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Sunday Schpannnkings & other news

Things are looking up… the weather is behaving, it’s calm, even bright  and I did see that warming orange thing in the sky at times… the birds are busy chirping and tweeting away (not on Twitter, of course), I shall be packing my bags in anticipation of my Vegas and LA visit later today (which I’m rather excited about, naturally) and it was good to chat to Mike the other day too and he has told me he has been filming again since his hospital visit… so we can expect many more “schpannnkings!” of naughty girls from the man that puts “rotter” into Rotterdam! Take these 2 naughty badminton players (below) … it’s a 2 part film… and they thought they’d got away with the second part – UNTIL Mike got back into the “schwiiing” of things again! (LOL) Below are both full length movie part previews in the SIU Badminton Girls Uniform section at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Stop Fooling Around – (Part 1 with Betty & Samantha)

With an important match coming soon, Samantha and Betty were expected to practice hard but instead they were giggling and talking about boys. Coach gave them two warnings but they didn’t listen. He had enough and ordered them both into his office. He scolded them and gave Betty a sound OTK spanking and marched her outside and placed her with her bottom bare against the wall… In part two – he will take care of Samantha!

ep4_1 ep4_5


ep4_6 ep4_7

ep4_8 ep4_9


ep4_10 ep4_11

Samantha’s turn – in part 2 (below)

… while Betty remains facing the wall, Samantha is taken over Coach’s knee and given a good bare bottom spanking. After this punishment both girls are told to remove their skirts and panties and continue practicing with their sore, red, well spanked bottoms on display for all the other girls to see. It was a perfect warning to the others to practice hard or have shameful sore bottoms like poor Betty and Samantha.

ep5_2 ep5_4


ep5_6 ep5_7

ep5_8 ep5_10


ep5_11 ep5_12

Check out all the other latest uniform spanking punishments as they happen – HERE


I thought I’d remind you of a stunning model that NorthernSpanking.com were fortunate to film with a few times, I’m not quite sure if she is still in the scene at the mo, as her Fetlife and blog accounts don’t seem to be updated anymore… I really missed out on Zille Defeu when she came over to England, not once, but twice, I believe… it was in the early days of me setting up my own site, so I won’t knock myself out over it, shit happens… and of course the spanking parties that she once attended before I had discovered such delights… luckily, you can check out this wonderful intro on her from 2010 when I believe this was filmed in sunny Cumbria (NW England)… well, judging by the leaf count on the trees, it certainly wasn’t winter, filming outdoors in Cumbria would have been suicide this time of year, lol!

NSI095-VZ016 NSI095-VZ024 NSI095-VZ036

NSI095-VZ037 NSI095-VZ052


NSI095-VZ053 NSI095-VZ071 NSI095-VZ081

Check out many more films with Zille at NorthernSpanking.com


Whilst I am reminiscing… perhaps you’d like a stunning reminder of Jenna Jay’s solitary confinement punishments (I have the 1st 2 days below) of her at Bars-and-Stripes.com – as you’ll see from her very sore red bottom, the prison warders, Zoe Page & Stephen Lewis like to play with their helpless victims in the confines of “Solitary”… where no one can hear their cries!

Jenna’s Solitary Punishment – Day 1


Prison Officer Stephen Lewis asks her if she’s enjoying her first day in solitary – and she nonchalantly tells him it’s all right. The unoccupied chair is put in the centre of the cell and she is told to bend over it. She does exactly as she is told – this makes Officer Lewis suggest that she may be learning to enjoy it. But when he starts hand spanking her – she is soon pleading with him to stop. However, he carries on with the spanking. Cruelly, he tells her to ask him to stop convincingly and nicely. He tells her to say pretty please – and when she does he tells her no and carries on spanking her very hard on her bare bottom.

jenna_solday1-31 jenna_solday1-35 jenna_solday1-42

jenna_solday1-25 jenna_solday1-56

jenna_solday1-55 jenna_solday1-59 jenna_solday1-66

Day 2 – Solitary Punishment

Prisoner Jenna Jay is gently rubbing at her sore bottom – still suffering from the previous day’s spanking. Now it is day two of being in solitary and she has a visitor – Prison Officer Zoe Page. As Officer Page has brought a paddle with her- it’s obvious why she’s there. She orders poor Jenna to stand up and bend over the back of the solitary piece of furniture that the cell has to offer. Jenna obeys and her short tunic rides up her back, revealing a pair of black regulation prison knickers. The tell tale signs of the previous days spanking are two rosy red bruised cheeks.

jenna_solday2-18 jenna_solday2-27 jenna_solday2-31

jenna_solday2-32 jenna_solday2-33

jenna_solday2-38 jenna_solday2-55 jenna_solday2-64

 Officer Page uses the paddle – from one cheek to the other, full strength and non-stop. Jenna is in pain and whimpers but Officer Page hasn’t a merciful bone in her body. Finally Officer page tires of thrashing Jenna and leaves her alone again – free to rub her bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness.


