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Uniforms, Spankings & more…

As promised, I have some of the very latest updates just released coupled with a self indulgent blast into the past for you all to enjoy as I bring you a uniform themed update today and I’m starting with my own site as I have been looking forward to showing this to everyone as it covers a lot of great themes… Girl Guide spankings, and a role reversal punishment of a female member of staff (with thanks to Miss Sara Winter for providing that particular distraction!) – it’s an indulgent fantasy of mine to see attractive girls dressed in genuine UK Girl Guide uniforms (ahem!) … so without any more of my waffle, check out the access to a good free spanking clip of Emma (click on the image below) – I was particularly proud of these spankings that I carried out, the girls winced and genuinely got a good hard smacking for being naughty as you’ll see! This is a genuinely enjoyable spanking film that has some great dialog (not to waffly or lengthy, great colorful uniforms and F/F and M/F spankings that should satisfy your viewing pleasures)…


Naughty Girl Guides, Cindy & Emma, have been summoned to Miss Winter’s Office as she’s heard reports of misbehaving girls fitting their description disgracing the name of the school and the Girl Guide Troupe they represent in the annual “Cookie Drive”. What’s more, the money they have collected from selling the cookies has gone missing & Miss Winter is so fed up & frustrated with the obvious lies of both girls that she spanks then uses the hairbrush on their bare behinds! However, this form of corporal punishment is reserved for the school’s Headmaster, Mr Osborne, who hears the commotion & is confronted with a scene of the girls thrashed minus their knickers! He decides to teach Miss Winter a lesson in humility, punishing her in front of the girls before dispensing with them in their uniforms, himself, as they should have been. A good old fashioned excuse to show lots of female flesh reddened in under 20 minutes! It has both F/F, schoolgirl, uniform punishments & a role reversal discipline of the teaching staff that should appeal to everyone! Watch out for Mr Osborne’s heavy hand in this movie, he really does give everyone within striking distance a darned good walloping!

Images below are taken directly from the HD film & shown here 1st (naturally) before anyone else!






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Now to uniforms of a different kind as we head over to Holland for a good dose of “schpaannnkings” in various uniforms and some British & Irish girls recently invited over to experience the latest discipline and punishments from Spanked-in-Uniform.com – I love seeing  these girls punished as you’ll see and I’m sure you’ll agree when you read on and view the latest offerings from the various uniform niches covered at this site!





Caroline Grey, a rebelious teen with a bad record wants to join the Southport Naval Academy. During her interview Captain Johnson decided to test her willingness to obey the rules by giving her a good spanking. She obeyed without much fuss and was allowed to join the Academy. A week later she was back in his office for her evaluation but she did not do that well. A few missed dutyshifts, rowcalls etc. which earned her a sound paddling while bending over his desk.






Stewardess Caroline made a big mistake. Instead of getting on the flight to Tahiti, the little madam got on the Birmingham flight. This caused a huge problem and Mr. Johnson had to send a private jet to sort it out. Now instead of taking it out of her salary, he took it out on her bottom. As soon as she was back at the office, she was given a long sound OTK spanking followed by a hard bare bottom strapping over his desk!

If you liked what you saw here, you can see much more of Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com HERE


Below is a self indulgent look at the archives of Northern Spanking as I looked up the mad bad Katja who co starred alongside Nicole Reina – You may recognize katja from some of her films at Strictly English, where I thought some of her work as that pesky annoying brat next door amongst some of the most memorable I’d ever viewed of any actress, well, now that I have discovered Katja as NorthernSpanking (see below) I will be downloading all her films and this brief intro set of her schoolgirl spanking shame alongside Nicole is a corker!!!




