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Playing Catch Up Part 1

I have promised to get together a detailed post of images and what I have been up to on my latest adventures across The States – I will get to that… but as it involves so much preparation I will not make any more promises and just “Do it” (as Nike might say) when my timescale and time constraints are far more feasible. Sorry about that… the next 3 posts starting from today are all about catching up with the latest and hottest spanking updates from some of my fave sites so you should come back over the next few days as I will be updating this and my other blogs with plenty of news and info which I hope is interesting for you all!

In no particular order, merit or favoritism… here are the first of those updates I have promised you today! Starting with Firmhandspanking.com who continue to feature Samantha Woodley, Kat St James and Kyle Johnson in the “Brotherly Love” series  – this is supposed to be “The Finale” (I’m not sure if it will ever really end… lol) but this features many 6-9  minute spanking film clips as short stories with some kick ass stills images… this is the most recent and supposedly last in this epic series!

Samantha Woodley spanked by Kyle

Samantha Woodley is spanked nude in the bath in the epic finale of Brotherly Love

brotherly_zc005 nude spanking in the tub spanked naked brotherly_zc009 wet bottom spanking spankings brotherly_zc014 OTK Spanking sexy hot punishments bathtub discipline

Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James nude in the bath. What could be better? A long hard 380-smack spanking! Samantha’s bare bottom is soon wet and red for trying to run away with Kat to New York! So hot, we show both angles complete, totally bare!

Samantha Woodley and Kat St James

Check out the free Spanking Clips of Samantha Woodley HERE

Firm hand Spanking


From NorthernSpanking.com comes the full film starring Jenna Jay & Miss Jessica Wood in a rather amusing but severe F/F spanking and discipline movie that Jenna didn’t find so amusing when the heavy leather strappings commenced! Check out the authentic and “old style” gym outfits and heavy panties required in formal gym sessions long… long ago!

The Bicycle of Discipline


Miss Jessica has something of a reputation locally as a very effective personal trainer with somewhat unusual motivational methods. Perhaps this is why her business is favored with a steady stream of lazy young wives, whose husbands are fed up paying for gym memberships! Jenna Jay is Miss Jessica’s latest victim… er, client!

NSI128-JJ010 NSI128-JJ017 NSI128-JJ024 NSI128-JJ027 NSI128-JJ029 NSI128-JJ032 NSI128-JJ034 NSI128-JJ045 NSI128-JJ049 NSI128-JJ051 NSI128-JJ053

Check out MORE of Jenna & Jessica HERE


No place is safe in the Sorority House – least of all the kitchen as this latest long play and very sexy spanking episode shows… this latest movie with stunning image set is called “Chaos in the Kitchen” – from SpankingSororityGirls.com

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Star Nine is back to intimidating Alyssa Reece, this time in the kitchen, when she sits on a stool and puts the curvy bottomed pledge over her knee for a hand and wooden spoon spanking. More making out occurs before Alyssa gets to spank Star a little bit, too, and finished strong with that wooden spoon!

13 14

This site is HOT in its own right – Check it out HERE

Or view it as part of the infamous and Best Value Clare Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


At the AAA Clips Store there is a new film added well in advance of the release date for members of AAAspanking.com … it’s worth looking forward to (for those who have memberships stretching to early May 2015) and those who only download the odd film can get this a few months ahead of the update schedule.
It stars a very bratty and brassy young Sophie Parker in this “fan request” film of which she was unaware of until she was being tied up… fooled into believing her last film was a schoolgirl scenario (you will see she is dressed as a head girl in authentic school uniform) … Sophie was instead given a most humiliating and tearful punishment on the spanking bench. She started to complain so she was quickly ballgagged and although loosely tied (AAA is not a bondage site) it meant she still could not get away easily so endured a scolding and having her panties ripped and cut off her with scissors then her bare bottom was given a good beating until it marked beautifully with the bathbrush and a wooden paddle! Some images and where to download this unique clip event are shown below:

sophiespankingbench001 sophiespankingbench002 sophiespankingbench003 sophiespankingbench004 sophiespankingbench005 sophiespankingbench006 sophiespankingbench007 bench1d benchsophie sophiespankingbench008 sophiespankingbench009 sophiespankingbench010 sophiespankingbench011

Sophie bucked and writhed in pain but it wouldn’t stop until she was genuinely more contrite! It’s a good film with the beautiful Miss Parker given a genuinely humiliating punishment which she later admitted really messed with her head… but in a good kinky way! She would like to “thank” her fans for this unique opportunity (I believe she said this sarcastically!)




& Finally for today! Brand new from English Spankers is the wonderful return (again) of Satine Spark – I’m a huge fan of hers and I know both Sarah Gregory & I are excited to work with her later this year… we will think of something to do to her (together) that she hasn’t done yet, I’m sure, LOL… I love self spankings so this is a great film update as naughty Satine uses a hard leather paddle on her gorgeous derriere! Oh… and just look at that cute cosplay outfit. “Nom Nom!”

Satine spanks herself with a leather paddle

npp7126008 npp7126011 npp7126013 npp7126019 npp7126021 npp7126024 npp7126031 npp7126035 npp7126040 npp7126042 npp7126048 npp7126053

This is what Mr Stern had to say about Satine’s latest film: We get more requests for us to bring this lovely young lady back than anyone else and when you watch her films you will know why. Satine Spark is filled with the love of spanking so much so that when Mr. Stern leaves her alone for a while she picks up a paddle and gives her bare bottom and thighs a real hard paddling. Being the naughty girl that she is she also gets into some very sexy and revealing positions as she does genuinely enjoy spanking and paddling herself.



Oh… and news just in, contrary to what some may think, I would NEVER do this to an aircraft in flight! Terrorism by Poo? Read on…you couldn’t make this “shit up” – or in this case read how some as yet un-named (I would so want to name and shame this shit merchant) passenger stopped a British Airways Flight from London to Dubai 30 minutes into the 7 hour flight! It is rather incredible… was this some form of “dirty protest”?? I would be livid if I was on that plane as you don’t get back those 15 hours that this person stole from everyone with their out of control shit smearing!!!



Updates for your Weekend

freezing cold weather brrrr

The 1st of 2 multi site posts for you this weekend period. Just so you know, I have been in America for some time and still can not get used to how cold it is here in New England. I have always said snow is for ski resorts only… I used to work in them in my youth and loved the snow back then as it got used for our purposes for pleasure. I find no pleasure, not do my fellow neighbors here, from what I have learned so far… think about the current snowfalls and expected storms coming again this weekend. To me, it serves no other purpose than to piss off the population, shoveling it, re-shoveling, slipping over on icy patches or finding it hazardous to drive in. That’s no way to go about one’s business. I made a joke that it was always 50f temperature in England (year round… winter or summer). how I wish I was basking in the relatively mild temperature of 50f right now when today’s daytime max temperature is just 18f… and feeling like -1 (there’s a minus in Farenheit?) God knows what silly temperature that is in Celcius, I’d rather not know. (I actually just Googled it…) and it’s feeling like -19c !!! OMG…. brrrrr!

OK, the good news is that Sarah can warm me up… and here are some equally warming spanking updates to kickstart your weekend wherever you may be!

In the warmer climes of Los Angeles… many girls are often sourced from LA’s famous Sanctuary LAX Dungeon, so the girls know what is expected if attending a “spanking shoot” – so there are 2 great debuts for working girls Bunny & Luna… appropriately at Spankedcallgirls.com – no acting required for this one, just turn up, get bitchy, steal clients, be difficult to control and you’ll get a spanking in no time!

Bettie Teaches Luna & Bunny How to be Call Girls

01 03 04 06 07 08 09 10 paddling 12 13 14

Pro Domme Bettie Bondage instructs new girls Bunny and Luna how to be successful call girls. Since they can’t even walk in heels, Bettie has her work cut out for her. So she uses spanking as a great motivator. All 3 ladies work at the Sanctuary LAX dungeon, and Bunny and Luna make their spanking shoot debuts in this scene.



Another film out now to view from this network of sites features a great pairing, I have worked with one of them (Maddy) who is great and judging from what I saw of this film… Jenna complimented Maddy perfectly so well done to the casting team!

Jenna Rose & Maddy Marks explore limits at SpankingSororityGirls.com

002 004 005 008 otk spanking 011 013 016

Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose are pledge candidates at the sorority. While they await the tour, they begin talking about the punishments that might await them. They decide to explore their limits and here is where Jenna Rose takes the hardest spanking she ever got, including a whack or two with the large wooden pledge paddle. She was speckled and bruised and the two ladies decided not to join, instead running away!

001 004 005 007 010 012 fraternity paddle 014 015

See the full double film unique to SpankingSororityGirls.com

Both these sites can be viewed as part of the ClareFondaPass.com network

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


A great new longplay film is developing at NorthernSpanking.com with principal top characters Miss Chris & Stephen Lewis in a cross Atlantic “Wager” with their respective hired helps, Jenni Mack (for Chris) and Aleesha Fox (for Stephen)… it’s a delightful film with some stunning images to compliment it, check it out do far  (below)

VIDNSI113001-005 VIDNSI113001-020 VIDNSI113001-026 VIDNSI113001-031 VIDNSI113001-041 VIDNSI113001-050 VIDNSI113001-049 VIDNSI113001-051

Stephen and Chris seem to have altogether too much domestic help. The help is, however, not very helpful when it comes in the form of Aleesha and Jenni. Pretty, but lazy and in need of discipline. This gives rise to a domestic challenge: who can most improve the girls performance via a sore, smacked bottom? There are several surprises in store for Stephen and Chris however as the girls seem to take their punishment rather too well…

VIDNSI113002-003 VIDNSI113002-005 VIDNSI113002-006 VIDNSI113002-007 VIDNSI113002-014 VIDNSI113002-025 VIDNSI113002-015 VIDNSI113002-030

See MORE of this latest film HERE


The next film is something sweet and why I love Sarah so… she made Justin’s dream come true by allowing him to explore his new found love for switching from a bottom to a top – in this film with Alex, who was only too happy to help (as they are all friends). Justin helps film a lot of Sarah’s content, so it is nice to see him in such a role on the other side of the camera! Just look at his broad smile!!!

From Bottom to Top

0193_bottom_to_top_gal-004 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-005 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-008 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-009 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-012 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-014 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-016 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-017

Justin is Sarah’s submissive and has been learning a bit about the topping world. He is actually quite good at giving a spanking and asked to try it on camera, so who better to help him than spankee of the year, Alex Reynolds. This is a short video of a bottom who has been learning to top with some coaching from Alex and Sarah. A very sweet real life moment.

See the full HD film at SpankingSarahGregory.com


At SpankingServer.com next – Schoolgirl Bella gets an embarrassing medical examination from Peter before she is then spanked over the knee of another medical professional, played by Heidi… in a short sharp shock spanking – one of the many typical films they now update, and in English too (hoorah!) Images below are taken directly from the short spanking film:

bella01 bella02 bella03 bella04 bella05 bella06 bella07 bella08 bella09 bella10 bella11 bella12

See the full HD film of Bella’s punishment HERE


The latest film out now is a girl I know very well… I helped introduce her to the UK spanking scene, after all – and we did a lot of private work and custom videos together before filming for other UK websites as well as AAA 🙂
Welcome Chessie Kay this time to Bars and Stripes in her induction “Intake video” now showing at the site… she has one of the perkiest tightest behinds in the UK!

chessie_intake - 19  chessie_intake - 15 chessie_intake - 25 chessie_intake - 27

New inmate Chessie Kay arrives at the prison. She has been sentenced to 18 months for soliciting. Officer Dodge is in charge of her intake and he soon has the cheeky little madam over his desk spanking her cute tight little behind.

chessie_intake1 chessie_intake2 chessie_intake3 chessie_intake4 chessie_intake5 chessie_intake6

Chessie is one of dozens of naughty inmates given a good hard bare bottom correctional form of discipline for ladies who lost the privilege of their own freedom because they have been sent to this facility to serve out the remainder of their time behind bars. CLICK HERE


From FirmHandSpanking.com comes this recent addition with yet another offering of Kat St James and Samantha Woodley in the “Brotherly Love” series. Kat is given a hard soapy sud spanking in the bath tub as Samantha is made to watch! The girls are looking as beautiful as ever, and of course both have long retired from The Scene so it is nice to see them looking like they filmed this only yesterday!

