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Hello everyone… it’s been a strange few weeks for me, today is officially the last day of my holiday from my regular day job as I dread going back tomorrow… so to lighten that mood I thought I’d bring you a great start to the week by showing you what I have been viewing elsewhere as well as bringing you some exclusive early preview screen images from the latest film I shall be showing at AAA Spanking later this week starring the lovely and very talented Leia Ann Woods!

2 very recent updates from to kick off today’s bumper update with 2 new girls to this site… the 1st is Dutch hottie, Nisha, in her St Catherine’s Girl School uniform… which you will see below! Regulation white panties, as you will see… are quickly removed for a tearful bare bottom thrashing!


ep66_12 ep66_7

ep66_9 ep66_10


Nisha was sent with a note from her teacher to see the headmaster. The note said that Nisha had problems with English so she decided to play truant instead of attending the classes. She was caught and now the headmaster will punish her. A sound slippering was given and Nisha left his office with a very sore stinging bottom under her regulation school uniform skirt.

The 2nd film update from this site features a girl I am always wanting to film with…but have never gotten around to arranging a film date (however, you may remember that I tried to get her in for my very 1st film shoot 3 years ago, but lovely Masie Dee replied about 18 months later… lol!) However, I will get her in at some point, especially when I see the latest films she has produced here at this site within the secretarial section…

“Flirting with the Examiner”


The girls had an oral exam and the next day the examiner told Mike that Masie Dee showed up with no knickers on and that she had flirted unashamedly with him… even suggesting that they did the oral exam in a different much more enjoyable way. Masie was soon in his office and he scolded her severely that his girls did NOT do that sort of thing but work hard to achieve their goals. She confessed that she didn’t prepare for the exam and she thought that would be the easy way out. He pulled her over his knee and spanked her hard which had her bawling her eyes out!

ep12_5 ep12_6



ep12_7 ep12_11

Click Here to view all the latest uniform spanking updates (including some I may have missed!)


One site I always have a lot of time for is – still selling memberships starting from an incredibly low $17/month (they based this on their 2006 entry price) – I’m not sure how David manages to keep the site going with such low costings, but it’s an incredible deal for a month and when there are new girls like petite Ariel and Ms Sydney (below) then those that love their F/F spankings will be pleased with the latest films! I also loved cute Ariel’s reactions, check out these images from the recent full length film “Being Firm”


Ms. Sydney continues to read the school discipline handbook and realizes that she was far too lenient in punishing Ariel. When Ariel reports for her second day of detention, Ms. Sydney has her remove her uniform to endure an additional spanking for shoplifting. Ariel takes her spanking in a standing position and she’ll be in no hurry to sit down again on her sore, red bottom.

beingfirm1-3 beingfirm1-5

standing2-5 beingfirm1-7

standing2-1 standing2-2

standing2-3 standing2-4


See the FULL Length film of Ariel’s  humiliating spanking punishment HERE


One such person that David from PB will be working more closely with is Joelle Barros – I have made no secret how I loved working with her last year, and briefly met her at the Shadowlane Party recently but unfortunately we never got to see each other but a brief chat at the Saturday Night Ball which was a real shame… (she already had been booked up and had a busy schedule, unsurprisingly) anyhoo, here’s an excuse to show you Joelle getting a hard spanking over the knee of Dallas in a quirky film… more is to come, but I thought you’d like the OTK spanking scenes shown here… you can see the rest of this movie at


Joelle wakes up with her hands cuffed and her bottom bared… when she is fully awake a stern voice tells her why she is there, it’s the voice of dallas and she is there for a spanking punishment… enjoy this film with great angles of Joelle’s long legs, tight butt and a good hard OTK spanking…. this is just a prelude as there is far more to come if you check out the implements on the bed next to her!

joelle02 joelle03

joelle04 joelle05

joelle06 joelle07

joelle08 joelle09

joelle10 joelle11

Click here to view this full HD film of Joelle’s spanking punishment.



I couldn’t resist showing you this recent update from Spanking Sorority Girls – perhaps because it stars a  hot French porn actress introduced to spanking by a very naughty, horny Veronica Ricci! This was filmed from the visit to the south of France earlier this year (I had covered the 1st part of the “Exclusive Education” series in my previous post where the later series was filmed).

Veronica spanks and gropes sexy exchange student, Sharon Lee!

