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…& now for something “ouchy!”

A quick update today but something I don’t always post, it’s a new update from the Hungarian film makers MOOD Pictures and is their latest full film release in HD, it’s a well produced film (83 minutes long) and employs the girls they use from the original castings. Check out this latest film called “Rehabilitation Institute”, I have some information and links on how to view the site and it’s casting sites should you be interested in looking at this more.

I am showing you this as their pricing structure is in Euros, and I’m sure any of you will know that as the Euro is teetering on the brink, thanks to Greece fudging their entry into it at the start… or more importantly, the faceless Eurocrats thinking this federal style Europe would work with so many varying economies as one, and accepted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland with massively differing economies without question to, say, Germany or the other north European countries that were far wealthier per head with vastly different economies was and still is beyond me to try and do it immediately without allowing the poorer or more tax avoiding countries (Italy… *cough cough*) to catch up… but here we are… so for folk in the UK and America… finding stuff priced in Euros right now is a godsend as it has become so much cheaper… so take a look if you want something a little more severe, but done in cinematic way…

& so to the film, there is an instant free play trailer I have got for you and images taken from the full length film. The English translations in the film are much better too!!!

This full length 83 minute movie shows a surprisingly successful drug rehabilitation program. What it shows is how this place has such outstanding results! The institute has full legal use of corporal punishment. The girls can only leave once they are clean for at least one year! A Mood favouraite, Suzy Muller is back showing a darker side to herself in this film as she causes a lot of pain and suffering for the girls. 7 in total… and you will also see Suzy get some of what she dished out too! It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but this is by far the best Mood film I have seen in a long time, quite believable, great locations, very edgy and worth a look if you liked the trailer above.








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    John i tried to get videolan but when i thought it was done it wasnt oh why did Amber change it? best,tim.

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