Nude bath-tub spanking for Katherine St James finale sets buns bouncing

brotherly_zb002 brotherly_zb003 brotherly_zb006 brotherly_zb007 brotherly_zb009 brotherly_zb012 brotherly_zb014 brotherly_zb017 brotherly_zb023 brotherly_zb024

Two naked girls, lots of suds, a blistering, wet spanking: it’s the bath-time finale of Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley planning to run away to New York in Brotherly Love. Bouncing bare butt spanked crimson in slow-mo: enjoy to the end!

To see a free clip of this film – CLICK HERE


Finally today. a special bonus feature from the AAA Clips Store – a real treat for lovers of Face Sitting and Spanking, poking fun at the draconian new rules from the UK! In a fun film called “In Your Face!” we see how ridiculous the new laws are made to look when a light hearted approach to the face sitting dilemma is mixed with spanking and curiosity about exactly what this “banned” kink is all about! It won’t be released at AAA’s main site for some time and is the 1st of many special very early previews that help make the store one of the top in its’ niche by providing customers with unseen clips. below are some images from the film starring Lola Marie – this exclusive film will be the 1st of many to appear over the next few months!

face01 face02 face03 face04 face05 face06 face07

Lola Marie and Dodgy Dave are out in the garden enjoying the sunshine but they are also there to have some fun as Dave loves Lola to carry out some serious Face Sitting “play” – John catches them both at it and is shocked that Dave would allow her to do such a thing. John is intrigued by what he saw, but he prefers to spank his ladies and tells Lola she will get a spanking from him right there. She agrees but only if she’ll help enlighten his narrow views on what he had just witnessed and she promised him that she would ensure he’s enjoy it with a special treat! So John agreed and was rather excited at the thought of what she’d do after he had spanked her bare bottom. The treat was what she she would do with her breasts but you would have to see that and poor John receiving his first ever face sitting experience! Surely someone in the UK should ban this wondrous filth? In your Face!!!

A fun consensual facesitting & spanking film from US owned & operated Triple A with a delightfully naughty British streak!

face08 face09 face10 face11

Click HERE for this exclusive film only available at the AAA Store



A Quick update for the weekend!

I started this Friday evening and will finish it Saturday morning! A veritable weekend spanking post that I hope you enjoy! OK… do you remember on Monday that I gave you part 1 to the MommaSpankings.com feature from their archives where naughty Sarah had faked staying at home from school so the nasty nurse came round with a rectal thermometer and discovered that she had been faking it? She sent her to school with a freshly spanked bottom for her troubles… well this conclusion is the homecoming scene… and Momma is waiting for Sarah – having heard what had happened – oops!


… After the nurse had sent her to school to finish her afternoon classes, she informed her mother on the phone what had happened and when she returned home from school she found her angry Mom waiting for her with hairbrush in hand and a scowl on her face! Oops!

momma-21-039 momma-22-003


momma-22-015 momma-22-016 momma-22-019


You can download the full film HERE

& that takes us nicely to the very latest film (just released) which again uses the hairbrush… (did I tell you that I love the hairbrush and have half a dozen different ones for various punishment scenarios?) anyway, I digress – this film is aptly called “Don’t make me fetch the hairbrush!”

Of course, Sarah is pouting and sulking… being a sassy little brat just itching for a thrashing as she listens to one of the best scoldings I’ve heard in ages (Momma Dana does this off camera) and it is a relentless tirade against Sarah… oh the film is also uploaded in 1920×1080 MP4 or MOV formats (as will all her new movie formats at both her sites from now on) & I gotta say, it’s awesome! #yay!


After the scolding comes the punishment – over her knee to start with!

momma-67-010 momma-67-011 momma-67-014

momma-67-020 momma-67-025 momma-67-026

I am loving these action shots… this is a fast paced no nonsense mother/daughter spanking film!


Coming up… oops… Momma has fetched the hairbrush!


See what happens next exclusive to MommaSpankings.com

This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass
saving you a bundle on her 2 sites together with the same membership codes!



Staying with the “family” theme… the continuing series of “Brotherly Love” at Firmhandspanking.com stars Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James who take a bottom-quivering double strapping of 132 licks on their bare bottoms. Lying side by side over an ottoman they kick and buck as Kyle Johnson lays on the tawse… hard! As you’ll see, that’ll teach them for cutting college to strip in a club!


brotherly_s004 brotherly_s007


brotherly_s006 brotherly_s016


brotherly_s018 brotherly_s020


Check out the full archive of unique films starring these 2 gorgeous girls HERE


As I mentioned archives… why not check out this awesome reminder of just how hot Amber is?  Below, she has no one to spank her so she does it all by herself, getting turned on feeling her bubble butt getting redder and warmer until she feels another type of throbbing itch that needs to be satisfied elsewhere (ahem!). One of the many HOT films taken from SpankAmber.com


361b 361j


362d 362i


363o 363u


364a 364c


Join SpankAmber.com and get access to her other awesome sites for free!


Ah, while we’re at it… I delved into the archives of NorthernSpanking.com and thanks to their excellent model search function looked up one of the hottest girls they had filmed (in my opinion) that I had not seen anywhere else, Roxy Valentine – I remembered this naughty bunnygirl spanking tease production… I’m sure you will too. I must apologize to my male readership everywhere, if you are experiencing the dreaded TA (Trouser Arousal – tm Chief) then, like me, you have probably relieved the detestable tight fitting undergarments causing said  uncomfortable restrictions “down there” – I always recommend reading this blog with loose fitting undergarments… or none at all (as I often do, lol!) Of course, for ladies who LOVE to get off to the beautiful sight of naked/female red bottoms and such… I would recommend that you change your underwear in case of gusset overflow… #MOIST ~ #SHE KNOWS (if anyone is a fan of dapper on facebook and/or the Vines, you’ll understand my hashtags… heh heh)


Sexy Roxy throws herself at lucky Stephen Lewis! She wants to know what effect her costume for the party at the weekend is likely to have. And finds her answer!

NSI106-SR021 NSI106-SR026

NSI106-SR027 NSI106-SR039

NSI106-SR053 NSI106-SR058

NSI106-SR070 NSI106-SR074

NSI106-SR090 NSI106-SR096

Yikes! see what else Roxy got up to exclusively at NorthernSpanking.com


I’ll get you some more updates hopefully this weekend, there’s plenty to see! Have a good one!


Girl on Girl Spankings


I’m feeling a little miserable today (what, yet again, I hear you grumble) – because of the poor prolonged cold Spring we had here in the UK, all the pollen producing plantlife have started their evil behaviour much later this year… making me think that I had finally grown out of the bad old days of me suffering from hayfever… no such rotten luck… by about this time of year my symptoms would have started to recede after peaking for a few horrible weeks (where I actually prayed for rain to dampen the pollen counts) … but I and many fellow sufferers of various grass pollens here are really feeling it at the moment, just as the weather is predicted to finally live up to the summer tag for next week,  I can’t even sit in our garden without my eyes watering and wanting to rub them to Kingdom Come… it is so frustrating… GRRRR! I may also have a head cold, hard to tell at the mo (there have been some people at my workplace suffering from bad colds too) so I am typing this with a runny nose, itchy eyes and despite taking my usual meds… I am still suffering. Damned cold Spring… as I said, I’d usually suffer this annual crap when it peaks around Mid June so may have another 2 weeks before the symptons start to ease! I so wish I lived in the desert right now… no fricking grass pollen there. (I used to take my vacations to the smallest Greeks islands when I REALLY suffered when I was younger, living for those onshore breezes and little or neglible pollen counts at the beach… seems I might try doing something like that again in future! WHEN WILL I EVER GROW OUT OF THIS INFERNAL AFFLICTION? My Docs tell me I’m supposed to… I’ve had it ever since I can remember, I know it’s not as severe as, say, 20 years ago when I had it so bad nothing could ease the extreme symptoms and I literally hated the start to summer every year.

aitchooSo I am waffling… I thought I’d cheer myself up, cooped indoors, windows and doors shut as I look outside at the warm bright sunshine… and write about some sexy and naughty spankings I have been recently viewing to cheer me up! So, as the title suggests, today I just wanted to concentrate on some good old fashioned girl on girl spanking action… and why not? It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but I’m sure plenty of you won’t mind seeing some attractive female bottoms reddened by other sexy girls… cheers me up at least 🙂


& so to my 1st review of the day with those gorgeous girls from Japan at Hand-Spanking.com – this was a recent film and I loved watching this movie… called “The Queen & I”

 l4-05 l4-08

l4-27 l4-32

l4-38 l4-39

l4-40 l4-41

l4-44 l4-47

Devious and beautiful Satomi finds her new spanking partner, Ruka, a Queen from a BDSM club on the net. She meets the queen and traps her into receiving a spanking in a hotel room when she tricks her into getting hand cuffed… Satomi can only get off spanking women who are dominant and she looks visibly excited as she gleefully spanks her older Domme for her own selfish pleasure before paying Queen Ruka the fee for “her services!” This is one of the hottest girl/girl punishments I’ve seen at Hand-Spanking.com in a while, I loved the role reversal, Ruka’s nice red bum and cute Satomi looking so innocent but just so naughty! I absolutely loved it!


See MORE of this HD film HERE


I just went through some of my extensive collection of Sam Woodley material from FirmHandSpanking.com and came across this fabulous and very sexy series with Madison Martin. I can’t believe this was released about 6 years ago… the images are superb and there’s something about Samantha & Madison in this series that is just magical, caught at their peak in my opinion… gaze upon this and see for yourself, this is just a teeny weeny tiniest snippet of what is available as a member at this awesome spanking site!

swc_ba003 swc_ba005


swc_ba013 swc_ba014

swc_ba015 swc_ba017


swc_ba022 swc_ba024

Check out the vast collection of spanking films of Samantha Woodley & Madison Martin HERE


& back to the present day updates, next at NorthernSpanking.com although I am sure this was probably filmed in 2010, I’m only guessing by Leia’s cropped hairstyle as this was how she was wearing it way back when she helped film my first ever filmshoot in Sept 2010! This is a classic “girl sent to strict relatives caper” where both the mother (brilliantly played by the scary Lucy Maclean) and a bratty spoilt daughter (Jadie Reece) take their turns in punishing a submissive Leia (who did fight back with gloating Jadie, I might add) in her jim-jams without underwear on and I can tell you this was remarked upon in the film by Lucy who gave Leia an even harder spanking for being so “dirty” – oh my!

