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We are family!

This song was in my head, “We are Family” a classic disco hit from 1979 by Sister Sledge (when life seemed so good back then, eh?) – anyway, I was trying to find a decent clip on YouTube to show you all and most of the clips were awful, cheesy synced numbers so I eventually found this clip below which showed a live version of this song. Even though the clip is poor quality and slightly out of sync, they are at least singing it “live” and will nicely bring you into this short post and why I feel I had to say…

“We are family… I got all my sisters with me
We are family… Get up ev’rybody and sing!”

Today’s spanking fest comes courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and they have surpassed themselves with a double… a real life family spanking of the Miller Clan… Lana Miller is well known at this network and has worked closely with Clare Fonda and the “Big C” on a number of projects including being Principal Miller in many of the Exclusive Education series of films. Last year we saw one of her real life neices take part, but now we have sisters Michelle and Mandee (Mandee appeared last year in EE6) >>> a reminder HERE

So check out Michelle with her awesome big booty given a good hand spanking by Aunty Lana!





This is just the start as Michelle also gets to spank her more submissive sister, Mandee, in their many arguments and of course this site helps re enact some of their memories and model fantasies so this time the girls can carry out some of what they have practiced in the past in private!





Sisters Michelle and Mandee Miller have already been spanked by mom, Lana. Now, Michelle gets her sister back for getting her into trouble with a spanking of her own. This Sweeties episode is truly a family affair with Michelle and Mandee being related to Lana in real life

Lana punished both girls (below) in yet another scene and re enactment that members of can now view in full! In this case, the girls are spanked for throwing a party when “Mom” was away!






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  1. tim tim

    John cannot get on to Northern spanking when i click on the list here ,hasit gone down? best,Tim.

  2. all fine my end, maybe just reboot and try again.

  3. tim tim

    John please may i say to Mike of Real life spankings that i cannot log in it says a multi log in with my codes ,i tried to e mail you but no luck ,thank you John.

  4. I forwarded your comment to Mike at RLS directly.
    Remember if you are using that other email address (before the one you use here on your comments that only I can see), it causes all sorts of problems! Remember? That domain often rejects adult company replies so that could be the issue in no reply from Mike.

  5. tim tim

    Thanks John ,bestwishes,Tim.

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