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Sexy Spankings on a Friday Night!


So much amazing new spanking smut, so little time to post about it… in between me having a ball, here are the latest updates from a few select sites to kick start your weekend!

New model Katherine Askew now showing at Firmhandspanking.com

realtor_ca001 realtor_ca003 realtor_ca006 realtor_ca007 realtor_ca010 realtor_ca018 realtor_ca019 realtor_ca020 realtor_ca023 realtor_ca024

Hot, tall and sassy: welcome new model Katherine Askew in Realtor Retribution with Patrick Bateman. Faced with a choice of a spanking or not getting a new job, she’s swiftly over his knee with her bare bottom bouncing and breasts popping out of her top.

See the FREE Clip of this hot new young lady HERE


The second film at AAAspanking.com this week – as promised, is also out to download in full and is a reversal of fortunes for Carissa Montgomery over the lap of Nyssa Nevers! Images below are taken from the video.

carissanyssa016 carissanyssa027 carissanyssa036 carissanyssa053 carissanyssa069 carissanyssa078 carissanyssa093 carissanyssa100 carissanyssa113 carissanyssa120 carissanyssa125 carissanyssa135 carissanyssa146 carissanyssa150

Part 2: It was Carissa’s turn to go over Nyssa’s lap for a final spanking. She was wearing very sexy red lingerie and this was tight against her bottom and heaving breasts. Nyssa took delight in giving Carissa sensations of pleasure and pain with some hand spankings and scraping of fingers along the cheeks of her bottom and thighs which made Carissa very ticklish and nervous! When her red panties were removed, the sensation play was continued with varying smacks of Nyssa’s hand and use of her nails to even blowing on the areas that she had started turning red! Carissa was never able to wonder whether this was a punishment or whether it was purely play… however, the reassuring giggles and laughter between the two girls (as they were good friends, after all) proved that this was consensual playtime! See this hot conclusion to the spanking exploits of Carissa and Nyssa in the second part of their exciting spanking play!

See the FREE Clip of Part 2 HERE


This video is also available to view as a one time download HERE


Brand new this week is a hot girl with a very spankable booty called Chanell. She features at SpankedSweeties.com as it is her first time spanked on camera and this site always does the intros and retelling of the girls spanking experiences growing up! Meet Chanell Heart…

002 003 004 005 008 010 011 012 013 014 015 016

Chanell Heart is a beauty who was spanked often by her mom while growing up. Lana Miller plays her mom in this exciting re-enactment. Chanell gives a very candid and colorful interview about her real life spankings.

See this booty busting punishment only at SpankedSweeties.com


Also from the same network of sites – a new film update with one of my fave girls, Veronica Ricci… dishing out a spanking to a callgirl she wants back in the fold… only, as usual, things don’t go quite to plan as Veronica ends up getting a spanking too!!! This update is of course from SpankedCallgirls.com

otk spanking paddling spanking 005 006 007 009 girl on girl spanking spanked callgirl 013 015 016

Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the callgirl business. Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not. This is Lana’s hardest spanking yet!

Check out the latest callgirl spanking film HERE

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Spanking News from the Fonda Group


I had an interesting day, taking my car to a specialist about 35 Miles away. I was given a courtesy car although it was a little dirty to say the least, to which the garage owner apologized, the inside was even worse!!! However, it was such a lovely day that I had a nice distraction to go exploring this beautiful seaside resort which I hadn’t been to for so long! Oh, and of course the specialist found out what was wrong when 3 other garages couldn’t, or couldn’t be bothered… apparently the impeller in my steering fluid pump was worn so it churned out more fluid int he overflow cap which was why my poor engine was being sprayed when the pressure of the engine and the continual use of turning the steering wheel has… at least it wasn’t oil leaking in, my biggest fear! Apart from that, the car ran beautifully… as it should! (my replacement car below!)