NSI104-LJL019 NSI104-LJL025

NSI104-LJL036 NSI104-LJL043

NSI104-LJL049 NSI104-LJL056

NSI104-LJL063 NSI104-LJL065

 NSI104-LJL071 NSI104-LJL074

If you want to see what happens next when Lucy catches the girls “at it” – CLICK HERE


This next film is now out in full from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Goodspanking.com and it co stars Sarah Gregory who is really cheesed off getting spanked and scolded, punished and treated like dirt over the 4 years she has been at Chelsea’s… and in this film called “Sarah’s provocation”, I think you can guess what happens when yet another spanking punishment for being clumsy in Chelsea’s kitchen tips her over the edge and she tells Chelsea she has had enough and does a classic role reversal… I really do LOVE seeing Chelsea getting spanked… there’s something about such an accomplished spanker, like Ms Pfeiffer, bent over the knee of a younger girl… and Sarah is quite the hard spanker nowadays… as you’ll see in this film. Chelsea’s bum gets a proper stinging bare butt spanking I love seeing! Check out some screen images and you’ll see what I mean, the sizes are reduced as there are a fair few but you get the idea (I got excited watching and making screen caps, lol!)


sarahprov02 sarahprov03

sarahprov04 sarahprov05

sarahprov06 sarahprov07 sarahprov08

sarahprov09 sarahprov10

sarahprov11 sarahprov12

sarahprov13 sarahprov14 sarahprov15

sarahprov16 sarahprov17


There’s plenty more role reversal spankings & some of the hottest girls spanked by Chelsea – CLICK HERE


Here is the conclusion to the wonderful Stern Step Mother series as bodacious MILF, Kordelia Devonshire (who I remember well taking all manner of naughty spankings elsewhere) gets a return spanking she won’t forget and it’s a fitting end to this series as you’ll see below…

002 003

004 005 007


009 011

012 016

Kordelia Devonshire learns one more time that she can’t underestimate her new step-daughter. It ends badly for the MILF as she gets more hard spankings. The two ladies agree on one thing – this will be the last spanking. Great series conclusion. See the full HD film HERE


This site is amazing in its own right, with erotic, sensual and disciplinary  spanking sections as well as having long play films and series like this (all the Exclusive Education series are at this site) See MORE HERE

or view it as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network


& Finally on America’s Independence day… I find it fitting that England’s Sarah Bright gets one over on our former Colonial cousins with a hard caning punishment on a naked Ten Amorette’s bottom in this excellent disciplinary F/F movie at Spankingsarah.com

npp5063001 npp5063003

npp5063010 npp5063011

npp5063016 npp5063017

npp5063021 npp5063023

npp5063031 npp5063033

Sarah has caught Ten Amorette romping with a guy on her bed and is not well pleased. She puts Ten into the diaper position and uses a nasty leather slipper on her bottom and thighs, not appreciated by Ten. Next she makes a naked Ten stand up and bend over, she is going to be caned and caned hard on her bottom. The cane is a very English way of handing out punishment and this young lady from America does not appreciate the finer points of the stinging swish and feel of a good flexible cane on her bare bottom. See a free HD preview clip from this new movie HERE


Finally, here’s a site that offers cheap one off downloads and these are all hand picked films that  I have a licence to and are some classics and personal faves of mine… check these F/F punishment films, many of these come with image sets as standard as well as the movie download, and all at a very reasonable rate as you’ll see!

n1 n2

n3 n4

n5 n6

MORE F/F films and other punishment and spanking films are shown below: via NaughtyBottom.com


Final sexy and naughty image of the day is courtesy of my addictive Tumblr blog – Enjoy!


If only I was looking at this in real life… could YOU resist wanting to spank that botty? *sigh*

Missing America

I can’t help but feel jealous and the fact I am missing the BBW which I guess starts tonight as fellow spankos meet together in Atlantic City and maybe one of my biggest mistakes this year so far is not attending. I have just found out that Joelle Barros (who will be my next update at my own site in a stunning set of PJs) and David Pierson from Punishedbrats.com will be there as well as many from England, & it’s more of a Trade Show than other parties as well as filming and meeting and networking… so I feel really CRAP at missing this one! Vegas seems an awful long way away.. but that is more of a holiday for me anyway as I will be there long before and after the SL event and hope to do a very small roadtrip with Uncle Dodgy Dave beforehand (should be fun!). Anyway.. I have 2 film shoots planned and am getting in some people I haven’t worked with and some returnees who I can’t wait to film with again… so at least I am excited about that (can’t say who just yet as I’d hate to scupper anything and look foolish if that gets called off… ) but one girl you will be at least pleasantly surprised with, I hope if it works out!

So with eyes focussed on America, not only that awful Boston Bombing… but the dreadful events unfolding in Texas with the huge deadly blast at a fertiliser plant in as they estimate (at my time of writing)  between five and 15 people killed and more than 160 people injured and dozens of buildings destroyed in the town of West, near Waco. Not sure if it’s an accident or deliberate… but obviously thoughts go out to everyone affected 🙁

So without putting MORE of a downer on today’s events… let’s just get on with why you’re really here… to read about spankings and the various spank sites that bring you some amazing updates. I’ll concentrate on all things American today, so here are some of my fave sites including a feel good classic at the end which I know F/F spanking lovers will adore, like I do!

Joelle and Pi are one of the hottest combos and precisely who I’s have chosen to spank each other… in the image below we see Pi getting her revenge on Joelle Barros – what a lovely visual treat!

Role Reversal… starring “22/7” & Brazilian chica, Joelle.


Even though Joelle readily admits her mistake, she still has to take every bit of her punishment.

reversal2-6 reversal2-7

reversal2-11 reversal2-21

reversal2-31 reversal2-41

Joelle mishandled company money and it’s Pi that steps in to correct the situation. Of course Pi isn’t about to let Joelle go unpunished after she’s been on the receiving end so many times. Pi takes a small leather paddle to her cousin’s bottom to make sure she’s learned her lesson.


& don’t miss the amazing film between Charlie Sky & Veronica Bound, this film, shown below, is out now to download in full! It’s called “Quiet time : To the Woodshed”


Charlie is given a little free time as Veronica practices her meditation. But Charlie blatently ignores orders to entertain herself quietly and repeatedly blasts her music. Completely removed from her state of Zen, Veronica drags Charlie out to the woodshed for a strapping.

quiettime2-1 quiettime2-3

quiettime2-5 quiettime2-6


Click here to watch Charlie’s punishment film – (FREE Clip on the front page)

Asian beauty Mei Mara is a sassy girl who shows us exactly why she gets punished so often… she’s new to Punishedbrats.com but already a firm fave of mine already!


Mei’s 1st day: Mei managed to get hired as a receptionist at Dr. Veronica’s office by overstating her qualifications. On her first day, her inexperience is showing right off the bat when she shows up in an outfit that is completely inappropriate for the office. 

firstday1-1 firstday1-7 firstday1-2

firstday1-4 firstday1-5 firstday1-6

firstday1-31 mei10021 mei10031

Check out this latest film and see what’s coming with the special appearance of the UK’s very own Pandora Blake (on her way to BBW but stopping off at David’s for a film shoot!) – this looks hot!



OK, it’s midnight here in the UK and I have run out of time and will have to bring you my promised F/F punishment for next time – so will just leave you with Samantha Woodley (it could be worse) in this brother/sister type fantasy style spanking with Kyle Johnson… and of course, it’s Sam Woodley, so anything she is in is totally AWESOME… she proves she still has what it takes… I love hearing her complain and protest and of course seeing her bare jiggling bottom spanked a beautiful red too!

brotherly_l001 brotherly_l003

brotherly_l007 brotherly_l009

brotherly_l013 brotherly_l015

brotherly_l017 brotherly_l020

brotherly_l022 brotherly_l023

Taking ecstasy and then lying about it costs beautiful Samantha Woodley a butt blistering to remember: 180 smacks on her denim shorts, 143 bare bottom and a tough 124 with a wooden spoon. The lady has to learn, but this is tough Brotherly Love from Kyle. Ouch!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FREE PREVIEW of Samantha Woodley’s latest punishment movie


Before I go, let me share my love of Wonder Woman for your perusal… *sigh*


100_9305 ww1 Superman_spanks_Wonder_Woman_by_Dogsupreme



Ravens, Spankings & the Sunday catch up


GO RAVENS! As the Superbowl is played later this evening, unfortunately I won’t be able to see it all as I shall be getting up at 6am to go to work here in the UK and of course with time differences and such, means I’d have virtually no sleep if I watched it. I shall catch up with the game later and hope they win. OK, I’m not a die hard enthusiast, but I do like the game in general and “Get it” completely… although I much prefer the “real football” over here where you actually USE your feet and it’s a foul to pick the damn thing up with your hands. Footballs are also round… but I digress! Anyways… COME ON YOU RAVENS!!!! 

& onto the catch up spankings for the week including some films I think you ought to know about from other sites and some kick ass girls you may not have seen… until now 🙂


Let me start with some amazing girls from SpankingServer.com that you might not have seen recently, 2 very contrasting beauties, one is quite slim and toned whilst the other girl is beautifully voluptuous and has curves in all the right places! Both are “fit as fuck”, as we’d say over here in the UK… (um, meaning they are very attractive, lol) go see for yourself how these” Trouser-Rousers” fare in some recent spanking and punishment films!

Below is Kari – a porn actress from Eastern Europe who also needs much discipline!!!

Kari (7)

More images below, all open to show her various punishments at Spanking Server

Kari (1) Kari (3) Kari (5)

 Kari (6) Kari (8) Kari

Kari1 (1) Kari1 (5) Kari1 (7)

There has also been the curvacious Yvonne who took some quite severe punishments across her ample charms as you’ll see below! I love the contrast of these 2 ladies, bigger girls deserve punishments too – ALWAYS!

Yvonne (6)

Images below all reveal more of ample Yvonne’s various discipline films.

Yvonne2 (1) Yvonne2 (4) Yvonne2 (7)

Yvonne (3) Yvonne (7)

Yvonne (5) Yvonne (8) Yvonne

You can see all the latest updates from the extensive tour pages of Spanking Server


This is a wonderful bumper film update at Firmhandspanking.com next – now I may not actually be Kyle’s biggest fan (sorry, Kyle… if I ever meet you I’m sure we can discuss why and it’s nothing personal) but I have to admit he comes up trumps in this double spanking update with 2 naked girls over his lap, and not only that, but they are Samantha Woodley and Kat St James! Lucky git! Check out the images I placed up with a tear or 2 of jealousy (lol)

Images below are reduced size apart from the 1st 2 which are the size members get to view them at!

brotherly_j003 brotherly_j002

 brotherly_j006 brotherly_j008

brotherly_j011 brotherly_j014

brotherly_j022 brotherly_j024

brotherly_j027 brotherly_j030

brotherly_j032 brotherly_j035

Here’s a treat for all fans of superstars Samantha Woodley and Kat St James: get them both totally naked and spank them to the limit! Bouncing breasts, jiggling bottoms & red cheeks all on show as they’re spanked raw by Kyle Johnson in Brotherly Love for sunbathing naked!

Click HERE to view a special FREE Preview


I love Joelle Barros to bits, she is wonderfully versatile, intelligent, and hopefully by now, knows the way from Philly 30th St Station to the studio that she is often now starring at for Punishedbrats.com – I say that as we got horribly lost when I picked her up at the station last summer and I didn’t have GPS in my hire car… we got there in the end of course, but that ride there still makes me smile at how inept we both were at finding the damned place which is about 20 odd miles outside of downtown Philly!

But I digress and the sight of Joelle thrashing the bum of someone else I have long admired, Pi… is something to treasure. David has come up trumps pairing these 2, it is definitely what I would have done and not only look great together but both girls play off the other and this makes for some kick ass films… like this one where Joelle punishes Pi for inappropriate Office attire!


