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…& now for something “ouchy!”

A quick update today but something I don’t always post, it’s a new update from the Hungarian film makers MOOD Pictures and is their latest full film release in HD, it’s a well produced film (83 minutes long) and employs the girls they use from the original castings. Check out this latest film called “Rehabilitation Institute”, I have some information and links on how to view the site and it’s casting sites should you be interested in looking at this more.

I am showing you this as their pricing structure is in Euros, and I’m sure any of you will know that as the Euro is teetering on the brink, thanks to Greece fudging their entry into it at the start… or more importantly, the faceless Eurocrats thinking this federal style Europe would work with so many varying economies as one, and accepted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland with massively differing economies without question to, say, Germany or the other north European countries that were far wealthier per head with vastly different economies was and still is beyond me to try and do it immediately without allowing the poorer or more tax avoiding countries (Italy… *cough cough*) to catch up… but here we are… so for folk in the UK and America… finding stuff priced in Euros right now is a godsend as it has become so much cheaper… so take a look if you want something a little more severe, but done in cinematic way…

& so to the film, there is an instant free play trailer I have got for you and images taken from the full length film. The English translations in the film are much better too!!!

This full length 83 minute movie shows a surprisingly successful drug rehabilitation program. What it shows is how this place has such outstanding results! The institute has full legal use of corporal punishment. The girls can only leave once they are clean for at least one year! A Mood favouraite, Suzy Muller is back showing a darker side to herself in this film as she causes a lot of pain and suffering for the girls. 7 in total… and you will also see Suzy get some of what she dished out too! It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but this is by far the best Mood film I have seen in a long time, quite believable, great locations, very edgy and worth a look if you liked the trailer above.








See all the latest films at Mood Pictures or check out how the girls are found at the popular Mood Castings

Scorching Sunday

As promised, I will be bringing you some far newer and more recent updates today, albeit with a slight hangover and so I must try and make less typos than I normally do, I admit to being a pedant about spelling and grammar (usually), but I do have a problem with “keyboard dyslexia” – it’s a common problem, so I have heard, where such examples of typing out a word such as “the” ends up as “teh” – I’m sure you’ve seen many of these on my blog (oops). So I apologise in advance if you see any that I may have missed when I re-read what I have written for today’s publication.



I was chatting to Mike a little earlier about one of his new girls featured at Real Life Spankings – she’s a real doll, a blonde cutie called Cory who has started appearing in several movies, all now downloadable in full so you can see what she is about (below)

Say “hello” to new girl Cory from RLS!

This is what Mike had to say about Cory’s punishment: Cory’s sister sent Cory over to us and she called me to tell me that Cory has the annoying habit of throwing het wet towels on the floor instead of hanging them up. During our conversation Cory showed up and I told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner and wait. I suggested to Cory’s sister that our special towel punishment will help in this case and she agreed. I fetched a towel and I threw it on the floor. Cory then had to bare her bottom, bend over to pick up the towel, stay bent over, and get six with my leather paddle or slipper. Then she has to fold up the towel and place it on the desk. I repeated this quite a few times untill she learned that towels should NOT be on the floor. After she spent a lenghty time snivelling in the corner, she was sent home.



You can see all of Cory’s latest films now showing, including a fine look at Mike’s striped “Polo Shirt” collection at Holland’s number one “schpannnking” site! (in fact, it’s probably the ONLY spanking site from this wonderful country!)

See more severe naughtiness with Cory at Real-Life-Schpannnkings.com

I also suggest you take a look at this couch paddling movie she recently co-starred in too!



Cory also stars at Spanked-in-Uniform.com but I will let you find her in the various uniform niches, I had decided instead to show you the very latest update with Clover Rock (it’s a great OTK spanking film) and another new girl called Tracey making her debut as a very tearful nurse from the St Elizabeth “spanko” Hospital…

Clover Rock showed up at the Dance school and she really wanted to join the cheerleading squad. She was quite surprised when coach Johnson told her that the rules at the dance academy are very strict and that spanking is used. She did reluctantly agree to the terms. A few weeks later she missed an important practise before a show so she was spanked for the very first time. Over coach’s knee her bottom was spanked a fiery red and she had to stand in the corner for a while.




Clover has been in MANY films at this site – check her out HERE

As Doctor Johnson was on his way to an emergency surgery he caught nurse Tracy using her mobile phone. With little time, he dragged her to his office and gave her a quick, hard spanking across his knee and confiscated the phone. A few hours later he saw her in one of the hospital rooms using her mobile phone again! She clearly went back into his office and took her phone. He laid the defiant nurse over the bed and gave her a sound slippering and a hard bare bottom birching.




Click here to see all the most recent uniform spanking updates!


