Hello everyone, I trust you all had a great start to 2007?

I am just recovering now even though I didn’t get too wrecked, it was more to do with the prawn curry that some friends had cooked for us as we had a quiet celebration. I had to drive the following day so didn’t drink too much. The motorways (freeways) were reasonably clear. I’ve lost my voice at the mo thanks to watching my football team (or soccer as our American friends say), shouting at the referee & the officials who were utter ****. They deserved strapping with a hot poker up their arses! The missus is happy, as I can’t order her around while my poor throat recovers but I’m being nagged to death here – maybe time for the cane methinks! 😀

Anyway, January brings the first film shoot of the year looming ever closer, I can’t reveal what models will be coming yet as it’s never guaranteed, however I’m hoping we get back naughty and defiant schoolgirl Ashleigh McKenzie (see her pic below) who always has a pleasant smile for everyone. She’s a foolish girl, never knows when to shut up until she digs a big hole for herself with all manner of implements & canes looming on her soft teen butt. 😉

See Ashleigh below
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In case any of you have NOT seen Ashleigh before, this pretty thing has featured in FHM magazine (UK) and is very photogenic.
I got the following Movie clips and galleries below from SPANKINGONLINE.com so you can see some of her recent work. 

Ashleigh's Caning  Asleigh's OTK  Ashleigh's Detention 

More of gorgeous Ashleigh courtesy of  

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