Oh the shame of driving a filthy car, covered in various logos – oh well, not long til I get my car back… when I did eventually arrive home after a pleasnt afternoon’s diversion at this harbor town, I decided to check out the Clare Fonda sites… and also reckoned on there being a new update at one of my favorites of this group – SpankedCallgirls.com – and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was really pleased as it showed Sarah Gregory spanking and getting spanked by redhead temptress, Veronica Ricci! The Cameraman told me my video I did with Sarah was a part of a series that Sarah and Veronica did… as I had to reference the fact that V wouldn’t try to Nickel & Dime me for every little thing that Sarah was trying to… and I mentioned this to Sarah in the video… she was pissed… as The Camerman explained that these two had history so she didn’t like me comparing the two girls… and we see that today in this update. The fact they were filmed probably 18 months apart, you couldn’t tell… Sarah and Veronica look stunning. I’m also not sure if this is the time they played together and did naughty girly stuff in private (daaaamn!), but I’d like to think so as they both looked hot… as you’ll see! Do NOT miss Sarah and Veronica in a new F/F spanking update out now from super hot SpankedCallgirls.com

Sarah v. Veronica

001 002 008 009 010 020 021 023 026 027 032 033 037 040



April in America is tax month – Joy! So the following is something I can understand… I also like the fact that there is no mother/daughter or schoolgirl role involved in the next film I’m showing so I could rest easy when I actually first saw the pics! It’s actually a good video and involves the storyline of a Stripper and her pissed off Accountant who has to deal with her messy crap AFTER deadline day. I have done that a few times though NEVER filed any of my taxes here late, though I bet my accountant wanted to throttle me a few times! 🙂

Can you guess what is coming? This video out now to view at GirlSpanksGirl.com

001 003 004 005 007 008 009 011 012 014 015 016

Miss Cassie plays a tax accountant whose stripper client Vivian arrives at the last minute, a week late, with a pile of paperwork. Cassie is so upset she decides to teach this young lady a valuable lesson with a sound spanking, using her hand and a wooden ruler.

Click HERE to view this latest film update out now at Girl Spanks Girl


Finally for now…. new girl Ivy Sherwood  gets a good old fashioned hard OTK spanking from her “Momma”, played here by strict Lana Miller, who ensures her ebony booty starts to turn the obvious darker shade of “well spanked”!

002 spanking 005 007 008 (1) 010 011 012 013 014 015 016

Ivy Sherwood is a tiny, amazingly pretty young lady with a nice round bottom that got spanked often when she was growing up, often by her mom (who is played sternly by Lana Miller). Ivy shares great details, and two of her spankings are re-enacted.

Click here to view all of new girl Ivy’s latest fantasy and real life spanking punishments re enacted for us on film only from Spanked Sweeties


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“Fucking Hell! I’m moving to Texas!”


Sunday spanking Gossip & “Stuff”

Those of you that do not know what “Movember” is – the  current result is on the left hand side of this page *eek* – I have the dubious pleasure of participating in it, all for a really good cause as it is a cancer charity based around helping those that suffer from the 2 most common and curable male cancers, that of the prostate and testicles… many men are embarrassed to get themselves examined and this embarrassment can often be a killer… so to my fellow mankind, got jet your nuts checked out if you feel any lumps “down there” and do go see your doctor if there is any blood in your pee or poo immediately!!! So my moustache is going well, here we are on the 18th day and this is how it’s coming along (image is probably making your eyes hurt on the left!) – the poor girls, Molly & Amelia had to ensure my “growth” on day 13. It seriously needs some sort of trim, damned thing takes longer to groom! Grrr! Role on December 1st when I will shave it off!!!

You might also have seen that it’s the build up to Xmas and I have decided to offer this deal for one last time at this mad price, our best ever ANNUAL LOYALTY Membership – I won’t go on about it, but it’s a fantastic deal if you work out the Math! This offer is only available via our main billing processor CCBill, so I hope your cards are OK 😉


& so onto some other spanking updates of note this past week with am all black girl cast, and a FIRST as it’s a genuine all real Miller family spanking as Lana disciplines her own real life nieces, Mandy & Michelle, as bad hoes at one of my favourite sites, the always excellent spankedcallgirls.com





Lana spanks her real life relatives Michelle and Mandee Miller as they play sassy call girls with major attitude. When Lana is finished with them they are wailing and repentantYou can see the full unique film HERE


There’s also a special featuring Lana Miller (and Clare Fonda in her last domme role at the next site) both these great dames are spanking and punishing Beverly Bacci, in what must be her last role as a sub so this long play epic film just starting out at Girl Spanks Girl is a bit special as you’ll see from the special preview images below! I so miss not seeing Clare spank her girls and I absolutely “loved” seeing Beverly’s gorgeous derriere spanked again in a new film… so this is a MUST SEE in my book!





