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& on a lighter note…

Some spanking updates which I hope you will find to your tastes… enjoy this before you read my previous post, if you haven’t already!  🙂

This week I’m starting with the new movie clips that members of SpankingServer can upload – a personal favorite of mine, & it appears many of yours (some of my old pussy strapping clips from years back are still watched on a regular basis) – well, the girl below is called Lucie, she’s Hungarian, I think… and has definitely starred in various hardcore porn films as I… um… have seen a few that she had been in (there’s one where it’s filmed at a street cafe/restaurant in Budapest – a rather sleazy French porn producer takes her downstairs at the restaurant they are eating at… and he, a cameraman and her get at it in the tiny cubicle… BUT I DIGRESS!)

Lucie is a stunner and in this clip she takes a fairly hard pussy strapping, legs held apart on the Gyno Chair in an already humiliating position!

Another old fave of mine is seeing girls in authentic looking uniforms, and these girl scout uniforms that they have used at SpankingServer still do it for me everytime, take this update below with Heidi giving sexy Keira a good hard paddling across her bared cheeks!

I’m not afraid to say that seeing these girls in uniform spurred me onto finding real authentic girlguide uniforms at my site, but you’ll have seen those already, check out some of the hard paddling that members can expect to view this week!

For the other movie updates of the week, please check out SpankingServer’s home page HERE


Authentic Gym Class punishments wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate uniform or setting so this brand new release from fits the bill as she is given a proper humiliating spanking by her Gym Mistress, CJ.

Young schoolgirl Emma is in trouble. Her gym mistress is in a bad mood, Emma does not have the right kit and the mistress does not like her anyway. A spanking over tight blue gym knickers is given as Emma bends over the vaulting horse then it’s off with the knickers for a bare bottom spanking given with force by a strong right arm!

Having now worked with Emma close up and personal, I can vouch for the movies she has starred in… and this girl can take quite a sound thrashing when she has been a naughty girl! So having seen this movie at English-Spankers recently, I can heartily recommend her films here too… and there’s several for you to download!


The next girl needs no introduction nowadays, and I’m sure the good people of had no idea just what a fantastic ASSet this girl has become… Adrienne Black, the ever so tall, lithe 20 year old makes me go weak at the knees and jibber on like a bumbling fool when I see her latest films… quite how Earl Grey managed to film the entire series with her without breaking a wry smile at being so lucky as to thrash such an impudent and beautiful brat is beyond me! (ah… I think years of spanking Rosaleen Young, another uber brat might have prepared him for such brattiness!) – Check out the clip below and some images that I hope others haven’t shown you as I know I have been tardy with this update of Adrienne, but nonetheless… she is worth writing about each and every time!

Stunning 6ft blonde Adrienne Black hides Earl Grey’s punishment implements in College Discipline. But he finds an old rubber-soled slipper to set her bare bottom on fire! Spectacular slow-mo replays show her cheeks wobbling! “The slipper stung so bad, 20 left me sore,” she said.


Finally on the subject of schoolgirls, & not strictly spanking, I just wanted to share this site with you. It’s called St Mackenzie’s as it has given me a lot of ideas for uniforms and these girls wear them so well… the girls are stunning and I can easily understand why it fulfills the schoolgirl fetish niche so well! I’m a sucker for schoolgirl punishments, I’m also a sucker for seeing beautiful girls in uniform like this Japanese exchange student below who is breathtaking, hope you agree too. I have provided the link to the website in case you wish to… ahem… peruse further and check out their amazing array of fillies (I promise you their tour pages will make you waste a lot of time). You ‘ll check out girl after girl and all the sexy teaching staff (addictive stuff) … so go grab a glass of red wine, settle down and ensure your other half is locked out as you view this site 🙂

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