An afternoon visit to the study, although very familiar to them by now, is not something Nicole and Katja look forward to. In addition to thoroughly punishing the two girls, leaving them with very sore bottoms indeed, the Headmaster seems to take great delight in finding humiliating new positions in which to punish them. There always comes a point when their soft white cotton knickers are taken down and, despite themselves, the girls embarrassment almost overtakes the pain of the spanking and slippering

For more schoolgirl punishments in fantastic uniforms – CLICK HERE

You say Pajamas & I say “Pyjamas”…

PJ’s – jim-jams or jimmie-jammies… I never quite know which way to spell the actual word or present it on this site (since 70% of my readership is American I hope you guys appreciate that I am trying to accommodate you all where possible since spelling “color” or “labor” is odd to me (instead of my preferred “olde english” way of colour or labour)… now, I seem to recall that many American websites spell this word as  “pajamas” and over here in England we usually spell it as “pyjamas” (I think, am I confused? Yup!). So whatever way (maybe both are correct) I decided to call our latest movie – which has just been released at AAAspanking.com as “Pajamarama Jamboree” in celebration of this visual PJ feast and the fact that we used Dropseat “jammies” for the 1st time (which were great!). Yes, a nonsense title but full of PJ related jinx including a stern new Top who some of you will know as Mr Paul Down (a PJ enthusiast!)… so who better to have slipper and punish the girls (and he’s a leftie… not politically, like some darned commie pinko – yes, I’m joking before you humorless socialists write in… & yes, that was another jape again for goodness sake!) He’s naturally left handed which helped when we did a movie together punishing the girls with canes at the same time… but that’s another film and for another day!

Click on the image below – it leads to a special extended preview as well as the massive free tour pages!

A Special schoolgirl pajama punishment with 3 naughty girls who should be in their dorms but instead were ransacking the House Master’s office whilst he was away. The girls had found the keys to his liquor cupboard & his desk where he had stashed away spanking magazines & his implements like the slipper & hairbrush he had often used on many a naughty girl! However, he had returned early & the tipsy girls were punished on the spot in front of each other without mercy as he lowered the dropseats of their pajamas for a bare bottom spanking, slippering & a nasty scene of heavy hairbrushing at the end on their bared bottoms for their insolence! An additional punishment for Sara was given for not wearing the regulation dropseats in favor of her own satin nightwear! Mr Down was far from impressed as you will discover in this special pajamarama jamboree celebration. One not to miss for those that love to see very naughty girls punished in their PJ’s!

No doubt you’ll want to see some images taken from the movie, I have some additional images that I took but will save those for another time… check out the storyline in images and check out Sara’s facial reactions which I’ve saved ’til last, these are actual screen images and are superb! That coupled with the Dropseat PJ’s used makes this a proper visual treat, I hope those who are members will appreciate this one as it’s out now!

The girls are larking about, drinking Mr Down’s booze & reading his hidden spanking mags when he returns early to discover this outrage in his own Office! Below scenes are the spanking, slippering & hairbrush punishments they got for daring to disrespect his privacy in this way!

& as promised some superb facial cam shots of Sara as she winces in real pain!

If seeing schoolgirls thrashed in their PJ’s is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there are a whole series of films covering this subject at AAAspanking – I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as we did making the film! & don’t forget that we have held down the pricing for this site even though one whole movie is uploaded at least once a week (without fail) & with a glut of updates and more… longer term memberships have proved very popular, especially the low priced 3 month non recurring option but I see there are those that now enjoy the lower recurring price too… (Actual pricing is HERE) so a big thank you to those that continue to support us, as without you, we can not make any new films!

Inside info: Our next film shoot is with Sarah Gregory (her site is HERE if you didn’t already know! If you have any requests (I WILL get her in dropseats PJ’s by the way) but we are going to ensure she receives a very British welcome and there’s a nasty cold old school room & Dunce’s Hat waiting for her (oh my!) … but please leave suggestions, you never know, a fantasy to see Sarah punished the way you’d like could come true!

& on a lighter note…

Some spanking updates which I hope you will find to your tastes… enjoy this before you read my previous post, if you haven’t already!  🙂

This week I’m starting with the new movie clips that members of SpankingServer can upload – a personal favorite of mine, & it appears many of yours (some of my old pussy strapping clips from years back are still watched on a regular basis) – well, the girl below is called Lucie, she’s Hungarian, I think… and has definitely starred in various hardcore porn films as I… um… have seen a few that she had been in (there’s one where it’s filmed at a street cafe/restaurant in Budapest – a rather sleazy French porn producer takes her downstairs at the restaurant they are eating at… and he, a cameraman and her get at it in the tiny cubicle… BUT I DIGRESS!)

Lucie is a stunner and in this clip she takes a fairly hard pussy strapping, legs held apart on the Gyno Chair in an already humiliating position!