Pi has pushed the boundary of what’s considered appropriate office casual attire. Joelle uses a leather strap to send the message that proper appearance is essential to good business. Pi promises that she will show up on time and wearing the appropriate attire from now on.

officedress1-2 officedress1-4

officedress1-5 officedress1-6

officedress1-7 officedress1-8

officedress2-1 officedress2-2

officedress2-3 officedress2-5

Check out how this new F/F punishment film ends with a free preview HERE



God knows what goes through the mind of The Cameraman at the Fonda network but I have to admire the fact although their plots and storylines are a little… well, bonkers, it does work, mainly aided by the fact we (the viewing public) WANT to see beautiful young girls spank each other for any excuse so the plots are usually of little consequence as far as I am concerned when I watch the films at Girl Spanks Girl – although of course there are long running story arcs like this one unique to this site , and then they make sense.

Below are images taken from DAY 5 of the “Naughty Tutor” series of films.

(careful, these films are addictive viewing!!!)

Layden and her sister Alyssa get payback from Alexis for their plan earlier that had Layden drug and spank Alexis. So Alexis has the sisters spank each other, then she paddles them. But they overpower Alexis and spank her once again. With all three ladies now nursing sore bottoms, will this finally be the end of all the spankings?

001 002

003 004

006 007

008 009

010 012

013 014

015 016

You can see MORE of this entire series HERE


Let’s also not forget that at Spanked Sweeties another new girl arrives with tales of her spankings growing up, this young madam definitely needs them even now as she recalls one such incident (below) with mother, I’m sure this has been sexed up (just a little, lol) especially since new girl, Casie, is an active porn starlet.

001 004

005 007

008 009

010 012

013 014

015 016

This is what they had to say about her: Casie comes to us from the adult world (as Casey Cumz) but not before being spanked often by her mother while growing up. Her babysitter also spanked her. But not her father, who was military and made her do pushups. That’s why Casey may be tiny, but has major bicep guns. Syren De Mer plays her mom (who had to frequently discipline her because she was so naughty).

Check out all the updates featuring this new girl at Spanked Sweeties

Both the sites featured above are of course part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass


Finally for today. a couple of different updates and both sites are a little more severe, but still highly intriguing as the punishments are very real and authentic in nature! First, the latest and brand new film for members at Lupus Spanking is entitled “Raging Bull” and tells us of the stories of the harsh grim boarding schools in the old communist Czechoslovak republic at the height of the Cold War. Check these amazing images which showcase the new film!


pic09 (1) pic03 (1)

pic04 (1) pic05 (1) pic06 (1)

pic11 (1) pic12 (1)

pic07 pic10 (1) pic13

Take a look behind the closed doors of a prestigious girls’ boarding school in which young girls are raised rigidly, to become young honourable ladies. Ladies, for whom many things are inappropriate and many things are totally unacceptable. For example… unauthorized evening walks. Such an offence against good morals had to be properly punished, and a strict governess with a compelling hand and an even more compelling paddle would take a good care of it. But that still wasn’t the worst of what was to come… members can see FAR MORE what happens to these 2 girls next!!! CLICK HERE


For all the latest updates and films CLICK HERE


Finally today, it seems mad bad Sergei from Russia has learnt how to rope his victims I mean, girls… but in case you’re thinking they do this unwillingly, there is a smiling shot or 2 of the beautiful young Russian girl at the end showing us she is indeed a lifestyler… so go check out Russian Discipline for yourself and this amazing new film along with a new direction as the spankings, whippings and canings still take place, only with a little more rope work from time to time – I’m impressed, I’m always fascinated by riggers and wish I could effectively tie up subs myself – maybe I should take a course? I love seeing this sort of thing intermixed with punishment play and discipline!

pic03 pic04

pic05 pic06

pic08 pic09

pic10 pic11 pic12


See the new look and changes at Russian Discipline – they have censored some images but members get to see it ALL!


That’s it from me (finally) today. To those on Superbowl Day already out and about down the bars or gathering at friends houses and apartments for a few beers… have fun, and I’m hoping for a Ravens victory!


Revenge Spankings

I love the whole scenario of girls getting their own back on each other, whether it is because one got into more trouble by association, or another girl tried to save her own skin and tell tales on the other (a personal favourite of mine), or whether it was just a plain return spanking to even a score… I love the whole idea of girls switching and dishing out what they had earlier received! So with that, I give you my latest film update from AAAspanking.com – rather obvious in the title, called “Jasmine’s Revenge”… and it is based on the follow up from the aftermath when both girls got a good hard thrashing in that same room for signs of masturbating… or “wanking” (that is such a crude but succinct word I love mentioning) underneath the bedsheets!

You can catch up with the original storyline and images in this FREE gallery HERE

Then take a look at some images (including some additional ones not shown outside the main site) that helps explain how Jasmine got her own back on a sleeping Sophie!

Click HERE to view a FREE preview clip of Sophie’s spanking by Jasmine



Jasmine was bitter that she had to take a harder spanking the previous time these 2 girls were punished in this very same room when Sophie got out of a far more severe discipline thrashing by telling tales on Jasmine. Jasmine vowed revenge and it wasn’t long before she sneaked back into Sophie’s room to carry out a little fair play and justice on Sophie’s recently thrashed and very sore red bottom, bringing her close to tears! During this tearful state she got her to admit that she was wrong! Another great little pyjama discipline film which has a lot of sore red ass and sexy girl on girl punishments that you would expect from this site. Enjoy!



If you’re into revenge punishments then you are going to love the new stuff that I filmed recently between Zoe Page and Jessica Jensen, a couple of preview images are below as this film is currently being edited as we speak and I hope it comes out by the end of the month or so…

Wrestling & Spanking : Featuring Zoe & Jessica
(Hope you don’t mind me playing with an image or 2!)


Continuing this theme, the following films are what inspired me, from my hard drive I present to you Samantha Woodley and Lizzy Madison (who I once featured on here looking STUNNING in her cheer girl outfit, just enter her name in the search bar and you’ll find the post!) Anyway, here is a classic example of both girls taking turns on each other and it came from FirmHandSpanking.com in one of the many “House Rules” series starring these 2 amazing girls!

Check out these images… this is some seriously top rated stuff from yesteryear from the vast movie archives of FirmHandSpanking.com with gorgeous Samantha Woodley totally nude, bent over a chair in the bathroom for a resounding spanking with a wooden bath brush. Add to this the entrancing Lizzy Madison as her brush wielding housemate, and this is indeed a rare treat many of you may have missed! Oh, and Samantha HATED that damned brush!





& then the tables are turned as you’ll see below (Sam is quite a capable switch!)

The House Rules series provided a double dose of discipline as Samantha turned the tables and spanked her housemate Lizzy Madison with the infamous and dreaded bath brush! (Anyone who knows anything about brushes will know these things are PAINFUL!) That long handle packed a lot of extra sting, as Lizzy found out to her cost as Samantha got her revenge!





Do not miss these classic movies as well as the very latest punishment spankings!
Click Here to see the free previews


OK, this is not quite a revenge spanking, but one of my favourite films from last year at NorthernSpanking starred the ever so voluptuous spanking sex kitten, Jadie Reece alongside Leia Ann Woods… these 2 can get up to all sorts of naughty female shenanigans, and in this film… they certainly do not disappoint as Jadie pays the forfeit (this time) when she loses their weekly game of tennis.

Unless you know the girls well, you probably would not believe it’s true but, during the summertime, Leia-Ann and Jadie play tennis once a week to help them keep fit. But that is not the real reason. Of course the winner buys lunch but the loser, well, the loser HAS to be punished! She has to have her bottom soundly spanked in her damp, frilly white tennis panties. She has to remove her top so that her glorious breasts may be enjoyed to the full, straining to escape from her bra. The girls have a range of instruments of discipline available to them, as you would expect and these may be applied to the losing backside, once those damp cotton knickers have been pulled down. As you will see, it’s not all about punishment and today it’s Jadies turn to be tenderly undressed, kissed and caressed before the final, inevitable caning of her bare bottom. And with her striped, thrashed bottom in the air, there is one more task that Jadie has to, ummm, perform… (I didn’t realise lunch was served early as she dined from Leia’s “lady buffet!”)




Do NOT miss the many films of Jadie and Leia together… they will melt your PC screen!!!

Lunch was served early as Jadie had developed quite an appetite – it’s hungry work spanking Leia!
CLICK HERE for the complete movie


Stay tuned for yet more updates coming very soon! Chief

Spankings – & that woman is a “slut!”

Before I start today with my spankings for this weekend, I had a link sent to me about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Flake (well, he kept calling her that, oh my!) … I mean “Fluke”… yes, Sandra Fluke was lambasted by Rush Limbaugh over the women’s rights for contraception as students on campus… now as a Brit looking in, I am genuinely horrified by this backward behaviour shown by this infamous radio pundit, he really loses it big time (I guess he’s paid to over react like this) and calls her a slut – My God… and then when you see the religious organisations who control certain universities who won’t allow contraception to be paid for their students (hello, this is what students get upto in the prime of their life!) then I guess he and the religious backwater should take a look at Europe, Britain, in their eyes must be Sodom and Europe, Gommorah! We are doomed, and just as I genuinely thought about wanting to see if I could ever stay in America and carry on my spanking productions there (pipe dream, I know) – I think… with people like this in society, I’d rather stay on my cold overcrowded grey rock! Judge for yourself as Rush goes off on one below (the beginning of his rant is classic Limbaugh and then he loses his way a little to recover bravely… calling Sandra a slut at 3.46!)

However… there are 2 sides to this story, her claims, in my opinion are daft, any woman that spends $1000 a year on contraception has no concept of money and thusly deserves a spanking… they should also respect the fact that certain religious faculties are not bound to include this “service” in their insurance plans for co eds or students as it does (surprise surprise) contravene all their beliefs that they uphold (Catholics and Jesuits spring to mind). Surely Miss Fluke could find cheaper contraception near the campus or encourage her womenfolk to? Perhaps online and such? I noted that these institutions didn’t actually object to the women fornicating like rabbits, just that they didn’t want to help them through their insurance plans and such… seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Anyway, to me looking in, it was a titillating piece of non news I wanted to share with you!

Cripes, enough… let’s get on with what we’re here for!
Beautiful women getting their behinds tanned! Yay!

Where better to start than with Valerie Bryant who, along with some of the other fantastic new girls appearing at FirmHandSpanking.com this year, make it a site you can not afford to miss! To emphasise this, I have her latest update and something from my own archives you’ll love from around 5-6 years ago, Abigail Whittaker’s 1st spanking alongside Samantha Woodley!


“That was totally embarrassing,” admits pretty Valerie Bryant about her spread eagled paddling in Reform School. “You can see my bare cheeks tense up every swat, I couldn’t help it with the sting.” 30 spanks with a leather paddle for using the faculty room is tough from Mr Reed!



You can see a FREE preview of Valerie’s spreadeagled embarrassing punishment HERE

As promised: A visually stunning double punishment of Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker

You’ll see uncle Tim take Abigail over his knee for her 1st spanking after witnessing what had happened to Samantha, who now watches her friend take a bare bottom punishment! Stunning girls, gorgeous contrasting uniforms, a perfect fantasy voyeuristic spanking!




The full series of films and top quality photo sets that accompany these movies are in their own right a massive archive of both girls throughout the years they have appeared at this site and are fully available to members of Firmhandspanking.com


There is a fantastic new girl just updated at BunBeatingFun.com – an auburn haired (yup, one of my favourite types, as you should all know by now) girl by the name of Ashley Graham (who you will have seen previously at Punishedbrats.com but not in this context as she REALLY plays up in this new film) – and as you’ll see from the images below, this model brat gets everything coming her way in typical bun beating OTK fashion! With an added paddle bonus! “Baaaad girl, indeed!”