Ok, I have something a little different, I love the surprises that this site throws up with some totally untried girls, some can take the horrific canings, others wimp out (I actually am glad some girls do as they really are there only for the money, and from what I’ve heard, it still isn’t all that much… but each to their own in Hungary: I have a love hate relationship with that place (I have sadly had to ban the country’s Ip as I got so many scammers, they have some of the most amazing girls in that country (from a trip I made many years ago to Budapest) but even today, most of the nation just wants to scam people, pirate or just rip you off, they’re still stuck back in thge 1990’s as other East European countries like the Czech Republic move onwards and upwards… but maybe that’s the attraction oif this site, check out a couple of girls I enjoyed viewing in the recent movie updates and then take a look at the site with some “forthright” movie previews and you’ll see if this is something for you or not!

Helen was a hippy chick flower power girl next door type that the owners of this site loved working with… fresh faced and with her own charm… how would she cope with the casting that could lead to further severe performances and more money?


Then there is Rita, the very latest girl at this site, she’s another girl from outside of Budapest who contacted Mood Castings for some work, you can see part of how she got on (below)



& finally, the awesome cute Kitty who I have to say is a fave of mine, I don’t think she’ll ever be back but she is one of the best downloaded films and for those that like this network, then you will understand why (below)



There is a free movie preview compilation (below) detailing just what might happen top the girls!
WARNING:  You may find some scenes distressing even though the girls consented & could stop at any time!


I wanted to cover some sites I haven’t shown in a while and the next is an excellent example of what you might be missing! Principal (or Headmaster) Ken is one of the meanest older gentlemen I have had the pleasure of viewing chastise his girls at his frightening reformatory! I half expect him to spit out some chewing tabacco (lol) or give the girls another rollicking and hollering to make them cry even more… but his methods, although unusual and some say, might be cruel… do seem to work as these girls will do anything not to get into trouble! See SpankedCoeds.com -the site that is proudly a part of the Real Spanking network that had Micheal Masterton’s seal of approval, so you’ll know that Ken is firm but (un)fair 🙂





Bailey’s OTK spanking: Bailey stays out far past her agreed upon curfew. The Headmaster punishes her in her bedroom with a long OTK hand spanking on her shapely bare bottom. When he finishes she is teary and very sorry, left to reflect on her punishment whilst still shedding a few tears and snivelling into her bedsheets…


For a free movie preview of Bailey & the other most recently thrashed tearful Coeds – CLICK HERE


Coming next….


Profile – Kami Robertson - Sentence: Indefinite

Background: Kami is a freelance writer/journalist with high ambitions and a pompous attitude. Looking to make her name in any way she can, she selects The Prison as a prime candidate for corruption. She knows a juicy scandal is the best way to earn herself a reputation, not to mention a fast buck. Against The Governor’s wishes Kami is given permission by the state to write a story on The Prison’s way of life. She uses this privilege however, to delve too deeply into the regime that the staff have developed to rehabilitate the offenders and she secretly meets with inmates in an attempt to expose what she sees as a cruel and harsh environment. The Prison staff discover her hidden agenda and set about “adjusting” her viewpoint in a way that ensures she finds out exactly what it is like to be an inmate. She obviously wants to know all about The Prison’s regime and methods and the best way to do that is to experience it first hand. It appears Miss Robertson has bitten off more than she can chew…


Whilst on the subject of “Reform” I had noticed recently that an amazing film is starting to unfold at Bars-and-Stripes.com  – in fact, I am lying… there are TWO amazing films unfolding before my eyes but I shall feature one here today and get you the other feature as my main update at the Teen Spanking  & Discipline site (later today or tomorrow) as they both co-star Kami Robertson, who you all know I absolutely adore… so you will not be surprised when I watched her “lezzing it up with a fellow inmate”  (see the profile below) and I knew she must have had fun playing the “predatory” female… that is until she is caught in the act with beautiful but very naive Lilly Lovel and both Matron and Officer Lewis give her a humiliating punishment in front of Kami’s wide eyed victim.

Kami gets up to no good with her new cellmate…


Prisoner Lilly Lovell #4241 Sentence: 2 Years – Theft

Lilly was brought up well in an area that was fairly middle class. A sweet and somewhat coy girl, the pretty young thing always seemed to manage well in life and was employed in a stable job in retail. However, the influence of peers with less integrity led to her being caught trying the steal cash from her employers, hence her incarceration. But she has been identified for early parole due to to her good behaviour, always obeying the rules and keeping herself on the right side of the guards, she has become quite a favourite. She has never had to suffer the painful beatings that most of the other inmates have endured but all of that changes when she meets Kami Robertson. Kami learns of Lilly’s imminent release and seduces her into smuggling out her story for publication. Naturally she is caught and receives her first taste of bare bottom spankings and strappings. It also means she will remain in The Prison for much much longer!






Click here to see more of this amazing cell block punishment


OK, hope you’re all having a great end to the weekend… I will update my other blog shortly and if you want to know more about Kami’s role play film… then check it out!