In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci takes a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point she is driven to real tears. She is lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle. Finally, she receives a spanking at home from her mom (played by Clare Fonda who is appearing in her last new scene on this site).





You can see more of Clare, Lana and Beverly in this final unique film HERE


Finally from this great network of sites, you may remember Rihanna getting spanked by Lana Miller… well there’s a nice role reversal that happens as young Rihanna gets to spank “mommy” Lana, so this is another rare chance to see this often feared “top” get a not too often “comeuppance” – I liked this as Lana doesn’t easily switch for any girl so Rihanna must have charmed her off set… not hard to see why though, eh?

This was Rihanna spanked by Lana previously shown on this blog…

Now see the role reversal (below)




Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller (a friend to Rihanna’s real mom). Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for the level of spanking Lana delivers for these re-enactments. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording. After the last scene, Rihanna was begging to spank Lana, to experience being a top. Lana let her do it and gave her some tips. And probably taught her too well. This is her first ever spanking shoot and you can see it all IN FULL HERE

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Spanking Galleries and other stuff

A quick post today before I write something more specific later, but these galleries I found should interest you all, if you haven’t seen them…. they’re from some of the very latest films coming out at the following sites! Click any image you like to reveal the free special gallery. Enjoy!

Who could resist Veronica Ricci in the wheelbarrow spanking position?

Riley & Amaya spanking Karina & Kat

Riley mocked and spanked by Amaya

All the above images & latest updates can be viewed courtesy of Spanking Sorority Girls


Nubian Goddess Rihanna getting a spankings off her mother!

More OTK spankings for Rihanna!

All the above galleries of new girl Rihanna taken from Spanked Sweeties

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Oh… & one more, a nice revenge spanking and a rare chance to see Lana Miller getting what she dishes out!

Rihanna gets revenge on mother, Lana!


Short n sweet, but I will be back later so don’t go too far, I have some really cool updates planned for you all and upcoming news of what’s coming out at my sites including Uncle Dodgy’s debut and a talkative schoolgirl ball-gagged and strapped HARD! These movies will also be available super early at my clips store so for those that can’t wait, they will be up well in advance of the main site – Coming Soon!

Have a good weekend y’all! Chief.

We are family!

This song was in my head, “We are Family” a classic disco hit from 1979 by Sister Sledge (when life seemed so good back then, eh?) – anyway, I was trying to find a decent clip on YouTube to show you all and most of the clips were awful, cheesy synced numbers so I eventually found this clip below which showed a live version of this song. Even though the clip is poor quality and slightly out of sync, they are at least singing it “live” and will nicely bring you into this short post and why I feel I had to say…

“We are family… I got all my sisters with me
We are family… Get up ev’rybody and sing!”

Today’s spanking fest comes courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and they have surpassed themselves with a double… a real life family spanking of the Miller Clan… Lana Miller is well known at this network and has worked closely with Clare Fonda and the “Big C” on a number of projects including being Principal Miller in many of the Exclusive Education series of films. Last year we saw one of her real life neices take part, but now we have sisters Michelle and Mandee (Mandee appeared last year in EE6) >>> a reminder HERE

So check out Michelle with her awesome big booty given a good hand spanking by Aunty Lana!





This is just the start as Michelle also gets to spank her more submissive sister, Mandee, in their many arguments and of course this site helps re enact some of their memories and model fantasies so this time the girls can carry out some of what they have practiced in the past in private!





Sisters Michelle and Mandee Miller have already been spanked by mom, Lana. Now, Michelle gets her sister back for getting her into trouble with a spanking of her own. This Sweeties episode is truly a family affair with Michelle and Mandee being related to Lana in real life

Lana punished both girls (below) in yet another scene and re enactment that members of SpankedSweeties.com can now view in full! In this case, the girls are spanked for throwing a party when “Mom” was away!






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For your info, I have just uploaded the full length film “You spent WHAT on my credit card?” at our CLIPS STORE in tandem with today’s latest full film HD update at AAAspanking.com

Click image below for the latest clip store film