Check out the finale of Ashley’s ordeal!
Members can view this highly satisfying spanking film in full – HERE

Here we have a sizzling hot redhead with a nice big mouthwatering pair of natural jugs, a firm well shaped posterior &… a decidedly chilly demeanor. Using only the flat of his right hand, our man – who prides himself as quite the a magician – promised to make Miss Graham’s bottom every bit as red as her head, as warm (well, hot actually) as her personality seemed not, and – best of all – to cause her bewitching bottom to jiggle and bounce just like her boobies. He did it too! The truth be told however, the man did cheat just a wee bit by using a stingy wooden paddle part of the time. But hey – unlike Miss Graham – we saw fit to forgive him and we think you will too!





& as I said, here is the great remastered film that the webmaster, Greg, had told me about (below)

Anna Sundquist: Paybacks are a bitch and this is one diva brat who sure had one coming!
This film, although an oldie, has finally been remastered to full quality and was one of the films I had begged get the treatment, you’ll see why in the movie explanation and images found below which highlight this excellent 20 plus minutes movie!

The opening scenes show her swagger and acting the diva… along with the inevitable lingerie shoot she is booked for and then makes demands for more money for filming in such a dump! (naturally, lol!)


 As Greg  (aka TMS – The Mystery Spanker explains in more detail):
“3 years ago we flew Miss Sundquist clear across the country to do some modeling for us. No sooner did the diva get off the plane then she announced that she had changed her mind. “Our body of work”, she sniffed, was not “on par” with the image she wished to project to her fans, or some such nonsense.

No apology, no offer to reimburse us for her airfare and hotel, no nothing. Not even a lousy thank you for her free vacation flight. In due course the larcenous little tart faded from my memory altogether, until just recently that is. It seems that Anna, having contracted to do some modeling for an associate of mine, was back in town – and on our dime once again – and now, she was giving my associate a hard time, a very hard time.

That’s when I decided to, shall we say, communicate our displeasure in a language she would understand!”




See the full film of Anna and another FREE Preview – Click Here


Talking of brats, it would be rude of me not to let you see the latest update out now in full from Punishedbrats.com starring Pi in what appears to be a rather controversial film! I like the fact that there is controversy, you can’t please people all the time… I’ve seen David slated for not whacking the girls hard enough (in the past) to now being “brutal” in this paddling punishment. He had to explain that Pi is a genuine lifestyler who can take this punishment and he would never have given it without her being ultimately comfortable (pardon the pun) with it! I know about controversy as my latest girl, who is genuinely into spanking, actually… to the uneducated!) has been referred to “that skinny bitch” (nice!) or an amazing piece of filth they’d want to fuck and spank relentlessly (I think that was a compliment) so, as I said… stirring up controversy is good, as far as I’m concerned… push the bounderies, try out something else… and this is by far one of Punishedbrats.com most memorable films for a hard no nonsense paddling as you’ll see below!




A preview with access tot he full film can be found HERE

Finally, one of my other favourite girls from this site has a new film showing at the moment and it stars Lorraine Little, now I’m never sure about the girls with their new look short cropped hair styles… maybe it’s an east coast thing? What does remain constant is the beautiful whining noise that Lorraine makes, her pouty expressions which make her such a bratty daughter or sister… and of course, that wonderful spankable butt of hers!




Lorraine is tired of being grounded and decides to constantly interrupt and annoy Beverly as a means of revenge. But Beverly still has the upper hand plus a stingy wooden hairbrush and spanks the obnoxious brat until she calms down! Just check out both girls, Beverly Bacci is toned and awesome in this film… and she knows just how to dominate bratty Lorraine to perfection over her lap, don’t you agree?

For fans of Lorraine, you might remember her with longer hair too… this was filmed a while ago but only released fairly recently as she got a whacking over dad David’s lap!


Latest films and free previews can be seen HERE


OK, that’s it from me today, have a good one and I’ll be back soon, I don’t know whether to update my site with a brand new film of Mishka or have an all female film (I think they will both come out this coming week anyway… so it doesn’t matter, does it? lol)

Regards, Chief.

Friday Updates & My News

This will be the last post on here for a week or so, as I am going away and won’t be able to write up anything, so I apologise, maybe it’s time for you to check out my generous archives of content? (this blog does go back to 2006, frightening, isn’t it?)  or check out the many free movie previews you can see at my Teen Spanking Tube or the accompanying blog HERE which has a lot of stuff I only post there which I shall be updating later today before I go away! I’m away visiting family and celebrating the birthday of “Er Indoors” who will be allowed out this one time 🙂

I don’t want to write blog posts or update the site whilst I am away but I will be able to check my mails, customer support and such – my  site has been generously updated, whilst I am away and there is an extra movie members can see which isn’t shown on the front page. I have also added a great bonus gallery of images as well as complete some other films, so members going in today will be overwhelmed with lots of shiny new content! The unseen film, called “Troublesome Remote” is an all female cast with new girls Jenna and Taylor as well as stern Aunty Emma… what happens when you break the remote control of Aunty’s old TV? Read on…

We changed the direction of this film when the bloody remote really didn’t work, LOL! I was off set going red in the face when the damned remote wouldn’t work for the girls so we had a little change of direction and decided to have them “break it” instead! Don’t you love the spontineity of filming? Keeps you on your toes, I can tell you! Some video images are below for your perusal, I will try to get up a short clip on the tube site later if I have time.





See Jenna, Taylor and Emma togther in many more films HERE

I love this free image gallery I have produced, it shows off the film perfectly, from Taylor’s magnificent curves, the hard face slapping scenes and Jenna’s wigglesome bottom, girls in and out of school uniform too? Check out the bonus gallery which has smaller resized images than the members, but you’ll get the idea…


& of course out THIS WEEK is a new film of Sophie Keagan getting a maintenance spanking she really didn’t want after being so maughty she turns up with an already sore red bottom… needless to say the punishment goes ahead and as well as a spanking, poor foolish Sophie endured the slipper and that awful bath brush as she wipes away a few inevitable tears as her bottom is stuck out presented in all its glory for me to thrash at will as she takes her weekly maintenance appointment stoically! (Bravo Sophie!) There is a free clip on the image below and I have cut you some promo images from the short sharp and very nasty shock movie that members can now download in full as well. (Generous soul that I am!)





more AAAspanking here

Don’t forget the NEW “Fair Price Deal” HERE offering you the best possible sign ups possible 🙂


& elsewhere? Well, Firmhandspanking.com have this delightful British girl, Belinda Lawson, this time dragged out of bed for oversleeping and given a hard whacking in the nude. It’s a particularly humiliating and embarrassing punishment for her to be dragged out like that, but it makes good viewing for us and I love the stern lectures she’s given… Belinda looks amazing as you’ll see and of course you just never know who might appear at my site in the future, eh? *wink*





& taken from the same site recently, probably the only place with GENUINE twins, Clarissa & Marissa Berkeley… don’t they look amazing in their dresses? The girls look even better getting a punishment off Earl Grey, in this exclusive punishment, Marissa Berkeley is in hot water for not keeping the sorority house tidy in Twins Trouble”. Kneeling on an armchair, homecoming dress raised, she’s strapped hard by Earl Grey. 24 of 35 strokes are bare bottom (check out her marks on that wonderful dusky behind)… and the bonus is that Clarissa is next!




& finally, what makes this site so good are the vast archives, and of course, anyone remember this unholy trio? There should be no introductions, just admire the girls in another British location shoot when Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker were in England all those years ago! (If only I had a site at that time I’d have bitten at their heels to do some films!!!) Fortunately you can see ALL of their stuff at Firm Hand Spanking




I am happy to report that David Pierson is much better, out of hospital and raring to go again doing what he does best, spanking girls bare bottoms over his knee and giving them a stern lecture as to why they are in that unfortunate position!

David back in action spanking his naughty girls!

These girls are liable to get the Chief’s heart all of a flutter too… as well as any complicated trouser malfunctions that could befall an unprepared individual! *ahem* However, before I show you what’s what with David and the girls, I had to let you see Pixie’s FIRST spanking since March last year, yes, it has been that long so to see her spanked OTK over Berverly Bacci’s knee alongside the gorgeous Joelle Barros (remember her making that big appearance in her Brazil soccer shirt last year? Oh my!)

Joelle below goofing around on set 🙂


This is a great schoolgirl spanking movie, see some special promo images of Pixie getting her spanking…



Talking of gorgeous girls, the incredibly pretty Charlie Sky makes another yelp-tastic appearance getting a belting and these images below should tease you enough… the film is so much better as you’ll see when Charlie’s tight panties are removed for the final part of her punishment!



OK, I was gonna post more but I have run out of time, so much to do and so little time as always nowadays! Hope you folk have a pleasant weekend and think of me away skiing, despite being unable to afford it, won’t you? (lol)

For the very latest updates of David & Pixie’s Punishedbrats – CLICK HERE


Cheerio 🙂

“I drink too much” & other astounding Spanking News!

Yup! Last night went well, getting blasted again, I am typing this with yet another favourite tipple of mine, no wine this evening… but something a little less alcoholic but exceedingly tasty…. one of the best German beers around called “Warsteiner” – I developed a taste for this many years ago on a (rather expensive) skiing trip to Zermatt in Switzerland. So as this was on a 3 for 2 offer at a rather well known supermarket here in the UK, I took advantage of that offer as it rarely does so now have cases of the damned stuff waiting to be quaffed! It’s far too good for our guests 😉

Mmmm… time for another beer, and before I start… I was going to have a moan about someone who obviously hates what I do as he never once mentions anything, not even my site launch earlier this year… *sigh* It’s not *that* important to be honest, but I’d just like to know WTF it is I’ve ever done to piss him off. Anyway, moving swiftly on as the beer kicks in – I just watched the 1st amazing part of Sarah Gregory’s latest movie out which has just about my dream spanking combo… Sarah, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack spanked by none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer! This is F/F spanking heaven… and 1st up in this film to get spanked is the rather precocious (& “damn… I’m falling in love with her) flame haired Jenni Mack! *yum*

Just check out Jenni’s reaction below… priceless!

From what I have seen of this movie… this is the storyline as best I can make it for you: The fed up parents of Sarah, Ten & Jenni have instructed this “Etiquette Tutor” , Miss Chelsea Pfeiffer, to bring these unruly girls back into line. At first the girls are arrogant, rude and dismissive of this hired help… until Jenni makes the mistake of smart mouthing once too often and is quickly dragged over Chelsea’s knee and spanked without warning! The girls are shocked and this is just the start as Jenni’s panties are quickly removed and what follows is a relentless spanking which has to be seen to be believed, there are some images below and it is easliy one of my fave F/F movies I’ve seen in a long time… and we have Ten and Sarah to come! “Red bottomed Joy!”





Simply Awesome! Please go check it out in more detail if you like RIGHT HERE


I’ve missed a few updates at FirmHandspanking so please check out my “catch up” images as I cover the last 3 films, including the first below of my new lustful eye, that of Valerie Bryant who gets her first hard stinging leather strapping draped over a sofa with her cute buns fully exposed and her long legs on full display! Yes, ladies and gentleman… I feel I should re introduce the Chief’s trusted and patented “Trouser Arousal” alerts as the following images from Firm Hand’s latest films are stunning!

Valerie Bryant in the latest part of the series “Reform School”




Sunning herself by the faculty pool when she’s already in trouble at Reform School costs Valerie Bryant a sound bare bottom strapping from Mr Reed. “I was just trying to have fun,” she protests. “I told you, these punishments are not gonna work!” Her bottom tells another story.

It must be Xmas – you get Sam Woodley AND Alison Miller in those sexy outfits!!!