Check out all the inmates and their severe humiliating punishments at the unique Bars-and-Stripes.com


A couple of stunning updates now coming to the stage as I start to think about wrapping up today’s blog post… these next 2 are from Pandora’s site now… I like “Littles play” (thanks to Sarah Gregory as she is massively into it) and also I get the harder raunchy sexy images that Pandora produced with one of her lovers, D, for Valentine’s Day… as it’s something any lovers in our kink can easily identify with. So take a sneaky glimpse behind that stage curtain and see what Pandora has been up to!


Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora’s face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul’s lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen! A light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best. Her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you’ll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul’s knee!

image003 image002

image004 image005

image006 image007 image008

In the 2nd erotic set… Pandora explains that “We started out shooting couple nudes, but D and I can’t keep our hands off each other. Skin to skin, our bodies tangle as we kiss and the temperature rises. Real love, real lust, and real, spontaneous sex!” Enough said… check out these lower resolution images! #TrouserArousal


d002 d003

d004 d005 d006

d007 d008

Check out more of what Pandora is dreaming about this week – HERE


Finally, I had wanted to get this update out earlier this week, so better late than never… Ludella Hahn looks absolutely scrummy in these images taken from the latest film at English-Spankers.com – I know I’m an old daft git… but what I found more sexy than anything about this was the way her natural womanly bush complimented the burlesque style lingerie she had on… I am a massive fan of burlesque and Bettie Page in particular… so seeing this set the #TrouserArousal gauges soaring… thank you kind E-S peeps for an awesome update!


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.

npp6029013 npp6029014

npp6029022 npp6029033 npp6029035

npp6029042 npp6029043

npp6029050 npp6029056 npp6029057

npp6029060 npp6029066


Check out the FREE HD Spanking preview clip HERE


Enjoy what remains of your weekend everyone!




More Halloween Spankings!

Seems I have a little time to play catch up and I need to prepare for what looks like an extra film shoot next week… it’ll be my first time filming since Shadowlane… which seems like an age ago, so I’m up and aching to go and film some new naughty kinky stuff for y’all… but in the meantime, check out my good friends from Northern Spanking first who have a great Halloween film for everyone which stars the talented and beautiful Amelia jane Rutherford and Mila Kohl who are both beyond cuteness in their fancy dress outfits… om nom nom! I’m not so sure Mr Lewis agrees though as he, rather like me, to be honest, is sick of the Trick or Treaters… I had to buy some candy just in case some little horrors come knocking tonight…

<grump mode>I must remind myself that I was young once!!!</grump mode>

Trick or Treating for grown ups… now that’s more like it!


The Curse of Mr Lewis (Part Deux – & STILL cursed!)

He has moved house. He has boarded up his front door and is looking forward, finally, to an All Hallows Eve free from girls insisting on being treated or intent on tricking him. His dinner is in the oven and he is looking forward to watching the football in peace. Then Amelia and Mila arrive and it looks like he is going t have to move house. Again! But not before he has shown this latest pairing what a painful trick or two.

 NSI118-SMA022 NSI118-SMA023

NSI118-SMA024 NSI118-SMA026

NSI118-SMA028 NSI118-SMA030

& of course you will be able to see Mila’s spanking coming up – or if you join here – you can see it NOW!



Poor ol’ Christy Cutie… she gets asked to make lots of Halloween films… here she is appearing in the full film now available by today at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s fine site GoodSpanking.com where she is NOT having a “Good Halloween” far from it, in fact… as Christy has forgotten to get the candy for the kids and this rather annoys Chelsea who was all set to go… poor Christy needs to learn to remember things! I think she’ll remember this spanking given over Chelsea’s knee, panties down… then paddled and strapped until she is close to tears! Ouchie!

nothappyhalloween001 nothappyhalloween002

nothappyhalloween003 nothappyhalloween004

nothappyhalloween005 nothappyhalloween006

nothappyhalloween007 nothappyhalloween008

nothappyhalloween009 nothappyhalloween010

nothappyhalloween011 nothappyhalloween012

nothappyhalloween013 nothappyhalloween014

nothappyhalloween015 nothappyhalloween016

Download this and many MORE films featuring the lovely Christy HERE


So Happy Halloween… I can always hope that this young lady comes knocking at my door tonight 🙂




Hot Weather & Hot Spankings!

