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Hmmm, I have to be quick… guess what, I’m feeling nauseous again, I can’t believe it… WTF is doing the rounds in this cold damp grey depressing country at the moment? In my main job… I’m stuck in an industry that is naturally far more busy this time of year and am not happy that I’m being pressured at work to do more for less with the odd threats of redundancies and such being often spouted around to some of my fellow employees, it’s a crappy time of year for me. I don’t respond well to threats… so we will see what happens.

& on a lighter note, my promised quick update to keep you good folk amused before I take a good hard lingering look at some of the awesome stuff my American buddies have been up to recently! I’m hoping to place one early teaser update up on another bl0g tonight and will let you know if that succeeds and I find time.

First to Northern Spanking and the influence of Lucy Maclean is obvious in these image sets from some movies… just look at the beautiful costumes and underwear… stunning as always! & what better way to start than the conclusion of Caroline Grey & Stephen Lewis’ “Vintage Affair” film where they end a date in a rather hot and naughty fashion…




Stephen also gets to spank Mila Kohl in her first full film appearance for Northern on their last trip to the SL party in Vegas… what can I say? She’s absolutely lovely… as you can see from the images below! Note again the fantastic uniform chosen by Paul or Lucy and the storyline behind the film “The Travelling Disciplinarian” is taken from the fact that the parents and school of Mila have booked the services of the  “Travelling Disciplinarian Agency” to try and remedy her appalling behaviour before its too late.





& finally… another new girl at Northern although she has been around a few of the UK sites and, I have to admit, I tried to contact her for my very first shoot way back in Sept 2010… I did get a reply off her a few months ago to that request (LOL) so no doubt you’ll be seeing much more of “crazee” Masie Dee… but for now, check out her debut with a fortunate and rather smug David de Wolfe as he grapples with her panties in this opening teaser!




Check out MORE unseen spanking updates now from


My second feature this evening comes from Pandora’s and it’s a great showertime punishment film with Ten Amorette who paid some of us UK producers a little visit (remember I couldn’t film with her as I was with Amelia and Molly so just couldn’t fit her in but I promised we WILL meet up at some point next year which I can’t wait for… she also paid a visit to Sarah of so we shall look  forward to their films in the new year… now I know some of our American chums think we never wash (that’s the French, by the way) – yikes, only kidding my Gallic friends, please allow us “Rosbeef” to have our fun every now and then at your expense before you go burning more of our sheep or blockading ports or going on strike over wondering who will pay for your ludicrously bloated Public Sector… But I do digress and apologize!

As I was saying, Americans think the rest of the world loathe taking showers or scrupilously wash like a dozen times a day or something insane… well, I am one that loves taking showers, and often… looks like Pandora did too with Ten when she sorts out this “Filthy Girl!”

Ten’s bottom gets a very hard and severe stinging leather strapping in the shower across her wet panties and of course with them pulled down and across her slippery soapy body. There’s more, Pandora gets rather frisky with Ten… as she showed signs of continuing to be that slutty “Filthy Girl” – WARNING: The below images and trailer clip you can see are rather naughty!






If you liked these movie images then check out the special free trailer clip below that shows you some of what will happen and leave you panting for more! If you liked the trailer, please do go check out Pandora’s site HERE and you can read up about this film in more detail, the behind the scenes perspective and of course check out the other recent additions which may grab your fancy! You could do an awful lot worse, trust me!


I will be back soon… unfortunately my American update I had promised earlier in this post has had to be delayed because (guess what) my internet connection played up during the writing of this post! *sigh* Sorry… and it was a real good one too… guess you’ll all have to come back tomorrow and find out where I have updated it to 🙂

Good night all!

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