Booked as an elf in a department store Santa’s Grotto, Alison Miller pushes the limits and dresses raunchily in Christmas Treat. With her partner Samantha Woodley, she’s strapped 52 times with a tawse, panties down, by Earl Grey. See her cheeks bounce in a holiday treat!

Melanie Taylor – from “The Dealer” series





A panties-off 30 swats with a leather paddle leaves Melanie Taylor’s jutting rear a rosy red! Caught stealing from the casino, she chooses corporal punishment rather than court. But she misses her appointment and is found sunbathing poolside. Her bottom pays: hear those yelps!

Check out the free movie previews of these cracking girls only from FirmHandSpanking.com


OK, as we approach the last day of 2011, I shall be posting some special stuff tomorrow (and I’m not working in my other job… “yay!”) so don’t go far! Chief. xx

Super Sunday Spankings

Xmas is fast approaching, tis the season of many work related meals, I have another tonight, all the good work I have done by losing 20 Pounds these last 6 months has gone undone in a festival of gluttony and excessive eating these last few weeks! Another reason I loathe this time of year, to be honest. If you know me, you’ll know I hate this time of year. I have just prepared my Xmas film at our site (sigh) and in the spirit of giving, our members will get a massive 25-30 minute film in one go, no broken parts in gorgeous HD, featuring 4 lovelies spanked needlessly in some extremely tacky and festive gear. Danielle was one of those girls… and after her filming came up with the idea you are about to see below! This is also advertised on the front of our site and it was mainly her idea, so anyone bitching about me exploiting the poor lass… think again! It’s also a nice extra and a “thank you” to the lucky winner… what do you have to do? Click below and see how to enter and be a part of the draw.

& this offer is available to ANYONE who has purchased a Year’s Membership, we are reviewing our pricing structure very soon so this annual deal along with the current pricing WILL change as we are now so much bigger than when we had envisaged the site to start with… so if you also want to take advantage of accessing our site for under $20… which, to be honest, is waaaaaay too cheap, then get it while you can as we will be upping the prices very soon! Not because we are greedy or mean, but because we have no choice, being based in the UK, the Dollar exchange rate is killing us, hosting costs more for the extra bandwidth of all our extra films and it covers the costs of wasting time tracking down pirates and costs that this involves as well as funding for new models and such. I have thought long and hard on this and hope you won’t be too upset, so I’m giving fair warning: I will probably raise the monthly fees in a few weeks, but will still seek to encourage those who want to support us with pay per view options and kick ass longer term deals like we have now!

Get it ALL for under $20 while you can – ALL JOIN OPTIONS HERE


& so onto my next fave theme, seeing drop dead gorgeous Japanese girls spanked in mother/daughter type roles and who better to start this off than Cutiespankee.com who have 2 amazing films with this stunning actress who whimpers beautifully when her tight bare bottom is paddled out of her cute school uniform! *swoon*



OK, if you thought this mother/daughter spanking and paddling looked hot (the movie is fantastic, btw) then check out the 2nd featurette as this girl prepares for her punishment when mother calls her for the inevitable!!!



You can see much more of the latest free movie previews exclusive to Cutiespankee.com


Staying in Japan, I loved this role reversal movie and can imagine this happening in such economically challenged times… it’s called “Stupid Office Worker” and stars a real hot cutie called Anri who threatens her boss she and many others will leave for better paid jobs unless they get a pay rise… but the boss can’t do that and offers up her ass instead as punishment (done in typical Japanese style which I absolutely love! The female boss really looked ashamed!)



However, boastful Anri sent an email to her boyfriend about making it all up and foolishly sent it to the company’s chief exec who forwarded it to her office boss who exacts a suitably humiliating payback spanking!



Click HERE to see the latest special free movie previews & more!


I have had some requests about Samantha Woodley recently, and she filmed a ton of content at FirmHandSpanking.com – even though it may have been filmed a few years back… it still hasn’t been released until now so to all intents and purposes, it is of course “brand new” and unseen… I have to say, her latest bratty episode they are showing during breakfast in her “Learning Curve” series was one of the sexiest punishments I’ve seen – with her spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen, with her tight pink panties still on… all this for not being able to make coffee and burning the toast! Enjoy her humiliating & sudden hard breakfast spanking as you’ll see below!




Of course, this site isn’t just about featuring some of the hottest Sam Woodley films… oh no, even long established players like Alison Miller with probably the jiggliest, wibbly-wobbliest bottom that can take a really hard thrashing still features on a regular basis… and that’s good news, as her films are amongst the most popular and for good reason… watching Alison getting spanked on her bare bum is an event in itself… check out the images below then check out the short preview clip I’ve cut which covers the slo-mo action replay of her spanking/paddle brushing and you’ll fully understand what I mean!




Warning for my gentlemen viewers: Miss Miller’s jiggling bottom WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

More fantastic jiggly ass spankings can be viewed in full at FirmHandSpanking.com


Here’s a site I haven’t featured for a little while, keeping it to myself again (lol) and this headmaster is stern as hell, as he always is, taking no crap off any of the girls at Spankedcoeds.com and this tearful girl has yet another semi naked spanking across his lap as he reminds her that this pre bedtime punishment is for her own good (ahem!) and there will be more of this when she wakes up (how awful!) – Please do check out some scenes bel0w which showcases what she endured!




More hard spanking action from the Headmaster can be seen HERE


Finally today, I thought I’d feature a model I hadn’t seen in ages, and so I decided to peruse her section inside Northern Spanking and here area few choice images taken of Samantha Johnson… one of my all time fave English girls in The Scene that I would *love* to spank personally…

below you can see some of her many films she starred in at NorthernSpanking.com – Enjoy!






Check out the many films of samantha and of course so much more from one of the longest established spanking sites from the UK! NorthernSpanking.com


Have a rest if you are not working on the Sabbath and enjoy the countdown to Christmas that is under full steam here in England, as I am sure it is wherever you are (well, unless you’re in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates and suchlike… and I’m sure my site is blocked there anyways!)

I’m off out for my meal – I have the special “Cakeboy” pantaloons on for added comfort 🙂

Monday’s Spank Related Gossip

The start of another week, as we hurtle towards Xmas… at work we have started taking sweepstakes on whether the Euro will collapse by then, or not. My date is 19th December. The prize? 30 Euros (lol) – this lack of respect for what was and is supposed to be a decent currency stems from the fact many of us feel resentful how the rest of Europe treats our island nation. I remember the shameful day Britain was knocked out of the exchange rate mechanism (the ERM as it was called) in the early 1990’s when the major European currencies were trying to stay within a narrow band to see if the forebearer of the Euro could actually work. Of course, George Soros made $2 Bn Dollars off our country in a day (when $2Bn really was a lot of money then) when he forced the Pound out of the system when the markets sensed a killing.

It caused untold havoc with employment and national shame as our currency devalued nearly 20% overnight! I’m sure the Germans and French are secretly printing their previously precious Marks and Francs as I just don’t see how the industrial stable economies of northern Europe or the peoples of these nations can sustain the wasteful “Mediterrean economies” that have recklessly borrowed beyond their means for years and whose countrymen list pastimes as “Tax Evasion” as a way of life! Why should the hard taxed Germans pay for all those lazy, tax avoiding Med types chilling out beside the beach? I resent the fact Britain has had to indirectly bail out these basket cases via the IMF (yes I haven’t forgotten the 1970’s when our country humbly went cap in hand to the IMF, but that’s another story). So here we are, Europe really is on the brink, the markets are closing in for the kill, like wolves circling a wounded Bison, it’s far from over… but one wrong move now and the wolves will tear the beast apart…

The Euro may well go down the crapper just as Sterling was kicked out of the ERM all those years ago, and for once, I won’t gloat or be smug as Europe is our largest trading partner… to put it in terms here, European customers will not be thinking about renewing their memberships or buying new ones as they wonder what the hell has happened to their savings and pensions and earning power outside their country! So, I actually hope I lose my bet, not because my prize would become even more worthless overnight, but because this is something the world just can not take anymore, we’ve had years of hardship (well, I have) – it won’t get any better and of course what does that mean for producers of our fave subject? It’s a disaster too, as people have less money to spend… more sites may cut back or close altogether as the margins to continue are at breaking point for many already!

So on that happy note, why don’t I just get on with what is out there and let you decide what to maybe purchase to escape from all this financial doom and gloom as some sites nowadays are better value than ever, but you have to watch out for those that promise a ton of sites for little – as that is the sort of updates you will get – little overall – and I don’t actively showcase any sites with these policies here so fear not as I take you to Dallas and his punishment of one gorgeous Samantha Woodley!

Seeing her latest punishment right now – her first genuine comeback to the scene after a few years out (yes she is still showing as new updates as she had filmed a lot of stuff years back) but to see her with Dallas again, I will show you some scenes of her 1st day from the movie as her facial expressions show off perfectly what she goes through with her paddling and hand spankings!


I hope Dallas doesn’t mind this clip I cut as it is a small part of what I hope will be enough to capture the respect and friendship between these 2 as Dallas gives her a punishment that it sppeared she badly needed! Below is the description of the series of films to come from the man himself!



This is what Dallas had to say about this outstanding return punishment: Now regardless what some will say, this is the first on camera spanking she has received in two years. She exited from the scene for her own personal reasons. When she called requesting a spanking where she could not run away, I felt I owed it to her… and you.

This was a spanking punishment that took place over a two day period. I started with an over the knee hand, hairbrush & paddles. You will love the way she squirms and eventually cries from this very real punishment. Anyone knowing Samantha also knows that tears are few and far between with her and spanking. She felt jaded and wondering if she was even into punishment spankings still. I guess she found out. Sent to the corner (which she hates), Samantha was MADE to say ‘Sir’ (which she also hates). There she was MADE to relinquish control.

She spent the night in handcuffs and was awakeded to continue her punishment fully nude the next morning. I clear wrapped her to the bench to really make the ‘running away’ message loud and clear.


Next, she is given a riding crop whipping, the belt, a long severe strapping and a super hard hand spanking that she admitted was the worst over the two day period). YOU WILL LOVE THIS SPANKING BECAUSE IT WAS REAL! See it all exclusively from Dallas Spanks Hard


 Ok… and onto my friends in Euroland and beyond as I took out a membership to Girls Boarding School again recently to see what Headmaster Tom has been up to… and “boy” has he been busy! You’ll be seeing a lot more of their stuff here as his site gets back to basics as only Herr Headmaster knows how… severely! Witness the state of Elin’s bottom (below) afte a rather severe bedroon dorm style strapping and some excellent snivelling cornertime! Now if only he’d find Micaela and tharsh her (it was one of Michael’s finest triumphs, for me, but alas… I think beautiful Micaela may not be back but as a member you can download her films she did make and this was possibly one of the best looking girls to have been given the GBS treatment… still Elin’s trim scholastic figure (below) is a visual treat for those that like to see their naughty girls given a proper hiding!



You can much more of Headmaster Tom’s craftmanship with hand, cane and tawse HERE


In Russia, no one hears the schoolgirls scream anymore, or at least, I don’t think anyone cares if the latest tear jerking thrashings  are anything to go by! I used to avoid this site like the plague, but since their excellent makeover a few years ago and the better quality films and editing, this site is one of those I try to keep to myself, if you know what I mean…. some of their punishments are very severe, but they are in no way as brutal as some I won’t mention here (which I just don’t get, to be honest. ) Me? I like to see pretty girls on the internet getting realistic punishments, if that involves shame, humiliation, nudity, very red and sore red bottoms and some simple storyline I can get and be taken into, then… *sigh* – so be it 🙂 I’m a simple man with simple tastes… but only taste the good stuff *wink* (Didn’t Winston Churchill say something similar once?)


