again so soon! I expect he’ll be building bonfires as he used to do right next to our property, just for the hell of it to wind me up, cos he’s a total ignorant c*nt!

So, moving swiftly on… *sigh*

I decided only to showcase one site today and in my angered state, choose some well meaning galleries that best highlight this interesting and unique site run by Clare Fonda, she admitted to me that her interest in this genre grew and grew over the years until she had enough content to start up a spanking and diapering site for adult baby girls and of course Clare has done this so well, just like her other sites. I give you Clare’s delightfully barmy Naughty Diaper Girls

What you get is diapering girls, adult baby stuff, girls in real cribs, temperature takings, girls wetting their pants and spankings inside and out of the diapers as well as the humiliation and submissive aspect of the whole ABG thing…it’s a nice distraction and all of Clare’s models love working on this… I talked to Sarah Gregory about it when she worked with us and she loved doing it, so much so that she told me she was filming with Clare again and you can see the results of that below: Just click on the images and they lead to seperate galleries which best showcase this site rather than me waffling on.









Ok, you’ll also see in the final galleries that there were some features from new models Missy and Tegan who are now showing at Clare’s spanking sites, they were first shown here and these fetish models look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? You’ll also recognize all of Clare’s main stars she’s used recently such as Kat St James, Kay Richards, Ten Amorette and hot porn and fetish stars like Addie Juniper and Isobel Wren (Isobel looked awesome in diapers and got a good OTK spanking too!)

If you want to see any more, please do check out the update pages HERE


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    If this were Texas, you could just shoot your neighbour. Ranger Rick would probably give you a medal for your trouble too!

  2. Ah, if only… this piece of lowlife shit has caused criminal damage to my car and “Er indoors” in the past, we have had to upgrade and install new CCTV because of it, he is as tiresome as the parasitic pirates that rip off our stuff. *sigh*

  3. tim tim

    John. this is a nice site of Clares very pretty young girls playing and amusing themselves sometimes spanked botties too ,best . from tim .

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