In other news, I will be featuring Kami here tomorrow ahead of a fantastic film I shot with her in which she played a bad secretary that got all manner of nasty implements across her bum… it was the reddest I had seen it for a while so I promise you WILL love this one, and it’s a LONG film too 🙂

Sneak preview of what new film is coming to AAAspanking later this week!

Film will be called “Kami’s Monster Mistake!”

Spanking Punishments…”something something” Dark Side!

Every now and then I like to view something a little more gripping, a little more nasty, just a little more edgy at times and with the punishments and/or humiliation/tears that follow… well today is such a day and I wanted to share with you what I have been watching, mainly institutional stuff today, so forgive me if this isn’t quite your thing… there will be plenty of other days where I will post my usual offerings and reviews!

So without wasting any further time, one punishment I watched again this morning was that of Caroline Grey (I seem to be watching a lot of her recently…. not that I’m complaining as Caroline has pretty much experienced all the highs and lows of spankings and incarceration, which is partly a theme I have today and where better to show some of her most tearful work than at Bars-and-Stripes.com where she is dragged out of bed at night, half asleep and hauled over the lap of a masked spanker and his accomplice and they proceed to thrash the living daylights out of Prisoner Grey until they leave her a blubbering mess to contemplate their actions…. it’s quite a grim film but one which I thoroughly got into and Caroline’s tears at the end looked quite real after that ordeal! there’s a great long play clip below and I have managed to find some (ahem) security screen stills from the entire gruelling 15 minute ordeal she went through (shhh… don’t tell the prison about it!)

 A selection of CCTV shots taken from the moment they woke her up until they left her in a heap on the floor…




I had also managed to sneak in a few images, especially at the end where Caroline is back in bed and a mass of tears… something something “dark Side” indeed, eh?


This episode is just one of many with Caroline at Bars-and-Stripes.com


Cripes… how do I follow that? Well, Mood-Pictures.com have something a little more interesting than their usual “flog em to death” routine which I’m pleased to report (yes, not all their movies are so mind numbingly severe, thankfully). & now we can download the HD versions online of many of their top selling films at one new membership site – & as an example I particularly enjoyed this film (below) as they had put a lot of thought and effort into a Roman/Slave type scenario!

Women were bought and sold like cheap throwaway commodities as slaves and sexual objects back in the heyday of the Roman Empire… so as you’ll see from the images below, these girls are 1st used and groped by the various males of the household withtheir new purchases but are then thrashed by the new mistress who takes a dislike to the new attractive girls fearful that her husband will use them for his own sexual pleasure! Although some of the canings are really severe (they leave the trademark “Mood welts”, as I’d call them) they aren’t blood curdingly awful as some of their films which is why I actually “enjoyed” watching this film. I know there are those that “get off” on seeing a girl thrashed to pieces… but that’s not me, I still like to see spankings as somewhat sexual in nature and I just couldn’t “get off” personally seeing a girl thrashed beyond her levels and in obvious distress… but each to their own, I guess.






There are also additional options at the new site where you can choose just to download a movie of your choice or perhaps purchase a DVD for a one off fee, of course. Check out their new look if you haven’t already.


I had to sneak in at least one institutional schoolgirl type punishment and as I had missed the very recent update of Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford I thought it best to check out the second part of their ongoing punishment for daring to defy Mr Johnson…

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake have been given detention till the end of term every Wednesday afternoon untill they give the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was forbidden. This is the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom and Pandora was given the same when she comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute.







You can also check out the other uniform niche punishments being updated this week HERE


& to finish today, something a little different, it’s not spanking but covers the aspect of humiliation of females in the context of medical examinations. I have been asked about this before (why I liked this)… maybe it’s me imagining myself as the Doc or knowing how embarrassed the girls might feel as they go through a variety of intimate and unwanted examinations? I loved playing a Doc recently in an Examination Room Set… although I actually spanked the patient/nurse (delete as applicable) it just seems rather erotic and pervy, maybe harking back to the days of playing “Doctors & Nurses” perhaps… but here there is a dark side to these examinations, I think. Being from Russia, I can only imagine these (admiteddly gorgeous girls) are doing this purely for the money… why else would they do this on film? Anyways, I have some of the latest galleries below which should show you just what they get up to… and I have a link to an old established gallery that has a whole ton of further very naughty examination content!

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS






Readers of one of my other blogs might have seen me review a great film from Lupus Spanking – it’s, ahem… set in an Examination Room, click on the image below for the full blog review I did and a further look at the movie with free previews/images you’d expect etc…

Hope you enjoyed the darker side of what I’d been viewing recently, comments and such are always much appreciated
Regards, Chief.

PS. Tomorrow I will be reviewing some damned hot spanking entertainment which I’m looking forward to downloading later this evening in a darkened (locked) room, with some fine wine and a big fat cigar & loose fitting trousers as I decide on what to review! It’s a hard life, eh?