& if the girls ever thought safety in numbers was preferable, they could be right – as some of the detentions like this one featured below are to be avoided at all costs, hard no nonsense discipline at lunchtime then sent back to class without anything to eat to reflect what a thoroughly miserable afternoon in class this girl would endure trying to sit comfortably! Ouch!




Tears, nervous girls & very hard punishments from Russia – Click HERE for the full previews


OK, onto something a little lighter as I bring you one of my fave models from Punishedbrats.com -another of my must see sites that you always see me harping on about! Lorraine Little, ever since she burst onto our screens courtesy of PB some 18 or so months ago (possibly longer as my abillity to tell time is appalling) she was bratty, pouty, cried and complained a lot… and of course, that butt of hers, O-M-G! So perky, so spankable, just aching to be tanned as she wiggled and squirmed over whoever was punishing her (usually sister Beverly if it wasn’t Aunt Veronica or Uncle David) – well, feast your eyes on her most recent film, her hair is still short, I have gotten used to it now, but that pout, that ass, that sassy bratty behavior, it’s still there…. begging for her to get punished!

Lorraine pouts and brats – but she still gets a spanking!




Check out MORE of pouty Lorraine’s brattiest movies alongside her tormentor Beverly Bacci HERE


A brat film with a different perspective? Well, check out Brandi’s humiliating punishment as she is stripped and made to kneel on a stool whilst she is spanked and strapped from behind!

Such was the force of the strapping and the sheer shame of knowing there were others peeping at her discipline session, tears ran down her cheeks! See what I mean from a few images cut from the movie below, Brandi’s pert trim body is timeless thanks to film… forever one of my fave spankees from the past, captured on film for all (internet and domain name) eternity 🙂





See the vast archive of teen Brandi’s many severe and excluisve spanking punishments HERE

You can also check her out at the sites below where she also featured quite heavily, especially with her fellow naughty girl at the time, redhead Jessica who was my first redhead spanking crush online many moons ago!



& of course let’s not ignore Jessica paddled on her own, she had the tightest perkiest ass that could take a hell of a wooden paddling, seeing her punished still like that I just find an awesome sight to watch! (Especially in her uniforms!!!)


Check out Teen Jessica’s equally alluring site – STILL updating with new content and images like these above!


& finally today, as promised, I got my act together and have been uploading a film to our Clips Store HERE whilst writing this (yes, men can multi task… sort of) and it’s a great bratty film with Sarah Gregory, not seen anywhere and I doubt it will be shown at the main site in all its HD glory for a while so this is a great preview for anyone obsessed with all things “Sarah G”… and who wouldn’t be? I re ran this film earlier and it made me smile so much, she was just so sassy and gave me “lip” at every chance, mocking my accent, our chocolate, being a complete Diva… hence the name of this film “Diva Spanking” (yes, boring title, I know… yawn!) What isn’t boring is the hard stinging paddling I gave her with our very stinging composite paddle that Sarah later confirmed in her best “Queen’s English” … “Hurt like buggery!”

Click image below to access this latest film



Spankings that will make you go “wow!”

Some of you may well remember that I follow and support a football club here in England, however, their decline these last 3 years has been nothing but spectacular, due in course through no fault of fans like myself but the sheer greed and incompetence of those running the club. They can't be any worse than my team!Now, my beloved club, in its 125th year of existence, is on the brink of total extinction thanks to one of the most ludicrous Administration processes (yes, they went into administration about 5 months ago, owing pissed off creditors £17M) and the vultures circling now are  uninterested in the club but just their land to develop on, it’s nothing short of disgusting. The preferred bidder chosen by the Administrator has had extension after extension to prove they have the funds but nothing ever shows, they are also secretive and thanks to our own fans, many of who are lawyers and media people, they have uncovered the identity of one shyster fronting a consortium offshore which is alarming to say the least! But nothing has happened, the Adminstrator still gives these wankers time. Time my club no longer has! It’s been ongoing despite the fans and the city showing there is a better alternative bid, the administrator won’t and can’t budge now, too entrenched in the preferred bidder status… I’m not even going to mention my club’s name anymore, I’m so ashamed of them that it hurts… we’ve lost yet again (badly) today with a bunch of kids that no other team wants and just about prop up the entire “professional” league… I use that word lightly as the players, and more importantly the non playing staff haven’t been paid anywhere close to what they’re due for over 8 months whilst this drags on and on… how professional is that? You can hardly blame them, we’ve sold what little talent we had, there is nothing left.

A Random (de)motivational poster I made earlier, I liked it anyway 🙂

Of course I have had 1st hand experience of being a fucked over creditor, sadly, there are just too many incompetents and downright cheats in this world but hopefully all these lowlife that mess around with people’s livelihoods will one day get what’s coming to them… anyway, enough of this jovial banter, that’s not going to save my club right now, is it? So, with yet another therapeutic rant over… what did I find that blew me away? Well, how about one of the hardest OTK hand spankings I’ve ever seen Mr Strickman deal out to the tiny framed Kat St James?

When you see the force of this spanking… fucking hell, this is one spanking that really HAD to hurt!

In fact I know this must have stung like hell as I recently gave Kami a similar spanking like that – however she has one of those bottoms that has “protection”! Kat here proves just what she can take… and I can tell you that much later in this film she is still taking the pounding that Eric’s hand is dishing out! It’s an awesome film, check out the HQ images below and the short WMV clip I have which kind of shows you a taster of what is in store for her! Ouch!




Taken from the latest series of Corporal Air… this film is more of a challenge that Kat sets Eric as she tells him she needs to be spanked hard for being a bad girl… and boy, does he give it to her good! CLICK HERE to see more of this great film!

& if that wasn’t enough, a series finale to the “Definitive Guide” series with Amelia Jane Rutherford sees her laid out on a table, fully naked and strapped in an amusing and exploratory film that contains some great scenes you’d expect with Amelia… and of course I just know you Americans will be getting off on her accent as well as seeing her toned legs flailing on the table as her incredible tight butt gets a taste of a 3 tailed leather strap! Yikes!

I’ve got  something interesting for you, as this “Mockumentary” style series closes, here you can see Amelia lose her lines as she is clearly flummoxed (I love that word) from her recent strapping at the hands of her colleague, Dr Zealger.

OK, it wasn’t a spanking or strapping but you can see the obvious attraction of such a Brit beauty, laid out on the table, of course, if you want to see this final punishment as she had explained what she had just gone through… then you can check out more HERE – I have got you some HQ images from this film below so you get an idea of what she actually went through!




If you still aren’t tempted to take a peek, then maybe one Miss Samantha Woodley (below) coming very soon will make you change your mind in what is sure to be another milestone film as this caning looks amazing and I can not wait to see it! Members who sign up to view the above films will of course get access to all the archives of these girls and the forthcoming caning movie of Samantha!

Awesome Spankings & Other Eye Popping Punishments!

Well, after the OMG Cat had a right eyeful of Amelia yesterday… now I feel it is YOUR turn to have your eyes out on their stalks as I have been busy replacing mine after viewing some of the raunchiest, sexiest and damned interesting spanking movies out in a while and I know I promised you I’d be reviewing some of Clare’s sites today… and that would definitely include some of her stuff but I hadn’t checked out her sites so apologies if you were hoping for some Fonda fondling, groping, humiliation and bare assed spankings, it’s coming… but just not today! So what made the Chief’s undergarments rumble in anticipation of fine spanking interwebual content? Please read on… I have to warn you some of this is, as the title suggests…. simply awesome! & I have free clips and am not afraid to dazzle you with them! 🙂

So let’s start with Samantha Woodley – one of the best, brattiest, beautiful spankees out there and in that blue “Firm Hand” Uniform, she is simply stunning… this time she tried to escape the Reform School but Mr Strickman carries her in on his shoulders… up to her room and throws her on the bed for a sensational OTK spanking, trapping her flaying legs with his, pulling down her white panties and giving her “what for” A special Free clip and HQ Images are below – NOW *that* is what I call a spanking! *swoon*





Check out ALL of Samantha’s fantastic movies & the very latest new updates HERE


I thought to myself, “how do I follow that?” Well, it’s simple as I spent most of this morning getting my fill of my favorite redhead Amber getting yet another sensational and highly erotic spanking… this time, not by her partner, her Daddy… (although I hope they feature her soon getting a proper “Man Spanking” again) but there’s a great role reversal after the FemDom extravaganza I showed you last week of Amber topping redhead Jolene – so if you missed it, you can see this HERE (and I recommend you DO NOT miss it). What you’ll see below is from a collection of films of Amber in her familiar webcam role being spanked, humiliated and punished by Jolene under the orders of one of Amber’s regular online clients as they perform a private show and I have to say he has some fine taste in what he’d like to see happen to Amber… as you’ll see below! Images and clips are all courtesy of AmberSpanks.com

The web client tells Jolene to blindfold Amber so she can’t see what he wants Jolene to do… and that is to play with Amber’s pert titties, slapping them, lightly spanking her teats and then using the nasty clamps and ice cubes on her hard aching nipples whilst spanking her kneeling up… a good start if I say so myself! 🙂




There are a lot of exploratory themes of various feelings of pain and pleasure, combining the two, allowing Amber to experience them both and so on (like the nipple treatment earlier) and the various hand spankings, paddlings and soothing treatments of  Amber’s increasingly aching red bottom too! Whether it’s to prolong her punishment… I can only guess, but of course this is about pain and pleasure and the final part is something to behold… Jolene plays with Amber’s excited kitty-kat using her favorite big vibrator and eventually brings her off to a shuddering, smouldering climax which viewers of the movie will get to see clearly! I’m not going to show the moment Amber cums (that’s unfair to those that supported her and paid for a site membership – and “fucking hell”, does she cum!!!) members will see her writhing and jerking herself off in a long drawn out satisfying orgasm that can not fail to arouse the tiredest of tiny trouser snakes! Again, there is the pleasure and pain thing too, I’m guessing that Jolene was told to keep pressing that vibro on Amber’s aching throbbing clit as her amazing orgasm finished…. and ladies, you *know* just how excruciating that can be, eh? So was it a ruined orgasm? (which would be so naughty and unfair) It’s hard to say unless I asked Amber personally… but after what she went through and to get her pent up release, I’m gonna guess that she might have preferred to have been caned rather than take that afterwards as that must have been pleasure overload which would be really uncomfortable! Yikes!



Either way, I have an additional clip of Jolene briefly playing with Amber below so you get the idea and the build up of what’s “cumming” but members of SpankAmber.com can watch the full Wmv or HD Quicktime movie in full and witness something special! “I have Wood” is a massive understatement today! 🙂


See Amber getting it good at her original site & her Special Offer for both spanking sites at SpankAmber.com


I do love seeing girls in the buff getting spanked, preferably in a vulnerable OTK position – and that is precisely what the good folk at PunishedBrats.com have come up with in their first upgraded Wmv and MP4 format film “Dancing Naked” with a very trim, toned Angelina who I must admit I had never viewed with such lustful eyes before until now…. and my poor peepers are indeed strained and bloodshot after what they have recently witnessed so all I can say is check out this tomed beauty and what is, I think, a PB debut for Mistress Azul who is spanking the naked Angelina over her lap! I likened her locks to that of Medusa’s, but I meant no disrespect other than she is a rightfully a frightening character and this is a great visual feast which I hope you’ll agree with. I have also got you a special free preview which you can see just how Angelina wriggles and squirms over Azul’s lap! Mmm!