Another old fave of mine is seeing girls in authentic looking uniforms, and these girl scout uniforms that they have used at SpankingServer still do it for me everytime, take this update below with Heidi giving sexy Keira a good hard paddling across her bared cheeks!

I’m not afraid to say that seeing these girls in uniform spurred me onto finding real authentic girlguide uniforms at my site, but you’ll have seen those already, check out some of the hard paddling that members can expect to view this week!

For the other movie updates of the week, please check out SpankingServer’s home page HERE


Authentic Gym Class punishments wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate uniform or setting so this brand new release from English-Spankers.com fits the bill as she is given a proper humiliating spanking by her Gym Mistress, CJ.

Young schoolgirl Emma is in trouble. Her gym mistress is in a bad mood, Emma does not have the right kit and the mistress does not like her anyway. A spanking over tight blue gym knickers is given as Emma bends over the vaulting horse then it’s off with the knickers for a bare bottom spanking given with force by a strong right arm!

Having now worked with Emma close up and personal, I can vouch for the movies she has starred in… and this girl can take quite a sound thrashing when she has been a naughty girl! So having seen this movie at English-Spankers recently, I can heartily recommend her films here too… and there’s several for you to download!


The next girl needs no introduction nowadays, and I’m sure the good people of FirmHandSpanking.com had no idea just what a fantastic ASSet this girl has become… Adrienne Black, the ever so tall, lithe 20 year old makes me go weak at the knees and jibber on like a bumbling fool when I see her latest films… quite how Earl Grey managed to film the entire series with her without breaking a wry smile at being so lucky as to thrash such an impudent and beautiful brat is beyond me! (ah… I think years of spanking Rosaleen Young, another uber brat might have prepared him for such brattiness!) – Check out the clip below and some images that I hope others haven’t shown you as I know I have been tardy with this update of Adrienne, but nonetheless… she is worth writing about each and every time!

Stunning 6ft blonde Adrienne Black hides Earl Grey’s punishment implements in College Discipline. But he finds an old rubber-soled slipper to set her bare bottom on fire! Spectacular slow-mo replays show her cheeks wobbling! “The slipper stung so bad, 20 left me sore,” she said.


Finally on the subject of schoolgirls, & not strictly spanking, I just wanted to share this site with you. It’s called St Mackenzie’s as it has given me a lot of ideas for uniforms and these girls wear them so well… the girls are stunning and I can easily understand why it fulfills the schoolgirl fetish niche so well! I’m a sucker for schoolgirl punishments, I’m also a sucker for seeing beautiful girls in uniform like this Japanese exchange student below who is breathtaking, hope you agree too. I have provided the link to the website in case you wish to… ahem… peruse further and check out their amazing array of fillies (I promise you their tour pages will make you waste a lot of time). You ‘ll check out girl after girl and all the sexy teaching staff (addictive stuff) … so go grab a glass of red wine, settle down and ensure your other half is locked out as you view this site 🙂

Behind the scenes at our latest Film Shoot!

I have just gone through a few images, these are all raw data and the images are vastly reduced in size as they are for represenation only… but I think you’ll get the idea! We had a fun film shoot yesterday, it was very tiring as the weather was quite muggy and under the sudio lights it got a little warm at times… but I was ably assisted by a nice new chap, Paul Down, who helped me quell the unrest of having to deal with 3 VERY naughty girls – Emma, Cindy & Sara (together these girls are a real handful!!!) See the image set below that gives you an idea of what went on and a small glimpse of what you might expect to see coming soon! I can’t wait to see the edited films!

We had some fun with the dreaded drop seat pyjamas, Paul was a leftie (left handed), so we did a good double scene with the girls caned one by one in front of each other over the bed, taking turns (but we lost count when taking our turn, lol) no images of that yet, sorry… we also did an epic schoolgirl movie which I know the editor will HATE rendering, that will take forever… heh heh! Hopefully you will like this too as much as we did making the films… and if you still want to take advantage of a Special Trial Offer… please do it quickly as I intend to remove that sometime this coming week and I certainly won’t be repeating that for a long time! So have a great May Bank Holiday everyone… we have friends here so I have just popped in to show you what I got up to yesterday. Now back to the wine! Back soon! Chief

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