I’m sorry that I didn’t get back here sooner, I gotta be honest and say that I preferred being in my garden, sipping a beer after work than coming inside and sitting down to the blog… I also had a bit of a writer’s block so decided to leave it for a few days (it’s only promo stuff, I hear you grumble… but I still have to decide what to show, how to do it, upload images etc etc… all far more time consuming than you can imagine!) …. these things happen to us all. My day job has been incredibly tiring recently so the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of my laptop for 4-5 hours after having a hard day at work! But it’s late now so I am going to try and spend just one hour online typing this and hopefully get something to you all worthwhile from a few sites you know that I like 🙂

It’s HOT! So here’s a random pic of a HAWT ass *smile*


You know that I love the guys at Punishedbrats.com – I really do, some of their films are vastly under rated and I know David, I’ve met him a few times and I like the man, I have never met Pixie in person but I hope to one day as she is the creative editing force behind PB… even if she doesn’t appear on the videos anymore, which is a great shame but we all know why and understand… I think I shall have to do a Pixie retrospective one day soon, as I have really enjoyed some of her films from their vast archives… it’s what drew me to the site when it all began some 8 years ago!

I’ll start with one of my fave spanking models there, Joelle Barros and her latest film punished over David’s lap in some cute jim-jams… and of course she gets a delicious bare bottom whacking… those long latin legs flaying provocatively *oh my*

Images below are from the film: Cold Shower


Joelle has heard that cold showers are good for one’s health so she takes it upon herself to shut off all the hot water to the house. David finds out about this the hard way when he steps into the shower one morning… oops! Cue a fantastic PJ discipline film with lots of gratuitous red bottom scenes!

shower1-2 shower1-4

shower1-31 shower1-51

shower1-61 shower2-1


shower2-2 shower2-3

shower2-4 shower2-5


Click Here to see the very latest films including some new girls COMING SOON! Still from just $17/month!


A girl who is “HAWT” as hell, is the gorgeous smiley Jenna Jay… with a very spankable bottom as you’ll see from another site I love reviewing on here… NorthernSpanking.com – Jenna is spanked by David de Wolfe in this latest new  film called “Toasted Buns” - David is having some problems with his Au Pair but he knows what the solution is… spank her and cane her of course! It seems that Jenna is not averse to the idea either! the Hot minx! Check out these incredibly lush images of the spanking pair:

NSI110-DJ018 NSI110-DJ021

NSI110-DJ022 NSI110-DJ025

NSI110-DJ028 NSI110-DJ029

NSI110-DJ031 NSI110-DJ033

NSI110-DJ034 NSI110-DJ041

See a ton more stuff of Jenna Jay exclusive to this site HERE


A new girl (and a truly stunning find) for Mr M at RealSpankingsInstitute.com – a fantastic girl next door type on the receiving end of the tawse in a continuing punishment… this is Alyssa, naked, in the lunge position before she does more humiliating waiting time for her ongoing punishment! Images are screen grabs… as their new style film formats are at last on 21st century technology… and so it’s worth showing you here!


alyssa02 alyssa04

alyssa05 alyssa06

alyssa08 alyssa09

alyssa10 alyssa11


You can see more of this beautiful new girl at Real Spankings Institute


Finally for today, I hadn’t featured this before as it was too painful for me to view at first as I had planned to do EXACTLY the same thing with Mila… I hadn’t done a soapy sud spanking bathroom scenes in ages and thought that Mila’s gorgeous curves would be ideal… to cut a long story short, I think i had droned on about the fact that Mila didn’t turn up for my shoot, literally as Paul was bringing her she was sick… pisser I know, I have to admit I was furious at the time – you can’t help but be: all my carefully laid plans  ruined… but shit happens, I guess… anyway, I’m over it now (really Chief? stop blabbing on about it) even though Mila and I have not mailed or texted each other since and we had been mailing each other pretty much beforehand… hmmm, gotta admit that kinda irks me as well… but, she is still cute, and I am rather jealous of this scene – so do enjoy it, that means it’s good – and it damn well is! I look on this as what I might have done… I’m still gonna do a bathroom scene in my next shoot, so will gather some soap suds and entice whoever it may be into the bath tub for some soapy spanks… heh heh!

Images below courtesy of Dreams of Spanking


Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub022 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub039


Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub046 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub053

Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub057 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtub060


Paul comes in while Mila is relaxing in a bubble bath, and the naughty girl can’t resist the urge to blow foam at him, earning herself an on-the-spot spanking on her wet bottom. CLICK HERE to see a free preview


Good night… and don’t fo far as I have news of my latest film (below) coming out at AAA Spanking tomorrow 🙂


Spanking Shoot – YOU DECIDE!

Edit: and this is why I rarely tell you in advance who I get nowadays as Mila had to cancel on the way to the shoot because she was ill. To say I was gutted is a MASSIVE understatement and of course I put other girls to the side as she is only here in the UK for a limited time. I think this has burnt my bridges as far as touring girls are concerned… well, I shall never say never… but it has made me think twice in future. I shall just pass from now on and concentrate on home talent. Seeing her doing great work and stuff I had planned for her elsewhere with my fellow producers doesn’t help me either… that’s the way if goes, eh?