See MORE of Angelina getting a hard embarrassing spanking HERE


Remember “Hovel Man”? He is the one that deals with poor Sami in his “Deliverance style” woodshack or woodland cabin as he sees fit… & this time the poor girl has only gone and gotten all the food eaten by pesky racoons… so it’s an outdoor punishment in the woodland gloom where no doubt no one will hear her rather loud shrieks of pain… bent over the old pick up truck which so eerily reminds me of those beat up wagaons I’d expect to see in horror flicks like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “The Hills Have Eyes” and so on… Sami really ought to choose her friends more carefully, methinks! Check out this excellent belting though… and there’s a fantastic free clip which I implore you to check out as it highlights just how pissed off “Hovel Man” really was (or hungry… or both!)







Staying outdoors and with Mr Masterson’s RNS Network briefly… I am starting to appreciate just what a solid punishment his girls get, whether they are foolish enough to try and sneak in some sunshine on his garden patio… or face a severe and humiliating full bottom exposure at the Institute… because he thought they deserved such a punishment… well read on and be prepared for more eye popping moments!

OK, it’s warm and sunny and the last thing you’d expect would be Mr M and a strap to appear and thrash the living daylights out of you… what a bummer, but this is precisely what happened to poor Frankie who thought a spot of sunbathing might help soothe the pain of her last thrashing… but as you’ll see from the movie stills, she was in no position to resist, naked as the day she was born and so vulnerable laying there… an easy target with a very cute butt that Mr M could not resist punishing once more!





See MORE of Frankie’s addictive punishments at RealSpankings.com


& finally today, as I had mentioned, ever present, Lila (who I highly rate as one of the best sub spankees out there!)… and her partner in crime this time, Ivy – have a rather unusual and cruel punishment where the Dean, Mr M, had the girls waiting and undressed, stood up facing away from him doing their cornertime with their cheeks held wide apart for him to be able to see what they were made of. This is a rather humiliating start to the punishment for their continual dresscode violations… and it only got worse as both girls had to precariously balance on 2 chairs, kneeling awkwardly on them, bottoms stuck out whilst they received a rather intimate spanking with them knowing his eyes were burning into the view that their exposed bottoms and privates gave him! To add to the shame both girls could see the other being punished and at the end they were made to pull apart their cheeks for a final inspection… girls at this Institute would do well to avoid the wrath of Mr M! Images below are taken directly from the film!






You can see so much more of this recent addition to The Institute HERE (don’t miss it!)

Both the above sites can also be viewed at the excellent value 8 site RealSpankings Pass


Finally today, I’d just like to mention a blog I have just seen and it stars a real life amateur spanko (I hope, and it’s not someone pretending to be one…) so I’d like you all to pop over to her little blog when you have time and check her out for yourselves. She’s a real stunner I’m sure you will agree, her blog details her spankings, her thoughts and of course a few nice images of her too! Check out “I Get Spanked” HERE

Yup, even the OMG Cat had a look! Me-owww! Bad kitteh!

More Classic Spanking Memories

I was feeling a little self indulgent and in a bid to lighten things up on here (don’t worry, I’ve put the soap box away… for now!) I decided to track down one of my favorite Samantha Woodley movies… and guess what, it wasn’t at Firmhandspanking.com (although I shall feature that great site later in this post with another classic I loved) – nope, it was Samantha’s rare trips outside her contractual relationship with Firm Hand to an old friend, Dallas… who she did some awesome movies for back in 2007! What’s more, Dallas had the films set in a higher format so they play at full screen in Real Media (.rm) Format very well, you’ll see a clip later that I’ve cut for you of a brief but delicious OTK scene so you can experience more about this movie!

Beautiful Sam sits among many of the implements that will go across her bare bottom later!

The opening credits to the particular film I am showcasing here describes their friendship and past history in “the Scene” and, I am guessing here, Sam had probably been a guest “chez Dallas” for a while as she had quite a tan line on her bottom so probably had been encouraged to loaf around by the pool and catch some rays! Now I remember reading way back that Dallas admired the tan lines on a girl’s butt (as do I) as there is that beautiful highlight of white hidden flesh against the bronzed tone of the skin and of course the redness that follows spreads and you can see the color changing across the various skin tones… it’s quite a spectacle (and guess what… as you’ll see later, Sam’s white bottom doesn’t remain that color for long, mmm!)





If you want to see MORE of the amazing series of films Dallas shot with Samantha, then Click HERE or on her beautiful tan lined bottom below and you can find out how to view the full films and much more as Dallas shows his girls what a good hard hand spanking and paddling on their bare bottoms is all about!


& as promised something from my old collection of spanking memorabilia from the excellent FirmHandSpanking.com and this particular series has the naughty Amber Thomson with an amazing bubble butt that could take quite a paddling & strapping (see below)

Amber starred in many schoolgirl themed films in this series – she was paddled and strapped as a cheer girl also, but I think I once featured that way back so why not check out Amber here in her gym kit – I watched this movie again earlier and her magnificent bubble butt got a cracking punishment that left her in no doubt that further misbehavior would result in yet more severe discipline of this kind! Here you’ll see coach Mike sort her out! I hope you appreciate these images as the movie itself is amazing!





Plenty more of Amber alongside all the girls I’ve showcased in the past can be seen HERE


Finally today from English-Spankers.com – I watched this great strapping movie of Sasha Harvey – I know that she can take one hell of a leather strapping, I have been fortunate enough to witness this on several occassions, but this movie had an added spice to it, Sasha isn’t a shy girl but she can play the “work shy” slut perfectly…. almost too perfectly (awww, Sasha… only kidding – you’re a real star as this movie clearly shows!!!)

Sasha Harvey works in her local night club and has a habit of upsetting the boss. Saturday night finds her in the toilet playing with her pussy, boss not amused and a sound punishment ensues. First a hard spanking followed by a blistering application of the leather paddle which leaves her bare bottom red and marked. His girl really can take a hard paddling and punishment.




Yikes! Sasha, you are soooo naughty!!! You can see her preview clip of this great movie HERE!

Beautiful images, girls & spankings

This has (so far) been the warmest April on record in the UK… I’ve just had some friends round for a gorgeous alcohol (well, chilled rosé-fueled)  lunch, and am rather tipsy writing this and rather than laying out in the sun a dribbling mess and turning a shade that lobsters would be jealous of, I decided to quickly update the blog this Easter Monday instead! It’s only here today that I’m writing as I will devote my attention to my other blogs tomorrow but I wanted to share with you some images of another thing I love about Springtime, and especially here in England… the beautiful bluebell covered woods we get (apparently England contains over half the world’s bluebells on this tiny island… and I feel so lucky to have seen this amazing spectacle in a wood near to where I live… see below).

Awww, wasn’t that pretty? It kind of inspired me to write up this piece today, showing you what I think are some outstanding recent updates and recently viewed spanking content by me of some amazing girls and their beautifully captured spanking movies! So in no particular order of favoritism, I start today with FirmHandSpanking who have produced some amazing updates with 3 girls I am infatuated with… so it’s a good place to start!

Samantha Woodley gets a mouthsoaping as well as hard spanking in her latest “Learning Curve” movie update! She’s stolen and she’s lied. Her beautiful bare bottom stings from 74 strokes with a rattan loop, before Eric Strickman puts a bar of soap in her mouth and spanks those amazing tempting cheeks as she’s prostrate and exposed face down in shame. This is a lesson she won’t soon forget & neither will we looking at this!

I’m beginning to warm to Mr Strickman’s unique style when he uses the strap or belt against his female underlings… and when it’s the delicious Goldie Rosemont receiving 147 spectacular strokes with an Irish school strap… then you know that this will teach her a memorable lesson for failing a physics class in the latest from the “Reform School” series. In my opinion – One of the best ever movies starring Goldie, you’ll see her legs starting to give way and some amazing “slo-mo” replays that don’t miss any of the action!

Finally, the girl that should come with a warning: “View with extreme caution” – Michaela McGowen *swoon*… bad results on a test and failing grades? Oh dear, she is made to bend over for a bottom bouncing 30 swats with a nasty leather paddle. Counselor John Ryan won’t take disrespect: & it’s panties down after 10! (hoorah!) – This movie featires a fantastic “Reaction Cam” replay which show classic Michaela and includes much loved bonus “slo-mo” replays of her amazing jiggling butt cheeks getting thrashed!

You can see FREE previews of stunning Michaela, Goldie & Samantha HERE


This week at SpankingServer – who should I notice than this fantastic movie scene starring the very girl I raved about… Sandra Sanchez. See what I mean from the image stills of the movie as she reveals a stunning toned body and tight butt cheeks getting a hard strapping over the bench, her bottom and privates fully exposed!!!

See HERE what is available to download in week 16 including this movie of Sandra Sanchez!


Now this is something special! Clare Fonda has really upped the quality of her girl spankings with the addition of this ex Penthouse Pet – and of course I am totally “in lurrrve” as she is also a smoking hot red head chick (who you know I have a real thing for!) If this girl doesn’t turn you to the “Red Side” then nothing will… perhaps seeing her pale skin and red speckled bottom (something redheaded girls react beautifully to when their bottoms are spanked!) will do it for you! I am UTTERLY smitten!

Below is a cover image from Veronica’s own website!

What you will see below is taken from SpankedSweeties.com – Clare’s site that focusses on 1st time girls (Veronica is a glamour model who, as far as I can see, makes her spanking debut with Clare’s websites)… this site also focusses on the girls fantasies and real time stories that they enact out and veronica recalls her school days and spankings that her mom & Dad gave her…

What can I say? Veronica has totally STOLEN my heart… please be prepared for MAJOR trouser upheaval as you view this most sexy girl recalling her early spanking experiences at home (O-M-G!)

These images above only scratch the surface of what members at SpankedSweeties can see right now!
If Clare spanks & takes her temperature rectally afterwards I will positively EXPLODE!

If that wasn’t enough… Clare has seen fit to update Veronica at her hugely popular site GirlSpanksGirl.com and my blood pressure is bursting… see why in more choice stunning early preview pics I have for you and you’ll see why Veronica Ricci has the Ass from Heaven! veronica in “Daisy Dukes”…? OMG Clare… that’s just not fair *BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!*

Did I mention just how stunning and naughty Veronica was? Think the above images show you proof of that *BOOOM!!!* Check out this very latest spanking movie out now for members of GirlSpanksGirl.com

Remember that you can choose the massively popular option of Clare’s sites via her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you more of her sites for little more than a normal monthly option or the best value longer term memberships… just make sure you have enough spare space on your hard drive… Trouser-rousal-riffic! 😀

Check out this option at the multi site pass below


Another ever so cute girl that caught my eye recently was fair haired schoolgirl Sally at English-Spankers.com who is given a most evil punishment by her aunt… in this film in 2 parts (both are now out in FULL)… unsurpringly called “Wicked Aunt” – and having a stunning neice like Sally… well, her own unique beauty just invites trouble on herself as you’ll see from these exclusive spanking & slippering images I have for you below from sally’s bedroom!

If your head hasn’t fallen off with this utterly cute girl overload today… dare ye take a further look at the home page of English Spankers and actually view the free movie previews? If you’re brave – CLICK HERE


Finally today, yet MORE stunning images from Japan! Words… as usual can not describe the sheer beauty of these spankings as you’ll see below when the long suffering Maid Servant series continues as this gorgeous young rich brat dishes out the dirt behind Mother’s back and treats her maid like a spanking play-toy as she straps her servant for her own twisted pleasure at any hour of the day she sees fit! Hmmm. think I’d love to see this girl get a thrashing soon (you just know that Cutiespankee WILL do a revenge series… they read our minds, lol!)

See the FREE Movie previews shown on the home page HERE

Hope you all had a great Easter, everyone!