001 002


003 004


007 008

Veronica Ricci has the task of teaching exchange student Sharon Lee all about speaking English.
But she can’t help but grope this hottie, who resists making this an interesting F/F film!

CLICK HERE for the full length movies with a twist – starring Veronica Ricci and her fellow pledges


Um, I also couldn’t resist showing you this as I had just finished watching the film at one of my fave sites of this network, Spanked  Callgirls – and it has Veronica (again) introducing a tiny new harlot called Dakota Skye to what is expected for the group of callgirls that work under Miss Snow’s unique brand that involves spankings and spanking punishments. They make a point to tell us that Dakota really is 18 (I am sure she is as they MUST always take ID for the certification before filming) as she is so slight in frame… as you’ll see below.  I think this cute thing will be very popular with the clients and for this group of sites!

002 003

005 006

007 008

009 011

013 015

Veronica Ricci gives new girl Dakota Skye an orientation that includes a sound spanking. Dakota may be tiny and look very, very young, but she is of legal age and of course deserves a spanking on her tiny, but perky bottom. Veronica also teaches Dakota how to give a good spanking.

Check out the latest HOT girl on girl spankings at

The above 2 sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass with access to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!


You know how I love Japanese girls getting spanked, the way they whimper and cry does it for me everytime… well, it’s also refreshing to know that as they grow older, Japanese women tend to look after themselves better too… they also continue to cry and whimper just like their juniors some 20 years younger. If ever this is a case for me to move to Japan, along with the cosplay that I love so much… I only think the extreme expense and the impossible language  are stopping me… that’s not to say I won’t try and visit Japan one day and film something, that would be awesome! But until then… check out for all your Nippon Spanking needs!

These 2 long play films are great recent examples of what you can expect… and check out the 1st girl Yuria in one of the most recent double play films, “Losers and Winners” – she is just AWESOME to look at – THAT is why I love seeing Japanese girls getting a spanking!

Losers & Winners… with Remi (in blue) & Yuria.

o1-12 o1-38

o1-43 o1-55

o2-19 o2-33

o2-44 o2-53

Remi bets her friend Yuria that she can date the cute new guy in the office. She loses the bet and her plump butt is given a severe thrashing… (and in the last 4 pics shown above), Remi discovers that Yuria has won a bet by unfair means. Yuria’s slender young bottom is red and sore after Remi gives her the punishment she deserves! CLICK HERE to view the free movie previews (recommended!)

I also liked this long play double movie: “My Aunt is a spanking enthusiast”

w9-30 w9-33

w9-41 w9-44

w10-14 w10-31

w10-47 w10-55

Yuma, who is preparing for the university entrance exam, is staying at her aunt’s condo. She drinks beer while her aunt is gone, and ends up wetting the bed (!!!) Yuma is given a good sound spanking by the aunt after her showering. Then Yuma is forced to reflect in the loft room and is given another severe OTK spanking by her strict aunt. Eventually, she discovers that her aunt is a real spanking enthusiast (oops!)



I better stop or this page won’t load properly… (lol) however, I did promise that I’d show Leia in the new film coming out later this week! It’s a good one as it has her as a solicitor highly paid by my company who completed a contract that I was deeply unhappy with… she had been summoned to my city apartment to explain why her work was so poor and could offer no decent explanation… being the spanko that I am, she knew the score and half suspected that I’d use this impromptu weekend meeting as an excuse to spank and paddle that gorgeous butt… of course this is what happens and she gets a variety of implements to remind her to go away and go through the contract and make it watertight… with the added impetus of a very sore red bottom! & MORE to come if she gets it wrong again!

Images below are taken from the film “The Contract”
showing later this week at

contract01 contract02

contract03 contract04

contract05 contract06

contract07 contract08

contract09 contract10


This blog post was brought to you by Peter Griffin, Stewie & Brian of Family Guy 🙂



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  • John ,young Dakota is a new little spankee to me ? she fits nicely otks of Veronica as Veronica loves spanking naughty litle cuties .Punished Brats ia a great site.

  • David ,great post lovelygirls,little Dakota fts nicely over Veronicas knees being spanked a new girl cutie .Punished Brats is a great site ,best,Tim.

  • Marnie

    OMG! Mike has a huge disgusting belly!

  • Marnie ,Mike might spank you for your cheekiness might ,best from ,Tim.

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