Want to influence a few films we make with the very lovely Mila Kohl? You have less than a week to send me some suggestions for a 10-15 minute type films, it can be anything, I’ll suggest it to Mila in advance, naughty schoolgirl, PJ’s Mommy/Sister daddy roleplay… whatever is your fantasy… Mila currently has red shoulder length hair and looks cute with curves in ALL the right places and a most fantastic spankable bum! (see below)

So get in some suggestions, I know many of you send me stuff via mail so that is fine too but do it before next weekend as i want to sit down and plan the scripts and day – email at the usual address eubilling at gmail.com – Imagine, one of your stories could be interpreted/improvised depending on our resources and sets, how cool would that be?


Want to know who else we got coming?

Yup!!! Aleesha and Zoe too… this is going to be AWESOME!


Get thinking!!! Have a great May Bank Holiday Weekend!

Some More Brit site Updates!

Hmmm, I have to be quick… guess what, I’m feeling nauseous again, I can’t believe it… WTF is doing the rounds in this cold damp grey depressing country at the moment? In my main job… I’m stuck in an industry that is naturally far more busy this time of year and am not happy that I’m being pressured at work to do more for less with the odd threats of redundancies and such being often spouted around to some of my fellow employees, it’s a crappy time of year for me. I don’t respond well to threats… so we will see what happens.

& on a lighter note, my promised quick update to keep you good folk amused before I take a good hard lingering look at some of the awesome stuff my American buddies have been up to recently! I’m hoping to place one early teaser update up on another bl0g tonight and will let you know if that succeeds and I find time.

First to Northern Spanking and the influence of Lucy Maclean is obvious in these image sets from some movies… just look at the beautiful costumes and underwear… stunning as always! & what better way to start than the conclusion of Caroline Grey & Stephen Lewis’ “Vintage Affair” film where they end a date in a rather hot and naughty fashion…




Stephen also gets to spank Mila Kohl in her first full film appearance for Northern on their last trip to the SL party in Vegas… what can I say? She’s absolutely lovely… as you can see from the images below! Note again the fantastic uniform chosen by Paul or Lucy and the storyline behind the film “The Travelling Disciplinarian” is taken from the fact that the parents and school of Mila have booked the services of the  “Travelling Disciplinarian Agency” to try and remedy her appalling behaviour before its too late.





& finally… another new girl at Northern although she has been around a few of the UK sites and, I have to admit, I tried to contact her for my very first shoot way back in Sept 2010… I did get a reply off her a few months ago to that request (LOL) so no doubt you’ll be seeing much more of “crazee” Masie Dee… but for now, check out her debut with a fortunate and rather smug David de Wolfe as he grapples with her panties in this opening teaser!




Check out MORE unseen spanking updates now from NorthernSpanking.com


My second feature this evening comes from Pandora’s DreamsofSpanking.com and it’s a great showertime punishment film with Ten Amorette who paid some of us UK producers a little visit (remember I couldn’t film with her as I was with Amelia and Molly so just couldn’t fit her in but I promised we WILL meet up at some point next year which I can’t wait for… she also paid a visit to Sarah of SpankingSarah.com so we shall look  forward to their films in the new year… now I know some of our American chums think we never wash (that’s the French, by the way) – yikes, only kidding my Gallic friends, please allow us “Rosbeef” to have our fun every now and then at your expense before you go burning more of our sheep or blockading ports or going on strike over wondering who will pay for your ludicrously bloated Public Sector… But I do digress and apologize!

As I was saying, Americans think the rest of the world loathe taking showers or scrupilously wash like a dozen times a day or something insane… well, I am one that loves taking showers, and often… looks like Pandora did too with Ten when she sorts out this “Filthy Girl!”

Ten’s bottom gets a very hard and severe stinging leather strapping in the shower across her wet panties and of course with them pulled down and across her slippery soapy body. There’s more, Pandora gets rather frisky with Ten… as she showed signs of continuing to be that slutty “Filthy Girl” – WARNING: The below images and trailer clip you can see are rather naughty!






If you liked these movie images then check out the special free trailer clip below that shows you some of what will happen and leave you panting for more! If you liked the trailer, please do go check out Pandora’s site HERE and you can read up about this film in more detail, the behind the scenes perspective and of course check out the other recent additions which may grab your fancy! You could do an awful lot worse, trust me!


I will be back soon… unfortunately my American update I had promised earlier in this post has had to be delayed because (guess what) my internet connection played up during the writing of this post! *sigh* Sorry… and it was a real good one too… guess you’ll all have to come back tomorrow and find out where I have updated it to 🙂

Good night all!