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An Investigation into Polish Girl Discipline

Some of you may or may not have seen that I have just sent out a mailer from a movie we did with an enthusiastic girl called Elizabet from Poland.
Like so many nowadays, she is one of many thousands of legal immigrants in the UK since the European Union’s restrictions on Polish citizens living and working in other European Member states was lifted. This was to our advantage as previously it had been difficult to get any girls into the UK becuase of ias entry requirements etc..

Here was a copy of my last mailer below, click on it and you will see the Free Gallery of Elizabet in action.

Click for Free Gallery

Cracking Girl, eh? ­čśë

However, we were lucky to get a few more girls who had heard about us on the grape vine from London and we had some great sessions with these 2 girl below.
Angelina & Caroline. One could take the punishments and canings more than the other (Angelina could take it)├é┬ábut both reacted well, even though they were mainly there for the money, we made damn sure that WE got our end’s├é┬áworth by ensuring├é┬átheir very pretty naughty bottoms were as red as the color of the Polish├é┬áNational flag! ­čśÇ

Click on the pics below to enlarge

Angelina & Caroline Angelina Caroline

I must admit that the second pic of Angelina I use on my MSN Messenger from time to time, that face says it all! LOL

I have posted a few more Galleries with these girls, from films at SpankingOnline and SpankingDigital which of course are both part of the infamous 4 site SPANKPASS 
which is where I got my content from.
However the interesting thing to note is that Miss Valkerie had the honour of disciplining them both in some shoots we did with these girls over time and she is Czech by birth. Traditionally Czechs and Poles have not always got on, I did a stint in the former Czechoslovakia back in 1991-2 setting up some exchange companies in Prague before the present day onslaught of tourists – and what I learnt then was that Polish people were not well liked by the Czechs. So it was interesting to see the way in which these 2 girls *had* to be submissive to the naturally sadistic Valkerie…You could see REAL pleasure in her caning these girls (however, Miss Valkerie ALWAYS takes├é┬ápleasure & great├é┬áprideby├é┬ágiving great Corrective Punishment everytime!)
Of course there was no animosity between everyone, however, judging by the forceful and painful nature of these girls spankings and canings, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise!

There is of course a lot more including another Polish gem by the name of Paula but I will leave that for another day….By all means leave comments, I’d like to know if any of you have dealt with East European girls or have some great stories or links to share.Whatever happens, I will follow this up with more as these East European girls are HOT!Night all…. x


  1. On behalf of Eastern European girls – thanks! We’re hot, yeah. ­čśë

  2. Yes you all are! More profiles of the East Europans I’ve worked with coming soon!
    Merry Xmas Adele

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