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When a Schoolgirl’s Knickers are removed….

Surely one of the most traumatic moments for any schoolgirl being punished is the moment she is told to remove her knickers.

A cocky schoolgirl can take a spanking or slippering over her skirt or with her panties firmly covering her most intimate parts.
However, what about when she is forced to remove them? Although in todays modern schooling system this is rare, there was once a time when this was commonplace. Here in the scenes and the FREE movieclip below is a scene I thought you’d enjoy as this snooty schoolgirl, Emily has her knickers removed.

Personally, I find it more of a turn on to see the schoolgirl, as in this case, Emily, already bent over the knees of her teacher, Ms Hastings.
Then it is Ms Hastings who cannot wait to remove the knickers, imagine the pungent scent of schoolgirl fear as the trapped air in those cotton pants are released! No doubt Emily is aware that everything is in full view of the prying eyes of Ms Hastings, who looks like she’s getting a sexual kick out of her misery anyway!

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The classroom air feels cold and uncomfortable on her exposed buttocks, after a spanking over her knickers that had warmed them up!
Emily knows now that she is now moments away from the dreaded slippering across her bare behind.
Take a look at the clip below as this moment unfolds all too quickly on film, but a LIFETIME in Emily’s tortured mind!

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Let me know if any of you have any outstanding memories or fantasies involving the removal of a schoolgirl’s knickers pre punishment.
I will try my upmost to find a clip or pics that relate to your requests!
Regards, Chief. 😀


  1. Barry Barry

    A first class slippering, I bet Emily couldn’t sit down afterwards. My wife was slippered at
    secondary school, just before she left. After a lengthy lecture her Headmistress told her
    to bend over a chair, she was wearing a short pleated wrap over skirt and the Headmistress
    lifted it to her waist and gave her three very hard whacks across her knickers. My wife told
    me after each whack she jumped off the seat of the chair.

  2. Nice story! I bet she did, the slipper is my favourite implement of correction, properly used it humbles the most arrogant of mouthy teen!

  3. Barry Barry

    Very true, her Headmisress tried and was extremely successful in humbling her, just prior
    and while she was telling her to bend over the chair the Headmistress couldn’t contain her
    pleasure as a smirk lit up her face. The Headmistress was short, fat and quite ugly, in contrast
    to my wife, as she was nice looking with a good figure and a round shapely bottom.
    The Headmistress must have really enjoyed herself as she took a long time administering
    the slippering. After school in the private of her bedroom my wife examined her very sore
    bottom in the mirror and saw three angry red slipper sole marks in the area she sits on.

  4. John Joyce John Joyce

    Surely it is time for naughty Miss Hastings to remove her knickers get caned and be put in nappies for the rest of the week

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