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This was a long time in the making but we are sure you will enjoy the work she did with us over 2 hectic gruelling days.
She has not filmed for anyone for over 2 years, now she’s back with us EXCLUSIVELY and boy….she’s as good as ever, better even!

The day I turned up was the last day of the shoot.
(sadly I missed Pandora and her fella as they were there the day before, also working with Catherine) Sorry Pandora 😉

I’ve just been making a quick gallery for you all, exclusive pics from behind the scenes featuring Miss Smith and Catherine.
There’s a few with us in the background as you get the feel of what it’s like on a film shoot.
I haven’t played with the colours so if they’re harsh, that’s the raw effect I want as they are just snapshots of the day!

Click on the pic below for my Gallery

Click for Gallery

I have also included my mailer from below which features the first content “Live” from the film shoot.
A right mucky number only we know how to film…”Catherine’s Soiled Knickers!” heh heh, a classic already from SpankingOnline
Comments are always welcome and I’d appreciate feedback or your fave memories of Catherine


  1. I am looking into if I should join sol. The catherine corbet front you have has certainly caught my eye. I had the pleasure of spanking her a few years ago at different spanking parties in London. Can you please give me her telephone number and home addy details as I wish to write to her. I am quite persistant with this request so please do not try fob me off with the usual crap of “oh we dont give girls names out” the net is free for all and this I suspect is somthing you have to do by law. Also regarding membership purchase, is the movie with her stained knickers already online ? if not when ? (EXACT DATES PLEASE) I will then consider in my own time if I will or will not join sol.

    Regards Allen R.

  2. I am waiting for Catherines number reply please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Getting ANGRY NOW!


    If YOU persist in asking questions like this then I will delete your requests!
    How dare you! Catherine has specifically requested for us NOT to give out her details and we respect that. Do likewise.
    I provide a service in my own spare time here – I enjoy making this blog, it’s a service to the Spanking Community but I won’t tolerate this if you persist.
    She doesn’t want contact – and that’s that. If she did, I would leave an address.

    In answer to your question as to whether the movie is out yet, only the stills are, we have only just finished the shoot this weekend and the Editor is busy working on the first cuts.
    As soon as any of her movies are up, I’ll let you know by an announcement as I’m keen to share news of her on this Blog.
    TBH, your best bet is to buy the SpankPass as we are sure to show movies of her on SOL and Digital pretty soon, when the updates are out I will inform everyone here.

  4. Allen R. Allen R.

    Watch your tone with me laddy! For YOUR information I spanked Cath on countless times!!!!! It was also my goodself who trained her to take the rattan properly, without me I doubt she would have come into the scene. I am sure she will be dismayed to find you are BLOCKING MY LEGITMATE (AND LEGAL) requests to contact her. Unless you have somthing to hide ? However I will continue my search and will be heading south to London in the next day or 2, where I am confident I will find her. Dont worry I know all the spanking haunts, partys, and locals where the girls hang out. I will be sure to inform her of your REFUSAL to give me her contact details!!!!!
    Also your bland reply in regards the stained knicker video…. WHEN DATES TIMES PLEASE IS THIS TO MUCH TO ASK ?
    As an amateur photographer myself I will be looking closly at the image in question of the pants and will pass comments on soon when my findings are complete in regards to the stains. Real or Not ?

  5. Would you rather I didn’t say anything about Corbet at all?
    I suggest you wait until I have news as I’ve stated and I will NOT be bullied by some beard like you.
    If you can’t behave here leaving comments – then in future I will delete them.
    If you want the new content of Catherine when and as it comes out, you’ll obtain the SpankPass as that will show most of her work.
    She has signed an exclusive contract with us so she won’t be appearing with welted marks elsewhere on the Net without our permission in the near future.
    Warm Regards,

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Corbett last year at a BDSM dungeon. I had her wear dirty panties and also, had her have a TAMPON inserted with the string hanging out. I loved seeing the string hanging from her vagina as i spanked her and would LOVE to see more of this in scenes. I know and have read that in years gone by, girls and boys both have had incidents of wetting themselves during a spanking in fear. I wanted Catherine to wet herself but she got stage fright i believe and could not pee herself for me. Darn!

    Anyway, i think she stole my idea of soiled panties….( kidding) would love to see MORE MORE MORE dirty panties and tampons ( as i am sure a teacher would continue to spank and pull down the panties of a girl with a tampon in for some lite humiliation) but i guess that is totally up to the film maker. has PLENTY of tampons which i wrote in and gave the idea too, no kidding…

    Love this Blog, keep up the great work! …..LOVE YA CATHERINE!!!


  7. Brad, that’s a good story!
    We actually started the shoot off with another soiled panties film where she was made to wash her knickers in the rest room.
    She was quite game to film this and then we spanked and strapped her with her washed panties on again.
    I’ll try to find some EXCLUSIVE SpankingBlogg pics that I took myself whilst we were filming!!!

    Otherwise, we have shot models when they were on the blob, 2 models (who were very attractive) spring to mind.
    Polish girl, Paula (who was tiny) and a popular model, Paige, with the bloody string hanging out a good 4 or 5 cm from her minnie!
    I’ll try to find pics and clips when I have more time 🙂

  8. Chief, REALLY? I would love to see the clips or pics of these girls with the tampon hanging. I am quite familiar with Paula..( SO CUTE) and Paige, cute also. Thanks and i will keep checking to see if you get them. I plan on joining a good spanking website but i want to see more humiliation ya know?
    Dont you think most or not everyone would love to see a naughty school girl over the knee of some mad teacher and have her wet her panties just before she is spanked and then have the teacher pull down her panties to inspect her wet vagina and find a TAMPON? Oh my, i should be working in some of these movies, i have such GREAT ideas for naughty schoolgirls…he he.

    Look forward to seeing the above girls and someday, my ideas listed?? *wink wink*


  9. Oh, by the way Chief, just to sum up as it were, SOL is the greatest Spanking Website, bar none.
    Not sure what everyone else is looking for, but personally, i am looking for some lite humiliating scenes to add to the already GREAT pics and vids you have. I truly believe seeing a cute girl with the string hanging out and wetting herself would be AWESOME! Perhaps in the school nurses office or right in the Headmasters office where she could make Quite a mess and fire up some anger in the already irrate teacher.
    Ok, i have gone on enough. Whewwwwww!



  10. Allen R. Allen R.

    Still no video starring Catherine Corbet on SOL! Why becase I suspect it DOES NOT exsist.
    I am happy to say I am in London now and will commence my search for Cath. God help you when I find her!!!!

  11. I’ll be keeping your pathetic and threatening comments here.
    But I am getting tired of all your looney nonsense, I really suggest you get some fresh air and take a look at yourself in the mirror.
    In case you still can not behave I’ll forward this to the authorities and we’ll run an IP check on you.
    So what do you mean by “God help you when I find her!!!!” ? eh?
    You, Sir, are a maggot!

    Warmest Regards

    You should run the IP check NOW, for sure.

    Later Chief,


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